ETF constituents for EWZS

Below, a list of constituents for EWZS (iShares MSCI Brazil Small-Cap ETF) is shown. In total, EWZS consists of 97 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
EMBR3 EMBRAER SA Industrials Equity 12297717.42 4.86
BRFS3 BRF BRASIL FOODS SA Consumer Staples Equity 10963487.67 4.33
ALOS3 ALLOS SA Real Estate Equity 9534923.83 3.77
RRRP3 3R PETROLEUM OLEO E GAS SA Energy Equity 6388406.91 2.53
TAEE11 TRANSMISSORA ALIANCA ENERGIA ELETR Utilities Equity 6261378.65 2.48
GOAU4 METALURGICA GERDAU PREF SA Materials Equity 6151565.49 2.43
BRAP4 BRADESPAR PREF SA Materials Equity 5468876.23 2.16
GGPS3 GPS PARTICIPACOES E EMPREENDIMENTO Industrials Equity 5406673.96 2.14
COGN3 COGNA EDUCACAO SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 5233209.57 2.07
SMFT3 SMARTFIT ESCOLA DE GINASTICA E DAN Consumer Discretionary Equity 5192770.79 2.05
CYRE3 CYRELA BRAZIL REALTY SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 5185569.35 2.05
YDUQ3 YDUQS PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 4834796.31 1.91
SMTO3 SAO MARTINHO SA Consumer Staples Equity 4652438.88 1.84
AZUL4 AZUL PREF SA Industrials Equity 4464505.68 1.77
IGTI11 IGUATEMI UNIT SA Real Estate Equity 4237824.69 1.68
CIEL3 CIELO SA Financials Equity 3996680.49 1.58
ALUP11 ALUPAR INVESTIMENTO UNITS SA Utilities Equity 3862730.06 1.53
AURE3 AUREN ENERGIA SA Utilities Equity 3840507.7 1.52
MRFG3 MARFRIG GLOBAL FOODS SA Consumer Staples Equity 3811581.95 1.51
FLRY3 FLEURY SA Health Care Equity 3678580.51 1.45
ARZZ3 AREZZO INDUSTRIA E SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 3559286.74 1.41
VAMO3 VAMOS LOCACAO DE CAMINHOES MAQUINA Industrials Equity 3529591.04 1.4
MRVE3 MRV ENGENHARIA E PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 3495192.41 1.38
STBP3 SANTOS BRASIL PARTICIPACOES SA Industrials Equity 3421726.31 1.35
SLCE3 SLC AGRICOLA SA Consumer Staples Equity 3374380.11 1.33
UNIP6 UNIPAR CARBOCLORO SA PREF B Materials Equity 3222987.04 1.27
USIM5 USINAS SIDERURGICAS DE MINAS GERAI Materials Equity 3213973.33 1.27
SAPR11 CIA SANEAMENTO DO PARANA UNITS Utilities Equity 3200298.26 1.27
CSMG3 COMPANHIA DE SANEAMENTO DE MINAS G Utilities Equity 3080243.57 1.22
GMAT3 GRUPO MATEUS SA Consumer Staples Equity 3026717.28 1.2
VIVA3 VIVARA PARTICIPACOES SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 2996244.12 1.18
SOMA3 GRUPO DE MODA SOMA SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 2866775.59 1.13
POMO4 MARCOPOLO PREF SA Industrials Equity 2797303.63 1.11
ODPV3 ODONTOPREV SA Health Care Equity 2739796.2 1.08
PORT3 WILSON SONS HOLDING BRASIL SA Industrials Equity 2709892.41 1.07
IRBR3 IRB BRASIL RESSEGUROS SA Financials Equity 2656283.57 1.05
DXCO3 DEXCO SA Materials Equity 2583392.53 1.02
RECV3 PETRORECONCAVO SA Energy Equity 2475658.66 0.98
SIMH3 SIMPAR SA Industrials Equity 2411278.85 0.95
BPAN4 BANCO PAN PREF SA Financials Equity 2350860.14 0.93
ONCO3 ONCOCLINICAS DO BRASIL SERVICOS ME Health Care Equity 2154125.78 0.85
BRSR6 BANCO DO ESTADO DO RIO GRANDE DO S Financials Equity 2107931.71 0.83
MDIA3 M DIAS BRANCO INDUSTRIA SA Consumer Staples Equity 2074165.23 0.82
VVEO3 CM HOSPITALAR SA Health Care Equity 2036074.9 0.8
AESB3 AES BRASIL SA Utilities Equity 2013649.97 0.8
ENAT3 ENAUTA PARTICIPACOES SA Energy Equity 2003512.47 0.79
DIRR3 DIRECIONAL ENGENHARIA SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1961582.31 0.78
SAPR4 CIA SANEAMENTO PREF Utilities Equity 1959444.95 0.77
