ETF constituents for FR0010361683

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010361683 (Lyxor MSCI India UCITS ETF - Acc (EUR)) is shown. In total, FR0010361683 consists of 64 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity AAPL UW US0378331005 Apple Inc 0.09159503023206612 Information Technology 147.9199981689453 USD
Equity SU FP FR0000121972 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA 0.08705525495320235 Industrials 153.97999572753906 EUR
Equity SAN FP FR0000120578 Sanofi 0.06395229457789962 Health Care 89.81999969482422 EUR
Equity SGO FP FR0000125007 COMPAGNIE DE SAINT-GOBAIN 0.06001186106149576 Industrials 59.81999969482422 EUR
Equity BN FP FR0000120644 Danone 0.058245897721034015 Consumer Staples 57.939998626708984 EUR
Equity C UN US1729674242 CITIGROUP INC 0.046418757504614314 Financials 68.20999908447266 USD
Equity AMZN UW US0231351067 AMAZON.COM INC 0.045720358794159435 Consumer Discretionary 3482.050048828125 USD
Equity GOOGL UW US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC-CL A 0.04489909468506391 Communication Services 2917.8701171875 USD
Equity FB UW US30303M1027 FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 0.04471515641255351 Communication Services 327.6400146484375 USD
Equity BNP FP FR0000131104 BNP PARIBAS 0.04318805720035811 Financials 59.20000076293945 EUR
Equity TTE FP FR0000120271 TOTAL SA 0.04103553262871865 Energy 43.915000915527344 EUR
Equity DG FP FR0000125486 Vinci SA 0.03744767557932305 Industrials 95.19999694824219 EUR
Equity CS FP FR0000120628 AXA SA 0.03361019337178015 Financials 25.670000076293945 EUR
Equity PEP UW US7134481081 PEPSICO INC 0.030148964895529012 Consumer Staples 164.0399932861328 USD
Equity VIE FP FR0000124141 VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT 0.02230529669276428 Utilities 29.68000030517578 EUR
Equity CAP FP FR0000125338 CAP GEMINI 0.021613129334513183 Information Technology 208.5 EUR
Equity RI FP FR0000120693 PERNOD-RICARD SA 0.016290403860675443 Consumer Staples 205.0 EUR
Equity VIV FP FR0000127771 Vivendi SA 0.01556052604556884 Communication Services 11.210000038146973 EUR
Equity LR FP FR0010307819 Legrand SA 0.014504343706572404 Industrials 94.9000015258789 EUR
Equity MC FP FR0000121014 LVMH MOET HENNESSY LOUIS VUI 0.01350271615333602 Consumer Discretionary 698.5999755859375 EUR
Equity NET UN US18915M1071 CLOUDFLARE INC - CLASS A 0.011280290802697202 Information Technology 195.36000061035156 USD
Equity RUN UW US86771W1053 SUNRUN INC 0.010903987407996907 Industrials 53.959999084472656 USD
Equity OR FP FR0014000RC4 LOREAL PRIME FIDELITE 2023 0.01011443385377782 Consumer Staples 414.3500061035156 EUR
Equity ADBE UW US00724F1012 ADOBE INC 0.009667354479633305 Information Technology 647.5 USD
Equity HPQ UN US40434L1052 HP Inc 0.008676427048323993 Information Technology 31.520000457763672 USD
Equity CRM UN US79466L3024 SALESFORCE.COM INC 0.008631726232454916 Information Technology 299.6700134277344 USD
Equity FR FP FR0013176526 VALEO SA 0.008048490407089534 Consumer Discretionary 27.600000381469727 EUR
Equity SAF FP FR0000073272 Safran SA 0.007639126175027747 Industrials 123.0 EUR
Equity RNO FP FR0000131906 RENAULT SA 0.007250916212391003 Consumer Discretionary 34.29999923706055 EUR
Equity GE UN US3696043013 GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 0.00709597762228703 Industrials 108.95999908447266 USD
Equity SEV FP FR0010613471 SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT CO 0.006062798811899724 Utilities 19.68000030517578 EUR
