ETF constituents for FR0010688176

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010688176 (AMUNDI ETF MSCI EUROPE BANKS UCITS ETF) is shown. In total, FR0010688176 consists of 47 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 09.11.2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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ISIN-Code Name Anlageklasse Währung Gewichtung in %
NL0000009538 ROYAL PHILIPS Aktien EUR 9.02%
DE0008404005 ALLIANZ SE-REG Aktien EUR 7.05%
CH0210483332 CIE FIN RICHEMONT N Aktien CHF 7.02%
NL0011821202 ING GROEP NV Aktien EUR 6.73%
DE0007037129 RWE AG Aktien EUR 5.92%
NL0000235190 AIRBUS SE Aktien EUR 4.87%
DE000BAY0017 BAYER Aktien EUR 4.84%
DE000CBK1001 COMMERZBANK AG Aktien EUR 4.64%
DE000PAH0038 PORSCHE A HOLDG Aktien EUR 4.44%
DE000BASF111 BASF SE Aktien EUR 4.38%
DE0007664039 VOLKSWAGEN-PREF Aktien EUR 4.37%
US00724F1012 ADOBE INC Aktien USD 3.78%
BE0003565737 KBC GROUPE Aktien EUR 3.62%
FI0009000681 NOKIA OYJ Aktien EUR 3.53%
DE0005140008 DEUTSCHE BANK AG NAM Aktien EUR 3.48%
NL00150001Q9 STELLANTIS NV Aktien EUR 3.25%
NL0011794037 KONINKLIJKE AHOL Aktien EUR 3.18%
PTEDP0AM0009 EDP Aktien EUR 3.17%
CH0014852781 SWISS LIFE HOLDING AG-REG Aktien CHF 2.39%
NL0000303709 AEGON Aktien EUR 2.30%
LU1673108939 AROUNDTOWN SA Aktien EUR 2.03%
FR0011149590 L'OREAL PRIME DE FIDELITE Aktien EUR 2.01%
FR0000120271 TOTALENERGIES SE Aktien EUR 1.27%
US2788651006 ECOLAB Aktien USD 1.17%
NL0014332678 JDE PEET'S BV Aktien EUR 0.85%
NL0009538784 NXP SEMICONDUCTO Aktien USD 0.34%
US87612E1064 TARGET CORP Aktien USD 0.21%
US0970231058 BOEING CO COM Aktien USD 0.14%
CH0008038389 SWISS PRIME SITE AG Aktien CHF 0.00%
NL0010545661 CNH INDUSTRIAL NV Aktien EUR 0.00%
US9497461015 WELLS FARGO & CO Aktien USD 0.00%
US2644115055 DUKE REALTY CORP Aktien USD 0.00%
CH0012214059 LAFARGEHOLCIM LTD Aktien CHF 0.00%
US9694571004 WILLIAMS COMPANIES INC Aktien USD 0.00%
US3703341046 GEN MILLS INC COM Aktien USD 0.00%
DE0008303504 TAG TEGERNSEE IMMO Aktien EUR 0.00%
DE0005785604 FRESENIUS SE & C Aktien EUR 0.00%
US8760301072 TAPESTRY INC Aktien USD 0.00%
US3453708600 FORD MOTOR COMPANY Aktien USD 0.00%
US35671D8570 FREEPORT-MCMORAN Aktien USD 0.00%
US92556H2067 VIACOMCBS INC-B Aktien USD 0.00%
US23355L1061 DXC TECHNOLOGY C Aktien USD 0.00%
NL0000009082 KONINKLIJKE KPN NV Aktien EUR 0.00%
JE00BJ1F3079 AMCOR PLC Aktien USD 0.00%
PA1436583006 CARNIVAL CORP Aktien USD 0.00%
CH0244767585 UBS GROUP AG Aktien CHF 0.00%
NL0015435975 DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO NV Aktien EUR 0.00%