ETF constituents for HEZU

Below, a list of constituents for HEZU (iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eurozone ETF) is shown. In total, HEZU consists of 256 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date May 31, 2024 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
EZU ISHARES MSCI EUROZONE ETF Financials Equity 438,173,902.59 98.58
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 6,080,585.09 1.37
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 242,447.23 0.05
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 21,785.09 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 20,759.27 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 9,935.09 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -1,916.21 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -60,578.26 -0.01
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eurozone ETF nan nan nan nan nan
Fund Holdings as of Jun 17, 2024 nan nan nan nan
Inception Date Jul 09, 2014 nan nan nan nan
Shares Outstanding 12,200,000.00 nan nan nan nan
Stock nan nan nan nan nan
Bond nan nan nan nan nan
Cash nan nan nan nan nan
Other nan nan nan nan nan
Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
ASML ASML HOLDING NV Information Technology Equity 32,921,451.28 7.41
MC LVMH Consumer Discretionary Equity 16,814,222.43 3.78
SAP SAP Information Technology Equity 15,598,508.94 3.51
TTE TOTALENERGIES Energy Equity 11,308,435.90 2.54
SIE SIEMENS N AG Industrials Equity 10,857,949.31 2.44
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 10,335,777.47 2.33
SU SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Industrials Equity 10,318,601.05 2.32
OR LOREAL SA Consumer Staples Equity 9,139,475.08 2.06
ALV ALLIANZ Financials Equity 8,509,468.64 1.91
SAN SANOFI SA Health Care Equity 8,481,688.42 1.91
AI LAIR LIQUIDE SOCIETE ANONYME POUR Materials Equity 7,860,620.73 1.77
AIR AIRBUS GROUP Industrials Equity 7,363,205.71 1.66
DTE DEUTSCHE TELEKOM N AG Communication Equity 6,211,290.34 1.40
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 6,080,585.09 1.37
SAN BANCO SANTANDER SA Financials Equity 5,931,516.30 1.33
IBE IBERDROLA SA Utilities Equity 5,876,174.94 1.32
SAF SAFRAN SA Industrials Equity 5,807,162.55 1.31
RMS HERMES INTERNATIONAL Consumer Discretionary Equity 5,714,313.50 1.29
MUV2 MUENCHENER RUECKVERSICHERUNGS-GESE Financials Equity 5,309,221.73 1.19
BNP BNP PARIBAS SA Financials Equity 5,190,827.14 1.17
EL ESSILORLUXOTTICA SA Health Care Equity 5,164,843.42 1.16
CS AXA SA Financials Equity 4,627,554.59 1.04
BBVA BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA SA Financials Equity 4,503,025.56 1.01
INGA ING GROEP NV Financials Equity 4,440,848.69 1.00
ENEL ENEL Utilities Equity 4,369,207.25 0.98
MBG MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 4,336,475.66 0.98
ITX INDUSTRIA DE DISENO TEXTIL INDITEX Consumer Discretionary Equity 4,307,205.65 0.97
UCG UNICREDIT Financials Equity 4,266,280.20 0.96
ABI ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV SA Consumer Staples Equity 4,243,670.43 0.95
DG VINCI SA Industrials Equity 4,186,795.46 0.94
ISP INTESA SANPAOLO Financials Equity 4,184,823.67 0.94
