ETF constituents for DSI

Below, a list of constituents for DSI (iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF) is shown. In total, DSI consists of 401 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP Information Technology Equity 470588148.65 12.21
NVDA NVIDIA CORP Information Technology Equity 203448786.6 5.28
GOOGL ALPHABET INC CLASS A Communication Equity 138477331.66 3.59
TSLA TESLA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 125909101.5 3.27
GOOG ALPHABET INC CLASS C Communication Equity 123965094.0 3.22
V VISA INC CLASS A Financials Equity 74650317.59 1.94
PG PROCTER & GAMBLE Consumer Staples Equity 64711296.79 1.68
MA MASTERCARD INC CLASS A Financials Equity 63055724.84 1.64
HD HOME DEPOT INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 56177365.46 1.46
ADBE ADOBE INC Information Technology Equity 51302639.44 1.33
MRK MERCK & CO INC Health Care Equity 46101930.84 1.2
ABBV ABBVIE INC Health Care Equity 43900068.0 1.14
KO COCA-COLA Consumer Staples Equity 42979271.85 1.12
PEP PEPSICO INC Consumer Staples Equity 41340841.08 1.07
CRM SALESFORCE INC Information Technology Equity 41052055.6 1.07
ACN ACCENTURE PLC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 38536770.72 1.0
MCD MCDONALDS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 36776603.46 0.95
AMD ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 36630742.95 0.95
LIN LINDE PLC Materials Equity 36185864.4 0.94
CSCO CISCO SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 35841071.6 0.93
ORCL ORACLE CORP Information Technology Equity 34749579.04 0.9
INTC INTEL CORPORATION CORP Information Technology Equity 34567263.78 0.9
DIS WALT DISNEY Communication Equity 30366732.5 0.79
INTU INTUIT INC Information Technology Equity 29815083.96 0.77
VZ VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC Communication Equity 28519297.28 0.74
DHR DANAHER CORP Health Care Equity 28024391.32 0.73
TXN TEXAS INSTRUMENT INC Information Technology Equity 25777278.8 0.67
NOW SERVICENOW INC Information Technology Equity 25609239.6 0.66
AMGN AMGEN INC Health Care Equity 25592533.6 0.66
IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO Information Technology Equity 25516258.17 0.66
SPGI S&P GLOBAL INC Financials Equity 24741568.8 0.64
NKE NIKE INC CLASS B Consumer Discretionary Equity 24430840.98 0.63
UNP UNION PACIFIC CORP Industrials Equity 24258937.92 0.63
AMAT APPLIED MATERIAL INC Information Technology Equity 23298218.32 0.6
CAT CATERPILLAR INC Industrials Equity 23095827.15 0.6
BKNG BOOKING HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 21465107.14 0.56
LOW LOWES COMPANIES INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 21046777.92 0.55
SBUX STARBUCKS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 20569000.15 0.53
BLK BLACKROCK INC Financials Equity 20071730.7 0.52
UPS UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC CLASS B Industrials Equity 19831356.09 0.51
ELV ELEVANCE HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 19823405.28 0.51
AXP AMERICAN EXPRESS Financials Equity 19011843.93 0.49
PLD PROLOGIS REIT INC Real Estate Equity 18759327.12 0.49
BMY BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB Health Care Equity 18388487.04 0.48
DE DEERE Industrials Equity 18214833.06 0.47
MMC MARSH & MCLENNAN INC Financials Equity 18170341.5 0.47
LRCX LAM RESEARCH CORP Information Technology Equity 18028247.5 0.47
MS MORGAN STANLEY Financials Equity 17681762.1 0.46
MDLZ MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 17241457.92 0.45
ADI ANALOG DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 17235217.01 0.45
AMT AMERICAN TOWER REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 17230462.6 0.45
PGR PROGRESSIVE CORP Financials Equity 17151512.0 0.44
ADP AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING INC Industrials Equity 17008484.36 0.44
ETN EATON PLC Industrials Equity 16919194.0 0.44
