ETF constituents for EIS

Below, a list of constituents for EIS (iShares MSCI Israel ETF) is shown. In total, EIS consists of 122 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Apr 28, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
NICE NICE LTD Information Technology Equity 12386388.56 8.31
CHKP CHECK POINT SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES Information Technology Equity 10918822.68 7.33
LUMI BANK LEUMI LE ISRAEL Financials Equity 10108797.36 6.79
POLI BANK HAPOALIM BM Financials Equity 9436286.42 6.33
CYBR CYBER ARK SOFTWARE LTD Information Technology Equity 5636514.39 3.78
DSCT ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK LTD Financials Equity 5507337.21 3.7
ESLT ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD Industrials Equity 4811737.44 3.23
MZTF MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BANK LTD Financials Equity 4701522.07 3.16
TSEM TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD Information Technology Equity 3811527.16 2.56
WIX WIX.COM LTD Information Technology Equity 3797502.72 2.55
ICL ICL GROUP LTD Materials Equity 3633640.13 2.44
MNDY MONDAYCOM LTD Information Technology Equity 3109056.09 2.09
NVMI NOVA LTD Information Technology Equity 2957123.67 1.99
BEZQ BEZEQ ISRAELI TELECOMMUNICATION CO Communication Equity 2347729.99 1.58
INMD INMODE LTD Health Care Equity 2344757.76 1.57
AZRG AZRIELI GROUP LTD Real Estate Equity 2113845.74 1.42
FIBI FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK LTD Financials Equity 1995066.42 1.34
ENLT ENLIGHT RENEWABLE ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 1981498.9 1.33
PHOE PHOENIX HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 1645749.12 1.1
MLSR MELISRON LTD Real Estate Equity 1511566.63 1.01
MVNE MIVNE REAL ESTATE LTD Real Estate Equity 1420833.29 0.95
PERI PERION NETWORK LTD Communication Equity 1300152.26 0.87
SAE SHUFERSAL LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1255745.96 0.84
ZIM ZIM INTEGRATED SHIPPING SERVICES L Industrials Equity 1204813.52 0.81
KRNT KORNIT DIGITAL LTD Industrials Equity 1131055.42 0.76
AMOT AMOT INVESTMENTS LTD Real Estate Equity 1115385.28 0.75
STRS STRAUSS GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1112184.3 0.75
ALHE ALONY-HETZ PROPERTIES AND INVESTME Real Estate Equity 1076099.38 0.72
NNOX NANO X IMAGING LTD Health Care Equity 970488.18 0.65
PZOL PAZ OIL CO LTD Energy Equity 964164.13 0.65
BIG BIG SHOPPING CENTERS LTD Real Estate Equity 936922.44 0.63
DLEKG DELEK GROUP LTD Energy Equity 934847.89 0.63
SPEN SHAPIR ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRY LT Industrials Equity 905352.8 0.61
CLIS CLAL INSURANCE ENTERPRISES LTD Financials Equity 888219.43 0.6
ENRG ENERGIX RENEWABLE ENERGIES LTD Utilities Equity 855202.89 0.57
ARPT AIRPORT CITY LTD Real Estate Equity 846708.77 0.57
FVRR FIVERR INTERNATIONAL LTD Industrials Equity 831993.47 0.56
HARL HAREL INSURANCE INVESTMENTS & FINA Financials Equity 823476.13 0.55
ILCO ISRAEL CORPORATION LTD Materials Equity 820608.23 0.55
ELTR ELECTRA LTD Industrials Equity 813175.29 0.55
CAMT CAMTEK LTD Information Technology Equity 778968.46 0.52
ISCD ISRACARD LTD Financials Equity 756758.39 0.51
RIT1 REIT REIT LTD Real Estate Equity 720571.79 0.48
RDWR RADWARE LTD Information Technology Equity 707313.06 0.47
SPNS SAPIENS INTERNATIONAL NV Information Technology Equity 696319.99 0.47
FIBIH FIBI BANK HOLDING LTD Financials Equity 651611.44 0.44
ORL OIL REFINERIES LTD Energy Equity 639985.69 0.43
OPCE OPC ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 636105.29 0.43
HLAN HILAN LTD Industrials Equity 620938.34 0.42
MTRX MATRIX IT LTD Information Technology Equity 617619.55 0.41
FTAL FATTAL HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 616626.4 0.41
FORTY FORMULA SYSTEMS LTD Information Technology Equity 610491.99 0.41
FOX FOX WIZEL LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 590701.01 0.4
MTRN MAYTRONICS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 551142.4 0.37
NNDM NANO DIMENSION SPONSORED ADR REPR Information Technology Equity 548347.24 0.37
EQTL EQUITAL LTD Energy Equity 534448.42 0.36
SKBN SHIKUN AND BINUI LTD Industrials Equity 521288.55 0.35
