ETF constituents for FR0010754200

Below, a list of constituents for FR0010754200 (AMUNDI ETF GOVIES 0-6 MONTHS EUROMTS INVESTMENT GRADE UCITS ETF DR (C)) is shown. In total, FR0010754200 consists of 55 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 09.11.2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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ISIN-Code Name Anlageklasse Währung Gewichtung in %
DE0001030336 GERM TREA BILL ZCP 19-01-22 Anleihen EUR 5.13%
DE0001030344 GERM TREA BILL ZCP 23-02-22 Anleihen EUR 4.51%
DE0001030351 GERM TREA BILL ZCP 23-03-22 Anleihen EUR 4.26%
DE0001030328 GERM TREA BILL ZCP 15-12-21 Anleihen EUR 4.12%
DE0001030278 GERMAN TREASURY BILL ZCP 241121 Anleihen EUR 3.75%
DE0001030369 GERM TREA BILL ZCP 21-04-22 Anleihen EUR 3.51%
FR0126461815 FRENCH REP ZCP 15-12-21 Anleihen EUR 3.01%
FR0126893520 FREN REP PRES ZCP 05-01-22 Anleihen EUR 2.46%
FR0126893512 FREN REP PRES ZCP 08-12-21 Anleihen EUR 2.28%
FR0126461849 FRENCH REP ZCP 23-03-22 Anleihen EUR 2.13%
ES0L02203047 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 04-03-22 Anleihen EUR 2.11%
ES0L02201140 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 14-01-22 Anleihen EUR 2.11%
FR0126750787 FRENCH REP ZCP 21-04-22 Anleihen EUR 2.09%
FR0126893595 FREN REP PRES ZCP 09-03-22 Anleihen EUR 2.05%
ES0L02204086 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 08-04-22 Anleihen EUR 2.04%
BE0312780522 BELG TREA BILL ZCP 13-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.95%
FR0126893546 FREN REP PRES ZCP 09-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.95%
FR0126750779 FRAN TREA BILL BTF ZCP 17-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.92%
ES0L02202114 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 11-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.91%
ES0L02205067 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 06-05-22 Anleihen EUR 1.82%
NL0015000JL7 DUTC TREA CERT ZCP 28-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.81%
BE0312779516 BELG TREA BILL ZCP 11-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.81%
FR0126461823 FRENCH REP ZCP 26-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.80%
FR0126461831 FRENCH REP ZCP 23-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.78%
IT0005452260 ITALY BUONI TES BOT ZCP 310122 Anleihen EUR 1.77%
IT0005441719 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 14-04-22 Anleihen EUR 1.75%
IT0005434953 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 14-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.75%
IT0005433146 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 14-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.75%
IT0005429342 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 14-12-21 Anleihen EUR 1.75%
NL0015000FH3 DUTC TREA CERT ZCP 29-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.73%
FR0126893603 FREN REP PRES ZCP 19-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.64%
IT0005454878 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 28-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.63%
IT0005447195 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 31-12-21 Anleihen EUR 1.62%
IT0005437311 ITALY BUONI TES BOT ZCP 140322 Anleihen EUR 1.51%
IT0005460313 ITALY ZCP 29-04-22 Anleihen EUR 1.50%
IT0005444515 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 30-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.50%
ES0L02111125 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 12-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.45%
FR0126893538 FREN REP PRES ZCP 12-01-22 Anleihen EUR 1.40%
IT0005456667 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 31-03-22 Anleihen EUR 1.38%
IT0005426504 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 12-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.37%
ES0L02112107 SPAI LETR DEL TESO ZCP 10-12-21 Anleihen EUR 1.36%
FR0126893504 FREN REP PRES ZCP 24-11-21 Anleihen EUR 1.25%
FR0126461708 FRENCH REP ZCP 01-12-21 Anleihen EUR 1.22%
NL0015000KU6 DUTC TREA CERT ZCP 25-02-22 Anleihen EUR 1.11%
BE0312781538 BELG TREA BILL ZCP 10-03-22 Anleihen EUR 1.05%
NL0015000M00 DUTC TREA CERT ZCP 30-03-22 Anleihen EUR 0.87%
FR0126893660 FREN REP PRES ZCP 06-04-22 Anleihen EUR 0.55%
PTPBTCGE0054 PORT TREA BILL ZCP 18-03-22 Anleihen EUR 0.45%
PTPBTBGE0055 PORT TREA BILL ZCP 21-01-22 Anleihen EUR 0.35%
PTPBTFGE0051 PORT TREA BILL ZCP 19-11-21 Anleihen EUR 0.19%
- CASH - - 0.01%
NL0015063736 DUTC TREA CERT ZCP 30-03-21 Anleihen EUR 0.00%
IT0005403594 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 30-09-20 Anleihen EUR 0.00%
IT0005406738 ITAL BUON ORDI DEL ZCP 30-10-20 Anleihen EUR 0.00%