VRTX VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 16918551.0 0.44
GILD GILEAD SCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 16865738.47 0.44
CB CHUBB LTD Financials Equity 16757656.16 0.43
SCHW CHARLES SCHWAB CORP Financials Equity 16076578.56 0.42
SNPS SYNOPSYS INC Information Technology Equity 15882672.54 0.41
ZTS ZOETIS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 14606039.52 0.38
CDNS CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 14251474.64 0.37
CI CIGNA Health Care Equity 13979952.34 0.36
CME CME GROUP INC CLASS A Financials Equity 13893917.64 0.36
EQIX EQUINIX REIT INC Real Estate Equity 13591732.65 0.35
ITW ILLINOIS TOOL INC Industrials Equity 13144019.74 0.34
SHW SHERWIN WILLIAMS Materials Equity 12031088.88 0.31
BDX BECTON DICKINSON Health Care Equity 12002513.25 0.31
CSX CSX CORP Industrials Equity 11685809.97 0.3
ICE INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE INC Financials Equity 11553542.25 0.3
MPC MARATHON PETROLEUM CORP Energy Equity 11247998.58 0.29
PYPL PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 11055400.73 0.29
CL COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Consumer Staples Equity 11024926.44 0.29
TGT TARGET CORP Consumer Staples Equity 10899166.04 0.28
HUM HUMANA INC Health Care Equity 10811772.92 0.28
ROP ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 10808435.65 0.28
MCO MOODYS CORP Financials Equity 10745961.66 0.28
APD AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS INC Materials Equity 10642145.28 0.28
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 10596219.91 0.27
WDAY WORKDAY INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 10590980.55 0.27
MSI MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology Equity 10367842.88 0.27
NXPI NXP SEMICONDUCTORS NV Information Technology Equity 10340323.98 0.27
AJG ARTHUR J GALLAGHER Financials Equity 10141132.78 0.26
PSX PHILLIPS Energy Equity 10049295.06 0.26
PH PARKER-HANNIFIN CORP Industrials Equity 9873631.96 0.26
MMM 3M Industrials Equity 9770291.87 0.25
PNC PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC Financials Equity 9501309.74 0.25
MAR MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 9386365.36 0.24
HCA HCA HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 9219945.28 0.24
TT TRANE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Industrials Equity 9091763.94 0.24
CCI CROWN CASTLE INC Real Estate Equity 9011414.04 0.23
ADSK AUTODESK INC Information Technology Equity 8962239.65 0.23
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 8904964.99 0.23
MCHP MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 8888485.68 0.23
NSC NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP Industrials Equity 8803009.32 0.23
ECL ECOLAB INC Materials Equity 8691693.14 0.23
PCAR PACCAR INC Industrials Equity 8578939.74 0.22
CPRT COPART INC Industrials Equity 8527556.88 0.22
NEM NEWMONT Materials Equity 8357852.4 0.22
SRE SEMPRA Utilities Equity 8261733.4 0.21
DXCM DEXCOM INC Health Care Equity 8107156.58 0.21
VLO VALERO ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 8068550.16 0.21
HLT HILTON WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7932349.36 0.21
WELL WELLTOWER INC Real Estate Equity 7881640.2 0.2
LNG CHENIERE ENERGY INC Energy Equity 7867003.56 0.2
CARR CARRIER GLOBAL CORP Industrials Equity 7834998.07 0.2
TFC TRUIST FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 7693946.19 0.2
TEL TE CONNECTIVITY LTD Information Technology Equity 7389381.22 0.19
TRV TRAVELERS COMPANIES INC Financials Equity 7379907.04 0.19
KMB KIMBERLY CLARK CORP Consumer Staples Equity 7357221.63 0.19
EW EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP Health Care Equity 7349667.71 0.19
AMP AMERIPRISE FINANCE INC Financials Equity 7280515.0 0.19
DLR DIGITAL REALTY TRUST REIT INC Real Estate Equity 7250248.4 0.19
SPG SIMON PROPERTY GROUP REIT INC Real Estate Equity 7216814.88 0.19
