Live and Historical Equity Put/Call Ratio

The Equity Put/Call Ratio is a simple measure defined as volume_puts / volume_calls where volume is the total volume of traded puts or calls on all tradable stocks on Nasdaq or NYSE.

Below, both the historical Equity Put/Call Ratio and the current (for the current day) live Equity Put/Call Ratio are shown.

Download the whole dataset with daily Equity Put/Call Ratios here. Note that you have to be logged in (but an account is free for 14 days). For developers: Just send the cookie in the headers.

import requests cookies = {'session': '1a7267418c87b18a9ab6241...'} r = requests.get( '', cookies=cookies ) print(r.content.decode()) # 1162339200000,0.64 # 1162425600000,0.61 # ...

Live Equity Put/Call Ratio: 0.8447640604833306