ETF constituents for EIDO

Below, a list of constituents for EIDO (iShares MSCI Indonesia ETF) is shown. In total, EIDO consists of 94 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Feb 28, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
BBCA BANK CENTRAL ASIA Financials Equity 81944869.01 19.71
BBRI BANK RAKYAT INDONESIA (PERSERO) Financials Equity 55748669.57 13.41
TLKM TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA Communication Equity 30477687.25 7.33
BMRI BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Financials Equity 27370588.47 6.58
ASII ASTRA INTERNATIONAL Consumer Discretionary Equity 16987586.43 4.09
BBNI BANK NEGARA INDONESIA Financials Equity 15299106.72 3.68
KLBF KALBE FARMA Health Care Equity 11212165.32 2.7
ADRO ADARO ENERGY INDONESIA Energy Equity 9324687.09 2.24
AMRT PT SUMBER ALFARIA TRIJAYA Consumer Staples Equity 8985161.94 2.16
MDKA MERDEKA COPPER GOLD Materials Equity 8785892.04 2.11
CPIN CHAROEN POKPHAND INDONESIA Consumer Staples Equity 8507145.28 2.05
UNVR UNILEVER INDONESIA Consumer Staples Equity 7395645.75 1.78
INDF INDOFOOD SUKSES MAKMUR Consumer Staples Equity 6477224.42 1.56
ICBP INDOFOOD CBP SUKSES MAKMUR Consumer Staples Equity 5596703.41 1.35
BRPT BARITO PACIFIC Materials Equity 5306224.88 1.28
ITMG INDO TAMBANGRAYA MEGAH Energy Equity 5273031.28 1.27
SMGR SEMEN INDONESIA (PERSERO) Materials Equity 5134343.84 1.23
INKP INDAH KIAT PULP & PAPER Materials Equity 4911150.21 1.18
AKRA AKR CORPORINDO Energy Equity 4229143.7 1.02
MAPI MITRA ADIPERKASA Consumer Discretionary Equity 4084336.1 0.98
ANTM ANEKA TAMBANG Materials Equity 3992693.37 0.96
PTBA TAMBANG BATUBARA BUKIT ASAM Energy Equity 3970674.49 0.95
PGAS PERUSAHAAN GAS NEGARA Utilities Equity 3895760.15 0.94
INTP INDOCEMENT TUNGGAL PRAKARSA Materials Equity 3818680.4 0.92
TOWR SARANA MENARA NUSANTARA Communication Equity 3388402.35 0.81
GGRM GUDANG GARAM Consumer Staples Equity 2871288.82 0.69
INCO VALE INDONESIA Materials Equity 2847754.64 0.68
UNTR UNITED TRACTORS Energy Equity 2766471.98 0.67
EXCL XL AXIATA Communication Equity 2597869.01 0.62
CTRA CIPUTRA DEVELOPMENT Real Estate Equity 2520412.26 0.61
MEDC MEDCO ENERGI INTERNASIONAL Energy Equity 2376252.87 0.57
BEBS BERKAH BETON SADAYA Materials Equity 2358351.23 0.57
BUKA BUKALAPAK.COM Consumer Discretionary Equity 2301288.26 0.55
BBTN PT BANK TABUNGAN NEGARA Financials Equity 2232830.8 0.54
APIC PACIFIC STRATEGIC FINANCIAL Financials Equity 2206765.85 0.53
PWON PAKUWON JATI Real Estate Equity 2198039.99 0.53
BSDE BUMI SERPONG DAMAI Real Estate Equity 2143373.47 0.52
PNLF PANIN FINANCIAL Financials Equity 2122141.42 0.51
JSMR JASA MARGA Industrials Equity 2010952.97 0.48
TKIM PABRIK KERTAS TJIWI KIMIA Materials Equity 1893088.3 0.46
SIDO INDUSTRI JAMU DAN FARMASI SIDO MUN Consumer Staples Equity 1848620.27 0.44
BFIN BFI FINANCE INDONESIA Financials Equity 1638160.96 0.39
SMRA SUMMARECON AGUNG Real Estate Equity 1603201.75 0.39
BJBR BANK PEMBANGUNAN DAERAH JAWA BARAT Financials Equity 1543959.34 0.37