FTNT FORTINET INC Information Technology Equity 7206520.0 0.19
ADM ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND Consumer Staples Equity 7161275.55 0.19
IQV IQVIA HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 7139971.14 0.19
EA ELECTRONIC ARTS INC Communication Equity 7139982.69 0.19
OKE ONEOK INC Energy Equity 7050476.58 0.18
IDXX IDEXX LABORATORIES INC Health Care Equity 6965627.76 0.18
CNC CENTENE CORP Health Care Equity 6949680.4 0.18
EXC EXELON CORP Utilities Equity 6864515.9 0.18
A AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 6778218.75 0.18
BK BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP Financials Equity 6657760.8 0.17
GWW WW GRAINGER INC Industrials Equity 6653093.13 0.17
GIS GENERAL MILLS INC Consumer Staples Equity 6587472.32 0.17
SYY SYSCO CORP Consumer Staples Equity 6507754.21 0.17
JCI JOHNSON CONTROLS INTERNATIONAL PLC Industrials Equity 6486578.2 0.17
CTSH COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS COR Information Technology Equity 6394102.56 0.17
ALL ALLSTATE CORP Financials Equity 6384559.78 0.17
ON ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP Information Technology Equity 6313804.34 0.16
PRU PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 6309332.4 0.16
FERG FERGUSON PLC Industrials Equity 6198652.64 0.16
COR CENCORA INC Health Care Equity 6182725.76 0.16
FIS FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERV Financials Equity 6159749.32 0.16
FAST FASTENAL Industrials Equity 6136121.04 0.16
TEAM ATLASSIAN CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 6112893.0 0.16
BKR BAKER HUGHES CLASS A Energy Equity 6076181.66 0.16
BIIB BIOGEN INC Health Care Equity 6038665.32 0.16
HAL HALLIBURTON Energy Equity 6030104.5 0.16
URI UNITED RENTALS INC Industrials Equity 5884650.54 0.15
PPG PPG INDUSTRIES INC Materials Equity 5883846.65 0.15
CMI CUMMINS INC Industrials Equity 5704230.45 0.15
FICO FAIR ISAAC CORP Information Technology Equity 5623848.1 0.15
ED CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC Utilities Equity 5619001.5 0.15
ROK ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INC Industrials Equity 5570830.4 0.14
KHC KRAFT HEINZ Consumer Staples Equity 5418070.92 0.14
ANSS ANSYS INC Information Technology Equity 5410860.3 0.14
WST WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES INC Health Care Equity 5408260.0 0.14
KR KROGER Consumer Staples Equity 5354017.04 0.14
EL ESTEE LAUDER INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 5241036.8 0.14
KDP KEURIG DR PEPPER INC Consumer Staples Equity 5193978.89 0.13
IR INGERSOLL RAND INC Industrials Equity 5071960.8 0.13
HUBS HUBSPOT INC Information Technology Equity 5029251.08 0.13
SPLK SPLUNK INC Information Technology Equity 5001576.6 0.13
PWR QUANTA SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 4824746.34 0.13
CAH CARDINAL HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 4808103.3 0.12
HPQ HP INC Information Technology Equity 4650386.04 0.12
WTW WILLIS TOWERS WATSON PLC Financials Equity 4580890.02 0.12
AWK AMERICAN WATER WORKS INC Utilities Equity 4580496.54 0.12
WBD WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY INC SERIES Communication Equity 4485374.74 0.12
XYL XYLEM INC Industrials Equity 4451224.5 0.12
CBRE CBRE GROUP INC CLASS A Real Estate Equity 4417020.72 0.11
KEYS KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 4399612.92 0.11
RCL ROYAL CARIBBEAN GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 4385733.1 0.11
AVB AVALONBAY COMMUNITIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 4361289.9 0.11
STT STATE STREET CORP Financials Equity 4323554.58 0.11
MTD METTLER TOLEDO INC Health Care Equity 4321653.08 0.11
HIG HARTFORD FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Financials Equity 4305876.3 0.11
FTV FORTIVE CORP Industrials Equity 4282048.11 0.11