HBSA3 HIDROVIAS DO BRASIL SA Industrials Equity 1952140.38 0.77
CURY3 CURY CONSTRTUTORA E INCORPORADORA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1951272.75 0.77
LWSA3 LOCAWEB SERVICOS DE INTERNET SA Information Technology Equity 1896035.47 0.75
ALPA4 SAO PAULO ALPARGATAS PREF SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1834588.51 0.73
INTB3 INTELBRAS TELECOMUNICACOES SA Information Technology Equity 1828638.42 0.72
GRND3 GRENDENE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1821839.44 0.72
RAPT4 RANDON PREF SA Industrials Equity 1820728.9 0.72
EZTC3 EZ TEC EMPREENDIMENTOS E PARTICIPA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1811222.2 0.72
ECOR3 ECORODOVIAS INFRAESTRUTURA E LOGIS Industrials Equity 1788573.05 0.71
BRL BRL CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1778768.42 0.7
VULC3 VULCABRAS AZALEIA SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1761928.5 0.7
BEEF3 MINERVA SA Consumer Staples Equity 1730461.92 0.68
GOLL4 GOL LINHAS AEREAS INTELIGENTES PRE Industrials Equity 1683448.33 0.67
ABCB4 BANCO ABC BRASIL PREF SA Financials Equity 1647372.45 0.65
TUPY3 TUPY SA Industrials Equity 1617880.86 0.64
ORVR3 ORIZON VALORIZACAO DE RESIDUOS SA Industrials Equity 1576449.08 0.62
MEGA3 OMEGA ENERGIA SA Utilities Equity 1484151.87 0.59
ARML3 ARMAC LOCACAO LOGISTICA E SERVICOS Industrials Equity 1460801.63 0.58
MYPK3 IOCHPE MAXION SA Industrials Equity 1459232.3 0.58
FESA4 FERBASA PREF Materials Equity 1324729.05 0.52
JHSF3 JHSF PARTICIPACOES SA Real Estate Equity 1304461.87 0.52
TTEN3 TRES TENTOS AGROINDUSTRIAL SA Consumer Staples Equity 1240771.94 0.49
MILS3 MILLS ESTRUTURAS E SERVICOS DE ENG Industrials Equity 1235231.17 0.49
PETZ3 PET CENTER COMERCIO E PARTCIPACOES Consumer Discretionary Equity 1225762.75 0.48
DASA3 DIAGNOSTICOS DA AMERICA SA Health Care Equity 1214215.19 0.48
MOVI3 MOVIDA PARTICIPACOES SA Industrials Equity 1211869.38 0.48
LEVE3 MAHLE-METAL LEVE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1113459.1 0.44
AGRO3 BRASILAGRO Consumer Staples Equity 1096487.99 0.43
BHIA3 GRUPO CASAS BAHIA SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 939073.16 0.37
FRAS3 FRAS-LE SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 925104.65 0.37
LOGG3 LOG COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES SA Real Estate Equity 922233.2 0.36
SBFG3 GRUPO SBF SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 909835.67 0.36
TASA4 FORJAS TAURUS PREF SA Industrials Equity 815571.74 0.32
CBAV3 COMPANHIA BRASILEIRA DE ALUMINIO Materials Equity 813656.28 0.32
AMBP3 AMBIPAR PARTICIPACOES E EMPREEND S Industrials Equity 764655.62 0.3
MATD3 HOSPITAL MATER DEI SA Health Care Equity 764289.81 0.3
JALL3 JALLES MACHADO SA Consumer Staples Equity 748002.15 0.3
CAML3 CAMIL ALIMENTOS SA Consumer Staples Equity 701490.31 0.28
BRAP3 BRADESPAR SA Materials Equity 671909.93 0.27
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 660000.0 0.26
BLAU3 BLAU FARMACEUTICA SA Health Care Equity 510541.51 0.2
COCE5 CIA ENERGETICA DO CEARA SERIES A P Utilities Equity 506470.2 0.2
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL USD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 286000.0 0.11
ABCB10 BANCO ABC BRASIL SA Financials Equity 47420.12 0.02
MCBZ3 BCLEAR MSCI BRAZIL INDEX DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -65822.74 -0.03
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