ETF constituents for GXC

Below, a list of constituents for GXC (SPDR® S&P® China ETF) is shown. In total, GXC consists of 903 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date As of 11-Nov-2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Name Ticker Identifier Weight Sector Shares Held
Tencent Holdings Ltd. 700-HK BMMV2K 11.190332 Communication Services 3141415.0
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Sponsored ADR BABA 01609W10 9.337627 Consumer Discretionary 957204.0
Meituan Class B 3690-HK BGJW37 4.426367 Consumer Discretionary 2101500.0 Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A JD 47215P10 2.304655 Consumer Discretionary 470959.0
China Construction Bank Corporation Class H 939-HK B0LMTQ 2.081303 Financials 53355623.0
NIO Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A NIO 62914V10 1.742236 Consumer Discretionary 710369.0
Baidu Inc Sponsored ADR Class A BIDU 05675210 1.403929 Communication Services 144425.0
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd. Class H 2318-HK B01FLR 1.3693 Financials 3119600.0
Wuxi Biologics (Cayman) Inc. 2269-HK BL6B9P 1.364269 Health Care 1730500.0
Xiaomi Corp. Class B 1810-HK BG0ZMJ 1.319697 Information Technology 8405600.0
NetEase Inc. Sponsored ADR NTES 64110W10 1.219878 Communication Services 190348.0
Pinduoduo Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A PDD 72230410 1.214943 Consumer Discretionary 225097.0
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Class H 1398-HK B1G1QD 1.107231 Financials 34847789.0
China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 3968-HK B1DYPZ 0.96825 Financials 1998735.0
Kweichow Moutai Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2F BP3R2F 0.901427 Consumer Staples 56131.0
BYD Company Limited Class H 1211-HK 653665 0.825564 Consumer Discretionary 367000.0
Bank of China Limited Class H 3988-HK B15456 0.824857 Financials 40069700.0
Li Ning Company Limited 2331-HK B01JCK 0.784871 Consumer Discretionary 1111207.0
Yum China Holdings Inc. YUMC 98850P10 0.737729 Consumer Discretionary 230500.0
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BHQPSY BHQPSY 0.630308 Industrials 105900.0
Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. 2382-HK B1YBT0 0.62009 Information Technology 384900.0
ANTA Sports Products Ltd. 2020-HK B1YVKN 0.603771 Consumer Discretionary 617000.0
Bilibili Inc. Sponsored ADR Class Z BILI 09004010 0.587191 Communication Services 119102.0
BeiGene Ltd. Sponsored ADR BGNE 07725L10 0.569656 Health Care 26591.0
Kuaishou Technology Class B 1024-HK BLC90T 0.557414 Communication Services 749600.0
China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd. 2319-HK B01B1L 0.537875 Consumer Staples 1518220.0
Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited 2313-HK B0MP1B 0.53594 Consumer Discretionary 434700.0
Geely Automobile Holdings Limited 175-HK 653182 0.52346 Consumer Discretionary 2715000.0
Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. Class H 2333-HK 671825 0.470908 Consumer Discretionary 1896000.0 Group Ltd. Sponsored ADR TCOM 89677Q10 0.45409 Consumer Discretionary 252529.0
XPeng Inc. ADR Sponsored Class A XPEV 98422D10 0.44397 Consumer Discretionary 160553.0
Bank of Communications Co. Ltd. Class H 3328-HK B0B8Z2 0.423851 Financials 11863824.0
Country Garden Services Holdings Co. Ltd. 6098-HK BDQZP4 0.416747 Real Estate 919000.0
China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class H 2628-HK 671897 0.415159 Financials 4016040.0
China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R27 BP3R27 0.413821 Financials 863300.0
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Class H 386-HK 629181 0.399755 Energy 14030640.0
China Resources Land Limited 1109-HK 619376 0.398522 Real Estate 1604555.0
ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A ZTO 98980A10 0.375051 Industrials 222067.0
China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co. Ltd. 291-HK 697245 0.370477 Consumer Staples 807667.0
Wuliangye Yibin Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPG BD5CPG 0.353269 Consumer Staples 188500.0
KE Holdings Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A BEKE 48249710 0.347797 Real Estate 256398.0
Agricultural Bank of China Limited Class H 1288-HK B60LZR 0.33082 Financials 16801000.0
PetroChina Company Limited Class H 857-HK 622657 0.316126 Energy 12006930.0
Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. Class H 2899-HK 672529 0.311541 Materials 3874750.0
JD Health International Inc. 6618-HK BMW8R0 0.303178 Consumer Discretionary 535200.0
China Conch Venture Holdings Ltd. 586-HK BH7HM0 0.297278 Industrials 1047500.0
China Overseas Land & Investment Limited 688-HK 619215 0.294969 Real Estate 2114862.0
BYD Company Limited Class A BD5CQ6 BD5CQ6 0.293044 Consumer Discretionary 103500.0
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited 1093-HK 619199 0.291953 Health Care 4682240.0
Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd. 268-HK 632758 0.278884 Information Technology 1475000.0
Innovent Biologics Inc. 1801-HK BGR6KX 0.276882 Health Care 493000.0
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 2601-HK B2Q5H5 0.272176 Financials 1462600.0
Longfor Group Holdings Ltd. 960-HK B56KLY 0.263495 Real Estate 920000.0
Haier Smart Home Co. Ltd. Class H 6690-HK BLD4QD 0.262188 Consumer Discretionary 1208000.0
Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. 2007-HK B1VKYN 0.261849 Real Estate 4601215.0
Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd. 968-HK BGQYNN 0.250492 Information Technology 2355162.0
Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited 1177-HK B00XSF 0.246744 Health Care 5855250.0
Li Auto Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A LI 50202M10 0.244609 Consumer Discretionary 137364.0
Lenovo Group Limited 992-HK 621808 0.240347 Information Technology 3906000.0
China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 1088-HK B09N7M 0.237868 Energy 1935200.0
Smoore International Holdings Limited 6969-HK BKWGSQ 0.236476 Consumer Staples 919000.0
GDS Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A GDS 36165L10 0.230743 Information Technology 64778.0
WuXi AppTec Co. Ltd. Class A BHWLWV BHWLWV 0.230702 Health Care 195384.0
Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited 868-HK B05NXN 0.229786 Industrials 1410000.0
Nongfu Spring Co. Ltd. Class H 9633-HK BMGWW3 0.228535 Consumer Staples 751000.0
China Longyuan Power Group Corp. Ltd. Class H 916-HK B4Q2TX 0.219826 Utilities 1849000.0
China Tower Corp. Ltd. Class H 788-HK BFZ2PK 0.210957 Communication Services 28004000.0
LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd Class A BRTL41 BRTL41 0.20959 Information Technology 241100.0
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co. Ltd. Class A BHQK86 BHQK86 0.208881 Health Care 62000.0
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co. Ltd. Class H 1919-HK B0B8Z1 0.208287 Industrials 2411577.0
Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited Class H 914-HK 608039 0.205948 Materials 713500.0
Huazhu Group Ltd Sponsored ADR HTHT 44332N10 0.200478 Consumer Discretionary 72271.0
China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited Class A BP3R46 BP3R46 0.196634 Consumer Discretionary 94700.0
China Yangtze Power Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2M BP3R2M 0.195908 Utilities 1072400.0
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd. Class A BP3R28 BP3R28 0.195379 Financials 420900.0
Zai Lab Ltd. Sponsored ADR ZLAB 98887Q10 0.194674 Health Care 39315.0
Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CB1 BD5CB1 0.192994 Materials 132500.0
WH Group Ltd. (HK) 288-HK BLLHKZ 0.190576 Consumer Staples 4758183.0
Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food Co. Ltd. Class A BTFRHX BTFRHX 0.189199 Consumer Staples 176844.0
PICC Property & Casualty Co. Ltd. Class H 2328-HK 670625 0.18783 Financials 3618287.0
Sunac China Holdings Ltd. 1918-HK B4XRPN 0.187298 Real Estate 1458300.0
Postal Savings Bank of China Co. Ltd. Class H 1658-HK BD8GL1 0.184583 Financials 4319000.0
Industrial Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R29 BP3R29 0.183978 Financials 1073200.0
Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 881-HK B633D9 0.169156 Consumer Discretionary 338500.0
China Gas Holdings Limited 384-HK 646079 0.169013 Utilities 1270200.0
CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 6030-HK B6SPB4 0.166549 Financials 1133500.0
China National Building Material Co. Ltd. Class H 3323-HK B0Y91C 0.166292 Materials 2382000.0
China Vanke Co. Ltd Class H 2202-HK BN320P 0.164464 Real Estate 1078264.0
Want Want China Holdings Limited 151-HK B2Q14Z 0.163192 Consumer Staples 3551933.0
Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R82 BP3R82 0.160737 Consumer Staples 60040.0
Genscript Biotech Corporation 1548-HK BD9Q2J 0.160639 Health Care 672000.0
China Resources Gas Group Limited 1193-HK 653551 0.16061 Utilities 575000.0
Pop Mart International Group Limited 9992-HK BN6PP3 0.155757 Consumer Discretionary 358200.0
Vipshop Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR VIPS 92763W10 0.152531 Consumer Discretionary 210804.0
Weichai Power Co. Ltd. Class H 2338-HK 674395 0.148517 Industrials 1436680.0
Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R36 BP3R36 0.148468 Health Care 308678.0
China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd. 836-HK 671156 0.145989 Utilities 1066092.0
Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co. Ltd. Class H 1066-HK 674234 0.144305 Health Care 1620400.0
Agricultural Bank of China Limited Class A BP3R22 BP3R22 0.143244 Financials 5368800.0
Guangdong Investment Limited 270-HK 691316 0.142891 Utilities 1860000.0
SITC International Holdings Co. Ltd. 1308-HK B61X7R 0.142674 Industrials 740000.0
EVE Energy Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C7G BD5C7G 0.142075 Industrials 118800.0
Ping An Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPS BD5CPS 0.138102 Financials 829300.0
Luzhou Laojiao Company Limited Class A BD5CMM BD5CMM 0.137208 Consumer Staples 69100.0
Kingsoft Corp. Ltd. 3888-HK B27WRM 0.132881 Communication Services 524000.0
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2V BP3R2V 0.13155 Consumer Staples 343500.0
East Money Information Co. Ltd Class A BD5CPC BD5CPC 0.131485 Financials 409860.0
China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd Class H 998-HK B1W0JF 0.131249 Financials 5115471.0
Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3S BP3R3S 0.130564 Materials 145500.0
Zhangzhou Pientzehuang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R7Z BP3R7Z 0.130512 Health Care 34400.0
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. Ltd. Class H 3898-HK B1L3XL 0.127669 Industrials 369700.0
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Sponsored ADR Class A TME 88034P10 0.127329 Communication Services 251247.0
