ETF constituents for EPP

Below, a list of constituents for EPP (iShares MSCI Pacific ex Japan ETF) is shown. In total, EPP consists of 131 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
BHP BHP GROUP LTD Materials Equity 164910419.06 9.26
CBA COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA Financials Equity 122784858.09 6.9
1299 AIA GROUP LTD Financials Equity 97228143.88 5.46
CSL CSL LTD Health Care Equity 89004221.8 5.0
NAB NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK LTD Financials Equity 63196443.82 3.55
WBC WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION CORP Financials Equity 52672062.63 2.96
ANZ ANZ GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 51134386.12 2.87
D05 DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 44551536.37 2.5
MQG MACQUARIE GROUP LTD DEF Financials Equity 43205683.52 2.43
WES WESFARMERS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 41655011.82 2.34
388 HONG KONG EXCHANGES AND CLEARING L Financials Equity 41284609.03 2.32
WDS WOODSIDE ENERGY GROUP LTD Energy Equity 39029838.24 2.19
O39 OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING LTD Financials Equity 33361174.49 1.87
RIO RIO TINTO LTD Materials Equity 32335237.34 1.82
WOW WOOLWORTHS GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 29991724.25 1.68
FMG FORTESCUE LTD Materials Equity 29256683.95 1.64
TCL TRANSURBAN GROUP STAPLED UNITS Industrials Equity 27824433.75 1.56
GMG GOODMAN GROUP UNITS Real Estate Equity 27646329.39 1.55
UOB UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTD Financials Equity 26961057.58 1.51
ALL ARISTOCRAT LEISURE LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 16099667.89 0.9
QBE QBE INSURANCE GROUP LTD Financials Equity 15540821.07 0.87
JHX JAMES HARDIE INDUSTRIES CDI PLC Materials Equity 15182457.19 0.85
STO SANTOS LTD Energy Equity 15160570.37 0.85
Z74 SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD Communication Equity 15019971.07 0.84
16 SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 14896520.82 0.84
SE SEA ADS REPRESENTING LTD CLASS A Communication Equity 14794041.12 0.83
669 TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES LTD Industrials Equity 14710641.89 0.83
COL COLES GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 14468437.59 0.81
1 CK HUTCHISON HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 14430115.73 0.81
823 LINK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST Real Estate Equity 13116175.35 0.74
2 CLP HOLDINGS LTD Utilities Equity 13075792.98 0.73
COH COCHLEAR LTD Health Care Equity 12837030.07 0.72
BXB BRAMBLES LTD Industrials Equity 12620309.3 0.71
SUN SUNCORP GROUP LTD Financials Equity 12394572.82 0.7
27 GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 12052107.67 0.68
TLS TELSTRA GROUP LTD Communication Equity 10695858.1 0.6
XRO XERO LTD Information Technology Equity 10318353.81 0.58
2388 BOC HONG KONG HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 10256812.73 0.58
IAG INSURANCE AUSTRALIA GROUP LTD Financials Equity 10071387.94 0.57
SCG SCENTRE GROUP Real Estate Equity 9993332.61 0.56
1113 CK ASSET HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 9893028.15 0.56
NST NORTHERN STAR RESOURCES LTD Materials Equity 9886854.11 0.56
S32 SOUTH32 LTD Materials Equity 9738298.75 0.55
ORG ORIGIN ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 9531622.62 0.54
SHL SONIC HEALTHCARE LTD Health Care Equity 9316986.63 0.52
11 HANG SENG BANK LTD Financials Equity 8900560.13 0.5
FPH FISHER AND PAYKEL HEALTHCARE CORPO Health Care Equity 8839337.76 0.5
CPU COMPUTERSHARE LTD Industrials Equity 8829632.02 0.5
A17U CAPITALAND ASCENDAS REIT Real Estate Equity 8255064.07 0.46
3 HONG KONG AND CHINA GAS LTD Utilities Equity 8008720.16 0.45
ASX ASX LTD Financials Equity 7856223.16 0.44
C38U CAPITALAND INTEGRATED COMMERCIAL T Real Estate Equity 7847125.75 0.44
WTC WISETECHGLOBAL PTY LTD Information Technology Equity 7828655.92 0.44
BN4 KEPPEL LTD Industrials Equity 7784091.5 0.44
6 POWER ASSETS HOLDINGS LTD Utilities Equity 7595557.4 0.43
APA APA GROUP UNITS Utilities Equity 7591643.94 0.43
C6L SINGAPORE AIRLINES LTD Industrials Equity 7298624.85 0.41
MIN MINERAL RESOURCES LTD Materials Equity 7229279.42 0.41
AUD AUD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 7147996.55 0.4
TLC THE LOTTERY CORPORATION LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 7080985.98 0.4
CAR CAR GROUP LTD Communication Equity 7064630.02 0.4
AIA AUCKLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LTD Industrials Equity 6956055.14 0.39
1928 SANDS CHINA LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 6861312.93 0.39
SGP STOCKLAND STAPLED UNITS LTD Real Estate Equity 6801800.31 0.38
