ETF constituents for FM

Below, a list of constituents for FM (iShares MSCI Frontier and Select EM ETF) is shown. In total, FM consists of 209 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jun 30, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
AUB AHLI UNITED BANK Financials Equity 20437882.41 5.74
COMI COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BANK Financials Equity 13881061.29 3.9
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 11711856.84 3.29
BAP CREDICORP LTD Financials Equity 9968070.2 2.8
SCOM SAFARICOM Communication Equity 9309413.41 2.61
VHM VINHOMES Real Estate Equity 8565874.52 2.41
HPG HOA PHAT GROUP Materials Equity 8060752.55 2.26
VIC VINGROUP Real Estate Equity 8039853.3 2.26
KSPI JSC KASPI KZ GLOBAL SPONSORED REG Financials Equity 8029350.0 2.25
MSN MASAN GROUP CORP Consumer Staples Equity 7905477.36 2.22
DANGCEM DANGOTE CEMENT PLC Materials Equity 7806781.74 2.19
VNM VIET NAM DAIRY PRODUCTS Consumer Staples Equity 6975493.88 1.96
NVL NO VA LAND INVESTMENT GROUP CORP Real Estate Equity 6613496.51 1.86
TLV BANCA TRANSILVAN SA Financials Equity 6545515.39 1.84
IAM ITISSALAT AL MAGHRIB STE SA Communication Equity 6298621.67 1.77
NGN NGN CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 6223855.87 1.75
ATW ATTIJARIWAFA BANK SA Financials Equity 5503724.59 1.55
MTNN MTN NIGERIA COMMUNICATIONS PLC Communication Equity 5174089.22 1.45
SNP PETROM SA Energy Equity 4866220.84 1.37
VCB JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK FOR FO Financials Equity 4651291.2 1.31
SCCO SOUTHERN COPPER CORP Materials Equity 4535385.6 1.27
BKMB BANK MUSCAT Financials Equity 4499216.21 1.26
PFBCOLOM BANCOLOMBIA PREF SA Financials Equity 4187158.33 1.18
NESTLE NESTLE FOODS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 4007997.44 1.13
EQTY EQUITY BANK LTD Financials Equity 3502936.65 0.98
SNG SNGN ROMGAZ SA Energy Equity 3481239.07 0.98
VRE VINCOM RETAIL Real Estate Equity 3447670.95 0.97
ECOPETROL ECOPETROL SA Energy Equity 3296600.17 0.93
GTCO GUARANTY TRUST HOLDING SHS PLC Financials Equity 2977435.8 0.84
SSI SSI SECURITIES CORP Financials Equity 2961503.87 0.83
VJC VIETJET AVIATION Industrials Equity 2700826.61 0.76
BCOLOMBIA BANCOLOMBIA SA Financials Equity 2668246.06 0.75
ISA INTERCONEXION ELECTRICA SA Utilities Equity 2639108.04 0.74
KCB KENYA COMER BANK Financials Equity 2518323.24 0.71
SMPH SM PRIME HOLDINGS INC Real Estate Equity 2489570.11 0.7
HSBK JSC HALYK SAVINGS BK OF KAZAKHSTAN Financials Equity 2413792.29 0.68
VND VNDIRECT SECURITIES CORP Financials Equity 2310117.99 0.65
BEXIMCO BEXIMCO LTD Industrials Equity 2266082.44 0.64
FBNH FBN HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 2175889.96 0.61
EAST EASTERN CO. Consumer Staples Equity 2153253.73 0.6
DGC DUCGIANG CHEMICALS GROUP Materials Equity 2146008.32 0.6
ARBK ARAB BANK PLC Financials Equity 2095005.02 0.59
JOPT JOR PETROLM REF Energy Equity 2081538.0 0.58
ACCESSCORP ACCESS BANK OF NIGERIA Financials Equity 2077683.01 0.58
PDR PHAT DAT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT C Real Estate Equity 1861138.54 0.52
STB SAIGON THUONG TIN COMMERCIAL Financials Equity 1816074.38 0.51
CSR COMPAGNIE SUCRERIE MAROCAINE ET DE Consumer Staples Equity 1772780.95 0.5
BATBC BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO BANGLADES Consumer Staples Equity 1760396.58 0.49
KDH KHANG DIEN HOUSE TRADING AND INVES Real Estate Equity 1726055.59 0.48
BRD BRD - GROUPE SG SA Financials Equity 1669609.72 0.47
MSA SOCIETE DEXPLOITATION DES PORTS SA Industrials Equity 1635561.94 0.46
MSP MAS INC Real Estate Equity 1612683.7 0.45
CMA CIMENTS DU MARC SA Materials Equity 1574479.31 0.44
LHV1T LHV GROUP Financials Equity 1512383.61 0.42
SAB SAIGON BEER-ALCOHOL-BEVERAGE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1503701.8 0.42
LBV LABEL VIE SA Consumer Staples Equity 1499623.95 0.42
JOPH JOR PHOSPHATE MINES Materials Equity 1478891.4 0.42
BDO BDO UNIBANK INC Financials Equity 1385705.79 0.39
UBA UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA PLC Financials Equity 1352857.69 0.38
ALBH ALUMINUM BAHRAIN Materials Equity 1344587.94 0.38
KBC KINHBAC CITY DEVELOPMENT SHARE HOL Real Estate Equity 1329934.53 0.37
IGN1L IGNITIS GRUPE Utilities Equity 1322625.23 0.37
BCP BANQUE POPULAIRE SA Financials Equity 1317458.39 0.37
IDC IDICO CORPORATION Industrials Equity 1299427.38 0.36
THD THAIHOLDINGS JOINT STOCK COMPANY Industrials Equity 1285552.7 0.36