RACE FERRARI NV Consumer Discretionary Equity 4,129,569.94 0.93
PRX PROSUS NV Consumer Discretionary Equity 4,107,047.81 0.92
IFX INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG Information Technology Equity 4,013,935.85 0.90
STLAM STELLANTIS NV Consumer Discretionary Equity 3,577,470.83 0.80
BAS BASF N Materials Equity 3,398,038.61 0.76
BN DANONE SA Consumer Staples Equity 3,233,066.14 0.73
WKL WOLTERS KLUWER NV Industrials Equity 3,231,269.63 0.73
DHL DEUTSCHE POST AG Industrials Equity 3,163,615.58 0.71
NDA FI NORDEA BANK Financials Equity 3,054,203.55 0.69
ADS ADIDAS N AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 3,013,716.28 0.68
DB1 DEUTSCHE BOERSE AG Financials Equity 3,009,991.81 0.68
SGO COMPAGNIE DE SAINT GOBAIN SA Industrials Equity 2,835,248.05 0.64
ASM ASM INTERNATIONAL NV Information Technology Equity 2,513,496.96 0.57
ENI ENI Energy Equity 2,458,681.40 0.55
CAP CAPGEMINI Information Technology Equity 2,414,688.74 0.54
AMS AMADEUS IT GROUP SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 2,410,920.45 0.54
BMW BMW AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 2,391,114.99 0.54
DBK DEUTSCHE BANK AG Financials Equity 2,361,888.79 0.53
EOAN E.ON N Utilities Equity 2,361,801.15 0.53
HEIA HEINEKEN NV Consumer Staples Equity 2,301,552.24 0.52
STMPA STMICROELECTRONICS NV Information Technology Equity 2,300,018.63 0.52
RI PERNOD RICARD SA Consumer Staples Equity 2,286,654.33 0.51
AD KONINKLIJKE AHOLD DELHAIZE NV Consumer Staples Equity 2,270,573.35 0.51
ADYEN ADYEN NV Financials Equity 2,216,984.68 0.50
BAYN BAYER AG Health Care Equity 2,183,157.65 0.49
ML MICHELIN Consumer Discretionary Equity 2,135,878.69 0.48
LR LEGRAND SA Industrials Equity 2,087,066.12 0.47
ENGI ENGIE SA Utilities Equity 2,050,303.32 0.46
DSY DASSAULT SYSTEMES Information Technology Equity 2,009,772.24 0.45
UMG UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP NV Communication Equity 1,989,309.52 0.45
G ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI Financials Equity 1,980,064.05 0.45
KER KERING SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 1,925,599.03 0.43
PUB PUBLICIS GROUPE SA Communication Equity 1,921,217.29 0.43
MRK MERCK Health Care Equity 1,879,240.23 0.42
VOW3 VOLKSWAGEN NON-VOTING PREF AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 1,842,915.62 0.41
RHM RHEINMETALL AG Industrials Equity 1,801,113.83 0.41
ARGX ARGENX Health Care Equity 1,800,412.75 0.41
RWE RWE AG Utilities Equity 1,775,436.84 0.40
DTG DAIMLER TRUCK HOLDING E AG Industrials Equity 1,676,847.71 0.38
VNA VONOVIA SE Real Estate Equity 1,634,783.01 0.37
PHIA KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS NV Health Care Equity 1,630,620.36 0.37
TEF TELEFONICA SA Communication Equity 1,621,769.25 0.36
VIE VEOLIA ENVIRON. SA Utilities Equity 1,617,738.05 0.36
FER FERROVIAL Industrials Equity 1,569,889.46 0.35
DSFIR DSM FIRMENICH AG Materials Equity 1,562,922.49 0.35
CABK CAIXABANK SA Financials Equity 1,552,581.59 0.35
NOKIA NOKIA Information Technology Equity 1,548,112.22 0.35
SAMPO SAMPO Financials Equity 1,487,600.40 0.33
UPM UPM-KYMMENE Materials Equity 1,484,357.91 0.33
REP REPSOL SA Energy Equity 1,483,174.84 0.33
UCB UCB SA Health Care Equity 1,476,426.96 0.33