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. 322-HK 690355 0.127273 Consumer Staples 1063844.0
Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd. 1347-HK BRB385 0.126923 Information Technology 379000.0
WuXi AppTec Co. Ltd. Class H 2359-HK BGHH0L 0.126683 Health Care 108600.0
NAURA Technology Group Co Ltd Class A BD5LYF BD5LYF 0.125902 Information Technology 30700.0
Luxshare Precision Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CN8 BD5CN8 0.123684 Information Technology 341663.0
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Class A BP3R21 BP3R21 0.123673 Financials 2924400.0
Daqo New Energy Corp Sponsored ADR DQ 23703Q20 0.122235 Information Technology 29719.0
Chinasoft International Ltd. 354-HK BC9S4J 0.122176 Information Technology 1262000.0
China Feihe Limited 6186-HK BK0SBL 0.121279 Consumer Staples 1378000.0
Hengan International Group Co. Ltd. 1044-HK 613623 0.118884 Consumer Staples 402000.0
S.F. Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BD73M3 BD73M3 0.117056 Industrials 209800.0
KunLun Energy Co. Ltd. 135-HK 634007 0.116034 Utilities 2251400.0
Muyuan Foods Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJX BD5CJX 0.114886 Consumer Staples 222446.0
CITIC Limited 267-HK 619615 0.114846 Industrials 2078000.0
Pharmaron Beijing Co. Ltd. Class A BK4XYC BK4XYC 0.114232 Health Care 66600.0
Kingboard Holdings Limited 148-HK 649131 0.113864 Information Technology 442499.0
Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 6837-HK B71SXC 0.113059 Financials 2184200.0
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. 2018-HK B85LKS 0.112793 Information Technology 448745.0
Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery Joint-Stock Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPF BD5CPF 0.110995 Consumer Staples 69100.0
Minth Group Limited 425-HK B0RJCG 0.110398 Consumer Discretionary 464000.0
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. Sponsored ADR EDU 64758110 0.10987 Consumer Discretionary 871183.0
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2B BP3R2B 0.109774 Financials 1403270.0
CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. 884-HK B8Z00N 0.10933 Real Estate 2955328.0
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. Class H 2238-HK B43399 0.109275 Consumer Discretionary 1907691.0
Lufax Holding Limited Sponsored ADR Class A LU 54975P10 0.108732 Financials 253165.0
CGN Power Co. Ltd. Class H 1816-HK BSBMM0 0.108577 Utilities 7136000.0
Tongwei Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCK BP3RCK 0.107438 Consumer Staples 242100.0
Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. Class H 168-HK 690580 0.106531 Consumer Staples 223000.0
JD Logistics Inc. 2618-HK BNMBPD 0.104753 Industrials 420500.0
RLX Technology Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A RLX 74969N10 0.100796 Consumer Staples 386264.0
Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. Class H 1099-HK B3ZVDV 0.10051 Health Care 752000.0
China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. Class H 1988-HK B57JY2 0.100358 Financials 4231259.0
Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited Class A BD5CP6 BD5CP6 0.099955 Consumer Discretionary 526740.0
Legend Biotech Corporation Sponsored ADR LEGN 52490G10 0.098643 Health Care 35397.0
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. Class H 1171-HK 610989 0.098592 Energy 1097900.0
China Everbright Environment Group Limited 257-HK 663094 0.098273 Industrials 2504925.0
Aier Eye Hospital Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLQ BD5CLQ 0.097882 Health Care 223678.0
China Literature Ltd. 772-HK BYP71J 0.096296 Communication Services 232000.0
China Resources Mixc Lifestyle Services Ltd. 1209-HK BMXWXT 0.096202 Real Estate 310800.0
China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 6881-HK B92NYF 0.096012 Financials 2867000.0
Will Semiconductor Ltd. Class A BK947V BK947V 0.09499 Information Technology 38134.0
New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class H 1336-HK B5730Z 0.09496 Financials 573500.0
Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CMT BD5CMT 0.094826 Information Technology 221800.0
Bank of Ningbo Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP0 BD5CP0 0.094765 Financials 268300.0
SAIC Motor Corporation Limited Class A BP3R2D BP3R2D 0.093815 Consumer Discretionary 484879.0
Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJY BD5CJY 0.093227 Health Care 80100.0
Yihai International Holding Ltd. 1579-HK BD9GZX 0.093211 Consumer Staples 285000.0
Akeso Inc. 9926-HK BLFJ7Y 0.092995 Health Care 299000.0
China Power International Development Ltd 2380-HK B02ZKQ 0.09298 Utilities 3238000.0
Yunnan Energy New Material Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCR3 BFCCR3 0.09212 Materials 37807.0
Aluminum Corporation of China Limited Class H 2600-HK 642539 0.091872 Materials 2912000.0
Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CL7 BD5CL7 0.091826 Information Technology 45700.0
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd. BS6-SG B1VT03 0.0917 Industrials 1693900.0
MicroPort Scientific Corp. 853-HK B676TW 0.090876 Health Care 337511.0
iQIYI Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A IQ 46267X10 0.089858 Communication Services 171983.0
ESR Cayman Ltd. 1821-HK BHNCRK 0.089711 Real Estate 464400.0
China Merchants Port Holdings Co. Ltd. 144-HK 641613 0.088444 Industrials 994805.0
China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R37 BP3R37 0.088009 Materials 201200.0
Weibo Corp Sponsored ADR Class A WB 94859610 0.08756 Communication Services 32674.0
Bosideng International Holdings Limited 3998-HK B24FZ3 0.08734 Consumer Discretionary 2058000.0
Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd. 2689-HK B0WC2B 0.087086 Materials 1189000.0
Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CGB BD5CGB 0.086632 Industrials 59300.0
ZTE Corporation Class H 763-HK B04KP8 0.086333 Information Technology 508797.0
JOYY Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A YY 46591M10 0.086303 Communication Services 28656.0
Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 6886-HK BWVFT0 0.084936 Financials 970000.0
Sanan Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3R BP3R3R 0.084676 Information Technology 254100.0
AECC Aviation Power Co Ltd Class A BP3R51 BP3R51 0.084482 Industrials 151000.0
Shanghai Baosight Software Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCN BP3RCN 0.083703 Information Technology 128120.0
GoerTek Inc. Class A BD5CNT BD5CNT 0.083632 Information Technology 186700.0
NARI Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R44 BP3R44 0.082961 Industrials 251280.0
BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPL BD5CPL 0.08209 Information Technology 1791200.0
China Railway Group Limited Class H 390-HK B297KM 0.082057 Industrials 2926000.0
Autohome Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A ATHM 05278C10 0.082019 Communication Services 37138.0
BYD Electronic (International) Co. Ltd. 285-HK B29SHS 0.081519 Information Technology 396000.0
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd. Class H 3606-HK BWGCFG 0.081503 Consumer Discretionary 249200.0
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited 371-HK B01YCG 0.081325 Utilities 3786000.0
Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited 3692-HK BJYKB7 0.08125 Health Care 612000.0
CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2J BP3R2J 0.080271 Financials 343500.0
Topsports International Holdings Limited 6110-HK BJRFW2 0.079702 Consumer Discretionary 1132000.0
China Medical System Holdings Ltd. 867-HK B6WY99 0.079207 Health Care 803300.0
Haitian International Holdings Limited 1882-HK B1L2RC 0.07878 Industrials 489000.0
JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. Sponsored ADR JKS 47759T10 0.077892 Information Technology 21982.0
China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. Class A BP3R2Q BP3R2Q 0.077865 Industrials 1758200.0
Dongfeng Motor Group Co. Ltd. Class H 489-HK B0PH5N 0.07783 Consumer Discretionary 1445300.0
GF Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 1776-HK BW4NKK 0.077617 Financials 776600.0
Sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3H BP3R3H 0.077025 Industrials 376218.0
Postal Savings Bank of China Co. Ltd. Class A BL61XF BL61XF 0.076875 Financials 1565800.0
DiDi Global Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A DIDI 23292E10 0.076273 Industrials 146472.0
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd. 966-HK 626404 0.076017 Financials 874091.0
Jiangxi Copper Company Limited Class H 358-HK 600030 0.075954 Materials 751000.0
China Vanke Co. Ltd Class A BD5CPW BD5CPW 0.075772 Real Estate 401610.0
Hello Group Inc. Sponsored ADR MOMO 42340310 0.075736 Communication Services 95960.0
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2Y BP3R2Y 0.075573 Materials 1267500.0
Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CDC BD5CDC 0.075402 Industrials 345760.0
Poly Developments & Holdings Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R33 BP3R33 0.075267 Real Estate 558500.0
China Merchants Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R30 BP3R30 0.074781 Financials 474392.0
Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BYQDMZ BYQDMZ 0.074278 Financials 471200.0
Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co. Ltd Class A BP3R5K BP3R5K 0.074182 Industrials 150900.0
CRRC Corporation Limited Class A BP3R35 BP3R35 0.073913 Industrials 1359700.0
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CCK BD5CCK 0.073693 Health Care 56200.0
Ming Yuan Cloud Group Holdings Limited 909-HK BMC5QM 0.073305 Information Technology 362000.0
Thunder Software Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CG0 BD5CG0 0.072902 Information Technology 57400.0
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co. Ltd. Class A BFF5BV BFF5BV 0.072178 Materials 66500.0
Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. Class A BD6V5C BD6V5C 0.07199 Health Care 19400.0
Anhui Gujing Distillery Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M1G BD5M1G 0.07152 Consumer Staples 33600.0
Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RFJ BP3RFJ 0.071286 Industrials 95596.0
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLL BD5CLL 0.070704 Materials 2100000.0
People's Insurance Co. (Group) of China Ltd. Class H 1339-HK B8RZJZ 0.070508 Financials 3972000.0
AVIC Electromechanical Systems Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJ8 BD5CJ8 0.070086 Industrials 491900.0
Maxscend Microelectronics Company Limited Class A BK4XS1 BK4XS1 0.06984 Information Technology 25396.0
Far East Horizon Limited 3360-HK B63DLB 0.069748 Financials 1262000.0
China MeiDong Auto Holdings Ltd. 1268-HK BH0VXF 0.069585 Consumer Discretionary 238000.0