GEX GELEX GROUP Industrials Equity 1276218.17 0.36
BVN BUENAVENTURA ADR REPRESENTING Materials Equity 1246238.72 0.35
VCI VIET CAPITAL SECURITIES Financials Equity 1245713.37 0.35
ICT INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL S Industrials Equity 1183517.43 0.33
KDC KIDO GROUP CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1167968.12 0.33
RENATA RENATA LTD Health Care Equity 1152361.59 0.32
GRUPOARGOS INVERSIONES ARGOS SA Materials Equity 1119435.63 0.31
ALI AYALA LAND INC Real Estate Equity 1114517.5 0.31
POW PETROVIETNAM POWER CO CORP Utilities Equity 1043599.36 0.29
BRACBANK BRAC BANK LTD Financials Equity 1014690.93 0.28
GP GRAMEENPHONE LTD Communication Equity 1000955.87 0.28
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL USD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 999000.0 0.28
VHC VINH HOAN CORP Consumer Staples Equity 998049.7 0.28
BID BANK FOR INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMEN Financials Equity 991508.79 0.28
BPI BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Financials Equity 989885.72 0.28
DXG DAT XANH GROUP Real Estate Equity 974021.59 0.27
LHBL LAFARGEHOLCIM BANGLADESH LTD Materials Equity 960092.52 0.27
M MED LIFE SA Health Care Equity 956211.89 0.27
AC AYALA CORP Industrials Equity 936579.0 0.26
JKH.N0000 JOHN KEELLS HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 907060.93 0.25
IFS INTERCORP FINANCIAL SERVICES INC Financials Equity 893323.74 0.25
NLG NAM LONG INVESTMENT CORP Real Estate Equity 889010.28 0.25
HUBC THE HUB POWER COMPANY LTD Utilities Equity 881393.36 0.25
JGS JG SUMMIT HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 874145.47 0.25
ISLAMIBANK ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESH LTD Financials Equity 860890.05 0.24
ENGRO ENGRO CORPORATION LTD Materials Equity 859639.83 0.24
TEL PLDT INC Communication Equity 858789.04 0.24
HDG HA DO Industrials Equity 855937.41 0.24
EBL EASTERN BANK LTD Financials Equity 846881.67 0.24
CITBK CASH COLLATERAL USD CITSW (FF) Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 841049.77 0.24
GAS PETROVIETNAM GAS CORP Utilities Equity 820297.77 0.23
EGR1T ENEFIT GREEN Utilities Equity 817767.76 0.23
JOIB JOR ISLAMIC BANK PLC Financials Equity 803129.39 0.23
ORDS OOREDOO Communication Equity 794971.02 0.22
NBOB NATIONAL BANK OF OMAN Financials Equity 772653.99 0.22
TGN TRANSGAZ SA Energy Equity 758790.74 0.21
BVH BAOVIET HOLDINGS Financials Equity 757318.68 0.21
SYS SYSTEMS LTD Information Technology Equity 734233.13 0.21
UBL UNITED BANK LTD Financials Equity 708430.31 0.2
PVS PETROVIETNAM TEC CORP Energy Equity 701429.05 0.2
VPI VAN PHU INVEST INVESTMENT Real Estate Equity 698097.69 0.2
SHS SAIGON HANOI SECURITIES Financials Equity 695270.99 0.2
SBT THANH THANH CONG - BIEN HOA Consumer Staples Equity 662151.67 0.19
CAPL CAPITAL BANK OF JORDAN Financials Equity 657369.03 0.18
NVB NATIONAL CITIZEN Financials Equity 655095.12 0.18
MCB MCB BANK LTD Financials Equity 651584.63 0.18
POL PAKISTAN OIL FIELDS LTD Energy Equity 639897.11 0.18
HBL HABIB BANK LTD Financials Equity 636392.92 0.18
NBL NATIONAL BANK LTD Financials Equity 628614.97 0.18
HPS HIGHTECH PAYEMENT SYSTEMS SA Information Technology Equity 623145.23 0.17
EFERT ENGRO FERTILIZERS LTD Materials Equity 622403.65 0.17
SAB1L SIAULIU BANKAS Financials Equity 617469.5 0.17
MTL MILLAT TRACTORS LTD Industrials Equity 607157.9 0.17
DGW DIGIWORLD CORP Information Technology Equity 596544.99 0.17
TAL1T TALLINK GRUPP Industrials Equity 591908.73 0.17
MARI MARI PETROLEUM COMPANY LTD Energy Equity 591074.49 0.17
CITYBANK THE CITY BANK LTD Financials Equity 591037.82 0.17
FFC FAUJI FERTILIZER COMPANY LTD Materials Equity 586013.42 0.16
LUCK LUCKY CEMENT LTD Materials Equity 583887.51 0.16
POSR POZAVAROVALNICA SAVA Financials Equity 575309.06 0.16
OGDC OIL & GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD Energy Equity 574884.22 0.16
VIX VIX SECURITIES Financials Equity 568078.41 0.16
URC UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORP Consumer Staples Equity 566134.23 0.16
CEMARGOS CEMENTOS ARGOS SA Materials Equity 562542.82 0.16
VCG VIETNAM CONSTRUC CORP Industrials Equity 560544.02 0.16
AEV ABOITIZ EQUITY VENTURES PHP1 INC Industrials Equity 554118.69 0.16
HSG HOA SEN Materials Equity 546233.72 0.15
PSO PAKISTAN STATE OIL COMPANY LTD Energy Equity 539037.34 0.15
JFC JOLLIBEE FOODS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 525572.5 0.15
