ETF constituents for DYHG

Below, a list of constituents for DYHG (Direxion Dynamic Hedge ETF) is shown. In total, DYHG consists of 5 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 02, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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StockTicker SecurityDescription Shares Price MarketValue Cusip HoldingsPercent
nan DREYFUS GOVT CASH MGMT 68234 1.0 68234.42 S99992080 1.0942293157
nan GOLDMAN FINL SQ TRSRY INST 506 7205 1.0 7205.91 S9999349C 0.1155563126
nan S&P 500 INDEX SWAP 13 4766.18 61960.34 SPX 0.9936161316
ESH2 S&P500 EMINI FUT MAR22 -7 4758.5 -1665475.0 ESH2 -26.7080979014
IVV ISHARES CORE S&P 500 ETF 12355 476.99 5893211.45 464287200 94.5054524145