ETF constituents for EUFN

Below, a list of constituents for EUFN (iShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF) is shown. In total, EUFN consists of 101 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
HSBA HSBC HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 98808813.3 8.14
ALV ALLIANZ Financials Equity 68310753.27 5.63
UBSG UBS GROUP AG Financials Equity 62174896.61 5.12
ZURN ZURICH INSURANCE GROUP AG Financials Equity 48902176.64 4.03
SAN BANCO SANTANDER SA Financials Equity 44709295.25 3.68
BNP BNP PARIBAS SA Financials Equity 43714360.44 3.6
MUV2 MUENCHENER RUECKVERSICHERUNGS-GESE Financials Equity 38515200.83 3.17
CS AXA SA Financials Equity 37530060.3 3.09
BBVA BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA SA Financials Equity 36747847.38 3.03
INGA ING GROEP NV Financials Equity 33569857.59 2.76
LSEG LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC Financials Equity 31434835.39 2.59
ISP INTESA SANPAOLO Financials Equity 29828951.21 2.46
UCG UNICREDIT Financials Equity 29118623.81 2.4
NDA SE NORDEA BANK Financials Equity 24128034.41 1.99
INVE B INVESTOR CLASS B Financials Equity 24124626.12 1.99
DB1 DEUTSCHE BOERSE AG Financials Equity 24116947.37 1.99
LLOY LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC Financials Equity 23731574.16 1.95
SREN SWISS RE AG Financials Equity 22591484.53 1.86
PRU PRUDENTIAL PLC Financials Equity 20078617.02 1.65
PGHN PARTNERS GROUP HOLDING AG Financials Equity 19973567.17 1.64
III 3I GROUP PLC Financials Equity 18366929.31 1.51
BARC BARCLAYS PLC Financials Equity 18051528.29 1.49
ADYEN ADYEN NV Financials Equity 16927909.84 1.39
DBK DEUTSCHE BANK AG Financials Equity 16075857.09 1.32
G ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI Financials Equity 13831780.95 1.14
SAMPO SAMPO Financials Equity 13096791.37 1.08
SEB A SKANDINAVISKA ENSKILDA BANKEN Financials Equity 12879037.74 1.06
SLHN SWISS LIFE HOLDING AG Financials Equity 12760590.1 1.05
STAN STANDARD CHARTERED PLC Financials Equity 12554001.43 1.03
CABK CAIXABANK SA Financials Equity 12215655.24 1.01
GLE SOCIETE GENERALE SA Financials Equity 12178935.89 1.0
DNB DNB BANK Financials Equity 11854652.48 0.98
DANSKE DANSKE BANK Financials Equity 11802465.88 0.97
LGEN LEGAL AND GENERAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity 11417040.78 0.94
SWED A SWEDBANK Financials Equity 10501868.68 0.86
NWG NATWEST GROUP PLC Financials Equity 10234391.49 0.84
AV. AVIVA PLC Financials Equity 9649940.15 0.79
KBC KBC GROEP Financials Equity 9619642.8 0.79
HNR1 HANNOVER RUECK Financials Equity 9507559.63 0.78
ACA CREDIT AGRICOLE SA Financials Equity 9281902.08 0.76
SHB A SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN-A SHS Financials Equity 9230815.3 0.76
EBS ERSTE GROUP BANK AG Financials Equity 9204575.0 0.76
EDEN EDENRED Financials Equity 9108688.19 0.75
CBK COMMERZBANK AG Financials Equity 8654197.75 0.71
BAER JULIUS BAER GRUPPE AG Financials Equity 6989866.4 0.58
NN NN GROUP NV Financials Equity 6809003.13 0.56
BIRG BANK OF IRELAND GROUP PLC Financials Equity 6613957.19 0.54
EXO EXOR NV Financials Equity 6059444.26 0.5
AGN AEGON LTD Financials Equity 5929568.36 0.49
ADM ADMIRAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity 5913884.8 0.49
EQT EQT Financials Equity 5668289.5 0.47
FBK FINECOBANK BANCA FINECO Financials Equity 5409148.72 0.45
TRYG TRYG Financials Equity 4993423.32 0.41
A5G AIB GROUP PLC Financials Equity 4867898.54 0.4
ASRNL ASR NEDERLAND NV Financials Equity 4800051.1 0.4
ENX EURONEXT NV Financials Equity 4742516.31 0.39
BALN BALOISE HOLDING AG Financials Equity 4667239.57 0.38
GBLB GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT NV Financials Equity 4637599.94 0.38
AGS AGEAS SA Financials Equity 4543234.73 0.37
BAMI BANCO BPM Financials Equity 4510174.36 0.37
MB MEDIOBANCA BANCA DI CREDITO FINANZ Financials Equity 4296430.98 0.35
ABN ABN AMRO BANK NV Financials Equity 4239879.81 0.35
WISE WISE PLC CLASS A Financials Equity 4086702.0 0.34
MNG M&G PLC Financials Equity 3984474.31 0.33
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3815426.71 0.31
PST POSTE ITALIANE Financials Equity 3739104.63 0.31
HELN HELVETIA HOLDING AG Financials Equity 3360973.87 0.28
TLX TALANX AG Financials Equity 3130425.36 0.26
NEXI NEXI Financials Equity 3068855.57 0.25
STJ ST JAMESS PLACE PLC Financials Equity 3046872.01 0.25
PHNX PHOENIX GROUP HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 2981023.46 0.25
INDU C INDUSTRIVARDEN SERIES Financials Equity 2934279.46 0.24
SDR SCHRODERS PLC Financials Equity 2732983.81 0.23
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2646964.2 0.22
WLN WORLDLINE SA Financials Equity 2634128.52 0.22
INDU A INDUSTRIVARDEN A Financials Equity 2612746.99 0.22
ABDN ABRDN PLC Financials Equity 2598676.23 0.21
AMUN AMUNDI SA Financials Equity 2492350.83 0.21
LUND B LUNDBERGFORETAGEN CLASS B Financials Equity 2473390.01 0.2
BCVN BC VAUD N Financials Equity 2325538.97 0.19
GJF GJENSIDIGE FORSIKRING Financials Equity 2272928.89 0.19
SOF SOFINA SA Financials Equity 2230840.91 0.18
RF EURAZEO Financials Equity 2223322.7 0.18
HL. HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC Financials Equity 2120222.5 0.17
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1176838.43 0.1
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1170825.6 0.1
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1000000.0 0.08
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL EUR HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 462675.85 0.04
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL GBP HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 178125.3 0.01
DKK DKK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 102894.48 0.01
MF WENDEL Financials Equity 63336.48 0.01
SEK SEK/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 922.11 0.0
NOK NOK/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 478.34 0.0
CHF CHF/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX 536.9 0.0
Z Z3 FTSE 100 INDEX DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
VGZ3 EURO STOXX 50 DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
DKK DKK/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -881.86 0.0
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -1422.38 0.0
NOK NOK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -48924.55 0.0
SEK SEK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -97194.17 -0.01
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