J36 JARDINE MATHESON HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 6748812.0 0.38
PLS PILBARA MINERALS LTD Materials Equity 6715789.3 0.38
BSL BLUESCOPE STEEL LTD Materials Equity 6665132.5 0.37
MPL MEDIBANK PRIVATE LTD Financials Equity 6651629.84 0.37
S68 SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LTD Financials Equity 6390718.36 0.36
RHC RAMSAY HEALTH CARE LTD Health Care Equity 6251984.93 0.35
9CI CAPITALAND INVESTMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 6199477.55 0.35
SPK SPARK NEW ZEALAND LTD Communication Equity 6115726.96 0.34
GRAB GRAB HOLDINGS LTD CLASS A Industrials Equity 6085600.5 0.34
SEK SEEK LTD Communication Equity 6002850.93 0.34
66 MTR CORPORATION CORP LTD Industrials Equity 5898988.69 0.33
TWE TREASURY WINE ESTATES LTD Consumer Staples Equity 5861157.37 0.33
REA REA GROUP LTD Communication Equity 5851313.89 0.33
MGR MIRVAC GROUP STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 5699949.08 0.32
ALD AMPOL LTD Energy Equity 5697479.58 0.32
GPT GPT GROUP STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 5683454.45 0.32
1997 WHARF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPA Real Estate Equity 5577569.38 0.31
288 WH GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 5498061.01 0.31
SOL WASHINGTON H SOUL PATTINSON & COMP Financials Equity 5483256.69 0.31
F34 WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LTD Consumer Staples Equity 5379579.8 0.3
DXS DEXUS STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 5358185.28 0.3
EDV ENDEAVOUR GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 5131274.12 0.29
VCX VICINITY CENTRES Real Estate Equity 5116955.09 0.29
ORI ORICA LTD Materials Equity 4906527.46 0.28
AZJ AURIZON HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 4650844.35 0.26
S63 SINGAPORE TECHNOLOGIES ENGINEERING Industrials Equity 4560841.89 0.26
MEL MERIDIAN ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 4449935.52 0.25
M44U MAPLETREE LOGISTICS TRUST UNITS Real Estate Equity 4378460.34 0.25
G13 GENTING SINGAPORE LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 4337216.85 0.24
6823 HKT TRUST AND HKT UNITS LTD Communication Equity 4325855.1 0.24
IEL IDP EDUCATION PTY LTDINARY Consumer Discretionary Equity 4302325.89 0.24
12 HENDERSON LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 4182536.53 0.23
83 SINO LAND LTD Real Estate Equity 3863607.46 0.22
H78 HONGKONG LAND HOLDINGS LTD Real Estate Equity 3772656.0 0.21
EBO EBOS GROUP LTD Health Care Equity 3678083.2 0.21
IGO IGO LTD Materials Equity 3646261.35 0.2
S51 SEATRIUM Industrials Equity 3529967.83 0.2
19 SWIRE PACIFIC LTD A Real Estate Equity 3450955.41 0.19
U96 SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTD Utilities Equity 3438846.14 0.19
1038 CHEUNG KONG INFRASTRUCTURE HOLDING Utilities Equity 3316694.07 0.19
QAN QANTAS AIRWAYS LTD Industrials Equity 3229099.89 0.18
4 WHARF (HOLDINGS) LTD Real Estate Equity 3214736.74 0.18
REH REECE LTD Industrials Equity 3084801.64 0.17
FUTU FUTU HOLDINGS ADR LTD Financials Equity 3040583.16 0.17
1876 BUDWEISER BREWING COMPANY APAC LTD Consumer Staples Equity 2940602.63 0.17
1821 ESR CAYMAN LTD Real Estate Equity 2932692.0 0.16
MCY MERCURY NZ LTD Utilities Equity 2837976.18 0.16
N2IU MAPLETREE PAN ASIA COMMERCIAL TRUS Real Estate Equity 2583811.62 0.15
101 HANG LUNG PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 2570159.21 0.14
1972 SWIRE PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 2442390.81 0.14
C09 CITY DEVELOPMENTS LTD Real Estate Equity 2387765.05 0.13
C07 JARDINE CYCLE AND CARRIAGE LTD Industrials Equity 2269403.29 0.13
17 NEW WORLD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD Real Estate Equity 2240975.48 0.13
U14 UOL GROUP LTD Real Estate Equity 2173947.08 0.12
1308 SITC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 2107057.58 0.12
868 XINYI GLASS HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 1913670.26 0.11
SGD SGD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1603253.45 0.09
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1202313.28 0.07
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 800000.0 0.04
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL AUD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 592903.05 0.03
NZD NZD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 264601.17 0.01
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL SGD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 161212.08 0.01
MARGIN_HKD FUTURES HKD MARGIN BALANCE Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins -0.33 0.0
QZZ3 MSCI SING IX ETS DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
XPZ3 SPI 200 DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -794148.06 -0.04
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