ORA ORANGE SA Communication Equity 1,475,112.44 0.33
AER AERCAP HOLDINGS NV Industrials Equity 1,473,578.83 0.33
KBC KBC GROEP Financials Equity 1,391,990.85 0.31
GLE SOCIETE GENERALE SA Financials Equity 1,371,922.49 0.31
KNEBV KONE Industrials Equity 1,364,210.63 0.31
CLNX CELLNEX TELECOM SA Communication Equity 1,333,450.82 0.30
SY1 SYMRISE AG Materials Equity 1,283,367.54 0.29
PRY PRYSMIAN Industrials Equity 1,268,119.09 0.29
SHL SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS AG Health Care Equity 1,261,020.67 0.28
BEI BEIERSDORF AG Consumer Staples Equity 1,254,930.06 0.28
CBK COMMERZBANK AG Financials Equity 1,242,880.27 0.28
EBS ERSTE GROUP BANK AG Financials Equity 1,231,400.12 0.28
HO THALES SA Industrials Equity 1,223,819.71 0.28
CCEP COCA COLA EUROPACIFIC PARTNERS PLC Consumer Staples Equity 1,223,600.62 0.28
HEN3 HENKEL & KGAA PREF AG Consumer Staples Equity 1,199,106.70 0.27
ENR SIEMENS ENERGY N AG Industrials Equity 1,184,953.68 0.27
HNR1 HANNOVER RUECK Financials Equity 1,176,891.28 0.26
ACA CREDIT AGRICOLE SA Financials Equity 1,175,752.03 0.26
KPN KONINKLIJKE KPN NV Communication Equity 1,175,489.13 0.26
AENA AENA SME SA Industrials Equity 1,172,816.27 0.26
HEI HEIDELBERG MATERIALS AG Materials Equity 1,118,614.16 0.25
MONC MONCLER Consumer Discretionary Equity 1,109,806.86 0.25
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1,087,109.45 0.24
KRX KINGSPAN GROUP PLC Industrials Equity 1,075,454.03 0.24
FRE FRESENIUS SE AND CO KGAA Health Care Equity 1,058,277.61 0.24
MTX MTU AERO ENGINES HOLDING AG Industrials Equity 1,034,484.77 0.23
BESI BE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRIES NV Information Technology Equity 1,010,998.65 0.23
KYGA KERRY GROUP PLC Consumer Staples Equity 1,008,369.60 0.23
NN NN GROUP NV Financials Equity 960,564.83 0.22
EDP EDP ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL SA Utilities Equity 946,762.35 0.21
SK3 SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC Materials Equity 935,895.64 0.21
TRN TERNA RETE ELETTRICA NAZIONALE Utilities Equity 897,423.97 0.20
BIRG BANK OF IRELAND GROUP PLC Financials Equity 884,497.84 0.20
MT ARCELORMITTAL SA Materials Equity 869,380.84 0.20
AKZA AKZO NOBEL NV Materials Equity 853,343.68 0.19
EDEN EDENRED Financials Equity 848,742.85 0.19
HEIO HEINEKEN HOLDING NV Consumer Staples Equity 843,090.41 0.19
EXO EXOR NV Financials Equity 825,212.91 0.19
WRT1V WARTSILA Industrials Equity 823,854.57 0.19
SAB BANCO DE SABADELL SA Financials Equity 814,652.92 0.18
RNO RENAULT SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 798,966.29 0.18
1COV COVESTRO AG Materials Equity 796,424.89 0.18
QIA QIAGEN NV Health Care Equity 759,749.73 0.17
GALP GALP ENERGIA SGPS SA Energy Equity 752,738.95 0.17
FBK FINECOBANK BANCA FINECO Financials Equity 738,147.76 0.17
SRG SNAM Utilities Equity 727,850.67 0.16
BNR BRENNTAG Industrials Equity 727,149.59 0.16
BVI BUREAU VERITAS SA Industrials Equity 713,171.84 0.16
URW UNIBAIL RODAMCO WE STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 711,375.33 0.16
A5G AIB GROUP PLC Financials Equity 707,300.31 0.16
CA CARREFOUR SA Consumer Staples Equity 699,500.82 0.16
