ETF constituents for HEWU

Below, a list of constituents for HEWU (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI United Kingdom ETF) is shown. In total, HEWU consists of 110 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jul 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
EWU ISHARES MSCI UNITED KINGDOM ETF Financials Equity 22,880,325.84 99.26
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 156,925.26 0.68
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 10,000.00 0.04
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 4,272.70 0.02
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3,147.36 0.01
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 0.24 0.00
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -3,674.34 -0.02
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI United Kingdom ETF nan nan nan nan nan
Fund Holdings as of Aug 09, 2022 nan nan nan nan
Inception Date Jun 29, 2015 nan nan nan nan
Shares Outstanding 940,000.00 nan nan nan nan
Stock nan nan nan nan nan
Bond nan nan nan nan nan
Cash nan nan nan nan nan
Other nan nan nan nan nan
Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
AZN ASTRAZENECA PLC Health Care Equity 2,046,597.10 8.88
SHEL SHELL PLC Energy Equity 2,024,874.52 8.78
HSBA HSBC HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 1,365,646.57 5.92
ULVR UNILEVER PLC Consumer Staples Equity 1,245,980.18 5.41
DGE DIAGEO PLC Consumer Staples Equity 1,090,684.54 4.73
BP. BP PLC Energy Equity 1,002,428.26 4.35
BATS BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC Consumer Staples Equity 877,796.84 3.81
GSK GLAXOSMITHKLINE Health Care Equity 815,923.86 3.54
RIO RIO TINTO PLC Materials Equity 682,263.86 2.96
RKT RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 580,197.01 2.52
REL RELX PLC Industrials Equity 568,894.13 2.47
GLEN GLENCORE PLC Materials Equity 559,353.04 2.43
NG. NATIONAL GRID PLC Utilities Equity 511,773.40 2.22
AAL ANGLO AMERICAN PLC Materials Equity 453,510.94 1.97
CPG COMPASS GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 417,579.67 1.81
VOD VODAFONE GROUP PLC Communication Equity 401,323.20 1.74
LLOY LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC Financials Equity 389,155.45 1.69
BARC BARCLAYS PLC Financials Equity 338,589.93 1.47
LSEG LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC Financials Equity 334,027.59 1.45
PRU PRUDENTIAL PLC Financials Equity 330,977.64 1.44
EXPN EXPERIAN PLC Industrials Equity 321,194.01 1.39
BA. BAE SYSTEMS PLC Industrials Equity 306,205.11 1.33
FERG FERGUSON PLC Industrials Equity 268,727.14 1.17
TSCO TESCO PLC Consumer Staples Equity 245,208.45 1.06
AHT ASHTEAD GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 242,412.48 1.05
SSE SSE PLC Utilities Equity 235,033.57 1.02
IMB IMPERIAL BRANDS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 205,094.66 0.89
STAN STANDARD CHARTERED PLC Financials Equity 194,464.47 0.84
LGEN LEGAL AND GENERAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity 194,274.56 0.84
HLN HALEON PLC Consumer Staples Equity 188,275.34 0.82
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 178,077.82 0.77
NWG NATWEST GROUP PLC Financials Equity 175,025.34 0.76
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 156,925.26 0.68
SGRO SEGRO REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 152,357.80 0.66
III 3I GROUP PLC Financials Equity 147,786.31 0.64
AV. AVIVA PLC Financials Equity 142,800.69 0.62
BT.A BT GROUP PLC Communication Equity 136,247.76 0.59
BNZL BUNZL Industrials Equity 127,271.81 0.55
RTO RENTOKIL INITIAL PLC Industrials Equity 121,915.53 0.53
CRDA CRODA INTERNATIONAL PLC Materials Equity 119,632.07 0.52
SN. SMITH AND NEPHEW PLC Health Care Equity 115,730.98 0.50
IHG INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 111,356.26 0.48
WPP WPP PLC Communication Equity 111,049.66 0.48
INF INFORMA PLC Communication Equity 107,070.77 0.46
NXT NEXT PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 103,542.63 0.45
HLMA HALMA PLC Information Technology Equity 103,281.79 0.45
SPX SPIRAX-SARCO ENGINEERING PLC Industrials Equity 103,002.65 0.45
UU. UNITED UTILITIES GROUP PLC Utilities Equity 92,811.75 0.40
SVT SEVERN TRENT PLC Utilities Equity 91,267.33 0.40
ENT ENTAIN PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 91,237.59 0.40
SGE SAGE GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 90,061.54 0.39
MNDI MONDI PLC Materials Equity 87,766.64 0.38
RR. ROLLS-ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 86,679.83 0.38
BRBY BURBERRY GROUP PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 86,549.41 0.38
ITRK INTERTEK GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 82,000.80 0.36
STJ ST JAMESS PLACE PLC Financials Equity 80,300.79 0.35
MRO MELROSE INDUSTRIES PLC Industrials Equity 78,996.61 0.34
PSON PEARSON PLC Communication Equity 74,095.65 0.32
AUTO AUTO TRADER GROUP PLC Communication Equity 74,036.16 0.32
SMIN SMITHS GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 72,233.19 0.31
ABF ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 71,180.69 0.31
PSN PERSIMMON PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 70,874.10 0.31
MNG M&G PLC Financials Equity 67,847.03 0.29
WTB WHITBREAD PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 64,124.40 0.28
DCC DCC PLC Industrials Equity 62,840.81 0.27
KGF KINGFISHER PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 61,726.54 0.27
LAND LAND SECURITIES GROUP REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 61,689.93 0.27
OCDO OCADO GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 60,946.32 0.26
PHNX PHOENIX GROUP HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity 60,795.31 0.26
BDEV BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS Consumer Discretionary Equity 59,559.78 0.26
ANTO ANTOFAGASTA PLC Materials Equity 56,953.71 0.25
TWODF TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 54,860.16 0.24
BKG BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS (THE) PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 54,647.37 0.24
BLND BRITISH LAND REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 50,975.08 0.22
JMAT JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC Materials Equity 49,359.73 0.21
CCH COCA COLA HBC AG Consumer Staples Equity 47,728.36 0.21
SBRY SAINSBURY(J) PLC Consumer Staples Equity 46,577.48 0.20
SDR SCHRODERS PLC Financials Equity 44,991.87 0.20
ADM ADMIRAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity 43,426.86 0.19
ABDN ABRDN PLC Financials Equity 41,779.47 0.18
HL. HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC Financials Equity 41,488.89 0.18
JD. JD SPORTS FASHION PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 39,701.94 0.17
HIK HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 33,675.26 0.15
AVV AVEVA GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 33,613.49 0.15
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 19,346.61 0.08
UBFUT CASH COLLATERAL GBP UBFUT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 11,529.40 0.05
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 4,272.70 0.02
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2,098.13 0.01
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 0.00 0.00
NMC NMC HEALTH PLC Health Care Equity 0.00 0.00
Z U2 FTSE 100 INDEX SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.00 0.00
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -3,522.25 -0.02
GBP GBP/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -3,674.34 -0.02
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