ETF constituents for FR0011758085

Below, a list of constituents for FR0011758085 (Lyxor FTSE Italia PMI PIR 2020 (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, FR0011758085 consists of 76 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity REY IM IT0005282865 REPLY SPA 0.0759403106102636 Information Technology 174.1999969482422 EUR
Equity DLG IM IT0003115950 DE'LONGHI SPA 0.04529280194937958 Consumer Discretionary 33.220001220703125 EUR
Equity ERG IM IT0001157020 ERG SPA 0.03992208820337413 Utilities 31.299999237060547 EUR
Equity BC IM IT0004764699 BRUNELLO CUCINELLI SPA 0.03987582754865786 Consumer Discretionary 61.849998474121094 EUR
Equity IRE IM IT0003027817 Iren SpA 0.03482935189288753 Utilities 2.884000062942505 EUR
Equity BRE IM IT0005252728 BREMBO SPA 0.03224514037631912 Consumer Discretionary 11.479999542236328 EUR
Equity BPSO IM IT0000784196 BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO 0.02856865698539447 Financials 3.813999891281128 EUR
Equity SES IM IT0004729759 Sesa SpA 0.02603682491282977 Information Technology 185.60000610351562 EUR
Equity AGL IM IT0001137345 AUTOGRILL SPA 0.025683725136138348 Consumer Discretionary 7.056000232696533 EUR
Equity BFF IM IT0005244402 BANCA FARMAFACTORING SPA 0.025599358487132125 Financials 7.190000057220459 EUR
Equity SFER IM IT0004712375 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SPA 0.024766962862816693 Consumer Discretionary 19.1299991607666 EUR
Equity ANIM IM IT0004998065 ANIMA HOLDING SPA 0.023709818613170307 Financials 4.668000221252441 EUR
Equity TGYM IM IT0005162406 TECHNOGYM SPA 0.023656695973755425 Consumer Discretionary 9.170000076293945 EUR
Equity CRL IM IT0005331019 CAREL INDUSTRIES 0.021966727350756717 Information Technology 26.0 EUR
Equity US IM IT0004827447 UnipolSai SpA 0.020621627475572345 Financials 2.50600004196167 EUR
Equity ENAV IM IT0005176406 ENAV SPA 0.020284525957995035 Industrials 4.170000076293945 EUR
Equity TIP IM IT0003153621 TAMBURI INVESTMENT PARTNERS 0.020212821570655792 Financials 10.180000305175781 EUR
Equity FKR IM IT0003198790 Falck Renewables SpA 0.019217288034330794 Utilities 8.6850004196167 EUR
Equity ILTY IM IT0005359192 ILLIMITY BANK SPA 0.01680263869286248 Financials 13.65999984741211 EUR
Equity GVS IM IT0005411209 GVS SPA 0.016009600760371608 Health Care 11.819999694824219 EUR
Equity ACE IM IT0001207098 ACEA SPA 0.015890728610132538 Utilities 19.350000381469727 EUR
Equity TNXT IM IT0005037210 Tinexta Spa 0.01551277928461805 Industrials 41.2599983215332 EUR
Equity MS IM NL0015000H23 MEDIASET SPA 0.01419996743162643 Communication Services 2.6480000019073486 EUR
Equity SOL IM IT0001206769 SOL SPA 0.014152922603305897 Materials 20.149999618530273 EUR
Equity MOL IM IT0004195308 GRUPPO MUTUIONLINE SPA 0.013625924413626658 Financials 42.5 EUR
Equity WBD IM IT0003865570 WEBUILD SPA 0.01356342056196027 Industrials 2.1600000858306885 EUR
Equity ELN IM IT0005453250 EL.EN. SPA 0.013217002093388806 Health Care 16.760000228881836 EUR
Equity MARR IM IT0003428445 MARR SPA 0.01282719889419843 Consumer Staples 20.15999984741211 EUR
Equity MT IM IT0004931058 MAIRE TECNIMONT SPA 0.011947740746433627 Industrials 3.8519999980926514 EUR
Equity OVS IM IT0005043507 OVS SPA 0.011264209584414007 Consumer Discretionary 2.7799999713897705 EUR
Equity ZV IM IT0004171440 ZIGNAGO VETRO SPA 0.010800760190325132 Materials 18.31999969482422 EUR
Equity CE IM IT0003121677 CREDITO EMILIANO SPA 0.010052924930110564 Financials 6.760000228881836 EUR
Equity RWAY IM IT0005054967 RAI WAY SPA 0.009565203407192262 Communication Services 5.409999847412109 EUR
Equity DOV IM IT0001044996 DOBANK SPA 0.009280476677005808 Financials 8.300000190734863 EUR
Equity PIA IM IT0003073266 PIAGGIO & C. S.P.A. 0.009269364136095951 Consumer Discretionary 2.9000000953674316 EUR
Equity SL IM IT0003549422 SANLORENZO SPA/AMEGLIA 0.009236183906880769 Consumer Discretionary 37.29999923706055 EUR
Equity TOD IM IT0003007728 TOD'S SPA 0.008662935307033538 Consumer Discretionary 52.95000076293945 EUR
