ETF constituents for DVYE

Below, a list of constituents for DVYE (iShares Emerging Markets Dividend ETF) is shown. In total, DVYE consists of 154 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Apr 28, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
CSMG3 COMPANHIA DE SANEAMENTO DE MINAS G Utilities Equity 13485913.11 2.22
PETR4 PETROLEO BRASILEIRO PREF SA Energy Equity 10814399.86 1.78
2357 ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC Information Technology Equity 10691956.08 1.76
TAEE11 TRANSMISSORA ALIANCA ENERGIA ELETR Utilities Equity 10461877.13 1.72
AP4 RIVERSTONE HOLDINGS LTD Health Care Equity 9891524.89 1.63
2636 T3EX GLOBAL HOLDINGS CORP Industrials Equity 9867132.98 1.63
VEDL VEDANTA LTD Materials Equity 9743746.63 1.61
ENBR3 ENERGIAS DO BRASIL SA BRAZIL Utilities Equity 9257892.16 1.53
6121 SIMPLO TECHNOLOGY LTD Information Technology Equity 9113929.24 1.5
8016 SITRONIX TECHNOLOGY CORP Information Technology Equity 8945392.44 1.47
CMPC EMPRESAS CMPC SA Materials Equity 8905725.64 1.47
UNTR UNITED TRACTORS Energy Equity 8697254.84 1.43
CPFE3 CPFL ENERGIA SA Utilities Equity 8620229.31 1.42
CMIG4 CIA ENERGETICA DE MINAS GERAIS PRE Utilities Equity 8594983.84 1.42
UNIP6 UNIPAR CARBOCLORO SA PREF B Materials Equity 8593860.85 1.42
GRND3 GRENDENE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 8462692.78 1.39
IOC INDIAN OIL CORP LTD Energy Equity 8407059.89 1.39
3034 NOVATEK MICROELECTRONICS CORP Information Technology Equity 8359300.53 1.38
KTY GRUPA KETY SA Materials Equity 8230165.58 1.36
CAP CAP SA Materials Equity 8207239.25 1.35
PTBA TAMBANG BATUBARA BUKIT ASAM Energy Equity 8189899.13 1.35
AMS ANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM LTD Materials Equity 8128223.74 1.34
ALPEKA ALPEK SA DE CV Materials Equity 7996799.66 1.32
386 CHINA PETROLEUM AND CHEMICAL CORP Energy Equity 7921617.95 1.31
CML CORONATION FUND MANAGERS LTD Financials Equity 7896824.11 1.3
8112 SUPREME ELECTRONICS LTD Information Technology Equity 7888393.09 1.3
HINDZINC HINDUSTAN ZINC LTD Materials Equity 7884697.51 1.3
RECLTD REC Financials Equity 7790873.54 1.28
SBLK STAR BULK CARRIERS CORP Industrials Equity 7702825.5 1.27
GGBR4 GERDAU PREF SA Materials Equity 7680673.17 1.27
COALINDIA COAL INDIA LTD Energy Equity 7374023.04 1.21
EXX EXXARO RESOURCES LTD Energy Equity 7248078.34 1.19
1088 CHINA SHENHUA ENERGY LTD H Energy Equity 7181581.69 1.18
ARI AFRICAN RAINBOW MINERAL LTD Materials Equity 6702504.82 1.1
1071 HUADIAN POWER INTERNATIONAL CORP L Utilities Equity 6608369.35 1.09
AURE3 AUREN ENERGIA SA Utilities Equity 6560236.77 1.08
3339 LONKING HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 6429580.64 1.06
ADRO ADARO ENERGY INDONESIA Energy Equity 6319127.95 1.04
ENGI11 ENERGISA UNITS SA Utilities Equity 6317206.81 1.04
USIM5 USINAS SIDERURGICAS DE MINAS GERAI Materials Equity 6149859.11 1.01
BRAP4 BRADESPAR PREF SA Materials Equity 6121173.42 1.01
1308 SITC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 6116320.55 1.01
ITMG INDO TAMBANGRAYA MEGAH Energy Equity 6031018.18 0.99
GOAU4 METALURGICA GERDAU PREF SA Materials Equity 6026481.38 0.99
TCAP.R THANACHART CAPITAL NON-VOTING DR P Financials Equity 5884458.51 0.97
316 ORIENT OVERSEAS (INTERNATIONAL) LT Industrials Equity 5803042.59 0.96
3618 CHONGQING RURAL COMMERCIAL BANK LT Financials Equity 5754607.61 0.95
3990 MIDEA REAL ESTATE HOLDING LTD Real Estate Equity 5628676.67 0.93
6176 RADIANT OPTO-ELECTRONICS CORP Information Technology Equity 5617893.45 0.93
CSNA3 COMPANHIA SIDERURGICA NACIONAL SA Materials Equity 5606001.43 0.92
