ETF constituents for FR0010405431

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010405431 (Lyxor MSCI Greece UCITS ETF - Dist) is shown. In total, FR0010405431 consists of 38 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity G1A GY DE0006602006 GEA Group AG 0.09107973418278614 Industrials 44.650001525878906 EUR
Equity LXS GY DE0005470405 LANXESS AG 0.08202908507635617 Materials 54.7400016784668 EUR
Equity SY1 GY DE000SYM9999 SYMRISE AG 0.053698799306578636 Materials 124.6500015258789 EUR
Equity HEIO NA NL0000008977 HEINEKEN HOLDING NV 0.05067151835744003 Consumer Staples 80.55000305175781 EUR
Equity EDP PL PTEDP0AM0009 EDP-ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL SA 0.04546593587915554 Utilities 4.769000053405762 EUR
Equity NOKIA FH FI0009000681 NOKIA OYJ 0.04504060354753327 Information Technology 5.026000022888184 EUR
Equity MRK GY DE0006599905 MERCK KGAA 0.04403894406507184 Health Care 206.5 EUR
Equity QIA GY NL0012169213 QIAGEN N.V. 0.04395971159094941 Health Care 46.29999923706055 EUR
Equity UPM FH FI0009005987 UPM-KYMMENE OYJ 0.041679060365679185 Materials 31.200000762939453 EUR
Equity SAP GY DE0007164600 SAP AG 0.041219532104761515 Information Technology 127.68000030517578 EUR
Equity MUV2 GY DE0008430026 MUENCHENER RUECKVER AG-REG 0.03668858263367288 Financials 256.3500061035156 EUR
Equity TMUS UW US8725901040 T-Mobile US Inc 0.03559317824016765 Communication Services 119.55000305175781 USD
Equity PUM GY DE0006969603 Puma SE 0.03514339686075063 Consumer Discretionary 110.5 EUR
Equity KESKOB FH FI0009000202 KESKO OYJ-B SHS 0.03191489117101281 Consumer Staples 28.440000534057617 EUR
Equity HNR1 GY DE0008402215 HANNOVER RUECKVERSICHERU-REG 0.029850233815943917 Financials 162.25 EUR
Equity LHA GY DE0008232125 DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA-REG 0.02966546344819866 Industrials 7.006999969482422 EUR
Equity PAH3 GY DE000PAH0038 Porsche Automobil Hldg SE 0.026391180897061814 Consumer Discretionary 85.86000061035156 EUR
Equity STT UN US8574771031 STATE STREET CORP 0.02366830398562945 Financials 97.55000305175781 USD
Equity AGN NA NL0000303709 AEGON NV 0.01773424628031748 Financials 4.313000202178955 EUR
Equity ROKU UW US77543R1023 ROKU INC 0.017539719730612125 Communication Services 274.6000061035156 USD
Equity STERV FH FI0009005961 STORA ENSO OYJ-R SHS 0.017396723306519826 Materials 14.550000190734863 EUR
Equity SRT3 GY DE0007165631 SARTORIUS AG-VORZUG 0.015632811188410655 Health Care 540.7999877929688 EUR
Equity HFG GY DE000A161408 HELLOFRESH SE 0.015279387219096153 Consumer Discretionary 85.30000305175781 EUR
Equity PINS UN US72352L1061 PINTEREST INC- CLASS A 0.014404470677797139 Communication Services 45.86000061035156 USD
Equity OMV AV AT0000743059 OMV AG 0.014296517454855872 Energy 54.099998474121094 EUR
Equity SAMPO FH FI0009003305 SAMPO OYJ-A 0.012646420639277527 Financials 44.68000030517578 EUR
Equity UTDI GY DE0005089031 UNITED INTERNET AG-REG SHARE 0.011400773833724696 Communication Services 34.2599983215332 EUR
Equity UN01 GY DE000UNSE018 UNIPER SE 0.01127166950590865 Utilities 38.880001068115234 EUR
Equity DBX UW US26210C1045 DROPBOX INC-CLASS A 0.009220310877803282 Information Technology 27.200000762939453 USD
Equity PPD UW US69355F1021 PPD INC 0.007708464461861341 Health Care 47.2400016784668 USD
Equity ISRG UW US46120E6023 INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC 0.006485573555460903 Health Care 359.489990234375 USD
Equity BKNG UW US09857L1089 Booking Holdings Inc 0.006241665286274795 Consumer Discretionary 2569.780029296875 USD
Equity GOOG UW US02079K1079 ALPHABET INC-CL C 0.005496429701277553 Communication Services 2932.52001953125 USD
Equity FDX UN US31428X1063 FEDEX CORP 0.005225003697702098 Industrials 248.52000427246094 USD
Equity IDXX UW US45168D1046 IDEXX LABORATORIES INC 0.004233920697724011 Health Care 622.4299926757812 USD
Equity DDOG UW US23804L1035 DATADOG INC - CLASS A 0.003848814945814174 Information Technology 188.8000030517578 USD
Equity WLTW UW IE00BDB6Q211 Willis Towers Watson PLC 0.003784023760098358 Financials 231.35000610351562 USD
Equity AMZN UW US0231351067 AMAZON.COM INC 0.003519864438000472 Consumer Discretionary 3482.050048828125 USD