ETF constituents for EWUS

Below, a list of constituents for EWUS (iShares MSCI United Kingdom Small-Cap ETF) is shown. In total, EWUS consists of 260 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Feb 28, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
CNA CENTRICA PLC Utilities Equity 953256.69 2.07
WEIR WEIR GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 721229.15 1.57
RMV RIGHTMOVE PLC Communication Equity 719595.76 1.56
BME B&M EUROPEAN VALUE RETAIL SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 698682.51 1.52
SMDS SMITH (DS) PLC Materials Equity 661306.95 1.44
RS1 RS GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 660107.01 1.43
IMI IMI PLC Industrials Equity 601157.67 1.31
HWDN HOWDEN JOINERY GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 589535.96 1.28
BEZ BEAZLEY PLC Financials Equity 577287.6 1.25
HSX HISCOX LTD Financials Equity 569985.66 1.24
SXS SPECTRIS PLC Information Technology Equity 563893.69 1.22
CTEC CONVATEC GROUP PLC Health Care Equity 553535.33 1.2
ICP INTERMEDIATE CAPITAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity 544780.49 1.18
DPLM DIPLOMA PLC Industrials Equity 535334.38 1.16
TATE TATE AND LYLE PLC Consumer Staples Equity 491120.56 1.07
INVP INVESTEC PLC Financials Equity 480696.63 1.04
EMG MAN GROUP PLC Financials Equity 478352.76 1.04
MKS MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 476386.33 1.03
UTG UNITE GROUP PLC Real Estate Equity 472617.89 1.03
ITV ITV PLC Communication Equity 460988.01 1.0
GAW GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 458341.07 1.0
DPH DECHRA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 453855.85 0.99
INCH INCHCAPE PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 438349.34 0.95
IGG IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 435776.66 0.95
GRG GREGGS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 423553.95 0.92
ROR ROTORK PLC Industrials Equity 416961.93 0.91
VTY VISTRY GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 403085.01 0.88
BBOX TRITAX BIG BOX REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 390076.76 0.85
BWY BELLWAY PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 388876.58 0.84
DRX DRAX GROUP PLC Utilities Equity 368031.8 0.8
DLN DERWENT LONDON REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 352041.54 0.76
BVIC BRITVIC PLC Consumer Staples Equity 349464.49 0.76
PNN PENNON GROUP PLC Utilities Equity 347650.75 0.75
BBY BALFOUR BEATTY PLC Industrials Equity 339922.64 0.74
JET2 JET2 PLC Industrials Equity 317250.43 0.69
KWS KEYWORDS STUDIOS PLC Information Technology Equity 315844.21 0.69
TPK TRAVIS PERKINS PLC Industrials Equity 312546.55 0.68
MDC MEDICLINIC INTERNATIONAL PLC Health Care Equity 311860.07 0.68
OSB OSB GROUP PLC Financials Equity 309832.16 0.67
BYG BIG YELLOW GROUP PLC Real Estate Equity 308200.64 0.67
SAFE SAFESTORE HOLDINGS PLC Real Estate Equity 301529.61 0.65
INDV INDIVIOR PLC Health Care Equity 298710.49 0.65
GNS GENUS PLC Health Care Equity 297865.04 0.65
SSPG SSP GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 294600.45 0.64
QQ. QINETIQ GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 294483.44 0.64
SMWH WH SMITH PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 292806.99 0.64
DLG DIRECT LINE INSURANCE PLC Financials Equity 292210.58 0.63
WOSG WATCHES OF SWITZERLAND GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 287529.23 0.62
GFTU GRAFTON GROUP UNITS PLC Industrials Equity 284343.69 0.62
SRP SERCO GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 276947.81 0.6
CCC COMPUTACENTER PLC Information Technology Equity 275046.22 0.6
HAS HAYS PLC Industrials Equity 273484.31 0.59
VMUK VIRGIN MONEY UK PLC Financials Equity 272561.25 0.59
IDS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS PLC Industrials Equity 271541.21 0.59
PETS PETS AT HOME PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 268728.92 0.58
GRI GRAINGER PLC Real Estate Equity 260746.91 0.57
TUI TUI N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 253896.87 0.55
PLUS PLUS500 LTD Financials Equity 247477.92 0.54
CWK CRANSWICK PLC Consumer Staples Equity 246539.54 0.54
LMP LONDONMETRIC PROPERTY REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 246109.53 0.53
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 244802.06 0.53
