ETF constituents for IGE

Below, a list of constituents for IGE (iShares North American Natural Resources ETF) is shown. In total, IGE consists of 126 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
XOM EXXON MOBIL CORP Energy Equity 54213149.8 9.44
CVX CHEVRON CORP Energy Equity 51369104.28 8.95
COP CONOCOPHILLIPS Energy Equity 25008954.86 4.36
SLB SCHLUMBERGER NV Energy Equity 18406058.15 3.21
ENB ENBRIDGE INC Energy Equity 17858401.0 3.11
EOG EOG RESOURCES INC Energy Equity 17823571.48 3.1
CNQ CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LTD Energy Equity 17678507.44 3.08
MPC MARATHON PETROLEUM CORP Energy Equity 14848110.06 2.59
PXD PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCE Energy Equity 13629213.64 2.37
FCX FREEPORT MCMORAN INC Materials Equity 13211127.34 2.3
PSX PHILLIPS Energy Equity 13009264.0 2.27
NEM NEWMONT Materials Equity 11575513.54 2.02
VLO VALERO ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 10949733.2 1.91
WMB WILLIAMS INC Energy Equity 10941542.43 1.91
LNG CHENIERE ENERGY INC Energy Equity 10688171.34 1.86
SU SUNCOR ENERGY INC Energy Equity 10628849.44 1.85
HES HESS CORP Energy Equity 9961806.4 1.74
OXY OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP Energy Equity 9866536.68 1.72
OKE ONEOK INC Energy Equity 9660694.89 1.68
TRP TC ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 9512345.52 1.66
BKR BAKER HUGHES CLASS A Energy Equity 8454222.14 1.47
HAL HALLIBURTON Energy Equity 8347036.88 1.45
KMI KINDER MORGAN INC Energy Equity 8298249.05 1.45
GOLD BARRICK GOLD CORP Materials Equity 7579685.6 1.32
DVN DEVON ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 7109617.32 1.24
MLM MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC Materials Equity 7038460.0 1.23
VMC VULCAN MATERIALS Materials Equity 6946108.2 1.21
FANG DIAMONDBACK ENERGY INC Energy Equity 6817445.28 1.19
AEM AGNICO EAGLE MINES LTD Materials Equity 6543953.43 1.14
CVE CENOVUS ENERGY INC Energy Equity 5887420.16 1.03
FNV FRANCO NEVADA CORP Materials Equity 5621121.92 0.98
WPM WHEATON PRECIOUS METALS CORP Materials Equity 5510403.1 0.96
CTRA COTERRA ENERGY INC Energy Equity 4889063.52 0.85
CCJ CAMECO CORP Energy Equity 4852274.4 0.85
TRGP TARGA RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 4846450.0 0.84
PBA PEMBINA PIPELINE CORP Energy Equity 4507471.8 0.79
BALL BALL CORP Materials Equity 4189487.42 0.73
MRO MARATHON OIL CORP Energy Equity 3796987.2 0.66
AVY AVERY DENNISON CORP Materials Equity 3784894.4 0.66
EQT EQT CORP Energy Equity 3568288.55 0.62
PKG PACKAGING CORP OF AMERICA Materials Equity 3520828.96 0.61
AMCR AMCOR PLC Materials Equity 3388055.1 0.59
IP INTERNATIONAL PAPER Materials Equity 2934814.38 0.51
OVV OVINTIV INC Energy Equity 2770086.52 0.48
APA APA CORP Energy Equity 2767572.12 0.48
TPL TEXAS PACIFIC LAND CORP Energy Equity 2495141.04 0.43
CCK CROWN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 2455179.68 0.43
WRK WESTROCK Materials Equity 2437229.73 0.42
CHK CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 2255616.92 0.39
FTI TECHNIPFMC PLC Energy Equity 2248355.07 0.39
ATR APTARGROUP INC Materials Equity 2041413.72 0.36
RGLD ROYAL GOLD INC Materials Equity 1977824.0 0.34
DINO HF SINCLAIR CORP Energy Equity 1947420.8 0.34
RRC RANGE RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 1938517.08 0.34
BERY BERRY GLOBAL GROUP INC Materials Equity 1878085.2 0.33
NOV NOV INC Energy Equity 1840705.6 0.32
KGC KINROSS GOLD CORP Materials Equity 1790100.58 0.31
SWN SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY Energy Equity 1786237.4 0.31
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1760916.63 0.31