1988 CHINA MINSHENG BANKING CORP LTD H Financials Equity 5592957.23 0.92
BANPU.R BANPU NON-VOTING DR PCL Energy Equity 5589963.47 0.92
KIO KUMBA IRON ORE LTD Materials Equity 5457874.67 0.9
2548 HUAKU DEVELOPMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 5438096.79 0.9
BBSE3 BB SEGURIDADE SA Financials Equity 5070529.2 0.84
1888 KINGBOARD LAMINATES HOLDINGS LTD Information Technology Equity 5041521.17 0.83
3702 WPG HOLDINGS LTD Information Technology Equity 5010121.97 0.83
1288 AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA LTD H Financials Equity 5006567.8 0.82
3988 BANK OF CHINA LTD H Financials Equity 5000549.02 0.82
OIL OIL INDIA LTD Energy Equity 4995794.62 0.82
2233 WEST CHINA CEMENT LTD Materials Equity 4903266.66 0.81
2009 BBMG CORP H Materials Equity 4895054.36 0.81
TISCO.R TISCO FINANCIAL GROUP NON-VOTING D Financials Equity 4853208.69 0.8
939 CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK CORP H Financials Equity 4783977.58 0.79
6214 SYSTEX CORP Information Technology Equity 4772671.82 0.79
1359 CHINA CINDA ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD H Financials Equity 4767468.7 0.79
MYR MYR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 4764291.8 0.78
1398 INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF Financials Equity 4746877.93 0.78
144 CHINA MERCHANTS PORT HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 4733770.42 0.78
2328 PICC PROPERTY AND CASUALTY LTD H Financials Equity 4655380.71 0.77
SANB11 BANCO SANTANDER BRASIL UNITS SA Financials Equity 4648856.17 0.77
TRU TRUWORTHS INTERNATIONAL LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 4630260.33 0.76
2356 INVENTEC CORP Information Technology Equity 4608315.13 0.76
VALE3 CIA VALE DO RIO DOCE SH Materials Equity 4543449.32 0.75
MAYBANK MALAYAN BANKING Financials Equity 4289467.87 0.71
STA.R SRI TRANG-AGRO INDUSTRY NON-VOTING Consumer Discretionary Equity 4272303.18 0.7
1378 CHINA HONGQIAO GROUP LTD Materials Equity 4263639.61 0.7
COLBUN COLBUN MACHICURA SA Utilities Equity 4251468.64 0.7
604 SHENZHEN INVESTMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 4180093.59 0.69
2386 SINOPEC ENGINEERING GROUP LTD H H Industrials Equity 4175772.94 0.69
TEL PLDT INC Communication Equity 4155071.43 0.68
2404 UNITED INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD Industrials Equity 3807043.51 0.63
VIVT3 TELEFONICA BRASIL SA Communication Equity 3793854.71 0.63
BPCL BHARAT PETROLEUM LTD Energy Equity 3764482.75 0.62
BRES BARWA REAL ESTATE Real Estate Equity 3762460.02 0.62
3323 CHINA NATIONAL BUILDING MATERIAL L Materials Equity 3761894.24 0.62
QH.R QUALITY HOUSES NON-VOTING DR PCL Real Estate Equity 3709385.88 0.61
1171 YANKUANG ENERGY GROUP COMPANY LTD Energy Equity 3708529.59 0.61
TRPL4 CTEEP COMPANHIA DE TRANSMISSAO DE Utilities Equity 3675705.22 0.61
2439 MERRY ELECTRONICS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 3651024.76 0.6
LH.R LAND AND HOUSE PUBLIC NON-VOTING D Real Estate Equity 3563048.9 0.59
119 POLY PPTY GROUP LTD Real Estate Equity 3442130.19 0.57
576 ZHEJIANG EXPRESSWAY LTD H Industrials Equity 3430148.81 0.57
DIB DB ISLAMIC BANK Financials Equity 3174871.72 0.52
KKP.R KIATNAKIN PHATRA BANK NON-VOTING D Financials Equity 3126170.0 0.52
CEZ CEZ Utilities Equity 3120632.3 0.51
HMSP HM SAMPOERNA Consumer Staples Equity 3035025.35 0.5
817 CHINA JINMAO HOLDINGS GROUP LTD Real Estate Equity 2283383.23 0.38
813 SHIMAO GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 2271435.69 0.37