ZBH ZIMMER BIOMET HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 4279746.56 0.11
DELL DELL TECHNOLOGIES INC CLASS C Information Technology Equity 4206587.58 0.11
RMD RESMED INC Health Care Equity 4186332.9 0.11
APTV APTIV PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4183923.12 0.11
CHD CHURCH AND DWIGHT INC Consumer Staples Equity 4144688.1 0.11
GLW CORNING INC Information Technology Equity 4097600.44 0.11
DFS DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES Financials Equity 4058272.95 0.11
BR BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC Industrials Equity 4056247.28 0.11
TROW T ROWE PRICE GROUP INC Financials Equity 4010823.68 0.1
TSCO TRACTOR SUPPLY Consumer Discretionary Equity 3939539.01 0.1
PTC PTC INC Information Technology Equity 3892847.64 0.1
BLDR BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE INC Industrials Equity 3864868.28 0.1
HPE HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE Information Technology Equity 3843146.72 0.1
DECK DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 3838896.39 0.1
MTB M&T BANK CORP Financials Equity 3799839.77 0.1
ULTA ULTA BEAUTY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3775469.89 0.1
ES EVERSOURCE ENERGY Utilities Equity 3737965.42 0.1
EQR EQUITY RESIDENTIAL REIT Real Estate Equity 3653483.76 0.09
FSLR FIRST SOLAR INC Information Technology Equity 3625093.89 0.09
DOV DOVER CORP Industrials Equity 3552049.41 0.09
SWKS SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology Equity 3531552.0 0.09
STE STERIS Health Care Equity 3497057.28 0.09
IFF INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES Materials Equity 3450499.18 0.09
NDAQ NASDAQ INC Financials Equity 3444488.0 0.09
LH LABORATORY CORPORATION OF AMERICA Health Care Equity 3410239.61 0.09
AKAM AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 3403894.0 0.09
DRI DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3372644.61 0.09
GRMN GARMIN LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 3327621.0 0.09
IRM IRON MOUNTAIN INC Real Estate Equity 3322453.12 0.09
VTR VENTAS REIT INC Real Estate Equity 3282507.26 0.09
PFG PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 3246420.9 0.08
CLX CLOROX Consumer Staples Equity 3128348.52 0.08
HOLX HOLOGIC INC Health Care Equity 3117907.8 0.08
FDS FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS INC Financials Equity 3109845.16 0.08
BALL BALL CORP Materials Equity 3091025.7 0.08
BMRN BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 3009251.42 0.08
CMS CMS ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 2963428.25 0.08
COO COOPER INC Health Care Equity 2956788.03 0.08
BG BUNGE GLOBAL SA Consumer Staples Equity 2927131.8 0.08
NTRS NORTHERN TRUST CORP Financials Equity 2918121.84 0.08
ATO ATMOS ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 2898957.6 0.08
WAT WATERS CORP Health Care Equity 2896707.7 0.08
HBAN HUNTINGTON BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 2888056.92 0.07
ILMN ILLUMINA INC Health Care Equity 2887025.68 0.07
OMC OMNICOM GROUP INC Communication Equity 2877147.61 0.07
MKC MCCORMICK & CO NON-VOTING INC Consumer Staples Equity 2866245.2 0.07
GEN GEN DIGITAL INC Information Technology Equity 2849518.84 0.07
ALGN ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC Health Care Equity 2825064.0 0.07
AVY AVERY DENNISON CORP Materials Equity 2793067.2 0.07
RF REGIONS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 2764456.56 0.07
DGX QUEST DIAGNOSTICS INC Health Care Equity 2709187.56 0.07
JBHT JB HUNT TRANSPORT SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 2707993.75 0.07
IEX IDEX CORP Industrials Equity 2651469.3 0.07
ALB ALBEMARLE CORP Materials Equity 2612818.26 0.07
STX SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS PLC Information Technology Equity 2611735.92 0.07
SNA SNAP ON INC Industrials Equity 2577586.88 0.07
LW LAMB WESTON HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 2536072.59 0.07
