ETF constituents for IE00B3Y8D011

Below, a list of constituents for IE00B3Y8D011 (Portfolio Income UCITS ETF 1D) is shown. In total, IE00B3Y8D011 consists of 16 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-14 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Name ISIN Country Currency Type of Security Rating Primary Listing Industry Classification Weighting
Eurozone Inflation-Linked Bond UCITS ETF 1C LU0290358224 Luxemburg EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.1608523903
iBoxx Eurozone Government Bond Yield Plus UCITS ETF 1D LU0962071741 - EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.1460972102
EUR Corporate Bond UCITS ETF 1C LU0478205379 Luxemburg EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.1269177987
iBoxx EUR Corporate Bond Yield Plus UCITS ETF 1D IE00BYPHT736 - EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.1267880664
ESG USD Emerging Markets Bond Quality Weighted UCITS ETF 1D IE00BD4DX952 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0798872018
MSCI World Quality UCITS ETF 1C IE00BL25JL35 - EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.0617002311
Harvest China Government Bond UCITS ETF 1D LU1094612022 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0515140869
Stoxx Europe 600 UCITS ETF 1C LU0328475792 Luxemburg EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.0507540428
USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF 1D IE00BZ036H21 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0502139603
MSCI USA UCITS ETF 1C IE00BJ0KDR00 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0417174309
MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF 1C IE00BTJRMP35 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0408843047
Russell 2000 UCITS ETF 1C IE00BJZ2DD79 - USD Share Class - - unknown 0.0214288266
MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITS ETF 1C LU0322253906 Luxemburg EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.0198396142
Euro Stoxx Quality Dividend UCITS ETF 1D LU0292095535 Luxemburg EUR Share Class - - unknown 0.0193660376
US DOLLAR _CURRENCYUSD Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika USD Cash - - unknown 0.0017057916
EURO CURRENCY _CURRENCYEUR - EUR Cash - - unknown 0.0003330048