ETF constituents for FR0010424135

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010424135 (Lyxor EURO STOXX 50 Daily (-1x) Inverse UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, FR0010424135 consists of 38 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity CERN UW US1567821046 CERNER CORP 0.064480005351349 Health Care 74.36000061035156 USD
Equity FOXA UW US35137L1052 FOX CORP - CLASS A 0.059265157135701824 Communication Services 40.689998626708984 USD
Equity BKNG UW US09857L1089 Booking Holdings Inc 0.05802891733301408 Consumer Discretionary 2569.780029296875 USD
Equity MOH UN US60855R1005 MOLINA HEALTHCARE INC 0.05759209535854346 Health Care 302.67999267578125 USD
Equity LRCX UW US5128071082 LAM RESEARCH CORP 0.05137968835839453 Information Technology 605.780029296875 USD
Equity IQV UN US46266C1053 IQVIA Holdings Inc 0.04948307602751974 Health Care 252.1199951171875 USD
Equity LII UN US5261071071 LENNOX INTERNATIONAL INC 0.046748504734786415 Industrials 309.2799987792969 USD
Equity EA UW US2855121099 ELECTRONIC ARTS INC 0.04588747200177738 Communication Services 139.27999877929688 USD
Equity DHR UN US2358511028 DANAHER CORP 0.04490635009740571 Health Care 302.0299987792969 USD
Equity CVS UN US1266501006 CVS Caremark Corp 0.0447603721847587 Health Care 92.95999908447266 USD
Equity W UN US94419L1017 WAYFAIR INC- CLASS A 0.04288885875647381 Consumer Discretionary 240.92999267578125 USD
Equity EPAM UN US29414B1044 EPAM SYSTEMS INC 0.041412204782445845 Information Technology 674.6500244140625 USD
Equity IT UN US3666511072 GARTNER INC 0.0394150283922008 Information Technology 329.5299987792969 USD
Equity TTWO UW US8740541094 TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWRE 0.03863352605209631 Communication Services 182.75 USD
Equity ORLY UW US67103H1077 O'REILLY AUTOMOT 0.035622383943710194 Consumer Discretionary 647.969970703125 USD
Equity TMO UN US8835561023 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 0.03334277096892967 Health Care 626.8599853515625 USD
Equity GOOG UW US02079K1079 ALPHABET INC-CL C 0.02312501146789386 Communication Services 2932.52001953125 USD
Equity OKTA UW US6792951054 OKTA INC 0.02111707492917832 Information Technology 258.0400085449219 USD
Equity SIVB UW US78486Q1013 SVB FINANCIAL GR 0.019770886585570295 Financials 741.9199829101562 USD
Equity HEI UN US4228061093 HEICO CORP 0.019213806990726372 Industrials 148.5800018310547 USD
Equity MRK UN US58933Y1055 MERCK & CO. INC. 0.016970184082903433 Health Care 84.01000213623047 USD
Equity CRM UN US79466L3024 SALESFORCE.COM INC 0.016683496968332042 Information Technology 299.6700134277344 USD
Equity ZBH UN US98956P1021 Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc 0.016515467208532593 Health Care 133.8699951171875 USD
Equity MRVL UW US5738741041 MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD 0.014083522985919274 Information Technology 70.97000122070312 USD
Equity DIS UN US2546871060 WALT DISNEY CO/THE 0.011469355302701845 Communication Services 174.4499969482422 USD
Equity DOCU UW US2561631068 DOCUSIGN INC 0.011162391606384919 Information Technology 255.66000366210938 USD
Equity UA UN US9043112062 UNDER ARMOUR INC-CLASS C 0.009928104876393114 Consumer Discretionary 21.1200008392334 USD
Equity ALGN UW US0162551016 ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC 0.008862336408331704 Health Care 689.6099853515625 USD
Equity SNAP UN US83304A1060 SNAP INC - A 0.008169880894406798 Communication Services 52.880001068115234 USD
Equity ATVI UW US00507V1098 ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC 0.007593328126015451 Communication Services 66.66000366210938 USD
Equity ABNB UW US0090661010 AIRBNB INC-CLASS A 0.006774475961106136 Consumer Discretionary 192.22000122070312 USD
Equity ALK UN US0116591092 ALASKA AIR GROUP INC 0.006553096527971681 Industrials 57.540000915527344 USD
Equity AVLR UN US05338G1067 AVALARA INC 0.006321242373857034 Information Technology 157.86000061035156 USD
Equity CYBR UW IL0011334468 CYBERARK SOFTWARE LTD/ISRAEL 0.006090302055625276 Information Technology 191.42999267578125 USD
Equity CMG UN US1696561059 CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC 0.004905815403982515 Consumer Discretionary 1812.010009765625 USD
Equity HII UN US4464131063 HUNTINGTON INGALLS INDUSTRIE 0.003132436392045921 Industrials 193.82000732421875 USD
Equity DD UN US26614N1028 DuPont de Nemours Inc 0.0021972444500031395 Materials 79.97000122070312 USD
Equity COUP UW US22266L1061 COUPA SOFTWARE INC 0.00186535556413857 Information Technology 221.91000366210938 USD