BRL BRL CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1605283.99 0.26
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1603596.1 0.26
TWD TWD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1014372.57 0.17
CNY CNY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 683567.56 0.11
INR INR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 488881.14 0.08
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 428516.01 0.07
IDR IDR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 346598.44 0.06
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL USD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 298000.0 0.05
UPRO YUNIPRO Utilities Equity 36954.86 0.01
RUB RUB CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 34259.14 0.01
GLTR GLOBALTRANS INVESTMENT GDR PLC Industrials Equity 32476.97 0.01
BRL BRL/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 18521.88 0.0
ZAR ZAR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 3650.66 0.0
MXN MXN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 891.65 0.0
PLN PLN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 869.68 0.0
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 599.01 0.0
RTKM ROSTELECOM Communication Equity 578.11 0.0
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 523.16 0.0
FEES FSK YEES Utilities Equity 543.74 0.0
TRY TRY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 499.79 0.0
NLMK NOVOLIPETSK STEEL Materials Equity 427.03 0.0
MTSS MOBILNYE TELESISTEMY Communication Equity 338.95 0.0
MOEX MOSCOW EXCHANGE Financials Equity 344.39 0.0
CZK CZK/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 363.06 0.0
SGD SGD/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 385.57 0.0
SBER SBERBANK ROSSII Financials Equity 308.77 0.0
CLP CLP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 178.04 0.0
HUF HUF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 118.18 0.0
TATN TATNEFT Energy Equity 143.98 0.0
CLP CLP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 120.91 0.0
PHOR PJSC PHOSAGRO GDR Materials Equity 34.84 0.0
CHMF SEVERSTAL Materials Equity 85.95 0.0
QAR QAR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 32.79 0.0
CLP CLP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 69.94 0.0
THB THB CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 0.0 0.0
TRNFP TRANSNEFT PREF Energy Equity 0.71 0.0
GMKN GMK NORILSKIY NIKEL Materials Equity 2.93 0.0
LKOH NK LUKOIL Energy Equity 15.42 0.0
MGNT MAGNIT Consumer Staples Equity 20.18 0.0
PHOR PHOSAGRO Materials Equity 22.26 0.0
MESM3 MSCI EMER MKT INDEX (ICE) JUN 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
IDR IDR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 30.09 0.0
PHP PHP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -33.12 0.0
MYR MYR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -358.8 0.0
HKD HKD/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -837.84 0.0
CLP CLP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -18693.54 0.0
CZK CZK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -29274.62 0.0
QAR QAR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -34135.25 -0.01
PHP PHP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -35815.04 -0.01
MXN MXN CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -65561.05 -0.01
SGD SGD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -86830.1 -0.01
PLN PLN CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -90293.46 -0.01
ZAR ZAR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -364054.28 -0.06
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