ILS ILS CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 507483.32 0.34
ASHG ASHTROM GROUP LTD Industrials Equity 503208.39 0.34
RMLI RAMI LEVI CHAIN STORES HASHIKMA MA Consumer Staples Equity 499025.76 0.34
KEN KENON HOLDINGS LTD Utilities Equity 487714.78 0.33
PTNR PARTNER COMMUNICATIONS LTD Communication Equity 469553.64 0.32
ONE ONE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD Information Technology Equity 441308.62 0.3
MGDL MIGDAL INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL HOL Financials Equity 431484.77 0.29
TASE TEL AVIV STOCK EXCHANGE LTD Financials Equity 427168.93 0.29
SMT SUMMIT REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 417192.62 0.28
DLEA DELEK AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 415162.85 0.28
MGOR MEGA OR HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 414631.6 0.28
DELG DELTA GALIL INDUSTRIES LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 408146.66 0.27
MMHD MENORAH MIVTACHIM HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 405004.53 0.27
SLARL SELLA CAPTIAL REAL ESTATE LTD Real Estate Equity 388443.13 0.26
TBLA TABOOLA.COM LTD Communication Equity 374103.21 0.25
CEL CELLCOM LTD Communication Equity 368073.29 0.25
RTLS RETAILORS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 336501.47 0.23
NGMS NEOGAMES S A SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 329847.84 0.22
DANE DANEL ADIR YEHOSHUA LTD Industrials Equity 328906.05 0.22
RSKD RISKIFIED LTD CLASS A Information Technology Equity 323164.31 0.22
NOFR O.Y. NOFAR ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 321057.36 0.22
ISRS ISRAS INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD Real Estate Equity 313091.0 0.21
ELCO ELCO LTD Industrials Equity 299038.73 0.2
ITRN ITURAN LOCATION AND CONTROL LTD Information Technology Equity 294520.59 0.2
MGIC MAGIC SOFTWARE ENTERPRISES LTD Information Technology Equity 290981.46 0.2
INVZ INNOVIZ TECHNOLOGIES LTD Information Technology Equity 290386.2 0.19
BLSR BLUE SQUARE REAL ESTATE LTD Real Estate Equity 281203.0 0.19
AFRE AFRICA ISRAEL RESIDENCES LTD Real Estate Equity 276537.71 0.19
ISCN ISRAEL-CANADA LTD Real Estate Equity 265112.9 0.18
ECP ELECTRA CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 262900.02 0.18
ARAD ARAD INVESTMENT AND INDUSTRIAL LTD Industrials Equity 261977.64 0.18
GCT G CITY LTD Real Estate Equity 261893.86 0.18
SCOP SCOPE METALS GROUP LTD Industrials Equity 244318.47 0.16
ELCRE ELECTRA REAL ESTATE LTD Real Estate Equity 235772.72 0.16
YHNF YOCHANANOF LTD Consumer Staples Equity 209599.68 0.14
CLBT CELLEBRITE DI LTD Information Technology Equity 198427.08 0.13
WKME WALKME LTD Information Technology Equity 189498.56 0.13
TDRN TADIRAN GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 184965.0 0.12
AZRM AZORIM INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AND Consumer Discretionary Equity 180243.68 0.12
NTML NETO MALINDA TRADING LTD Consumer Staples Equity 179621.19 0.12
DNYA DANYA CEBUS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 170864.6 0.11
IDIN IDI INSURANCE COMPANY LTD Financials Equity 157624.85 0.11
1696 SISRAM MEDICAL LTD Health Care Equity 149232.58 0.1
AFPR AFI PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 142363.57 0.1
NYAX NAYAX LTD Information Technology Equity 134894.25 0.09
CRSM CARASSO MOTORS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 129166.61 0.09
PTBL PROPERTY & BLDG CORP LTD Real Estate Equity 118742.32 0.08
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 110000.0 0.07
TRPZ TURPAZ INDUSTRIES LTD Materials Equity 90784.47 0.06
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL EUR SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 62905.39 0.04
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 24309.36 0.02
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3361.62 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2569.29 0.0
BCNV BRACK CAPITAL NV Real Estate Equity 29.34 0.0
MEDN MEHADRIN LTD Consumer Staples Equity 18.9 0.0
GVYM GAV-YAM LAND CORP LTD Real Estate Equity 0.63 0.0
VGM3 EURO STOXX 50 JUN 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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