ETF constituents for FR0011041334

Below, a list of constituents for FR0011041334 (Lyxor CAC MID 60 (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist) is shown. In total, FR0011041334 consists of 55 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity SOI FP FR0013227113 S.O.I.T.E.C. 0.04182240385923928 Information Technology 227.0 EUR
Equity FDJ FP FR0013451333 LA FRANCAISE DES JEUX SAEM 0.040307205353395666 Consumer Discretionary 44.790000915527344 EUR
Equity AMUN FP FR0004125920 AMUNDI SA 0.037554603240525994 Financials 78.5 EUR
Equity SCR FP FR0010411983 SCOR SE 0.03691390546034583 Financials 28.0 EUR
Equity BOL FP FR0000039299 Bollore 0.03603730367094451 Communication Services 5.190000057220459 EUR
Equity ATE FP FR0000071946 ALTEN 0.03435870275599759 Information Technology 149.89999389648438 EUR
Equity RXL FP FR0010451203 REXEL SA 0.03389770180476019 Industrials 17.649999618530273 EUR
Equity RCO FP FR0000130395 REMY COINTREAU 0.031799003626238685 Consumer Staples 178.10000610351562 EUR
Equity SK FP FR0000121709 SEB SA 0.029831802607914466 Consumer Discretionary 137.3000030517578 EUR
Equity RF FP FR0000121121 EURAZEO 0.028835402932551307 Financials 77.25 EUR
Equity ADP FP FR0010340141 ADP 0.028453702236257306 Industrials 122.05000305175781 EUR
Equity COV FP FR0000064578 Covivio 0.027947802223493846 Real Estate 75.26000213623047 EUR
Equity ELIS FP FR0012435121 ELIS SA 0.026712402822657456 Industrials 15.979999542236328 EUR
Equity IPN FP FR0010259150 IPSEN 0.02557770174433598 Health Care 86.36000061035156 EUR
Equity SPIE FP FR0012757854 SPIE SA 0.024306703469245863 Industrials 22.739999771118164 EUR
Equity MF FP FR0000121204 Wendel 0.02408280234542085 Financials 114.30000305175781 EUR
Equity CNP FP FR0000120222 CNP ASSURANCES 0.02334640185703869 Financials 21.649999618530273 EUR
Equity RUI FP FR0013269123 RUBIS 0.022260502081848633 Utilities 28.700000762939453 EUR
Equity SESG FP LU0088087324 SES FDR 0.02197550247156115 Communication Services 7.297999858856201 EUR
Equity FTI FP GB00BDSFG982 TechnipFMC PLC 0.02182610156610817 Energy 6.26200008392334 EUR
Equity NEX FP FR0000044448 NEXANS SA 0.01982130119263087 Industrials 88.75 EUR
Equity SOP FP FR0000050809 SOPRA GROUP 0.01945060127863817 Information Technology 172.3000030517578 EUR
Equity AM FP FR0014004L86 DASSAULT AVIATION SA 0.018851701255796518 Industrials 95.8499984741211 EUR
Equity APAM NA LU0569974404 APERAM 0.01869480134093869 Materials 49.599998474121094 EUR
Equity ICAD FP FR0000035081 ICADE 0.018116502173541067 Real Estate 67.25 EUR
Equity ETL FP FR0010221234 Eutelsat Communications 0.01519190154416535 Communication Services 12.90999984741211 EUR
Equity KORI FP FR0010386334 KORIAN 0.014069501374465245 Health Care 28.280000686645508 EUR
Equity VRLA FP FR0013447729 VERALLIA 0.01379370136861158 Materials 31.920000076293945 EUR
Equity VIRP FP FR0000031577 VIRBAC SA 0.013648901196698093 Health Care 411.0 EUR
Equity GTT FP FR0011726835 GAZTRANSPORT ET TECHNIGA 0.013543501557805175 Energy 66.44999694824219 EUR
Equity IPS FP FR0000073298 IPSOS 0.013158601768452845 Communication Services 41.900001525878906 EUR
Equity NEOEN FP FR0011675362 NEOEN SA 0.012468901519464231 Utilities 37.099998474121094 EUR
Equity TE FP NL0014559478 TECHNIP ENERGIES NV 0.012409801651255957 Energy 13.520000457763672 EUR
Equity NXI FP FR0010112524 NEXITY 0.012397001553732327 Real Estate 40.18000030517578 EUR
Equity DEC FP FR0000077919 JC DECAUX SA 0.01232830161238133 Communication Services 24.579999923706055 EUR
Equity VLA FP FR0004056851 Valneva SE 0.012112601715185618 Health Care 22.059999465942383 EUR
Equity VK FP FR0013506730 VALLOUREC 0.011783901655531042 Energy 6.900000095367432 EUR
Equity AF FP FR0000031122 AIR FRANCE-KLM 0.01131910090817196 Industrials 4.486000061035156 EUR
Equity POM FP FR0000124570 PLASTIC OMNIUM 0.011275701275997837 Consumer Discretionary 24.399999618530273 EUR
Equity TRI FP FR0005691656 TRIGANO SA 0.010489201220809348 Consumer Discretionary 172.6999969482422 EUR
Equity NK FP FR0000120859 IMERYS SA 0.009882501371369878 Materials 37.040000915527344 EUR
Equity CO FP FR0000125585 CASINO GUICHARD PERRACHON 0.00843300115420565 Consumer Staples 22.010000228881836 EUR
Equity BB FP FR0000120966 SOCIETE BIC SA 0.008125000670188459 Industrials 50.650001525878906 EUR
Equity FNAC FP FR0011476928 GROUPE FNAC 0.007977101056732579 Consumer Discretionary 58.400001525878906 EUR
Equity COFA FP FR0010667147 COFACE SA 0.007777000812732502 Financials 11.989999771118164 EUR
Equity DBG FP FR0000053381 Derichebourg 0.007735500612957929 Industrials 10.300000190734863 EUR
Equity MMT FP FR0000053225 M6-METROPOLE TELEVISION 0.007504700717130132 Communication Services 18.899999618530273 EUR
Equity TFI FP FR0000054900 TELEVISION FRANCAISE (T.F.1) 0.00745860071513865 Communication Services 9.024999618530273 EUR
Equity EUCAR FP FR0012789949 EUROPCAR GROUPE SA 0.0070180008506521155 Industrials 0.5091999769210815 EUR
Equity ELIOR FP FR0011950732 ELIOR PARTICIPATIONS SA 0.0061457008402424785 Consumer Discretionary 6.420000076293945 EUR
Equity S30 FP FR0013379484 Solutions 30 SE 0.005302100466422494 Information Technology 7.414999961853027 EUR
Equity MDM FP FR0013153541 MAISONS DU MONDE SA 0.005287100584967635 Consumer Discretionary 21.260000228881836 EUR
Equity MMB FP FR0000130213 LAGARDERE S.C.A. 0.0050981003091235075 Communication Services 23.0 EUR
Equity ERA FP FR0000131757 ERAMET 0.005084200319634263 Materials 69.44999694824219 EUR
Equity MERY FP FR0010241638 Mercialys 0.0049415007457973585 Real Estate 9.574999809265137 EUR