TCH HOANG HUY INVESTMENT FINANCIAL SER Industrials Equity 525135.39 0.15
MONDE MONDE NISSIN CORP Consumer Staples Equity 524346.09 0.15
ITHMR ITHMAAR BANK Financials Equity 517591.97 0.15
OLYMPIC OLYMPIC INDUSTRIES LTD Consumer Staples Equity 512043.41 0.14
SHB SAI GON - HANOI Financials Equity 508383.87 0.14
MBT METROPOLITAN BANK AND TRUST CO Financials Equity 503040.41 0.14
SUMITPOWER SUMMIT POWER LTD Utilities Equity 496741.78 0.14
TRG TRG PAKISTAN LTD Industrials Equity 493651.14 0.14
EXPO.N0000 EXPOLANKA HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 478940.87 0.13
PPL PAKISTAN PETROLEUM LTD Energy Equity 475753.85 0.13
MER MANILA ELECTRIC Utilities Equity 450331.94 0.13
TRP TERAPLAST SA Materials Equity 443908.51 0.12
IFIC INTERNATIONAL FINANCE INVESTMENT & Financials Equity 430312.59 0.12
PETROM OMV PETROM SA RTS Energy Equity 428825.61 0.12
ACEN ACEN CORPORATION CORP Utilities Equity 408247.4 0.11
ITA TAN TAO INVESTMENT AND INDUSTRY CO Industrials Equity 403747.6 0.11
RON RON CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 373314.85 0.1
TSM1T TALLINNA SADAM Industrials Equity 366590.28 0.1
KES KES CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 364605.37 0.1
PKR PKR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 345160.23 0.1
GLO GLOBE TEL INC Communication Equity 333630.33 0.09
VND VND CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 286991.49 0.08
SAMP.N0000 SAMPATH BANK PLC Financials Equity 255716.65 0.07
CNVRG CONVERGE INFORMATION & COMMU Communication Equity 253310.36 0.07
EGP EGP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 232670.06 0.07
SECB SECURITY BANK CORP Financials Equity 230144.49 0.06
MPI METRO PACIFIC INV CORP Financials Equity 228709.05 0.06
WLCON WILCON DEPOT INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 228602.76 0.06
GTCAP GT CAPITAL HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 220984.18 0.06
COMB.N0000 COMMERCIAL BANK OF CEYLON PLC Financials Equity 215275.14 0.06
BHD BHD CASH(COMMITTED) Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 199535.15 0.06
CNPF CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC Consumer Staples Equity 179883.91 0.05
RLC ROBINSONS LAND CORP Real Estate Equity 173268.64 0.05
PGOLD PURE GOLD PRICE CLUB INC Consumer Staples Equity 169488.12 0.05
DMC DMCI HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 146213.5 0.04
MEG MEGAWORLD CORP Real Estate Equity 140076.55 0.04
RCR RL COMMERCIAL REIT INC Real Estate Equity 136898.77 0.04
RRHI ROBINSONS RETAIL INC Consumer Staples Equity 131156.9 0.04
AGI ALLIANCE GLOBAL GROUP INC Industrials Equity 127423.67 0.04
OMR OMR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 107115.26 0.03
LKR LKR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 73948.38 0.02
MAD MAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 48350.49 0.01
COP COP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 32298.02 0.01
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 30984.75 0.01
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 10595.84 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 9815.87 0.0
PHP PHP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 7570.53 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 5223.23 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 3935.93 0.0
ZAR ZAR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1160.09 0.0
HRK HRK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 369.34 0.0
PEN PEN CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 107.77 0.0
0102583D AFRILAND PROPERTIES PLC Real Estate Equity 37.5 0.0
BDT BDT CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 4.84 0.0
MESU2 MSCI EMER MKT INDEX (ICE) SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -10.72 0.0
OMR OMR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -6.11 0.0
OMR OMR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -1.12 0.0
OMR OMR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -1.11 0.0
EGP EGP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -65.94 0.0
EGP EGP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives FX -547.32 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -1470.35 0.0
JOD JOD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -2385.85 0.0
NGN NGN/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -752677.3 -0.21
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