LXI LXI REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 244330.03 0.53
SHC SHAFTESBURY CAPITAL PLC Real Estate Equity 238144.04 0.52
ENOG ENERGEAN PLC Energy Equity 234295.55 0.51
SCT SOFTCAT PLC Information Technology Equity 229205.11 0.5
RSW RENISHAW PLC Information Technology Equity 227940.55 0.5
PAGE PAGEGROUP PLC Industrials Equity 227278.34 0.49
TCAP TP ICAP GROUP PLC Financials Equity 226160.63 0.49
AGR ASSURA REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 225975.15 0.49
EZJ EASYJET PLC Industrials Equity 223797.94 0.49
VCT VICTREX PLC Materials Equity 223700.49 0.49
WG. WOOD GROUP (JOHN) PLC Energy Equity 221583.94 0.48
SVS SAVILLS PLC Real Estate Equity 211369.02 0.46
OXIG OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC Information Technology Equity 208628.69 0.45
CBG CLOSE BROS GROUP PLC Financials Equity 207397.42 0.45
MONY MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM GROUP PLC Communication Equity 205451.96 0.45
CVSG CVS GROUP PLC Health Care Equity 203613.45 0.44
FUTR FUTURE PLC Communication Equity 202536.63 0.44
LRE LANCASHIRE HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 202267.08 0.44
PHP PRIMARY HEALTH PROPERTIES REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 200303.76 0.43
TRN TRAINLINE PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 199423.72 0.43
RDW REDROW PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 195897.73 0.43
DNLM DUNELM GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 195258.71 0.42
FRAS FRASERS GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 194985.27 0.42
FEVR FEVERTREE DRINKS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 193548.97 0.42
PTEC PLAYTECH PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 191737.08 0.42
PAG PARAGON GROUP OF COMPANIES Financials Equity 189020.39 0.41
COA COATS GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 187113.68 0.41
BOY BODYCOTE PLC Industrials Equity 186888.89 0.41
TEP TELECOM PLUS PLC Utilities Equity 186084.05 0.4
CEY CENTAMIN PLC Materials Equity 185750.56 0.4
QLT QUILTER PLC Financials Equity 176918.78 0.38
IWG IWG Real Estate Equity 176177.78 0.38
ASCL ASCENTIAL PLC Communication Equity 175066.89 0.38
RAT RATHBONES GROUP PLC Financials Equity 174289.0 0.38
HBR HARBOUR ENERGY PLC Energy Equity 172785.19 0.38
ASHM ASHMORE GROUP PLC Financials Equity 172340.24 0.37
BREE BREEDON GROUP PLC Materials Equity 172277.89 0.37
MTO MITIE GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 170893.39 0.37
KNOS KAINOS GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 168885.16 0.37
HILS HILL AND SMITH PLC Materials Equity 167586.2 0.36
BUR BURFORD CAPITAL LTD Financials Equity 167158.34 0.36
SPT SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS Information Technology Equity 165383.8 0.36
SUPR SUPERMARKET INCOME REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 165250.14 0.36
AJB AJ BELL PLC Financials Equity 162639.99 0.35
GPE GREAT PORTLAND ESTATES PLC Real Estate Equity 162433.94 0.35
YOU YOUGOV PLC Communication Equity 162371.37 0.35
DOM DOMINOS PIZZA GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 162042.27 0.35
EMIS EMIS GROUP PLC Health Care Equity 157188.58 0.34
AAF AIRTEL AFRICA PLC Communication Equity 154296.71 0.34
SMS SMART METERING SYSTEMS PLC Industrials Equity 151030.31 0.33
CCL CARNIVAL PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 150513.44 0.33
RWS RWS HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 148401.62 0.32
AML ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA GLOBAL HOLDIN Consumer Discretionary Equity 144463.8 0.31
JTC JTC PLC Financials Equity 143485.47 0.31
TBCG TBC BANK GROUP PLC Financials Equity 141726.08 0.31
BGEO BANK OF GEORGIA GROUP PLC Financials Equity 140146.22 0.3
HMSO HAMMERSON REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 139939.59 0.3
GAMA GAMMA COMMUNICATIONS PLC Communication Equity 139764.45 0.3
DARK DARKTRACE PLC Information Technology Equity 137399.35 0.3
JUST JUST GROUP PLC Financials Equity 133557.78 0.29
VSVS VESUVIUS PLC Industrials Equity 133259.33 0.29
CKN CLARKSON PLC Industrials Equity 133261.21 0.29
FAN VOLUTION GROUP PLCINARY Industrials Equity 131050.65 0.28
SRE SIRIUS REAL ESTATE LD LTD Real Estate Equity 130699.97 0.28
MGAM MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC Industrials Equity 129379.69 0.28
