ETF constituents for FR0010010827

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010010827 (Lyxor FTSE MIB (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist) is shown. In total, FR0010010827 consists of 36 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity ENEL IM IT0003128367 ENEL SPA 0.12369599015287831 Utilities 7.159999847412109 EUR
Equity ISP IM IT0000072618 Intesa Sanpaolo 0.09141228317941008 Financials 2.4769999980926514 EUR
Equity STLA IM NL00150001Q9 STELLANTIS NV 0.08038444611799048 Consumer Discretionary 17.881999969482422 EUR
Equity ENI IM IT0003132476 ENI SPA 0.07070539196967666 Energy 12.663999557495117 EUR
Equity STM IM NL0000226223 STMICROELECTRONICS NV 0.06270658289137584 Information Technology 43.41999816894531 EUR
Equity RACE IM NL0011585146 FERRARI NV 0.06000554886245018 Consumer Discretionary 222.10000610351562 EUR
Equity UCG IM IT0005239360 Unicredit SpA 0.05577826619491802 Financials 11.534000396728516 EUR
Equity G IM IT0000062072 ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI 0.05442013746694734 Financials 19.020000457763672 EUR
Equity CNHI IM NL0010545661 CNH INDUSTRIAL NV 0.03349597289754096 Industrials 15.3149995803833 EUR
Equity MONC IM IT0004965148 MONCLER SPA 0.031193995435916312 Consumer Discretionary 65.30000305175781 EUR
Equity SRG IM IT0003153415 Snam SpA 0.025187397571220634 Utilities 5.085999965667725 EUR
Equity FBK IM IT0000072170 FINECOBANK SPA 0.023154978402310088 Financials 17.06999969482422 EUR
Equity TRN IM IT0003242622 TERNA SPA 0.021098841141591735 Utilities 6.734000205993652 EUR
Equity PRY IM IT0004176001 PRYSMIAN SPA 0.019506911777260483 Industrials 33.310001373291016 EUR
Equity EXO IM NL0012059018 EXOR NV 0.01924563302349594 Financials 83.76000213623047 EUR
Equity NEXI IM IT0005366767 NEXI SPA 0.019228959835367296 Information Technology 14.680000305175781 EUR
Equity ATL IM IT0003506190 Atlantia SpA 0.01853455419281773 Industrials 16.94499969482422 EUR
Equity MB IM IT0000062957 MEDIOBANCA SPA 0.01655820055979897 Financials 10.720000267028809 EUR
Equity CPR IM NL0015435975 DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO SPA 0.014075531420364877 Consumer Staples 12.8149995803833 EUR
Equity AMP IM IT0004056880 AMPLIFON SPA 0.013207677293592091 Health Care 46.06999969482422 EUR
Equity PST IM IT0003796171 POSTE ITALIANE SPA 0.012685866179203729 Financials 12.510000228881836 EUR
Equity REC IM IT0003828271 RECORDATI SPA 0.012091417356407976 Health Care 56.220001220703125 EUR
Equity IP IM IT0001078911 INTERPUMP GROUP SPA 0.011951882993600461 Industrials 66.94999694824219 EUR
Equity TEN IM LU0156801721 TENARIS SA 0.010896042552295723 Energy 10.489999771118164 EUR
Equity BAMI IM IT0005218380 BANCO BPM SPA 0.009328038922976846 Financials 2.7799999713897705 EUR
Equity DIA IM IT0003492391 DIASORIN SPA 0.009173957376563097 Health Care 183.39999389648438 EUR
Equity TIT IM IT0003497168 Tel Ita 0.007979078297218497 Communication Services 0.3345000147819519 EUR
Equity INW IM IT0005090300 INFRASTRUTTURE WIRELESS ITAL 0.007735668550668334 Communication Services 9.890000343322754 EUR
Equity AZM IM IT0003261697 AZIMUT HOLDING SPA 0.006894741164411723 Financials 25.40999984741211 EUR
Equity PIRC IM IT0005278236 PIRELLI & C SPA 0.006520361401912561 Consumer Discretionary 5.541999816894531 EUR
Equity HER IM IT0001250932 HERA SPA 0.006301216447409255 Utilities 3.6070001125335693 EUR
Equity A2A IM IT0001233417 A2A SpA 0.00619791862978741 Utilities 1.843000054359436 EUR
Equity IG IM IT0005211237 ITALGAS SPA 0.00616769952855022 Utilities 5.668000221252441 EUR
Equity LDO IM IT0003856405 Leonardo-Finmeccanica SpA 0.005893001131193412 Industrials 6.627999782562256 EUR
Equity UNI IM IT0004810054 Unipol Gruppo Finanziario SpA 0.005354227344118697 Financials 5.004000186920166 EUR
Equity BGN IM IT0001031084 BANCA GENERALI SPA 0.005249359107846119 Financials 42.27000045776367 EUR