Dongyue Group Limited 189-HK B29MXW 0.069585 Materials 595000.0
China Molybdenum Co. Ltd. Class H 3993-HK B1VRCG 0.069484 Materials 2043000.0
Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited 1833-HK BDRYVB 0.068838 Health Care 271454.0
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2K BP3R2K 0.068789 Financials 266900.0
Wingtech Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BK4PZC BK4PZC 0.068768 Information Technology 63200.0
PetroChina Company Limited Class A BP3R20 BP3R20 0.068633 Energy 1569036.0
Hopson Development Holdings Limited 754-HK BMXJW5 0.068572 Real Estate 461070.0
Changchun High & New Technology Industry (Group) Inc. Class A BD5CDB BD5CDB 0.06831 Health Care 27800.0
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. Class H 2607-HK B4Q4CJ 0.067744 Health Care 672800.0
Haidilao International Holding Ltd. 6862-HK BGN971 0.067225 Consumer Discretionary 406000.0
CIFI Ever Sunshine Services Group Limited 1995-HK BNT8LB 0.067206 Real Estate 608000.0
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd. Class H 2196-HK B8XBQ9 0.067152 Health Care 236000.0
Huaneng Power International Inc. Class H 902-HK 609967 0.067145 Utilities 2572129.0
Weimob Inc. 2013-HK BGHWHF 0.066968 Information Technology 865000.0
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R6K BP3R6K 0.066296 Consumer Discretionary 155200.0
Noah Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A NOAH 65487X10 0.065871 Financials 25367.0
Evergrande Property Services Group Ltd. 6666-HK BMCW9V 0.065693 Real Estate 2143000.0
Rongsheng Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CL2 BD5CL2 0.065673 Materials 458300.0
Shandong Linglong Tyre Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5N1 BYW5N1 0.065284 Consumer Discretionary 175500.0
Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RD0 BP3RD0 0.064974 Consumer Discretionary 127010.0
Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co. Ltd Class A BD5CMN BD5CMN 0.064785 Industrials 102450.0
360 DigiTech Inc. ADR Class A QFIN 88557W10 0.064713 Financials 44397.0
JA Solar Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BMVB50 BMVB50 0.064374 Information Technology 76969.0
Flat Glass Group Co. Ltd. Class H 6865-HK BYQ977 0.064244 Information Technology 230000.0
Jiangsu Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 177-HK 600550 0.063894 Industrials 1146795.0
VNET Group Inc. Sponsored ADR VNET 90138A10 0.063673 Information Technology 63292.0
Alibaba Pictures Group Limited 1060-HK BPYM74 0.063502 Communication Services 9900000.0
China Coal Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 1898-HK B1JNK8 0.063062 Energy 1900013.0
KWG Group Holdings Limited 1813-HK B1YBF0 0.06292 Real Estate 1129306.0
Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5R0 BYW5R0 0.062685 Consumer Discretionary 100500.0
Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR KC 49639K10 0.061904 Information Technology 46351.0
Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CG7 BD5CG7 0.061733 Consumer Discretionary 216500.0
China Oilfield Services Limited Class H 2883-HK 656099 0.061619 Energy 1181900.0
Guangdong Haid Group Co. Limited Class A BD5CJ6 BD5CJ6 0.061461 Consumer Staples 104000.0
Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 576-HK 699076 0.061447 Industrials 1182000.0
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 2208-HK B59GZJ 0.061277 Industrials 464160.0
I-MAB Sponsored ADR IMAB 44975P10 0.061197 Health Care 17262.0
Air China Limited Class A BP3R4G BP3R4G 0.060712 Industrials 758500.0
Haier Smart Home Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3G BP3R3G 0.060659 Consumer Discretionary 249500.0
China Everbright Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2P BP3R2P 0.060643 Financials 1988800.0
Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited Class A BP3R60 BP3R60 0.060136 Industrials 362100.0
Chengdu Westone Information Industry Inc. Class A BD5CK8 BD5CK8 0.06009 Information Technology 116800.0
Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Limited 780-HK BGM5R2 0.060004 Consumer Discretionary 466107.0
Shandong Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R5D BP3R5D 0.059636 Materials 313520.0
Chongqing Brewery Co.Ltd Class A BP3RCZ BP3RCZ 0.059369 Consumer Staples 43039.0
TravelSky Technology Ltd. Class H 696-HK 632195 0.05933 Information Technology 569000.0
Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai Class A BD5CPN BD5CPN 0.059003 Consumer Discretionary 180000.0
SG Micro Corp. Class A BHQPSR BHQPSR 0.058681 Information Technology 17400.0
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3M BP3R3M 0.0586 Health Care 129300.0
TAL Education Group Sponsored ADR Class A TAL 87408010 0.058543 Consumer Discretionary 235906.0
Vinda International Holdings Limited 3331-HK B1Z764 0.058535 Consumer Staples 360000.0
Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPV BD5CPV 0.058091 Financials 1111310.0
Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. Class A BD6QWJ BD6QWJ 0.058042 Information Technology 75200.0
Walvax Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CG3 BD5CG3 0.057586 Health Care 124300.0
Wuhan Guide Infrared Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CGD BD5CGD 0.057464 Information Technology 267964.0
AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 2357-HK 670789 0.057341 Industrials 1437000.0
China Jushi Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RDW BP3RDW 0.057149 Materials 363170.0
Bank of Hangzhou Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5MZ BYW5MZ 0.056976 Financials 426800.0
Yuexiu Property Co. Ltd. 123-HK BNR5PB 0.056778 Real Estate 1050000.0
TCL Technology Group Corporation Class A BD5CP2 BD5CP2 0.055844 Consumer Discretionary 957000.0
Beijing Kingsoft Office Software. Inc. Class A BNR4NQ BNR4NQ 0.055721 Information Technology 21884.0
China Overseas Property Holdings Limited 2669-HK BYYMZN 0.055645 Real Estate 1027620.0
iflytek Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CNN BD5CNN 0.055476 Information Technology 104300.0
China Education Group Holdings Limited 839-HK BF1343 0.055322 Consumer Discretionary 547000.0
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited 2314-HK 669377 0.055276 Materials 1254000.0
China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Ltd. 3669-HK B8F2T6 0.054815 Consumer Discretionary 587000.0
Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R48 BP3R48 0.054748 Materials 2320300.0
Giga Device Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. Class A BHWLWF BHWLWF 0.054547 Information Technology 36525.0
China Hongqiao Group Ltd. 1378-HK B44ZV9 0.053729 Materials 960500.0
Shandong Publishing & Media Co. Ltd. Class A BFYQHB BFYQHB 0.053629 Communication Services 1051500.0
Shimao Group Holdings Limited 813-HK B16YNS 0.053628 Real Estate 645441.0
Sangfor Technologies Inc. Class A BHQPS7 BHQPS7 0.052975 Information Technology 27100.0
China Resources Cement Holdings Limited 1313-HK B41XC9 0.052911 Materials 1117163.0
Shenzhen International Holdings Limited 152-HK BJVBTY 0.052884 Industrials 776611.0
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 3618-HK B4Q1Y5 0.052293 Financials 2504000.0
LB Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LS7 BD5LS7 0.052138 Materials 212000.0
Zhongan Online P&C Insurance Co. Ltd. Class H 6060-HK BYZQ09 0.052061 Financials 252900.0
Uni-President China Holdings Ltd. 220-HK B29MKF 0.052005 Consumer Staples 964400.0
51job Inc Sponsored ADR JOBS 31682710 0.051921 Industrials 16486.0
Skyworth Group Limited 751-HK 622882 0.051271 Consumer Discretionary 1125057.0
Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. Ltd BD5LR6 BD5LR6 0.05094 Materials 38690.0
China International Capital Corp. Ltd. Class H 3908-HK BZ169C 0.050817 Financials 344800.0
Bank of China Limited Class A BP3R23 BP3R23 0.050692 Financials 1819500.0
Shaanxi International Trust Corp. Ltd. Class A BD5CF8 BD5CF8 0.050404 Financials 1757630.0
Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited Class H 2727-HK B07J65 0.050389 Industrials 2912000.0
China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R25 BP3R25 0.050346 Financials 189600.0
Agora Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A API 00851L10 0.05009 Information Technology 34228.0
Zhejiang NHU Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CH6 BD5CH6 0.049952 Health Care 190920.0
Atlas Corp. ATCO Y0436Q10 0.049895 Industrials 58722.0
Bank of Chongqing Co. Ltd. Class H 1963-HK BFZCJC 0.049866 Financials 1519500.0
Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co Ltd Class A BD5CJ2 BD5CJ2 0.04966 Industrials 190200.0
Jiangsu Eastern Shenghong Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LSB BD5LSB 0.049516 Materials 246000.0
Shaanxi Coal Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BS7K5P BS7K5P 0.049355 Energy 457400.0
Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJM BD5CJM 0.049298 Health Care 158282.0
Hengli Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Class A BFB4HL BFB4HL 0.04929 Materials 253800.0
Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BF2DZJ BF2DZJ 0.049165 Materials 28940.0
Sichuan Swellfun Co. Ltd. Class A BFB4JK BFB4JK 0.049136 Consumer Staples 42300.0
Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD6QWS BD6QWS 0.049049 Materials 161240.0
China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R26 BP3R26 0.049021 Energy 280900.0
ORIENT SECURITIES CO LTD Class A BZ0D00 BZ0D00 0.048827 Financials 380500.0
GF Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CQ3 BD5CQ3 0.048799 Financials 247800.0
Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3B BP3R3B 0.04857 Financials 336600.0
Xtep International Holdings Limited 1368-HK B2RJYH 0.048569 Consumer Discretionary 612020.0
Dada Nexus Ltd. Sponsored ADR DADA 23344D10 0.048538 Consumer Discretionary 36092.0
Fu Shou Yuan International Group Ltd. 1448-HK BH4TZ7 0.048482 Consumer Discretionary 976000.0
COFCO Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CBZ BD5CBZ 0.04833 Materials 495400.0
Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc. BZ0D28 BZ0D28 0.048243 Industrials 86580.0
GOME Retail Holdings Limited 493-HK B01Z8S 0.048192 Consumer Discretionary 8391279.0
Shenzhen Transsion Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BNR4NP BNR4NP 0.048135 Information Technology 36517.0
Hygeia Healthcare Holdings Co. Ltd. 6078-HK BMX09H 0.048081 Health Care 97600.0
China Molybdenum Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R57 BP3R57 0.047812 Materials 940800.0
Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China Class A BK71F6 BK71F6 0.047715 Information Technology 30325.0
Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M1Y BD5M1Y 0.047625 Information Technology 64700.0
JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited 1691-HK BKL9QV 0.047457 Consumer Discretionary 430500.0