SWK STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC Industrials Equity 2506369.84 0.07
BBY BEST BUY CO INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2486713.74 0.06
K KELLANOVA Consumer Staples Equity 2479111.74 0.06
DPZ DOMINOS PIZZA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2470816.44 0.06
MAS MASCO CORP Industrials Equity 2439068.74 0.06
POOL POOL CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2432779.4 0.06
GGG GRACO INC Industrials Equity 2431515.6 0.06
SYF SYNCHRONY FINANCIAL Financials Equity 2395167.18 0.06
CAG CONAGRA BRANDS INC Consumer Staples Equity 2388733.02 0.06
L LOEWS CORP Financials Equity 2368527.72 0.06
PODD INSULET CORP Health Care Equity 2360744.32 0.06
LII LENNOX INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 2299391.8 0.06
HST HOST HOTELS & RESORTS REIT INC Real Estate Equity 2220408.48 0.06
CFG CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 2205159.72 0.06
OC OWENS CORNING Industrials Equity 2180713.98 0.06
ZBRA ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2177140.62 0.06
MOS MOSAIC Materials Equity 2165642.46 0.06
GWRE GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE INC Information Technology Equity 2151920.96 0.06
IP INTERNATIONAL PAPER Materials Equity 2126892.33 0.06
LKQ LKQ CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2124416.62 0.06
FLEX FLEX LTD Information Technology Equity 2047697.52 0.05
TWLO TWILIO INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2044408.95 0.05
TRU TRANSUNION Industrials Equity 2039131.15 0.05
TRMB TRIMBLE INC Information Technology Equity 2038526.56 0.05
RIVN RIVIAN AUTOMOTIVE INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 2030440.92 0.05
LECO LINCOLN ELECTRIC HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 2018399.11 0.05
KEY KEYCORP Financials Equity 2001981.64 0.05
OKTA OKTA INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 1952898.15 0.05
SJM JM SMUCKER Consumer Staples Equity 1948033.78 0.05
EQH EQUITABLE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 1926278.2 0.05
PNR PENTAIR Industrials Equity 1872539.64 0.05
UDR UDR REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1864006.97 0.05
EME EMCOR GROUP INC Industrials Equity 1807766.91 0.05
KMX CARMAX INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1789764.92 0.05
TECH BIO TECHNE CORP Health Care Equity 1755367.2 0.05
FFIV F5 INC Information Technology Equity 1735360.25 0.05
PAYC PAYCOM SOFTWARE INC Industrials Equity 1697962.14 0.04
CHRW CH ROBINSON WORLDWIDE INC Industrials Equity 1695514.02 0.04
AOS A O SMITH CORP Industrials Equity 1681038.4 0.04
PEAK HEALTHPEAK PROPERTIES INC Real Estate Equity 1649330.78 0.04
ALLE ALLEGION PLC Industrials Equity 1625537.78 0.04
MKTX MARKETAXESS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 1601780.04 0.04
FTI TECHNIPFMC PLC Energy Equity 1598534.14 0.04
HRL HORMEL FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1592057.5 0.04
RHI ROBERT HALF Industrials Equity 1576431.5 0.04
HSIC HENRY SCHEIN INC Health Care Equity 1566243.36 0.04
FBIN FORTUNE BRANDS INNOVATIONS INC Industrials Equity 1563219.0 0.04
WTRG ESSENTIAL UTILITIES INC Utilities Equity 1552353.93 0.04
MTN VAIL RESORTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1545925.26 0.04
KNX KNIGHT-SWIFT TRANSPORTATION HOLDIN Industrials Equity 1534833.82 0.04
BXP BOSTON PROPERTIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1530735.0 0.04
ALV AUTOLIV INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1513861.5 0.04
TTEK TETRA TECH INC Industrials Equity 1507553.96 0.04
DINO HF SINCLAIR CORP Energy Equity 1471061.54 0.04
BWA BORGWARNER INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1425326.0 0.04
CPB CAMPBELL SOUP Consumer Staples Equity 1385914.32 0.04
ALLY ALLY FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1385059.04 0.04