Equity PRT IM IT0003850929 ESPRINET SPA 0.008560414387162756 Information Technology 12.390000343322754 EUR
Equity ITM IM IT0005253205 ITALMOBILIARE SPA 0.008538513405597534 Industrials 31.899999618530273 EUR
Equity IF IM IT0003188064 BANCA IFIS SPA 0.008218209221899723 Financials 16.600000381469727 EUR
Equity CEM IM NL0013995087 Cementir Holding SpA 0.008097667210291952 Materials 9.149999618530273 EUR
Equity UNIR IM IT0005239881 UNIEURO SPA 0.007603303960462933 Consumer Discretionary 21.139999389648438 EUR
Equity CERV IM IT0005010423 CERVED INFORMATION SOLUTIONS 0.007529699209418815 Financials 10.300000190734863 EUR
Equity WIIT IM IT0005440893 WIIT SPA 0.007400987636223608 Information Technology 33.0 EUR
Equity BSS IM IT0003097257 BIESSE SPA 0.006835805221158498 Industrials 26.34000015258789 EUR
Equity SRS IM IT0000433307 SARAS SPA 0.00677031741197659 Energy 0.6348000168800354 EUR
Equity IOT IM IT0005438046 SECO SPA 0.006748205485849174 Information Technology 8.600000381469727 EUR
Equity CIR IM IT0000070786 COFIDE SPA 0.006641581624394552 Industrials 0.4869999885559082 EUR
Equity AV IM IT0005366601 ANTARES VISION SPA 0.006637384619231103 Health Care 12.5 EUR
Equity JUVE IM IT0000336518 JUVENTUS FOOTBALL CLUB SPA 0.0065518137701413666 Communication Services 0.7024999856948853 EUR
Equity FCT IM IT0001415246 FINCANTIERI SPA 0.006464378413265716 Industrials 0.6919999718666077 EUR
Equity ECNL IM IT0005241192 AQUAFIL SPA 0.006429795612259532 Consumer Discretionary 8.170000076293945 EUR
Equity DAN IM IT0000076502 DANIELI & CO 0.006369630311567385 Industrials 28.950000762939453 EUR
Equity FILA IM IT0004967292 Fila SpA 0.006232378510401728 Industrials 11.020000457763672 EUR
Equity SCF IM IT0005388266 SALCEF SPA 0.00595297801399532 Industrials 21.600000381469727 EUR
Equity DAL IM IT0004053440 DATALOGIC SPA 0.005866443246045233 Information Technology 16.110000610351562 EUR
Equity BMPS IM IT0005218752 BANCA MONTE DEI PASCHI SIENA 0.00535542236072227 Financials 1.0164999961853027 EUR
Equity SFL IM IT0004604762 SAFILO GROUP SPA 0.005325072886459781 Consumer Discretionary 1.7940000295639038 EUR
Equity IGD IM IT0005322612 IMMOBILIARE GRANDE DISTRIBUZ 0.005102196219495305 Real Estate 4.045000076293945 EUR
Equity MN IM IT0001469383 ARNOLDO MONDADORI EDITORE 0.005061277631042778 Communication Services 2.174999952316284 EUR
Equity ASC IM IT0004093263 ASCOPIAVE SPA 0.005004288605976936 Utilities 3.549999952316284 EUR
Equity PHN IM IT0005274094 PHARMANUTRA SPA 0.0046686692882703966 Consumer Staples 71.19999694824219 EUR
Equity RM IM IT0001178299 RENO DE MEDICI SPA 0.004429687260096217 Materials 1.4500000476837158 EUR
Equity SAB IM IT0001042610 SABAF SPA 0.004181806910423275 Consumer Discretionary 27.399999618530273 EUR
Equity AVIO IM IT0005119810 Avio SpA 0.004094008337745173 Industrials 11.65999984741211 EUR
Equity DIB IM IT0001469995 DIGITAL BROS SPA 0.0037293049803186562 Communication Services 43.97999954223633 EUR
Equity GHC IM IT0005345233 GAROFALO HEALTH 0.0035649025650891474 Health Care 5.820000171661377 EUR
Equity LD IM IT0001055521 LA DORIA SPA 0.0035437503668705158 Consumer Staples 16.600000381469727 EUR
Equity CASS IM IT0000784154 CATTOLICA ASSICURAZIONI SCRL 0.00339361604624998 Financials 5.639999866485596 EUR
Equity SERI IM IT0005283640 Seri Industrial SpA 0.0032925607952743454 Industrials 10.279999732971191 EUR
Equity BFG IM IT0005187460 BF SPA 0.003255707197010915 Consumer Staples 3.5399999618530273 EUR
Equity FF IM IT0005215329 Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N 0.003250276655102988 Health Care 17.649999618530273 EUR
Equity ARN IM IT0004720733 ALERION 0.003184385350417459 Utilities 26.5 EUR
Equity ETH IM IT0003895668 EUROTECH SPA 0.002690571348074325 Information Technology 5.135000228881836 EUR
Equity CRG IM IT0005428195 BANCA CARIGE SPA 0.0019183697790354 Financials 0.656000018119812 EUR
Equity BST IM IT0003173629 BANCA SISTEMA SPA 0.0018235174856245074 Financials 2.109999895095825 EUR