ETF constituents for IFRA

Below, a list of constituents for IFRA (iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF) is shown. In total, IFRA consists of 163 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jun 30, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
IEA INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENERGY ALTERNAT Industrials Equity 17752679.12 1.03
XPEL XPEL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 15735924.03 0.91
OTTR OTTER TAIL CORP Utilities Equity 15126065.35 0.87
CEG CONSTELLATION ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 14747752.89 0.85
NEE NEXTERA ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 14235377.97 0.82
ETRN EQUITRANS MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 14093849.12 0.81
SPWR SUNPOWER CORP Information Technology Equity 14090322.75 0.81
CWT CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE GROUP Utilities Equity 14028544.29 0.81
AWR AMERICAN STATES WATER Utilities Equity 13667631.19 0.79
POR PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Utilities Equity 13594443.25 0.79
WTRG ESSENTIAL UTILITIES INC Utilities Equity 13480442.46 0.78
YORW YORK WATER Utilities Equity 13371653.7 0.77
SJW SJW GROUP Utilities Equity 13347966.9 0.77
CSX CSX CORP Industrials Equity 13280109.92 0.77
MGEE MGE ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 13239150.24 0.77
ROAD CONSTRUCTION PARTNERS INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 13116195.51 0.76
NSC NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP Industrials Equity 13111721.69 0.76
IDA IDACORP INC Utilities Equity 13090417.35 0.76
AGR AVANGRID INC Utilities Equity 13079671.2 0.76
WMS ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS INC Industrials Equity 12987746.9 0.75
SRE SEMPRA Utilities Equity 12899618.01 0.75
SO SOUTHERN Utilities Equity 12889645.6 0.74
UNP UNION PACIFIC CORP Industrials Equity 12883373.25 0.74
PNM PNM RESOURCES INC Utilities Equity 12762844.52 0.74
AEE AMEREN CORP Utilities Equity 12750185.91 0.74
CNP CENTERPOINT ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 12731324.16 0.74
ED CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC Utilities Equity 12726274.96 0.74
BKH BLACK HILLS CORP Utilities Equity 12710833.86 0.73
OGE OGE ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 12679021.2 0.73
AWK AMERICAN WATER WORKS INC Utilities Equity 12648179.2 0.73
DTM DT MIDSTREAM INC Energy Equity 12643153.77 0.73
WEC WEC ENERGY GROUP INC Utilities Equity 12620382.78 0.73
XEL XCEL ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 12618490.86 0.73
LNT ALLIANT ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 12564389.4 0.73
ES EVERSOURCE ENERGY Utilities Equity 12562937.35 0.73
ATO ATMOS ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 12539531.68 0.72
ALE ALLETE INC Utilities Equity 12520875.7 0.72
DTE DTE ENERGY Utilities Equity 12505554.02 0.72
NJR NEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORP Utilities Equity 12477704.25 0.72
HE HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES INC Utilities Equity 12452713.4 0.72
EVRG EVERGY INC Utilities Equity 12413108.12 0.72
EIX EDISON INTERNATIONAL Utilities Equity 12395160.0 0.72
ARTNA ARTESIAN RESOURCES CORP CLASS A Utilities Equity 12389730.99 0.72
AEP AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER INC Utilities Equity 12383540.4 0.72
AQN ALGONQUIN POWER UTILITIES CORP Utilities Equity 12381588.31 0.72
D DOMINION ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 12373476.64 0.72
PPL PPL CORP Utilities Equity 12351241.26 0.71