Greentown Service Group Co. Ltd. 2869-HK BD20C1 0.047316 Real Estate 802000.0
Lens Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP1 BD5CP1 0.04707 Information Technology 226100.0
China Cinda Asset Management Co. Ltd. Class H 1359-HK BGY6SV 0.047022 Financials 4887200.0
Tongkun Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RGF BP3RGF 0.04688 Materials 260900.0
RemeGen Co. Ltd. Class H 9995-HK BMC6XV 0.046864 Health Care 63500.0
Bank of Chengdu Co. Ltd. Class A BFYQHF BFYQHF 0.046815 Financials 430600.0
Hundsun Technologies Inc. Class A BP3R6B BP3R6B 0.046711 Information Technology 83032.0
Yonyou Network Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R6C BP3R6C 0.046659 Information Technology 158440.0
Agile Group Holdings Limited 3383-HK B0PR2F 0.046294 Real Estate 1032747.0
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CQ5 BD5CQ5 0.046139 Industrials 269000.0
Jinxin Fertility Group Ltd. 1951-HK BJ9JY5 0.046055 Health Care 566500.0
Wuhu Sanqi Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CMH BD5CMH 0.045666 Communication Services 198500.0
China Datang Corp. Renewable Power Co. Ltd. Class H 1798-HK B4YX1N 0.045449 Utilities 2038000.0
Sunac Services Holdings Ltd. 1516-HK BLN9QR 0.045235 Real Estate 361000.0
Zhejiang Yasha Decoration Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CK4 BD5CK4 0.045141 Consumer Discretionary 641000.0
Huabao International Holdings Limited 336-HK B00HLY 0.045081 Materials 369000.0
China Lesso Group Holdings Limited 2128-HK BCDBKF 0.045058 Industrials 529000.0
Lonking Holdings Limited 3339-HK B0MSW5 0.044976 Industrials 2692000.0
Fanhua Inc. Sponsored ADR FANH 30712A10 0.044963 Financials 54406.0
Kintor Pharmaceutical Ltd 9939-HK BMDWVN 0.044897 Health Care 101000.0
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 1157-HK B544N7 0.044854 Industrials 1099400.0
Spring Airlines Co. Ltd. Class A BZ0D1W BZ0D1W 0.044613 Industrials 82900.0
Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd. Class H 694-HK 620842 0.0446 Industrials 1149939.0
Oppein Home Group Inc. Class A BFF1YZ BFF1YZ 0.044532 Consumer Discretionary 38880.0
Zheshang Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BFB4KN BFB4KN 0.044418 Financials 380300.0
Jiangsu Yoke Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8GF BFY8GF 0.044274 Materials 58100.0
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R9K BP3R9K 0.043966 Materials 1229600.0
Bank of Communications Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2G BP3R2G 0.043906 Financials 1038200.0
Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation Limited Class A BP3R9J BP3R9J 0.043755 Health Care 155029.0
Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CNJ BD5CNJ 0.04358 Information Technology 198600.0
Qingling Motors Co. Ltd. Class H 1122-HK 671815 0.043563 Consumer Discretionary 3456000.0
XCMG Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CM2 BD5CM2 0.043334 Industrials 777700.0
Focus Media Information Technology Co Ltd Class A BD5CND BD5CND 0.043326 Communication Services 646900.0
Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd. Class A BP3R4M BP3R4M 0.043309 Industrials 697700.0
HANGZHOU FIRST APPLIED MATERIAL CO.LTD. Class A BYYFJR BYYFJR 0.043273 Information Technology 35820.0
Guangdong HEC Technology Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R81 BP3R81 0.043168 Materials 447900.0
Avicopter Plc Class A BP3R6T BP3R6T 0.043002 Industrials 70200.0
China Industrial Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R5B BP3R5B 0.042969 Financials 533200.0
Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLB BD5CLB 0.042907 Information Technology 151440.0
Hefei Meyer Optoelectronic Technology Inc. Class A BD5CHY BD5CHY 0.042753 Industrials 113600.0
Yifan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CDK BD5CDK 0.042667 Health Care 270200.0
Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 3900-HK B17N9P 0.042559 Real Estate 479500.0
Shanghai International Airport Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4P BP3R4P 0.042531 Industrials 93600.0
Seazen Holdings Co.Ltd. Class A BZ3F6M BZ3F6M 0.042434 Real Estate 131900.0
ZTE Corporation Class A BD5CPY BD5CPY 0.042277 Information Technology 144900.0
China Jinmao Holdings Group Limited 817-HK B23TGR 0.042188 Real Estate 2290000.0
Shenzhen Investment Limited 604-HK 653526 0.042185 Real Estate 2856565.0
Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. Class A BD5CQ2 BD5CQ2 0.042145 Health Care 128500.0
Yadea Group Holdings Ltd. 1585-HK BZ04KX 0.042102 Consumer Discretionary 420000.0
Luye Pharma Group Ltd. 2186-HK BNQ4GF 0.041981 Health Care 1493000.0
Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited 639-HK 635467 0.041849 Materials 2805422.0
Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2L BP3R2L 0.04166 Industrials 980900.0
Addsino Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKF BD5CKF 0.041585 Information Technology 270500.0
Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CM0 BD5CM0 0.041493 Health Care 152100.0
Yunnan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP9 BD5CP9 0.041487 Health Care 51307.0
China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited Class H 956-HK B3ZXLP 0.041036 Energy 986000.0
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. Class A BP3R4K BP3R4K 0.040999 Industrials 1176500.0
Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LZV BD5LZV 0.04094 Materials 454760.0
Datang International Power Generation Co. Ltd. Class H 991-HK 608071 0.040782 Utilities 4142287.0
Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RDC BP3RDC 0.040524 Materials 161264.0
Montage Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BK71F7 BK71F7 0.040456 Information Technology 56644.0
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited 308-HK 619728 0.040451 Consumer Discretionary 4140000.0
Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RBV BP3RBV 0.040434 Health Care 377904.0
Shenzhen MTC Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CFV BD5CFV 0.040329 Consumer Discretionary 876500.0
Bank of Shanghai Co. Ltd. Class A BD8P9J BD8P9J 0.04005 Financials 606200.0
Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP8 BD5CP8 0.039994 Consumer Staples 146900.0
Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited Class A BP3R2Z BP3R2Z 0.039992 Materials 113400.0
Everbright Securities Company Limited Class A BZ0D1Y BZ0D1Y 0.039987 Financials 291800.0
Kingboard Laminates Holdings Limited 1888-HK B1HHFV 0.039979 Information Technology 429500.0
CSG Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CD4 BD5CD4 0.039947 Materials 501917.0
Jiangsu King's Luck Brewery Joint-stock Co. Ltd. Class A BTFRHZ BTFRHZ 0.039853 Consumer Staples 82500.0
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Class A BP3R24 BP3R24 0.039801 Energy 1069700.0
XD Inc. 2400-HK BKF2W4 0.039791 Communication Services 115600.0
IMEIK Technology Development Co. Ltd. Class A BNR4MY BNR4MY 0.03978 Health Care 7700.0
Huadong Medicine Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CM9 BD5CM9 0.039779 Health Care 125200.0
Yantai Dongcheng Biochemicals Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LTN BD5LTN 0.039761 Health Care 276600.0
Kingclean Electric Co Ltd Class A BYQDMK BYQDMK 0.03966 Consumer Discretionary 181260.0
Angang Steel Co. Ltd. Class H 347-HK 601564 0.039629 Materials 1355435.0
Guanghui Energy Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3N BP3R3N 0.039562 Energy 695270.0
Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LYB BD5LYB 0.039462 Industrials 226475.0
CanSino Biologics Inc. Class H 6185-HK BJKDJS 0.039265 Health Care 32800.0
Shennan Circuit Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8GV BFY8GV 0.039245 Information Technology 39820.0
Soochow Securities Co Ltd Class A BP3R6Z BP3R6Z 0.039229 Financials 490652.0
Ningbo Sanxing Medical Electric Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RJG BP3RJG 0.039166 Industrials 299500.0
China Everbright Limited 165-HK 645514 0.039116 Financials 598000.0
CIMC Enric Holdings Limited 3899-HK B0M6DX 0.039112 Industrials 534000.0
Canaan Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A CAN 13474810 0.039088 Information Technology 63092.0
China Communications Services Corp. Ltd. Class H 552-HK B1HVJ1 0.039042 Industrials 1399600.0
Bank of Jiangsu Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5MY BYW5MY 0.038983 Financials 678600.0
InnoCare Pharma Limited 9969-HK BK8K0W 0.038808 Health Care 271000.0
Zhejiang Juhua Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R98 BP3R98 0.038798 Materials 330900.0
CSC Financial Co. Ltd. Class A BDZRFN BDZRFN 0.038766 Financials 144804.0
Daan Gene Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKW BD5CKW 0.038642 Health Care 224340.0
Xiamen Tungsten Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R6F BP3R6F 0.03859 Materials 191200.0
Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKS BD5CKS 0.038578 Industrials 96900.0
Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co. Ltd. Class A BMXTWX BMXTWX 0.038445 Health Care 19640.0
Sichuan Chuantou Energy Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4Y BP3R4Y 0.038322 Utilities 367200.0
Huapont-nutrichem Co Ltd Class A BD5CJZ BD5CJZ 0.038142 Materials 597000.0
Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CGX BD5CGX 0.037988 Consumer Discretionary 130000.0
StarPower Semiconductor Ltd. Class A BL58R3 BL58R3 0.037921 Information Technology 8900.0
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co. Ltd. Class A BL58M7 BL58M7 0.037626 Industrials 919300.0
Yifeng Pharmacy Chain Co Ltd Class A BYYFJV BYYFJV 0.037471 Consumer Staples 85134.0
Sun Art Retail Group Limited 6808-HK B3MPN5 0.037401 Consumer Staples 1488000.0
FangDa Carbon New Material Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R7V BP3R7V 0.037398 Industrials 395860.0
Logan Group Co. Ltd. 3380-HK BH6X93 0.037278 Real Estate 588000.0
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited Class A BP3R5X BP3R5X 0.037055 Industrials 833300.0
China BlueChemical Ltd. Class H 3983-HK B1DN3X 0.036693 Materials 2008000.0
Pangang Group Vanadium Titanium and Resources Co. Ltd. Class A BKDQ7V BKDQ7V 0.036691 Materials 1126200.0
Sinolink Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4V BP3R4V 0.036652 Financials 375700.0
Bank of Nanjing Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R52 BP3R52 0.03664 Financials 421000.0
HUAYU Automotive Systems Company Limited Class A BP3R4T BP3R4T 0.036472 Consumer Discretionary 154100.0
Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd Class A BD5CF2 BD5CF2 0.036341 Information Technology 157100.0
China National Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. Class A BYQDNJ BYQDNJ 0.036304 Utilities 614500.0
YTO Express Group Co.Ltd. Class A BYW5QJ BYW5QJ 0.036069 Industrials 279300.0