TDC TERADATA CORP Information Technology Equity 1376295.21 0.04
NOV NOV INC Energy Equity 1347259.02 0.03
JLL JONES LANG LASALLE INC Real Estate Equity 1341138.61 0.03
BEN FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC Financials Equity 1331720.63 0.03
AGCO AGCO CORP Industrials Equity 1306413.0 0.03
JAZZ JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 1274684.56 0.03
VOYA VOYA FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1249901.22 0.03
FRT FEDERAL REALTY INVESTMENT TRUST RE Real Estate Equity 1243326.24 0.03
ARMK ARAMARK Consumer Discretionary Equity 1230765.12 0.03
NYT NEW YORK TIMES CLASS A Communication Equity 1229805.16 0.03
AXTA AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS LTD Materials Equity 1219280.01 0.03
MAT MATTEL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1212463.96 0.03
INGR INGREDION INC Consumer Staples Equity 1190702.73 0.03
MIDD MIDDLEBY CORP Industrials Equity 1179212.61 0.03
XRAY DENTSPLY SIRONA INC Health Care Equity 1177162.09 0.03
DAR DARLING INGREDIENTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 1144808.52 0.03
CGNX COGNEX CORP Information Technology Equity 1110134.37 0.03
AIT APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES IN Industrials Equity 1095064.04 0.03
DAL DELTA AIR LINES INC Industrials Equity 1076336.64 0.03
WHR WHIRLPOOL CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 1071194.73 0.03
HAS HASBRO INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1033624.66 0.03
CPRI CAPRI HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 1032407.68 0.03
PVH PVH CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 1027087.5 0.03
CMA COMERICA INC Financials Equity 1008349.44 0.03
AYI ACUITY BRANDS INC Industrials Equity 994252.35 0.03
SON SONOCO PRODUCTS Materials Equity 986439.6 0.03
WFFUT CASH COLLATERAL USD WFFUT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 985000.0 0.03
ZION ZIONS BANCORPORATION Financials Equity 947346.64 0.02
MTH MERITAGE CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 941878.09 0.02
UHALB U HAUL NON VOTING SERIES N Industrials Equity 932115.1 0.02
DVA DAVITA INC Health Care Equity 925576.12 0.02
FLS FLOWSERVE CORP Industrials Equity 902023.74 0.02
IVZ INVESCO LTD Financials Equity 896626.92 0.02
R RYDER SYSTEM INC Industrials Equity 891857.25 0.02
ST SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING PLC Industrials Equity 875284.8 0.02
SEE SEALED AIR CORP Materials Equity 868294.6 0.02
TKR TIMKEN Industrials Equity 864557.82 0.02
MHK MOHAWK INDUSTRIES INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 850869.8 0.02
VFC VF CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 817049.61 0.02
GME GAMESTOP CORP CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 801336.25 0.02
GPS GAP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 800432.64 0.02
ASGN ASGN INC Industrials Equity 787296.45 0.02
ZI ZOOMINFO TECHNOLOGIES INC Communication Equity 785811.42 0.02
RNG RINGCENTRAL INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 767228.76 0.02
FUL HB FULLER Materials Equity 741241.18 0.02
LNC LINCOLN NATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 729142.29 0.02
AL AIR LEASE CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 727134.6 0.02
HOG HARLEY DAVIDSON INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 725640.0 0.02
NJR NEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORP Utilities Equity 715896.72 0.02
AN AUTONATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 714912.9 0.02
EXPO EXPONENT INC Industrials Equity 712148.44 0.02
LCID LUCID GROUP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 703969.96 0.02
CAR AVIS BUDGET GROUP INC Industrials Equity 687602.4 0.02
MAN MANPOWER INC Industrials Equity 684536.5 0.02
UGI UGI CORP Utilities Equity 676253.76 0.02
MDU MDU RESOURCES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 655332.04 0.02
CHH CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 651706.56 0.02