BYIT BYTES TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 126944.14 0.28
DOCS DR. MARTENS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 125553.44 0.27
PFD PREMIER FOODS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 123203.94 0.27
ROO DELIVEROO PLC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 123072.89 0.27
HTWS HELIOS TOWERS PLC Communication Equity 121762.79 0.26
GBG GB GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 121351.36 0.26
CHG CHEMRING GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 120187.48 0.26
BAB BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 119518.2 0.26
LTG LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 119355.84 0.26
FGP FIRSTGROUP PLC Industrials Equity 118353.66 0.26
REDD REDDE NORTHGATE PLC Industrials Equity 117638.04 0.26
IHP INTEGRAFIN HOLDINGS Financials Equity 116503.91 0.25
DSCV DISCOVERIE GROUP Industrials Equity 115982.55 0.25
NFC NEXT FIFTEEN COMMUNICATIONS GROUP Communication Equity 115143.75 0.25
CNE CAPRICORN ENERGY PLC Energy Equity 112983.93 0.25
N91 NINETY ONE PLC Financials Equity 112686.24 0.24
MGNS MORGAN SINDALL GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 109559.03 0.24
IPX IMPAX ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP PLC Financials Equity 108019.88 0.23
MSLH MARSHALLS PLC Materials Equity 107029.25 0.23
LIO LIONTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC Financials Equity 106253.72 0.23
GEN GENUIT GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 104374.15 0.23
IBST IBSTOCK PLC Materials Equity 103763.39 0.23
ONT OXFORD NANOPORE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Health Care Equity 101734.66 0.22
ELM ELEMENTIS PLC Materials Equity 101525.15 0.22
WKP WORKSPACE GROUP REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 100474.04 0.22
SFOR S4 CAPITAL PLC Communication Equity 99960.54 0.22
YCA YELLOW CAKE PLC Industrials Equity 99853.68 0.22
CPI CAPITA PLC Industrials Equity 96713.76 0.21
NEX NATIONAL EXPRESS GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 93998.04 0.2
CCR C C GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 93543.82 0.2
CURY CURRYS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 93400.05 0.2
ALPH ALPHA GROUP INTERNATIONAL PLC Financials Equity 92753.79 0.2
JUP JUPITER FUND MANAGEMENT PLC Financials Equity 91844.34 0.2
IPO IP GROUP PLC Financials Equity 90709.98 0.2
ATG AUCTION TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 90637.57 0.2
SHED URBAN LOGISTICS REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 90598.09 0.2
RHIM RHI MAGNESITA NV Materials Equity 89617.72 0.19
SPI SPIRE HEALTHCARE GROUP PLCINARY Health Care Equity 89615.95 0.19
STEM STHREE PLC Industrials Equity 87657.89 0.19
JDW WETHERSPOON(J.D.) PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 87215.56 0.19
BOO BOOHOO GROUP Consumer Discretionary Equity 85504.14 0.19
VANQ VANQUIS BANKING GROUP PLC Financials Equity 84298.36 0.18
ESNT ESSENTRA PLC Materials Equity 83365.93 0.18
ASC ASOS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 83361.42 0.18
JSG JOHNSON SERVICE GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 82859.83 0.18
CRST CREST NICHOLSON HOLDINGS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 81574.43 0.18
ESP EMPIRIC STUDENT PROPERTY PLC Real Estate Equity 79687.15 0.17
BAG A G BARR PLC Consumer Staples Equity 79358.05 0.17
BPT BRIDGEPOINT GROUP PLC Financials Equity 78743.61 0.17
NCC NCC GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 76630.91 0.17
RWI RENEWI PLC Industrials Equity 76562.42 0.17
SYNT SYNTHOMER PLC Materials Equity 74751.31 0.16
KAPE KAPE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Information Technology Equity 74590.48 0.16
KLR KELLER GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 73911.44 0.16
TYMN TYMAN PLC Industrials Equity 73889.61 0.16
TM17 TEAM 17 GROUP PLC Communication Equity 73883.66 0.16
THG THG PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 72824.53 0.16
JDG JUDGES SCIENTIFIC PLC Industrials Equity 72268.06 0.16
CAML CENTRAL ASIA METALS PLC Materials Equity 70201.31 0.15
SQZ SERICA ENERGY PLC Energy Equity 69822.98 0.15
CWR CERES POWER HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 68319.05 0.15
FORT FORTERRA PLC Materials Equity 66215.8 0.14
GNC GREENCORE GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 65711.52 0.14