ACS ACS ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION Y Industrials Equity 685,698.34 0.15
P911 DR ING HC F PORSCHE PRF AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 676,452.87 0.15
AGN AEGON LTD Financials Equity 667,645.58 0.15
BAMI BANCO BPM Financials Equity 654,237.45 0.15
IMCD IMCD NV Industrials Equity 653,886.91 0.15
HEN HENKEL AG Consumer Staples Equity 653,843.10 0.15
FME FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE AG Health Care Equity 649,680.45 0.15
LDO LEONARDO FINMECCANICA SPA Industrials Equity 639,251.91 0.14
SW SODEXO SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 635,834.15 0.14
NESTE NESTE Energy Equity 626,632.50 0.14
AC ACCOR SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 613,881.64 0.14
STERV STORA ENSO CLASS R Materials Equity 609,280.81 0.14
ENX EURONEXT NV Financials Equity 608,053.92 0.14
ERF EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC Health Care Equity 604,548.53 0.14
ASRNL ASR NEDERLAND NV Financials Equity 595,083.98 0.13
MB MEDIOBANCA BANCA DI CREDITO FINANZ Financials Equity 591,622.40 0.13
VIV VIVENDI Communication Equity 582,639.84 0.13
TEN TENARIS SA Energy Equity 578,696.27 0.13
AGS AGEAS SA Financials Equity 573,394.37 0.13
ABN ABN AMRO BANK NV Financials Equity 568,399.19 0.13
PAH3 PORSCHE AUTOMOBIL HOLDING PREF Consumer Discretionary Equity 554,947.25 0.12
SYENS SYENSQO SA Materials Equity 549,338.62 0.12
METSO METSO CORPORATION Industrials Equity 546,884.85 0.12
FORTUM FORTUM Utilities Equity 545,395.06 0.12
FGR EIFFAGE SA Industrials Equity 539,041.53 0.12
SRT3 SARTORIUS PREF AG Health Care Equity 538,209.00 0.12
CON CONTINENTAL AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 519,718.07 0.12
ELISA ELISA Communication Equity 517,833.92 0.12
EN BOUYGUES SA Industrials Equity 505,302.14 0.11
CPR DAVIDE CAMPARI MILANO NV Consumer Staples Equity 503,374.18 0.11
GBLB GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT NV Financials Equity 500,263.14 0.11
ELE ENDESA SA Utilities Equity 500,000.24 0.11
G1A GEA GROUP AG Industrials Equity 493,033.28 0.11
OMV OMV AG Energy Equity 488,125.73 0.11
PST POSTE ITALIANE Financials Equity 484,269.80 0.11
RXL REXEL SA Industrials Equity 475,506.32 0.11
LEG LEG IMMOBILIEN N Real Estate Equity 474,235.61 0.11
JMT JERONIMO MARTINS SA Consumer Staples Equity 472,789.64 0.11
ALO ALSTOM SA Industrials Equity 471,212.21 0.11
LI KLEPIERRE REIT SA Real Estate Equity 467,312.47 0.11
DHER DELIVERY HERO Consumer Discretionary Equity 450,837.13 0.10
G24 SCOUT24 N Communication Equity 443,826.35 0.10
TEP TELEPERFORMANCE Industrials Equity 442,950.00 0.10
NEM NEMETSCHEK Information Technology Equity 441,460.21 0.10
KBX KNORR BREMSE AG Industrials Equity 437,735.73 0.10
ZAL ZALANDO Consumer Discretionary Equity 434,931.42 0.10
VER VERBUND AG Utilities Equity 433,353.99 0.10
DIM SARTORIUS STEDIM BIOTECH SA Health Care Equity 429,103.70 0.10
AKE ARKEMA SA Materials Equity 427,263.37 0.10
REC RECORDATI INDUSTRIA CHIMICA E FARM Health Care Equity 422,355.82 0.10
RAND RANDSTAD HOLDING Industrials Equity 421,348.02 0.09
EVD CTS EVENTIM AG Communication Equity 418,017.90 0.09
BMW3 BMW PREF AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 416,089.94 0.09