MLI MUELLER INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 12278398.65 0.71
NI NISOURCE INC Utilities Equity 12265830.72 0.71
PEG PUBLIC SERVICE ENTERPRISE GROUP IN Utilities Equity 12204069.93 0.71
HWKN HAWKINS INC Materials Equity 12197208.63 0.7
VST VISTRA CORP Utilities Equity 12173462.7 0.7
SJI S JERSEY INDS INC Utilities Equity 12149255.61 0.7
CSL CARLISLE COMPANIES INC Industrials Equity 12092839.5 0.7
AVA AVISTA CORP Utilities Equity 12056065.0 0.7
CMS CMS ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 12026760.84 0.7
DNMR DANIMER SCIENTIFIC INC CLASS A Materials Equity 11999939.9 0.69
SR SPIRE INC Utilities Equity 11976246.72 0.69
UTL UNITIL CORP Utilities Equity 11955873.9 0.69
HAYN HAYNES INTERNATIONAL INC Materials Equity 11919852.51 0.69
OGS ONE GAS INC Utilities Equity 11896854.13 0.69
DUK DUKE ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 11883364.14 0.69
ETR ENTERGY CORP Utilities Equity 11871942.22 0.69
NWN NORTHWEST NATURAL HOLDING COMPANY Utilities Equity 11826895.99 0.68
PNW PINNACLE WEST CORP Utilities Equity 11766656.6 0.68
FTS FORTIS INC Utilities Equity 11748186.56 0.68
PCG PG&E CORP Utilities Equity 11708030.22 0.68
MDU MDU RESOURCES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 11682875.76 0.68
FIX COMFORT SYSTEMS USA INC Industrials Equity 11681658.56 0.68
ATI ATI INC Materials Equity 11567412.36 0.67
AM ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 11524457.28 0.67
NWE NORTHWESTERN CORP Utilities Equity 11504349.0 0.66
FE FIRSTENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 11500610.91 0.66
WOR WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES INC Materials Equity 11496993.86 0.66
OKE ONEOK INC Energy Equity 11469077.76 0.66
KNTK KINETIK HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Energy Equity 11303786.47 0.65
ENB ENBRIDGE INC Energy Equity 11287990.44 0.65
MYRG MYR GROUP INC Industrials Equity 11141779.68 0.64
EXC EXELON CORP Utilities Equity 11126990.3 0.64
KMI KINDER MORGAN INC Energy Equity 11125371.4 0.64
NVEE NV5 GLOBAL INC Industrials Equity 11112783.0 0.64
WMB WILLIAMS INC Energy Equity 11105201.94 0.64
VMI VALMONT INDS INC Industrials Equity 11097216.96 0.64
SUM SUMMIT MATERIALS INC CLASS A Materials Equity 11071503.3 0.64
PWR QUANTA SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 11063547.5 0.64
TTEK TETRA TECH INC Industrials Equity 10931458.56 0.63
URI UNITED RENTALS INC Industrials Equity 10926051.36 0.63
VMC VULCAN MATERIALS Materials Equity 10885712.68 0.63
NRG NRG ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 10864187.88 0.63
EME EMCOR GROUP INC Industrials Equity 10836192.03 0.63
NUE NUCOR CORP Materials Equity 10834916.4 0.63
MLM MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC Materials Equity 10804461.68 0.62
AWI ARMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 10776559.5 0.62
OFLX OMEGA FLEX INC Industrials Equity 10764163.45 0.62
IESC IES INC Industrials Equity 10728102.45 0.62
TRN TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 10695506.8 0.62
APOG APOGEE ENTERPRISES INC Industrials Equity 10679251.96 0.62
ROCK GIBRALTAR INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 10665626.2 0.62
BLDR BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE INC Industrials Equity 10636310.1 0.61
CRS CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP Materials Equity 10596367.59 0.61
CMC COMMERCIAL METALS Materials Equity 10482138.4 0.61
ACM AECOM Industrials Equity 10469165.9 0.61
TRP TC ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 10404629.4 0.6
STLD STEEL DYNAMICS INC Materials Equity 10393670.1 0.6