Unisplendour Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CBG BD5CBG 0.036037 Information Technology 147676.0
China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. Ltd Class H 2039-HK B87RSJ 0.03595 Industrials 338960.0
MMG Ltd. 1208-HK 672879 0.035896 Materials 1504000.0
Founder Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R41 BP3R41 0.035863 Financials 497700.0
Anhui Honglu Steel Construction (Group) Co. Ltd Class A BMTCVM BMTCVM 0.035772 Materials 83600.0
TBEA Co Ltd. Class A BP3R4H BP3R4H 0.035687 Industrials 169500.0
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited 363-HK 681001 0.035604 Industrials 418000.0
Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R8V BP3R8V 0.035512 Consumer Discretionary 398083.0
Hoshine Silicon Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BFYQH8 BFYQH8 0.035356 Materials 24000.0
Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd. HOLI G4566710 0.035106 Information Technology 40432.0
China CSSC Holdings Limited Class A BP3R4N BP3R4N 0.034884 Industrials 181400.0
China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPM BD5CPM 0.034716 Real Estate 351919.0
Shanxi Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CNC BD5CNC 0.034373 Financials 590890.0
NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited 777-HK B28SXZ 0.03424 Communication Services 271000.0
Guoyuan Securities Company Limited Class A BD5CNY BD5CNY 0.03403 Financials 494040.0
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited 392-HK 608169 0.033876 Utilities 162500.0
Yidu Tech Inc. 2158-HK BMXLWD 0.033827 Health Care 174100.0
Chongqing Water Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4X BP3R4X 0.033572 Utilities 593800.0
SDIC Power Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R43 BP3R43 0.033569 Utilities 379000.0
Joyoung Company Limited Class A BD5CCS BD5CCS 0.033564 Consumer Discretionary 155854.0
Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M1L BD5M1L 0.033458 Materials 350791.0
Shanxi Meijin Energy Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCPV BFCCPV 0.033455 Materials 318900.0
Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co. Ltd. Class A BK4XS9 BK4XS9 0.033393 Materials 256600.0
Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co. Ltd. Class A BLCD7F BLCD7F 0.033323 Health Care 73146.0
Jiangsu Guotai International Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LV3 BD5LV3 0.03328 Industrials 302320.0
SUNWODA Electronic Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CCV BD5CCV 0.033181 Industrials 69300.0
China Merchants Energy Shipping Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R8G BP3R8G 0.033102 Energy 860280.0
Mango Excellent Media Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CDT BD5CDT 0.033091 Communication Services 84366.0
Southwest Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4S BP3R4S 0.033052 Financials 744800.0
Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8HT BFY8HT 0.032921 Health Care 34300.0
Huaan Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5MX BYW5MX 0.03292 Financials 698930.0
Qingdao Port International Co Ltd Class H 6198-HK BN320D 0.032771 Industrials 1118000.0
Dongxing Securities Co. Ltd. BYQDMD BYQDMD 0.032743 Financials 309700.0
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited 1114-HK 618148 0.032721 Consumer Discretionary 1754000.0
Sinocare Inc. Class A BD5LWM BD5LWM 0.032445 Health Care 133400.0
Topsec Technologies Group Inc. Class A BD73L7 BD73L7 0.032421 Industrials 200700.0
Wen's Foodstuff Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPT BD5CPT 0.032265 Consumer Staples 208400.0
Chengdu Fusen Noble-House Industrial Co. Ltd. Class A BD6V5B BD6V5B 0.032153 Consumer Discretionary 281640.0
China Greatwall Technology Group Co Ltd Class A BD5CKJ BD5CKJ 0.032116 Information Technology 252600.0
Changjiang Securities Co. Ltd Class A BD5CP4 BD5CP4 0.032007 Financials 480500.0
Zhaojin Mining Industry Co. Ltd. Class H 1818-HK B1H508 0.031898 Materials 628000.0
Chindata Group Holdings Limited Sponsored ADR Class A CD 16955F10 0.031865 Information Technology 57654.0
Avary Holding (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Class A BKDQ80 BKDQ80 0.03164 Information Technology 87600.0
Zhejiang Starry Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BMTCX6 BMTCX6 0.031625 Health Care 55000.0
Ecovacs Robotics Co. Ltd. Class A BDFWW6 BDFWW6 0.031597 Consumer Discretionary 19500.0
Sichuan Shuangma Cement Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8HH BFY8HH 0.031589 Materials 152600.0
SSY Group Limited 2005-HK BYP9J6 0.031586 Health Care 1132332.0
Tianneng Power International Limited 819-HK B1XDJC 0.031485 Consumer Discretionary 492000.0
Bank of Beijing Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2W BP3R2W 0.031413 Financials 779600.0
Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R54 BP3R54 0.031402 Health Care 256500.0
Perfect World Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M1C BD5M1C 0.031075 Communication Services 180600.0
China Southern Airlines Company Limited Class A BP3R6G BP3R6G 0.031028 Industrials 510300.0
Zhejiang Hailiang Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M2C BD5M2C 0.03065 Materials 275700.0
Dashang Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RBY BP3RBY 0.030576 Consumer Discretionary 176956.0
Flat Glass Group Co. Ltd. Class A BJLMPM BJLMPM 0.03057 Information Technology 71840.0
China Harmony Auto Holding Limited 3836-HK BYMW8J 0.030537 Consumer Discretionary 1036500.0
Zhejiang Century Huatong Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CG5 BD5CG5 0.030503 Communication Services 430912.0
Shenzhen Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 548-HK 684874 0.030502 Industrials 546000.0
China Zhenhua (Group) Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C88 BD5C88 0.030458 Information Technology 28900.0
New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CNF BD5CNF 0.030201 Consumer Staples 213600.0
Caitong Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BFY9KS BFY9KS 0.030194 Financials 319000.0
SDIC Capital Co. Ltd. Class A BYYFJ7 BYYFJ7 0.030093 Financials 395237.0
Jizhong Energy Resources Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJ9 BD5CJ9 0.030064 Energy 557700.0
Winning Health Technology Group Co.Ltd. Class A BD5CKZ BD5CKZ 0.030024 Health Care 234800.0
Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CCP BD5CCP 0.029944 Materials 46000.0
China Water Affairs Group Limited 855-HK 667147 0.029885 Utilities 504000.0
Concord New Energy Group Limited 182-HK BVXTWR 0.029864 Utilities 5200000.0
Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CQ1 BD5CQ1 0.029786 Materials 458400.0
Transfar Zhilian Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKP BD5CKP 0.029771 Materials 404000.0
Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. Class A BFF1Z1 BFF1Z1 0.029722 Financials 467200.0
Gemdale Corporation Class A BP3R3Q BP3R3Q 0.029708 Real Estate 286400.0
Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP5 BD5CP5 0.029683 Consumer Discretionary 492600.0
China International Capital Corp. Ltd. Class A BMYPCF BMYPCF 0.029576 Financials 66200.0
Suzhou Maxwell Technologies Co. Ltd. Class A BL61W9 BL61W9 0.029552 Industrials 4740.0
Lexinfintech Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A LX 52887710 0.029528 Financials 85247.0
Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R8Q BP3R8Q 0.029437 Energy 443131.0
Xiamen C&D Inc. Class A BP3R6L BP3R6L 0.029433 Industrials 396000.0
CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited 1883-HK B1VKZ8 0.029413 Communication Services 1466000.0
Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BMQBTV BMQBTV 0.029374 Consumer Staples 50300.0
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Class H 338-HK 679745 0.029342 Materials 2273999.0
Guosen Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPR BD5CPR 0.029313 Financials 286100.0
LifeTech Scientific Corporation 1302-HK BV9FKS 0.029295 Health Care 1088000.0
Huaxin Cement Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RD3 BP3RD3 0.029288 Materials 178700.0
Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited Class A BP3R3T BP3R3T 0.029193 Industrials 656500.0
Zhongjin Gold Corp. Ltd. Class A BP3R58 BP3R58 0.029139 Materials 367800.0
Sino-Ocean Group Holding Ltd. 3377-HK B24CVP 0.029126 Real Estate 2206212.0
HUAXI Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BHQPRV BHQPRV 0.029031 Financials 341400.0
Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R49 BP3R49 0.02889 Consumer Staples 34300.0
Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R7Q BP3R7Q 0.028683 Industrials 204700.0
China Southern Airlines Company Limited Class H 1055-HK 601369 0.028681 Industrials 788000.0
Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKK BD5CKK 0.028613 Consumer Staples 457600.0
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R9V BP3R9V 0.028597 Materials 1529700.0
Shimao Services Holdings Limited 873-HK BMF705 0.028531 Real Estate 311000.0
Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R2S BP3R2S 0.028516 Financials 248200.0
Jiumaojiu International Holdings Ltd. 9922-HK BLBFH6 0.028486 Consumer Discretionary 206000.0
360 Security Technology Inc. Class A BDF57C BDF57C 0.028392 Information Technology 252100.0
Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BNR4NT BNR4NT 0.028356 Consumer Discretionary 3367.0
A-Living Smart City Services Co. Ltd. Class H 3319-HK BFWK4M 0.028355 Real Estate 160750.0
Golden Solar New Energy Technology Holdings Limited 1121-HK BMVZMK 0.028172 Consumer Discretionary 344000.0
Lao Feng Xiang Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCP BP3RCP 0.028042 Consumer Discretionary 65800.0
Yanlord Land Group Limited Z25-SG B17KMY 0.028028 Real Estate 577300.0
Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited 934-HK 616269 0.027989 Energy 1294000.0
Shanghai Construction Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R6J BP3R6J 0.027951 Industrials 965500.0
Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy & Chemical Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R7B BP3R7B 0.027871 Materials 616700.0
Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CMX BD5CMX 0.027805 Information Technology 118800.0
3SBio Inc. 1530-HK BY9D3L 0.027695 Health Care 515000.0
LBX Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock Company Class A BYZW4H BYZW4H 0.027685 Consumer Staples 66900.0
Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. Class A BD5CL1 BD5CL1 0.027633 Health Care 101700.0
Jonjee Hi-Tech Industrial and Commercial Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RB1 BP3RB1 0.027555 Consumer Staples 83993.0
Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd. Class A BMQBTQ BMQBTQ 0.027524 Industrials 12900.0
Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd Class A BG139S BG139S 0.027418 Real Estate 342160.0