ERAA ERAJAYA SWASEMBADA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1542749.49 0.37
CARE METRO HEALTHCARE INDONESIA Health Care Equity 1497491.37 0.36
HEAL MEDIKALOKA HERMINA Health Care Equity 1475542.72 0.35
TCPI TRANSCOAL PACIFIC Industrials Equity 1448474.1 0.35
BUMI BUMI RESOURCES Energy Equity 1408619.35 0.34
JPFA JAPFA COMFEED INDONESIA Consumer Staples Equity 1393258.16 0.34
ESSA SURYA ESA PERKASA Materials Equity 1268212.84 0.31
BTPS BANK BTPN SYARIAH Financials Equity 1267399.41 0.3
LSIP PP LONDON SUMATRA INDONESIA Consumer Staples Equity 1237522.09 0.3
BJTM BANK PEMBANGUNAN DAERAH JAWA TIMUR Financials Equity 1212821.77 0.29
SCMA SURYA CITRA MEDIA Communication Equity 1181780.49 0.28
BRMS BUMI RESOURCES MINERALS Materials Equity 1153780.97 0.28
BIPI ASTRINDO NUSANTARA INFRASTRUKTUR Industrials Equity 1045284.98 0.25
BANK BANK ALADIN SYARIAH Financials Equity 1000747.96 0.24
MNCN MEDIA NUSANTARA CITRA Communication Equity 998794.53 0.24
FREN SMARTFREN TELECOM Communication Equity 955660.84 0.23
ACES ACE HARDWARE INDONESIA Consumer Discretionary Equity 903747.18 0.22
SSMS SAWIT SUMBERMAS SARANA Consumer Staples Equity 898617.4 0.22
CMRY CISARUA MOUNTAIN DAIRY Consumer Staples Equity 889805.28 0.21
WSKT WASKITA KARYA PERSERO CLS A Industrials Equity 797491.2 0.19
LPPF MATAHARI DEPARTMENT STORE Consumer Discretionary Equity 704913.65 0.17
LPKR LIPPO KARAWACI Real Estate Equity 690989.46 0.17
PTPP PT PP PERSERO Industrials Equity 674509.27 0.16
HRUM HARUM ENERGY Energy Equity 598320.5 0.14
WIKA WIJAYA KARYA Industrials Equity 588671.52 0.14
INDY PT INDIKA ENERGY Energy Equity 583375.3 0.14
BBYB BANK NEO COMMERCE Financials Equity 516799.03 0.12
TMAS TEMAS Industrials Equity 478551.97 0.12
MAPA MAP AKTIF ADIPERKASA Consumer Discretionary Equity 469413.49 0.11
MTDL METRODATA ELECTRONICS Information Technology Equity 459776.6 0.11
TINS TIMAH Materials Equity 379326.1 0.09
AALI ASTRA AGRO LESTARI Consumer Staples Equity 366041.06 0.09
BBKP BANK KB BUKOPIN Financials Equity 338842.78 0.08
ENRG ENERGI MEGA PERSADA Energy Equity 306998.66 0.07
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 290000.0 0.07
DMMX DIGITAL MEDIATAMA MAXIMA Information Technology Equity 289925.9 0.07
IDR IDR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 151809.44 0.04
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 7794.83 0.0
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL USD HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 4000.0 0.0
POOL POOL ADVISTA INDONESIA Financials Equity 0.0 0.0
INVS INOVISI INFRACOM Industrials Equity 0.01 0.0
SIAP SEKAWAN INTIPRATAMA Materials Equity 0.02 0.0
SUGI SUGIH ENERGY Energy Equity 0.03 0.0
TRAM TRADA ALAM MINERA Industrials Equity 0.11 0.0
IIKP INTI AGRI RESOURCES Consumer Staples Equity 0.12 0.0
MYRX HANSON INTERNATIONAL Real Estate Equity 0.24 0.0
MESM3 MSCI EMER MKT INDEX (ICE) JUN 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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