RED REDEIA CORPORACION SA Utilities Equity 410,437.49 0.09
PUM PUMA Consumer Discretionary Equity 405,047.96 0.09
EVK EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG Materials Equity 403,382.89 0.09
TLX TALANX AG Financials Equity 400,184.23 0.09
GET GETLINK Industrials Equity 395,408.13 0.09
KESKOB KESKO CLASS B Consumer Staples Equity 385,943.57 0.09
IPN IPSEN SA Health Care Equity 384,979.59 0.09
WDP WAREHOUSES DE PAUW NV Real Estate Equity 380,072.04 0.09
AMP AMPLIFON Health Care Equity 364,560.69 0.08
GFC GECINA SA Real Estate Equity 358,820.61 0.08
EDPR EDP RENOVAVEIS SA Utilities Equity 356,323.02 0.08
BOL BOLLORE Communication Equity 350,977.30 0.08
RAA RATIONAL AG Industrials Equity 346,946.10 0.08
LOTB LOTUS BAKERIES NV Consumer Staples Equity 346,814.64 0.08
ORNBV ORION CLASS B Health Care Equity 346,157.38 0.08
DIE DIETEREN (D) SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 346,069.75 0.08
ADP AEROPORTS DE PARIS SA Industrials Equity 331,040.38 0.07
BIM BIOMERIEUX SA Health Care Equity 321,970.18 0.07
AMUN AMUNDI SA Financials Equity 320,086.04 0.07
BC8 BECHTLE AG Information Technology Equity 309,832.77 0.07
LHA DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG Industrials Equity 302,559.08 0.07
AM DASSAULT AVIATION SA Industrials Equity 301,945.64 0.07
INPST INPOST SA Industrials Equity 290,465.48 0.07
VOW VOLKSWAGEN AG Consumer Discretionary Equity 289,589.13 0.07
NEXI NEXI Financials Equity 284,155.78 0.06
FDJ LA FRANCAISE DES JEUX SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 281,482.92 0.06
RF EURAZEO Financials Equity 281,395.28 0.06
SOF SOFINA SA Financials Equity 279,160.59 0.06
INW INFRASTRUTTURE WIRELESS ITALIANE Communication Equity 277,232.63 0.06
UMI UMICORE SA Materials Equity 242,091.08 0.05
GRF GRIFOLS SA CLASS A Health Care Equity 237,052.08 0.05
ANA ACCIONA SA Utilities Equity 235,211.75 0.05
AFX CARL ZEISS MEDITEC AG Health Care Equity 232,451.26 0.05
ELI ELIA GROUP SA Utilities Equity 228,025.70 0.05
SK SEB SA Consumer Discretionary Equity 223,337.24 0.05
VOE VOESTALPINE AG Materials Equity 223,205.79 0.05
JDEP JDE PEETS NV Consumer Staples Equity 210,060.57 0.05
OCI OCI NV Materials Equity 208,307.87 0.05
TIT TELECOM ITALIA Communication Equity 196,783.90 0.04
COV COVIVIO SA Real Estate Equity 195,206.47 0.04
DIA DIASORIN Health Care Equity 188,765.32 0.04
RCO REMY COINTREAU SA Consumer Staples Equity 159,670.57 0.04
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL EUR JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 73,131.22 0.02
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 21,785.09 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 20,759.27 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards 9,935.09 0.00
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 219.09 0.00
2452113D AMPLIFON SPA DUMMY Health Care Equity 0.00 0.00
VGU4 EURO STOXX 50 SEP 24 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.00 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -1,916.21 0.00
EUR EUR/USD Cash and/or Derivatives Forwards -60,578.26 -0.01
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -10,103,934.04 -2.27
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