United Laboratories International Holdings Ltd. 3933-HK B1P70H 0.027396 Health Care 716000.0
Satellite Chemical Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCQG BFCCQG 0.027386 Materials 77200.0
Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd Class A BD5CKM BD5CKM 0.02723 Information Technology 241200.0
Shengyi Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RC3 BP3RC3 0.027027 Information Technology 125500.0
CGN New Energy Holdings Co. Ltd. 1811-HK BQWJ9K 0.026907 Utilities 580000.0
Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.Ltd. Class A BP3R71 BP3R71 0.02685 Health Care 132200.0
Intco Medical Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BMTCVT BMTCVT 0.026845 Health Care 53900.0
Western Securities Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP7 BD5CP7 0.026688 Financials 373200.0
Anhui Expressway Company Limited Class H 995-HK 604518 0.026624 Industrials 736000.0
Niu Technologies Sponsored ADR Class A NIU 65481N10 0.026522 Consumer Discretionary 17552.0
Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCV BP3RCV 0.026493 Information Technology 42900.0
China Railway Group Limited Class A BP3R3D BP3R3D 0.026445 Industrials 551900.0
Alpha Group Class A BD5CNK BD5CNK 0.026433 Consumer Discretionary 511000.0
Ovctek China Inc. Class A BHQPSJ BHQPSJ 0.026364 Health Care 45300.0
Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited 2342-HK 665157 0.02635 Information Technology 1740310.0
Linklogis Inc. Class B 9959-HK BKSCMF 0.026303 Information Technology 474000.0
Venus Medtech (Hangzhou) Inc. Class H 2500-HK BL6V04 0.02622 Health Care 94500.0
Songcheng Performance Development Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CMV BD5CMV 0.026172 Consumer Discretionary 202100.0
Genimous Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CQC BD5CQC 0.025874 Information Technology 402700.0
China Huarong Asset Management Co Ltd Class H 2799-HK BYNK38 0.025802 Financials 6780000.0
Hua Xia Bank Co. Limited Class A BP3R2T BP3R2T 0.0257 Financials 506600.0
Poly Property Group Co. Ltd. 119-HK 622098 0.025668 Real Estate 1687000.0
Topchoice Medical Corp. Class A BYYFJH BYYFJH 0.025605 Health Care 12900.0
Fujian Sunner Development Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CHS BD5CHS 0.025556 Consumer Staples 124000.0
ADAMA Ltd. Class A BYVNZC BYVNZC 0.025552 Materials 361900.0
Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCR4 BFCCR4 0.025512 Information Technology 36700.0
Zhejiang Supor Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M22 BD5M22 0.025502 Consumer Discretionary 51665.0
China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. 3320-HK BYNGG2 0.025487 Health Care 904000.0
Foxconn Industrial Internet Co. Ltd. Class A BG20N9 BG20N9 0.025484 Information Technology 239400.0
Fujian Star-Net Communication Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C9T BD5C9T 0.025479 Information Technology 115300.0
Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5QV BYW5QV 0.025458 Information Technology 96500.0
Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4W BP3R4W 0.025424 Materials 215500.0
Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BMTCW7 BMTCW7 0.025301 Information Technology 52200.0
China Bohai Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 9668-HK BMQ8Q1 0.025161 Financials 1292500.0
China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CL4 BD5CL4 0.025105 Health Care 114500.0
Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited 3868-HK BGSN86 0.025075 Utilities 818000.0
Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCF BP3RCF 0.025043 Real Estate 242700.0
Getein Biotech Inc. Class A BFB4S9 BFB4S9 0.024941 Health Care 155092.0
Hainan Meilan International Airport Company Limited Class H 357-HK 656050 0.024832 Industrials 124000.0
GuoCheng Mining Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M1R BD5M1R 0.024792 Materials 235300.0
Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPJ BD5CPJ 0.024646 Health Care 409000.0
Yutong Bus Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R5T BP3R5T 0.024639 Industrials 239000.0
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company Limited Class A BP3R4Q BP3R4Q 0.024571 Health Care 92500.0
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co. Ltd. Class H 3347-HK BMZC7F 0.024475 Health Care 24200.0
National Silicon Industry Group Co. Ltd. Class A BNR4NR BNR4NR 0.024387 Information Technology 87817.0
China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. Class A BP3R2C BP3R2C 0.024376 Financials 685200.0
Yealink Network Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCR0 BFCCR0 0.024177 Information Technology 33600.0
Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RHC BP3RHC 0.024175 Materials 62400.0
China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd Class A BD5CHT BD5CHT 0.024173 Health Care 80400.0
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RD9 BP3RD9 0.024142 Industrials 808600.0
AVIC Industry-Finance Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4C BP3R4C 0.024114 Financials 674400.0
Peijia Medical Ltd. 9996-HK BMT7V1 0.024083 Health Care 168000.0
Bohai Leasing Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CML BD5CML 0.024067 Industrials 905100.0
Navinfo Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKR BD5CKR 0.024053 Consumer Discretionary 203100.0
Zhongtian Financial Group Company Limited Class A BD5CNH BD5CNH 0.024039 Real Estate 936000.0
Blue Moon Group Holdings Ltd. 6993-HK BKY5R7 0.02399 Consumer Staples 459500.0
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited 1199-HK 635425 0.023966 Industrials 519946.0
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co. Ltd. Class H 1138-HK 678204 0.02378 Energy 1031800.0
China Evergrande Group 3333-HK BD3DS6 0.023712 Real Estate 1256600.0
Accelink Technologies Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C8C BD5C8C 0.023691 Information Technology 114900.0
NanJi E-Commerce Co. LTD. Class A BD5LSJ BD5LSJ 0.023687 Communication Services 373400.0
Huadian Power International Corp. Ltd. Class H 1071-HK 614278 0.023682 Utilities 1260000.0
New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3F BP3R3F 0.023635 Financials 67400.0
Toly Bread Co. Ltd. Class A BYYFJT BYYFJT 0.023628 Consumer Staples 87429.0
Shanxi Lu'An Environmental Energy Development Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R68 BP3R68 0.023551 Energy 231500.0
Bank of Zhengzhou Co. Ltd. Class A BGRDXR BGRDXR 0.0235 Financials 775290.0
Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R53 BP3R53 0.023312 Real Estate 240300.0
China TransInfo Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJ3 BD5CJ3 0.023274 Information Technology 188300.0
Hisense Home Appliances Group Co. Ltd. Class H 921-HK 639193 0.022971 Consumer Discretionary 354000.0
Do-Fluoride New Materials Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C8H BD5C8H 0.022963 Materials 48400.0
Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co Class H 6869-HK BSBND7 0.022935 Information Technology 238000.0
Tong Ren Tang Technologies Co. Ltd. Class H 1666-HK 629504 0.022879 Health Care 567000.0
Dali Foods Group Co. Ltd. 3799-HK BYQ979 0.022878 Consumer Staples 744500.0
Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RBR BP3RBR 0.02275 Health Care 120000.0
Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R4F BP3R4F 0.022614 Information Technology 169400.0
Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKT BD5CKT 0.022605 Health Care 160700.0
Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Technology Co Ltd Class A BMQBTG BMQBTG 0.02257 Consumer Discretionary 27300.0
GEM Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CFW BD5CFW 0.022526 Materials 238900.0
Guangdong Hongda Blasting Co. Ltd. Class A BHQPRQ BHQPRQ 0.022473 Materials 84400.0
COSCO SHIPPING Development Co. Ltd. Class H 2866-HK B018L7 0.022461 Industrials 2166500.0
Wasu Media Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CNR BD5CNR 0.022292 Communication Services 334200.0
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5QT BYW5QT 0.021983 Information Technology 21900.0
China Resources Medical Holdings Co. Ltd. 1515-HK BYNKP9 0.021728 Health Care 542500.0
China Dongxiang (Group) Co. Ltd. 3818-HK B28214 0.021724 Consumer Discretionary 3936000.0
KWG Living Group Holdings Limited 3913-HK BLPJPQ 0.021673 Real Estate 518902.0
Shanghai Jin Jiang Capital Co. Ltd. Class H 2006-HK B1JXKZ 0.021666 Consumer Discretionary 1570187.0
Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. 1681-HK BH4H6F 0.021665 Health Care 798000.0
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co Ltd. Class A BP3R4L BP3R4L 0.021634 Industrials 184800.0
Chengxin Lithium Group Co. Ltd. Class A BFCCQ5 BFCCQ5 0.021279 Materials 43000.0
Jinke Property Group Co. Ltd Class A BD5CKX BD5CKX 0.021213 Real Estate 512600.0
China National Software & Service Company Limited Class A BP3R94 BP3R94 0.021167 Information Technology 42300.0
BEST Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A BEST 08653C10 0.021153 Industrials 295909.0
Yatsen Holding Ltd. ADR Class A YSG 98519410 0.021151 Consumer Staples 123365.0
Baozun Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A BZUN 06684L10 0.02114 Consumer Discretionary 20163.0
Ingenic Semiconductor Co. Ltd Class A BD760S BD760S 0.02112 Information Technology 15600.0
Air China Limited Class H 753-HK B04KNF 0.020965 Industrials 494000.0
Lingyi iTech (Guangdong) Company Class A BD5LQY BD5LQY 0.020954 Information Technology 343600.0
Anhui Kouzi Distillery Co. Ltd. Class A BYQDNL BYQDNL 0.020922 Consumer Staples 37800.0
Shanghai Medicilon Inc. Class A BNR4NV BNR4NV 0.0209 Health Care 3820.0
Beijing North Star Company Limited Class A BP3RCY BP3RCY 0.020875 Real Estate 991500.0 Limited Sponsored ADR SOHU 83410S10 0.020712 Communication Services 16537.0
Gotion High-tech Co. Ltd Class A BD5CJ7 BD5CJ7 0.020606 Industrials 38400.0
Yunda Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BD6QV9 BD6QV9 0.020498 Industrials 122958.0
G-Bits Network Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. Class A BYZQW3 BYZQW3 0.02047 Communication Services 6146.0
COFCO Joycome Foods Limited 1610-HK BYNJJY 0.020353 Consumer Staples 886000.0
HUBEI JUMPCAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD Class A BS7K3N BS7K3N 0.020347 Health Care 114800.0
Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CL0 BD5CL0 0.020034 Health Care 120500.0
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R80 BP3R80 0.019904 Health Care 185400.0
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 579-HK B688XD 0.019869 Utilities 1222000.0
Greenland Holdings Group Corporation Ltd Class A BZ3F5X BZ3F5X 0.019866 Real Estate 505565.0
China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited 2877-HK B045C0 0.019802 Health Care 354000.0