PZC PZ CUSSONS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 65691.17 0.14
MAB MITCHELLS AND BUTLERS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 65675.7 0.14
THRL TARGET HEALTHCARE REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 63824.75 0.14
FDP FD TECHNOLOGIES PLC Information Technology Equity 62942.71 0.14
PRSR THE PRS REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 62337.04 0.14
ERGO ERGOMED PLC Health Care Equity 62076.6 0.13
UKCM UK COMMERCIAL PROPERTY REIT LTD Real Estate Equity 61585.37 0.13
GROW MOLTEN VENTURES PLC Financials Equity 61336.89 0.13
PCTN PICTON PROPERTY INCOME LTD Real Estate Equity 60754.14 0.13
GKP GULF KEYSTONE PETROLEUM LTD Energy Equity 60548.32 0.13
XPP XP POWER LTD Industrials Equity 60517.05 0.13
WHR WAREHOUSE REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 60175.89 0.13
ATYM ATALAYA MINING PLC Materials Equity 59853.53 0.13
HFD HALFORDS GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 59099.06 0.13
RST RESTORE PLC Industrials Equity 58062.06 0.13
MRL MARLOWE PLC Industrials Equity 58011.25 0.13
WIX WICKES GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 57694.38 0.13
FXPO FERREXPO PLC Materials Equity 54005.51 0.12
TLW TULLOW OIL PLC Energy Equity 52731.83 0.11
CRW CRANEWARE PLC Health Care Equity 52620.69 0.11
ITM ITM POWER PLC Industrials Equity 52415.68 0.11
TIFS TI FLUID SYSTEMS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 52368.97 0.11
HTG HUNTING PLC Energy Equity 51005.27 0.11
POLR POLAR CAPITAL HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 50788.89 0.11
OXB OXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC Health Care Equity 50332.27 0.11
HLCL HELICAL PLC Real Estate Equity 50131.38 0.11
APH ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC Health Care Equity 49285.14 0.11
VCP VICTORIA PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 48697.6 0.11
CSH CIVITAS SOCIAL HOUSING PLC Real Estate Equity 48502.03 0.11
GGP GREATLAND GOLD PLC Materials Equity 48242.47 0.1
IHR IMPACT HEALTHCARE REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 46485.77 0.1
KIE KIER GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 46440.31 0.1
HOME HOME REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 46130.72 0.1
CMCX CMC MARKETS PLC Financials Equity 45350.34 0.1
SHI SIG PLC Industrials Equity 44532.98 0.1
AWE ALPHAWAVE IP GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 44354.19 0.1
AO. AO WORLD PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 43542.02 0.09
ENQ ENQUEST PLC Energy Equity 43023.16 0.09
PAF PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC Materials Equity 42149.02 0.09
AVON AVON PROTECTION PLC Industrials Equity 41687.31 0.09
WIN WINCANTON PLC Industrials Equity 39687.64 0.09
VLX VOLEX PLC Industrials Equity 39338.02 0.09
RGL REGIONAL REIT LTD Real Estate Equity 38373.76 0.08
YNGA YOUNG AND COS BREWERY PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 37407.68 0.08
SOLG SOLGOLD PLC Materials Equity 37218.88 0.08
PFC PETROFAC LTD Energy Equity 37164.4 0.08
HOC HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC Materials Equity 36241.31 0.08
MOON MOONPIG GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 36204.69 0.08
CLI CLS HOLDINGS PLC Real Estate Equity 35532.74 0.08
888 888 HOLDINGS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 34994.64 0.08
RCH REACH PLC Communication Equity 34928.51 0.08
TRST TRUSTPILOT GROUP PLC Communication Equity 30771.12 0.07
PANR PANTHEON RESOURCES PLC Energy Equity 29998.68 0.07
TRMR TREMOR INTERNATIONAL LTD Communication Equity 29617.08 0.06
GENL GENEL ENERGY PLC Energy Equity 28400.39 0.06
RNK RANK GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 22500.17 0.05
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL GBP SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 20529.38 0.04
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 10000.0 0.02
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3484.89 0.01
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1444.09 0.0
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1140.38 0.0
CAKE PATISSERIE HOLDINGS PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 0.07 0.0
FIN FINABLR PLC Industrials Equity 0.76 0.0
YBYM3 FTSE 250 MID LIF (Y2) JUN 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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