ENLC ENLINK MIDSTREAM COMMON UNITS Energy Equity 10376341.57 0.6
LXFR LUXFER HOLDINGS PLC Industrials Equity 10370164.48 0.6
STRL STERLING INFRASTRUCTURE INC Industrials Equity 10366767.6 0.6
STN STANTEC INC Industrials Equity 10288448.64 0.59
WFG WEST FRASER TIMBER LTD Materials Equity 10116547.8 0.58
TEX TEREX CORP Industrials Equity 9974849.3 0.58
NGVT INGEVITY CORP Materials Equity 9966431.16 0.58
RS RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM Materials Equity 9941235.75 0.57
MTZ MASTEC INC Industrials Equity 9888725.25 0.57
HEES H AND E EQUIPMENT SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 9778489.76 0.57
APG API GROUP CORP Industrials Equity 9756249.3 0.56
X US STEEL CORP Materials Equity 9728745.04 0.56
GVA GRANITE CONSTRUCTION INC Industrials Equity 9724043.92 0.56
ARNC ARCONIC CORP Materials Equity 9656652.8 0.56
AZEK AZEK COMPANY INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 9608766.62 0.56
POOL POOL CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 9566651.9 0.55
SSD SIMPSON MANUFACTURING INC Industrials Equity 9532446.68 0.55
ASTE ASTEC INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 9474475.35 0.55
NWPX NORTHWEST PIPE Industrials Equity 9404081.28 0.54
ECVT ECOVYST INC Materials Equity 9343764.9 0.54
FLR FLUOR CORP Industrials Equity 9342990.51 0.54
RYI RYERSON HOLDING CORP Materials Equity 9296380.94 0.54
OC OWENS CORNING Industrials Equity 9289051.2 0.54
J JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP INC Industrials Equity 9254646.99 0.53
AGX ARGAN INC Industrials Equity 9233092.4 0.53
TG TREDEGAR CORP Materials Equity 9223655.61 0.53
TREX TREX INC Industrials Equity 8916477.66 0.52
BXC BLUELINX HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 8904276.06 0.51
PRIM PRIMORIS SERVICES CORP Industrials Equity 8879160.15 0.51
EMN EASTMAN CHEMICAL Materials Equity 8827714.26 0.51
ASIX ADVANSIX INC Materials Equity 8742667.44 0.51
ZEUS OLYMPIC STEEL INC Materials Equity 8695348.92 0.5
BCC BOISE CASCADE Industrials Equity 8670452.0 0.5
AVNT AVIENT CORP Materials Equity 8665674.03 0.5
SLCA US SILICA HOLDINGS INC Energy Equity 8606649.82 0.5
OLN OLIN CORP Materials Equity 8482106.16 0.49
SWX SOUTHWEST GAS HOLDINGS INC Utilities Equity 8374563.84 0.48
CLF CLEVELAND CLIFFS INC Materials Equity 8362216.3 0.48
LPX LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP Materials Equity 8168214.96 0.47
CENX CENTURY ALUMINUM Materials Equity 8046420.2 0.47
WLK WESTLAKE CORP Materials Equity 7800335.4 0.45
KALU KAISER ALUMINIUM CORP Materials Equity 7669268.6 0.44
IIIN INSTEEL INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 7611905.98 0.44
GBX GREENBRIER INC Industrials Equity 7444124.01 0.43
TMST TIMKENSTEEL CORP Materials Equity 7375794.42 0.43
GLDD GREAT LAKES DREDGE AND DOCK CORP Industrials Equity 7130324.25 0.41
TGB TASEKO MINES LTD Materials Equity 7071957.2 0.41
TPC TUTOR PERINI CORP Industrials Equity 6843111.93 0.4
CPK CHESAPEAKE UTILITIES CORP Utilities Equity 5237629.0 0.3
MSEX MIDDLESEX WATER Utilities Equity 4229608.05 0.24
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3587849.51 0.21
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1088880.46 0.06
WFFUT CASH COLLATERAL USD WFFUT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 242000.0 0.01
FAU2 S&P MID 400 EMINI SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
IXPU2 EMINI ENERGY SELECT SECTOR SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
IXSU2 E-MINI UTILITIES SELECT SECTOR SEP Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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