Guangshen Railway Company Limited Class H 525-HK 638870 0.019621 Industrials 1978000.0
Berry Genomics Co. Ltd. Class A BFFJRH BFFJRH 0.019613 Health Care 101800.0
OFILM Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLK BD5CLK 0.019478 Information Technology 254600.0
BGI Genomics Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8H5 BFY8H5 0.019429 Health Care 23899.0
Citic Pacific Special Steel Group Co. Ltd. Class A BL4P3T BL4P3T 0.019428 Materials 111500.0
Genetron Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR GTH 37186H10 0.019421 Health Care 25626.0
Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction and Decoration Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CN9 BD5CN9 0.01936 Industrials 362800.0
Yangtze Optical Fibre & Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co. Class A BF0XD1 BF0XD1 0.019306 Information Technology 65600.0
Sinotrans Ltd. Class H 598-HK 657901 0.019295 Industrials 1069000.0
Seazen Group Ltd. 1030-HK BMWYQP 0.019286 Real Estate 390000.0
Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd. Class A BD73KS BD73KS 0.019161 Consumer Staples 10200.0
Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings Co Ltd Class A BD73L1 BD73L1 0.019055 Health Care 273400.0
China Everbright Bank Co. Ltd. Class H 6818-HK B5NRRJ 0.018987 Financials 919000.0
Joinn Laboratories (China) Co. Ltd. Class A BK9481 BK9481 0.018913 Health Care 15711.0
Legend Holdings Corporation Class H 3396-HK BYMW73 0.018912 Information Technology 188100.0
China Minmetals Rare Earth Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8HG BFY8HG 0.018833 Materials 52300.0
Zhihu Inc. Sponsored ADR ZH 98955N10 0.018764 Communication Services 34456.0
China High-Speed Railway Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD73KP BD73KP 0.01875 Industrials 960954.0
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. Class H 1618-HK B42SRM 0.018638 Industrials 1231000.0
Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Ltd. 1238-HK B4LL9N 0.018588 Real Estate 472000.0
Wuxi Shangji Automation Co. Ltd. Class A BK9480 BK9480 0.018575 Industrials 8600.0
Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited 1788-HK B3W133 0.01857 Financials 2165000.0
Shandong Nanshan Aluminium Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R9D BP3R9D 0.018377 Materials 481000.0
Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LZ8 BD5LZ8 0.018376 Consumer Staples 192300.0
Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Co. Ltd. 631-HK B56HH4 0.01834 Industrials 291000.0
Jiajiayue Group Co. Ltd. Class A BK947N BK947N 0.018323 Consumer Staples 131108.0
Meitu Inc 1357-HK BYYNH9 0.018321 Communication Services 1380000.0
Zhejiang Semir Garment Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CM8 BD5CM8 0.018234 Consumer Discretionary 282200.0
Tangshan Jidong Cement Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CFH BD5CFH 0.018224 Materials 170900.0
Ideanomics Inc. IDEX 45166V10 0.018221 Industrials 161606.0
Xinte Energy Co. Ltd. Class H 1799-HK BD9Q2R 0.018125 Industrials 121200.0
China Baoan Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CKD BD5CKD 0.018076 Industrials 107200.0
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLM BD5CLM 0.018047 Materials 262700.0
iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd. Sponsored ADR ICLK 45113Y10 0.018022 Communication Services 42830.0
Sichuan Development Lomon Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJG BD5CJG 0.018019 Information Technology 127200.0
China Yuhua Education Corp. Ltd. 6169-HK BYWPGC 0.01801 Consumer Discretionary 686000.0
Tiangong International Co. Ltd. 826-HK B236JB 0.017704 Materials 524000.0
Beijing Capital Development Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R93 BP3R93 0.017681 Real Estate 405900.0
Yeahka Limited 9923-HK BL58D3 0.017677 Information Technology 92400.0
Ninestar Corporation Class A BD5M2G BD5M2G 0.017626 Information Technology 49800.0
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited 1052-HK 639878 0.017292 Industrials 484000.0
Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co. Ltd. Class A BHQPSF BHQPSF 0.017077 Materials 43100.0
Giant Network Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD6QVW BD6QVW 0.017007 Communication Services 164100.0
SOHO China Ltd. 410-HK B27WLD 0.016943 Real Estate 1177000.0
Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RFL BP3RFL 0.01693 Industrials 118900.0
Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CM3 BD5CM3 0.016866 Health Care 98700.0
Shenghe Resources Holding Co. Ltd. Class A BFYQHK BFYQHK 0.01679 Materials 93300.0 Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CPK BD5CPK 0.016681 Consumer Discretionary 416800.0
CStone Pharmaceuticals 2616-HK BHZ657 0.016576 Health Care 240000.0
Shanghai Fudan Zhangjiang Bio Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class H 1349-HK 654047 0.016569 Health Care 577000.0
Poly Property Services Co. Ltd. Class H 6049-HK BHR0FS 0.016519 Real Estate 48200.0
People's Insurance Co. (Group) of China Ltd. Class A BDFS9G BDFS9G 0.016493 Financials 381800.0
Sinotruk Hong Kong Ltd. 3808-HK B296ZH 0.016486 Industrials 197000.0
Tianshui Huatian Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C9M BD5C9M 0.016433 Information Technology 126100.0
Sichuan New Energy Power Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8G6 BFY8G6 0.016406 Materials 69800.0
HUYA Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A HUYA 44852D10 0.01632 Communication Services 28980.0
Jinke Smart Services Group Co. Ltd. Class H 9666-HK BKPJ9S 0.016318 Real Estate 54900.0
Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LSZ BD5LSZ 0.016216 Materials 61700.0
RiseSun Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CMZ BD5CMZ 0.016023 Real Estate 395000.0
Yonghui Superstores Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R5Q BP3R5Q 0.015963 Consumer Staples 418800.0
Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CGZ BD5CGZ 0.015888 Real Estate 423900.0
Kuang-Chi Technologies Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CBF BD5CBF 0.015795 Consumer Discretionary 79800.0
CanSino Biologics Inc. Class A BMD9JD BMD9JD 0.01578 Health Care 6958.0
Chongqing Gas Group Corp. Ltd. Class A BZ0D1R BZ0D1R 0.015758 Utilities 211500.0
First Tractor Co. Ltd. Class H 38-HK 600289 0.015743 Industrials 554000.0
DouYu International Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR DOYU 25985W10 0.015715 Communication Services 71915.0
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company Limited Class H 874-HK 608438 0.015687 Health Care 110000.0
Ningbo Tuopu Group Co. Ltd. Class A BYQDMF BYQDMF 0.015615 Consumer Discretionary 31600.0
WUS PRINTED CIRCUIT (KUNSHAN) CO. LTD. Class A BD5C7Z BD5C7Z 0.015597 Information Technology 140410.0
Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co. Ltd. Class A BLCD7B BLCD7B 0.015594 Health Care 20451.0
Grandjoy Holdings Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CK5 BD5CK5 0.015561 Real Estate 488500.0
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. 460-HK B4X3RF 0.015551 Health Care 1390000.0
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Limited 81-HK 680324 0.015425 Real Estate 533000.0
Qudian Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A QD 74779810 0.015331 Financials 151606.0
Health and Happiness (H&H) International Holdings Limited 1112-HK BF5L8M 0.015313 Consumer Staples 122500.0
SKSHU Paint Co. Ltd. Class A BYV1VL BYV1VL 0.015242 Materials 12040.0
Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M2N BD5M2N 0.015188 Energy 399412.0
Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products Co. Ltd. Class A BD73MS BD73MS 0.015096 Industrials 10300.0
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R55 BP3R55 0.015041 Industrials 107900.0
Shanxi Coking Coal Energy Group Co. Ltd Class A BD5CKB BD5CKB 0.015022 Energy 190700.0
Luokung Technology Corp. LKCO G5698110 0.014904 Communication Services 248967.0
Ausnutria Dairy Corp. Ltd. 1717-HK B4M2F0 0.014848 Consumer Staples 210000.0
BBMG Corporation Class H 2009-HK B3NFC5 0.014696 Materials 1589000.0
China Aoyuan Group Limited 3883-HK BJGS0Q 0.014688 Real Estate 724000.0
Inner Mongolia ERDOS Resources Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RH8 BP3RH8 0.014439 Materials 59300.0
YOUNGY Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CQT BD5CQT 0.014424 Industrials 14511.0
Yunnan Aluminium Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CB7 BD5CB7 0.014422 Materials 145800.0
Alphamab Oncology 9966-HK BL6WGG 0.014285 Health Care 126000.0
Hubei Biocause Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CFF BD5CFF 0.01423 Financials 476600.0
Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CGS BD5CGS 0.01412 Consumer Staples 49600.0
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co. Ltd. Class H 1385-HK 628074 0.013803 Information Technology 76000.0
Tianshan Aluminum Group Co. Ltd. Class A BMQBT8 BMQBT8 0.013782 Industrials 194200.0
Inner Mongolia Yuan Xing Energy Company Limited Class A BD5LZB BD5LZB 0.013776 Materials 213500.0
Beijing Yuanliu Hongyuan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BK71BP BK71BP 0.013647 Information Technology 9500.0
United Energy Group Limited 467-HK B0FXSY 0.013557 Energy 2560000.0
Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C9L BD5C9L 0.013553 Consumer Staples 43900.0
Hunan Valin Steel Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M0H BD5M0H 0.013457 Materials 288500.0
Sichuan Expressway Co. Ltd. Class H 107-HK 605587 0.013436 Industrials 1012000.0
Jiayuan International Group Ltd. 2768-HK BD39D1 0.013312 Real Estate 611238.0
Shenzhen S.C New Energy Technology Corp. Class A BKDQ8D BKDQ8D 0.013182 Information Technology 13900.0
China Renminbi CASH_CNY CASH_CNY 0.013115 Unassigned 1445163.28
FinVolution Group Sponsored ADR Class A FINV 31810T10 0.013088 Financials 34068.0
Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LRQ BD5LRQ 0.013009 Materials 11000.0
JW (Cayman) Therapeutics Co. Ltd. 2126-HK BN4NLR 0.012995 Health Care 133000.0
China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd. 1333-HK B3VZ22 0.012907 Materials 1029600.0
Yongxing Special Materials Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BMVB2H BMVB2H 0.012901 Materials 12900.0
UP Fintech Holding Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A TIGR 91531W10 0.012796 Financials 30922.0
Tibet Summit Resources Co. Ltd. Class A BFB4HB BFB4HB 0.01274 Materials 49960.0
Yuzhou Group Holdings Co. Ltd. 1628-HK B51QBN 0.012527 Real Estate 1952959.0
STATE STREET INSTITUTIONAL LIQ STATE STR 964WKM90 964WKM90 0.01246 Unassigned 214398.96
Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co. Ltd. Class H 811-HK B1XCJB 0.012421 Consumer Discretionary 305000.0
Shanghai Moons Electrical Co. Ltd. Class A BFF1YV BFF1YV 0.012408 Industrials 80100.0
Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited 818-HK B17MXJ 0.012282 Information Technology 1497000.0
COSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. 517-HK 680628 0.011938 Industrials 648000.0
GR Properties Limited 108-HK 615149 0.011922 Real Estate 1508000.0
Digital China Holdings Limited 861-HK 635186 0.011911 Information Technology 374000.0
Everest Medicines Ltd. 1952-HK BN7HR8 0.011896 Health Care 41000.0
Oceanwide Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CP3 BD5CP3 0.011886 Financials 727600.0
Fufeng Group Limited 546-HK B1P1JS 0.011757 Materials 586000.0
Tianjin 712 Communication & Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Class A BK947M BK947M 0.011755 Information Technology 33000.0
Shanghai Bairun Investment Holding Group Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CLV BD5CLV 0.011555 Consumer Staples 20600.0
Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Group Co. Ltd. Class A BFYX68 BFYX68 0.011539 Health Care 11800.0
Ju Teng International Holdings Limited 3336-HK B0N6Y9 0.011443 Information Technology 1208000.0
Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co. Ltd Class A BS7K3D BS7K3D 0.011343 Consumer Discretionary 5800.0
Gaotu Techedu Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A GOTU 36257Y10 0.011289 Consumer Discretionary 58508.0
Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co. Ltd. Class A BMVB2G BMVB2G 0.011196 Industrials 65550.0
SOS Limited Sponsored ADR Class A SOS 83587W10 0.011125 Industrials 126766.0
China South City Holdings Limited 1668-HK B4LVMD 0.010977 Real Estate 2676000.0
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Limited 468-HK B3ZNGT 0.010883 Materials 498000.0
Austar Lifesciences Ltd. 6118-HK BSHYHZ 0.010867 Health Care 97000.0
Juewei Food Co. Ltd. Class A BFF1YN BFF1YN 0.010799 Consumer Staples 18000.0
Guangzhou Haige Communications Group Incorporated Company Class A BD5CM7 BD5CM7 0.010737 Information Technology 122600.0
China Reinsurance (Group) Corp. Class H 1508-HK BYYN34 0.010722 Financials 1843000.0
Luenmei Quantum Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RMH BP3RMH 0.0106 Utilities 145100.0
China Index Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR Class A CIH 16954W10 0.010582 Industrials 127322.0
Henan Shen Huo Coal & Power Co. Ltd Class A BD6QWQ BD6QWQ 0.010422 Materials 131700.0
Wasion Holdings Limited 3393-HK B0T4J9 0.010396 Information Technology 526000.0
Redco Properties Group Ltd. 1622-HK BYYNHM 0.010386 Real Estate 600200.0
Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. 1638-HK B58RBK 0.010383 Real Estate 1378285.0
Hong Kong Dollar CASH_HKD CASH_HKD 0.010303 Unassigned 1381354.22
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RCS BP3RCS 0.010296 Industrials 112000.0
Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJD BD5CJD 0.010283 Health Care 119275.0
Pharmaron Beijing Co. Ltd. Class H 3759-HK BK72QD 0.010058 Health Care 8600.0
Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation Class H 1033-HK 698466 0.010019 Energy 1892000.0
Wangfujing Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3RC2 BP3RC2 0.009986 Consumer Discretionary 37100.0
CITIC Resources Holdings Limited 1205-HK 636923 0.009843 Industrials 2490000.0
Times China Holdings Ltd. 1233-HK BH3FTS 0.009653 Real Estate 247000.0
Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited 1250-HK BYZWFF 0.009562 Utilities 13785714.0
Sichuan Lutianhua Company Limited By Shares Class A BMVB2C BMVB2C 0.009479 Materials 213600.0
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Class H 6826-HK BWZN1R 0.00947 Health Care 23800.0
China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd. 1317-HK BD3JR6 0.009451 Consumer Discretionary 1111497.0
Jacobio Pharmaceuticals Group Co. Ltd. 1167-HK BMQC6Q 0.009424 Health Care 73800.0
Jafron Biomedical Co. Ltd. Class A BFY8H0 BFY8H0 0.009185 Health Care 20255.0
China SCE Group Holdings Limited 1966-HK BKS118 0.00905 Real Estate 512000.0
Jiangsu Hoperun Software Co. Ltd. Class A BD5C9H BD5C9H 0.008965 Information Technology 36200.0
YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Class H 1558-HK BYPHSW 0.008942 Health Care 228800.0
Beijing BDStar Navigation Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CB8 BD5CB8 0.008914 Information Technology 23900.0
Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd. Class H 1772-HK BZ9NS1 0.008897 Materials 8400.0
Zepp Health Corporation Sponsored ADR Class A ZEPP 98945L10 0.008847 Information Technology 16783.0
Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co. Ltd. Class A BFYX65 BFYX65 0.008739 Industrials 9000.0
China Yurun Food Group Limited 1068-HK B0D01C 0.008108 Consumer Staples 1264000.0
Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. Class A BK947P BK947P 0.008075 Industrials 26200.0
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R88 BP3R88 0.007834 Information Technology 48800.0
China National Medicines Corporation Ltd. Class A BP3R9B BP3R9B 0.007585 Health Care 27100.0
Zall Smart Commerce Group Ltd. 2098-HK BYZTNN 0.007539 Industrials 2042000.0
Youdao Inc ADR Class A DAO 98741T10 0.007517 Consumer Discretionary 9020.0
Ascentage Pharma Group International 6855-HK BK9PZW 0.007355 Health Care 34300.0
Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJV BD5CJV 0.007247 Utilities 139600.0
Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. Ltd. Class H 2777-HK B19H8Y 0.007236 Real Estate 208624.0
Xinji Shaxi Group Co. Ltd. 3603-HK BK0W9L 0.007139 Real Estate 903000.0
Maccura Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5M28 BD5M28 0.007031 Health Care 27100.0
Newland Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BD5CJ1 BD5CJ1 0.006841 Information Technology 49298.0
Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co. Ltd. Class A BHRV3N BHRV3N 0.006784 Consumer Discretionary 29500.0
Aoyuan Healthy Life Group Co. Ltd. 3662-HK BGMHM2 0.006481 Real Estate 275000.0
Viva Biotech Holdings 1873-HK BJBL0L 0.006371 Health Care 167500.0
China South Publishing & Media Group Co. Ltd Class A BP3R50 BP3R50 0.006339 Communication Services 83356.0
Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co. Ltd. Class H 1877-HK BG6DZJ 0.00628 Health Care 20000.0
Ebang International Holdings Inc. Class A EBON G3R33A10 0.006274 Information Technology 53442.0
Chinese Universe Publishing & Media Group Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R1Q BP3R1Q 0.00627 Communication Services 61800.0
Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited 538-HK B1TNRD 0.006167 Consumer Discretionary 646000.0
Kandi Technologies Group Inc. KNDI 48370910 0.006133 Consumer Discretionary 24258.0
Offcn Education Technology Co. Ltd. Class A BHQPRN BHQPRN 0.006092 Consumer Discretionary 73200.0
Central China Securities Co. Ltd. Class H 1375-HK BNB33V 0.005834 Financials 547000.0
China Fortune Land Development Co. Ltd. Class A BP3R3V BP3R3V 0.005829 Real Estate 175010.0
Uxin Ltd. Sponsored ADR UXIN 91818X10 0.005795 Consumer Discretionary 43929.0
Baidu Inc. Class A 9888-HK B0J2D4 0.005783 Communication Services 4831.0
Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Ltd 59-HK BGT16D 0.005723 Real Estate 834000.0
Grand Baoxin Auto Group Limited 1293-HK BZ4FJV 0.005611 Consumer Discretionary 885074.0
Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited Class H 895-HK 658705 0.005319 Industrials 202600.0
AK Medical Holdings Ltd. 1789-HK BFD6SZ 0.005251 Health Care 94000.0
Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited Class H 1072-HK 627856 0.005198 Industrials 56200.0
Anton Oilfield Services Group 3337-HK B29JZB 0.005131 Energy 1404000.0
Autobio Diagnostics Co. Ltd. Class A BYW5N8 BYW5N8 0.005055 Health Care 9490.0
Ronshine China Holdings Ltd. 3301-HK BYW10R 0.005045 Real Estate 207500.0
NiSun International Enterprise Development Group Co. Ltd. Class A NISN G6593L10 0.004707 Industrials 8979.0
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited Class H 670-HK 617137 0.00461 Industrials 204000.0
Fullshare Holdings Limited 607-HK BSVXB8 0.004384 Industrials 5295000.0
OneConnect Financial Technology Co Ltd Sponsored ADR OCFT 68248T10 0.004276 Information Technology 25547.0
Suncity Group Holdings Limited 1383-HK B89X6B 0.003941 Consumer Discretionary 1761376.0
Koolearn Technology Holding Limited 1797-HK BDFZ4G 0.003937 Consumer Discretionary 106000.0
Colour Life Services Group Co. Ltd. 1778-HK BNG5KW 0.003835 Real Estate 418000.0
Qutoutiao Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A QTT 74915J10 0.003609 Communication Services 64693.0
MicroPort CardioFlow Medtech Corp. 2160-HK BL5B4N 0.003517 Health Care 90000.0
Tianli Education International Holding Limited 1773-HK BG5KMH 0.003491 Consumer Discretionary 253000.0
BAIC Motor Corporation Limited Class H 1958-HK BTF8BT 0.002787 Consumer Discretionary 125400.0
TECH PRO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMEN ORDINARY 9966CZP904 9966CZP904 0.002274 Unassigned 4481396.0
Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Ltd 563-HK 643388 0.002261 Real Estate 452400.0
STO Express Co. Ltd. Class A BD5LSR BD5LSR 0.001998 Industrials 27871.0
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Class H 323-HK 660087 0.001867 Materials 84000.0
So-Young International Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A SY 83356Q10 0.00165 Communication Services 6588.0
Huaneng Power International Inc. Class A BP3R31 BP3R31 0.001489 Utilities 26900.0
Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited 1076-HK BNXL1S 0.001066 Consumer Discretionary 1361515.0
Hytera Communications Corporation Limited Class A BD5CC3 BD5CC3 0.000897 Information Technology 17400.0
Liaoning Port Company Limited Class H 2880-HK B12YMD 0.000806 Industrials 150000.0
UNTRADE.CHONGSING HLDGS ORDINARY HKD 942BCU90 942BCU90 0.000797 Unassigned 17798900.0
Singapore Dollar CASH_SGD CASH_SGD 0.000244 Unassigned 5690.41
Cheetah Mobile Inc. ADR Class A CMCM 16307510 0.000232 Information Technology 2453.0
Japanese Yen CASH_JPY CASH_JPY 3.7e-05 Unassigned 73231.0
ANXIN-CHINA HOLDINGS LTD ORDINARY HKD 70886676 70886676 0.0 Unassigned 3068000.0
CHINA FIBER OPTIC NETWORK SYST ORDINARY 936QAM90 936QAM90 0.0 Unassigned 1131600.0
CHINA FIRST CAPITAL GROUP LTD ORDINARY H 943DPN90 943DPN90 0.0 Unassigned 431600.0
CHINA HUISHAN DAIRY HOLDINGS C ORDINARY 70886716 70886716 0.0 Unassigned 2729000.0
CHINA HUIYUAN JUICE GROUP LTD ORDINARY H 942FFK90 942FFK90 0.0 Unassigned 701000.0
China Lumena New Materials Corp. 67-HK B51Z6D 0.0 Unassigned 89113.0
China Metal Recycling (Holdings) Limited 773-HK B54DPL 0.0 Unassigned 268085.0
Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd. 566-HK BRJ8XY 0.0 Information Technology 17589376.0
STATE STREET BANK AND TST CO ORDINARY HK 936JPC90 936JPC90 0.0 Unassigned 1980400.0
U.S. Dollar CASH_USD CASH_USD -0.051004 Unassigned -877595.54