PCH POTLATCHDELTIC CORP Real Estate Equity 635673.5 0.02
WU WESTERN UNION Financials Equity 632176.06 0.02
SIG SIGNET JEWELERS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 628575.75 0.02
LBTYK LIBERTY GLOBAL LTD CLASS C Financials Equity 617397.06 0.02
ORA ORMAT TECH INC Utilities Equity 593261.46 0.02
ITRI ITRON INC Information Technology Equity 551667.06 0.01
LUV SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Industrials Equity 527345.27 0.01
COLM COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR Consumer Discretionary Equity 518580.75 0.01
KSS KOHLS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 490999.95 0.01
ARCB ARCBEST CORP Industrials Equity 486754.24 0.01
ICFI ICF INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 475320.0 0.01
CDP COPT DEFENSE PROPERTIES Real Estate Equity 469327.36 0.01
CATY CATHAY GENERAL BANCORP Financials Equity 465785.96 0.01
IBOC INTERNATIONAL BANCSHARES CORP Financials Equity 459827.2 0.01
AVA AVISTA CORP Utilities Equity 447129.54 0.01
MAC MACERICH REIT Real Estate Equity 434417.76 0.01
BOH BANK OF HAWAII CORP Financials Equity 433211.0 0.01
PDCO PATTERSON COMPANIES INC Health Care Equity 407680.74 0.01
FL FOOT LOCKER INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 406776.67 0.01
GVA GRANITE CONSTRUCTION INC Industrials Equity 374319.75 0.01
MTX MINERALS TECHNOLOGIES INC Materials Equity 362388.84 0.01
ONB OLD NATIONAL BANCORP Financials Equity 359622.12 0.01
TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 355477.87 0.01
HNI HNI CORP Industrials Equity 342137.25 0.01
MODG TOPGOLF CALLAWAY BRANDS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 332589.28 0.01
TNC TENNANT Industrials Equity 288261.16 0.01
JWN NORDSTROM INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 279449.5 0.01
ODP ODP CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 279593.5 0.01
UAA UNDER ARMOUR INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 272383.02 0.01
LZB LA-Z-BOY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 265963.0 0.01
JACK JACK IN THE BOX INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 261222.56 0.01
UA UNDER ARMOUR INC CLASS C Consumer Discretionary Equity 259842.52 0.01
XRX XEROX HOLDINGS CORP Information Technology Equity 257535.72 0.01
CABO CABLE ONE INC Communication Equity 240903.04 0.01
SEM SELECT MEDICAL HOLDINGS CORP Health Care Equity 230961.22 0.01
WLY JOHN WILEY AND SONS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 205755.42 0.01
BKE BUCKLE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 199051.3 0.01
SCS STEELCASE INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 179273.6 0.0
SCHL SCHOLASTIC CORP Communication Equity 178155.24 0.0
UNFI UNITED NATURAL FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 157088.09 0.0
CLB CORE LABORATORIES INC Energy Equity 154034.04 0.0
HBI HANESBRANDS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 145027.61 0.0
HAIN HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC Consumer Staples Equity 142036.4 0.0
DLX DELUXE CORP Industrials Equity 137831.49 0.0
KELYA KELLY SERVICES INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 130604.46 0.0
ETD ETHAN ALLEN INTERIORS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 111125.25 0.0
TILE INTERFACE INC Industrials Equity 107336.13 0.0
NWL NEWELL BRANDS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 86446.08 0.0
HOUS ANYWHERE REAL ESTATE INC Real Estate Equity 84682.73 0.0
ACCO ACCO BRANDS CORP Industrials Equity 84096.74 0.0
LUMN LUMEN TECHNOLOGIES INC Communication Equity 80136.0 0.0
RGP RESOURCES CONNECTION INC Industrials Equity 52398.5 0.0
TBI TRUEBLUE INC Industrials Equity 44672.26 0.0
WWW WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 16400.63 0.0
ESZ3 S&P500 EMINI DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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