ETF constituents for FR0007052782

Below, a list of constituents for FR0007052782 (Lyxor CAC 40 (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist) is shown. In total, FR0007052782 consists of 36 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity MC FP FR0000121014 LVMH MOET HENNESSY LOUIS VUI 0.11869770216612605 Consumer Discretionary 698.5999755859375 EUR
Equity TTE FP FR0000120271 TOTAL SA 0.06741850037293486 Energy 43.915000915527344 EUR
Equity OR FP FR0000120321 LOREAL 0.06363949886182627 Consumer Staples 414.3500061035156 EUR
Equity SAN FP FR0000120578 Sanofi 0.06250809840271003 Health Care 89.81999969482422 EUR
Equity SU FP FR0000121972 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA 0.05362540078483047 Industrials 153.97999572753906 EUR
Equity AI FP FR0000120073 AIR LIQUIDE SA 0.0440891009880424 Materials 152.05999755859375 EUR
Equity AIR FP NL0000235190 Airbus Group NV 0.041924699887157836 Industrials 116.19999694824219 EUR
Equity BNP FP FR0000131104 BNP PARIBAS 0.04075419878130565 Financials 59.20000076293945 EUR
Equity EL FP FR0000121667 EssilorLuxottica SA 0.03451580160823398 Consumer Discretionary 182.3800048828125 EUR
Equity CS FP FR0000120628 AXA SA 0.032305598063407104 Financials 25.670000076293945 EUR
Equity DG FP FR0000125486 Vinci SA 0.03133929874402895 Industrials 95.19999694824219 EUR
Equity KER FP FR0000121485 KERING 0.03051990065874592 Consumer Discretionary 664.7999877929688 EUR
Equity RMS FP FR0000052292 HERMES INTERNATIONAL 0.027718100529007937 Consumer Discretionary 1430.0 EUR
Equity RI FP FR0000120693 PERNOD-RICARD SA 0.026285100569153994 Consumer Staples 205.0 EUR
Equity SAF FP FR0000073272 Safran SA 0.02572970076720877 Industrials 123.0 EUR
Equity BN FP FR0000120644 Danone 0.023165000462371386 Consumer Staples 57.939998626708984 EUR
Equity STLA FP NL00150001Q9 STELLANTIS NV 0.022259699045970995 Consumer Discretionary 17.868000030517578 EUR
Equity DSY FP FR0014003TT8 DASSAULT SYSTEMES SA 0.021951200307642294 Information Technology 53.95000076293945 EUR
Equity CAP FP FR0000125338 CAP GEMINI 0.020461199681276642 Information Technology 208.5 EUR
Equity SGO FP FR0000125007 COMPAGNIE DE SAINT-GOBAIN 0.01754789975093552 Industrials 59.81999969482422 EUR
Equity STM FP NL0000226223 STMICROELECT 0.016932200537939274 Information Technology 43.404998779296875 EUR
Equity LR FP FR0010307819 Legrand SA 0.015533599908493087 Industrials 94.9000015258789 EUR
Equity GLE FP FR0000130809 SOCIETE GENERALE SA 0.014587399461476042 Financials 29.399999618530273 EUR
Equity ENGI FP FR0010208488 ENGIE 0.014375399711131958 Utilities 12.859999656677246 EUR
Equity ML FP FR0000121261 MICHELIN (CGDE) 0.013916100291111832 Consumer Discretionary 134.1999969482422 EUR
Equity TEP FP FR0000051807 Teleperformance 0.012848099615878754 Industrials 357.3999938964844 EUR
Equity VIE FP FR0000124141 VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT 0.011906700136704789 Utilities 29.68000030517578 EUR
Equity MT NA LU1598757687 ArcelorMittal 0.011241299963492482 Materials 27.360000610351562 EUR
Equity ORA FP FR0000133308 Orange 0.011200100115686049 Communication Services 9.82800006866455 EUR
Equity ACA FP FR0000045072 CREDIT AGRICOLE SA 0.010949599490340429 Financials 12.857999801635742 EUR
Equity PUB FP FR0000130577 PUBLICIS GROUPE 0.00817690039691529 Communication Services 58.599998474121094 EUR
Equity ERF FP FR0014000MR3 EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC 0.007676199963413831 Health Care 101.13999938964844 EUR
Equity WLN FP FR0011981968 WORLDLINE SA 0.007214900062515539 Information Technology 49.45000076293945 EUR
Equity ALO FP FR0010220475 Alstom 0.006773400079433713 Industrials 35.0099983215332 EUR
Equity CA FP FR0000120172 CARREFOUR SA 0.005915000067607034 Consumer Staples 16.350000381469727 EUR
Equity HO FP FR0000121329 THALES SA 0.005444100093667721 Industrials 83.37999725341797 EUR