Equity NOW UN US81762P1021 SERVICENOW INC 0.005663687262565412 Information Technology 670.9099731445312 USD
Equity ABMD UW US0036541003 ABIOMED INC 0.0054124171211408665 Health Care 355.57000732421875 USD
Equity VEEV UN US9224751084 VEEVA SYSTEMS INC-CLASS A 0.005341654260332863 Health Care 313.7799987792969 USD
Equity EL FP FR0000121667 EssilorLuxottica SA 0.0048609935200826125 Consumer Discretionary 182.3800048828125 EUR
Equity BSX UN US1011371077 BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP 0.004636543024838613 Health Care 42.45000076293945 USD
Equity ML FP FR0000121261 MICHELIN (CGDE) 0.004395435609778903 Consumer Discretionary 134.1999969482422 EUR
Equity COP UN US20825C1045 CONOCOPHILLIPS 0.004233189002255784 Energy 73.0 USD
Equity KSU UN US4851703029 KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN 0.0034199019610265504 Industrials 310.55999755859375 USD
Equity SW FP FR0013536729 SODEXO PRIME FIDELITE 2026 0.003349550931691263 Consumer Discretionary 83.86000061035156 EUR
Equity ENPH UQ US29355A1079 ENPHASE ENERGY INC 0.002815285101238633 Information Technology 231.47999572753906 USD
Equity VRSN UW US92343E1029 VERISIGN INC 0.0027699180460587468 Information Technology 231.69000244140625 USD
Equity ENGI FP FR0014000R50 ENGIE PRIME FIDELITE 2023 0.0024805816047712686 N.A. 12.859999656677246 EUR
Equity EDF FP FR0014000R76 EDF PRIME FIDELITE 2023 0.0024420179680388378 Utilities 12.904999732971191 EUR
Equity SGEN UW US81181C1045 SEATTLE GENETICS INC 0.0023956051701432483 Health Care 180.5 USD
Equity SCR FP FR0010411983 SCOR SE 0.002222385291946081 Financials 28.0 EUR
Equity MTD UN US5926881054 METTLER-TOLEDO INTERNATIONAL 0.001848144685660465 Health Care 1544.72998046875 USD
Equity 2413 JT JP3435750009 M3 Inc 0.001566517551503602 Health Care 6348.0 JPY
Equity ORA FP FR0000133308 Orange 0.0015402124604025906 Communication Services 9.82800006866455 EUR
Equity HO FP FR0000121329 THALES SA 0.001540180249465447 Industrials 83.37999725341797 EUR
Equity WAT UN US9418481035 WATERS CORP 0.0010353420969258715 Health Care 351.489990234375 USD
Equity PUB FP FR0000130577 PUBLICIS GROUPE 0.0009729280181987943 Communication Services 58.599998474121094 EUR
Equity HUBS UN US4435731009 HUBSPOT INC 0.0009640236267348107 Information Technology 806.9600219726562 USD
Equity SQ UN US8522341036 SQUARE INC - A 0.0008151101217062224 Information Technology 227.2100067138672 USD
Equity ILMN UW US4523271090 ILLUMINA INC 0.0007453898410855477 Health Care 385.6499938964844 USD
Equity ON UW US6821891057 ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 0.000674435823006932 Information Technology 56.81999969482422 USD
Equity TRMB UW US8962391004 TRIMBLE INC 0.0006633037231300952 Information Technology 85.45999908447266 USD
Equity AKAM UW US00971T1016 AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.0006482587557397314 Information Technology 109.79000091552734 USD
Equity DOCU UW US2561631068 DOCUSIGN INC 0.0006422951642716204 Information Technology 255.66000366210938 USD
Equity UBER UN US90353T1007 UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.0005733051348786618 Industrials 43.380001068115234 USD
Equity HOLX UW US4364401012 HOLOGIC INC 0.0005538496117132319 Health Care 71.44000244140625 USD
Equity AKE FP FR0010313833 ARKEMA 0.0004619181036891498 Materials 122.5999984741211 EUR
Equity SPLK UW US8486371045 SPLUNK INC 0.000430929688740806 Information Technology 164.41000366210938 USD
Equity CNP FP FR0000120222 CNP ASSURANCES 0.00042719395209889877 Financials 21.649999618530273 EUR