ETF constituents for FR0010717090

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010717090 (AMUNDI ETF MSCI EMU HIGH DIVIDEND UCITS ETF (C)) is shown. In total, FR0010717090 consists of 56 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 09.11.2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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ISIN-Code Name Anlageklasse Währung Gewichtung in %
NL0000226223 STMICROELECTRONICS NV Aktien EUR 10.43%
NL0013267909 AKZO NOBEL Aktien EUR 8.40%
PTEDP0AM0009 EDP Aktien EUR 6.01%
US02079K3059 ALPHABET- A Aktien USD 5.93%
IE00BZ12WP82 LINDE PLC Aktien EUR 5.04%
NL0010273215 ASML HOLDING NV Aktien EUR 4.78%
DE0005140008 DEUTSCHE BANK AG NAM Aktien EUR 4.76%
DE000BAY0017 BAYER Aktien EUR 4.46%
DE0005470405 LANXESS AG Aktien EUR 3.98%
US2546871060 THE WALT DISNEY Aktien USD 3.87%
FR0013457140 ENGIE SA PRIME DE FIDELITE 2022 Aktien EUR 3.78%
FR0000121014 LVMH MOET HENNE Aktien EUR 3.45%
DE0005785604 FRESENIUS SE & C Aktien EUR 3.14%
DE0008404005 ALLIANZ SE-REG Aktien EUR 2.96%
NL0000235190 AIRBUS SE Aktien EUR 2.64%
NL0011585146 FERRARI NV Aktien EUR 2.62%
DE0007037129 RWE AG Aktien EUR 2.40%
DE000A1ML7J1 VONOVIA SE Aktien EUR 2.28%
FR0011149590 L'OREAL PRIME DE FIDELITE Aktien EUR 2.15%
DE0008303504 TAG TEGERNSEE IMMO Aktien EUR 2.05%
DE000PAH0038 PORSCHE A HOLDG Aktien EUR 1.99%
NL0015435975 DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO NV Aktien EUR 1.65%
FI0009003305 SAMPO OYJ A Aktien EUR 1.33%
DE0007664039 VOLKSWAGEN-PREF Aktien EUR 1.29%
DE000UNSE018 UNIPER SE Aktien EUR 1.20%
FR0000120271 TOTALENERGIES SE Aktien EUR 1.00%
NL0011821202 ING GROEP NV Aktien EUR 0.96%
US00724F1012 ADOBE INC Aktien USD 0.87%
NL0000009538 ROYAL PHILIPS Aktien EUR 0.72%
NL00150001Q9 STELLANTIS NV Aktien EUR 0.71%
FI0009014377 ORION CORPORATION Aktien EUR 0.65%
US70450Y1038 PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC Aktien USD 0.54%
DE0008430026 MUENCHENER RUE-R Aktien EUR 0.43%
AT0000730007 ANDRITZ AG Aktien EUR 0.34%
NL0000334118 ASM INTERNATIONAL Aktien EUR 0.27%
DE0007164600 SAP SE Aktien EUR 0.17%
FI4000297767 NORDEA BANK ABP Aktien EUR 0.17%
GB00B2B0DG97 RELX PLC Aktien GBP 0.15%
BE0003851681 AEDIFICA SA Aktien EUR 0.13%
NL0000303709 AEGON Aktien EUR 0.00%
DE000ENAG999 E.ON AG NOM. Aktien EUR 0.00%
DE000SYM9999 SYMRISE AG Aktien EUR 0.00%
FI0009000681 NOKIA OYJ Aktien EUR 0.00%
LU0156801721 TENARIS SA Aktien USD 0.00%
FI0009007132 FORTUM CORPORATION Aktien EUR 0.00%
NL0014332678 JDE PEET'S BV Aktien EUR 0.00%
NL0010773842 NN GROUP - W/I Aktien EUR 0.00%
BE0974264930 AGEAS Aktien EUR 0.00%
DE000CBK1001 COMMERZBANK AG Aktien EUR 0.00%
LU0088087324 SES Aktien EUR 0.00%
NL0010545661 CNH INDUSTRIAL NV Aktien EUR 0.00%
FI0009005961 STORA ENSO AB EX ENSO OYJ Aktien EUR 0.00%
NL0000009082 KONINKLIJKE KPN NV Aktien EUR 0.00%
LU1673108939 AROUNDTOWN SA Aktien EUR 0.00%