GPK GRAPHIC PACKAGING HOLDING Materials Equity 1685489.6 0.29
AR ANTERO RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 1679913.27 0.29
CHRD CHORD ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 1656032.52 0.29
MTDR MATADOR RESOURCES Energy Equity 1589410.08 0.28
MUR MURPHY OIL CORP Energy Equity 1569472.9 0.27
EXP EAGLE MATERIALS INC Materials Equity 1559398.44 0.27
CIVI CIVITAS RESOURCES INC Energy Equity 1430720.44 0.25
AGI ALAMOS GOLD INC CLASS A Materials Equity 1428515.65 0.25
CHX CHAMPIONX CORP Energy Equity 1416871.03 0.25
PAAS PAN AMERICAN SILVER CORP Materials Equity 1408459.08 0.25
DTM DT MIDSTREAM INC Energy Equity 1361066.16 0.24
SON SONOCO PRODUCTS Materials Equity 1324159.2 0.23
PBF PBF ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 1232521.6 0.21
NE NOBLE CORPORATION PLC Energy Equity 1214183.2 0.21
PR PERMIAN RESOURCES CORP CLASS A Energy Equity 1179010.08 0.21
SEE SEALED AIR CORP Materials Equity 1172137.25 0.2
AA ALCOA CORP Materials Equity 1151379.84 0.2
WFG WEST FRASER TIMBER LTD Materials Equity 1117117.98 0.19
SM SM ENERGY Energy Equity 1095934.14 0.19
AM ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 1092411.22 0.19
VAL VALARIS LTD Energy Equity 1090662.16 0.19
BTG B2GOLD CORP Materials Equity 1063575.28 0.19
RIG TRANSOCEAN LTD Energy Equity 1051293.6 0.18
SUM SUMMIT MATERIALS INC CLASS A Materials Equity 1014345.8 0.18
CPG CRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 1010194.46 0.18
MGY MAGNOLIA OIL GAS CORP CLASS A Energy Equity 1005750.75 0.18
LPX LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP Materials Equity 974254.08 0.17
ETRN EQUITRANS MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 966923.37 0.17
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 948503.39 0.17
PTEN PATTERSON UTI ENERGY INC Energy Equity 930183.68 0.16
HP HELMERICH & PAYNE INC Energy Equity 893683.64 0.16
SLGN SILGAN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 846241.35 0.15
CNX CNX RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 833478.75 0.15
NOG NORTHERN OIL AND GAS INC Energy Equity 830636.85 0.14
CRC CALIFORNIA RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 829207.98 0.14
ERF ENERPLUS CORP Energy Equity 823998.99 0.14
KOS KOSMOS ENERGY LTD Energy Equity 768950.14 0.13
LBRT LIBERTY ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 755194.5 0.13
CEIX CONSOL ENERGY INC Energy Equity 739922.46 0.13
ARCH ARCH RESOURCES INC CLASS A Materials Equity 732066.72 0.13
HL HECLA MINING Materials Equity 703279.29 0.12
WHD CACTUS INC CLASS A Energy Equity 672997.8 0.12
OR OSISKO GOLD ROYALTIES LTD Materials Equity 671533.93 0.12
BTU PEABODY ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 664482.68 0.12
NFE NEW FORTRESS ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 603544.0 0.11
SSRM SSR MINING INC Materials Equity 598116.9 0.1
MP MP MATERIALS CORP CLASS A Materials Equity 567204.12 0.1
OI O I GLASS INC Materials Equity 565928.68 0.1
VET VERMILION ENERGY INC Energy Equity 511812.91 0.09
CPE CALLON PETROLEUM Energy Equity 441583.1 0.08
GEF GREIF INC CLASS A Materials Equity 426533.16 0.07
AG FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP Materials Equity 419627.36 0.07
WKC WORLD KINECT Energy Equity 310720.3 0.05
CAD CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 295511.03 0.05
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL USD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 282000.0 0.05
NG NOVAGOLD RESOURCES INC Materials Equity 255917.68 0.04
CVI CVR ENERGY INC Energy Equity 233707.2 0.04
CRK COMSTOCK RESOURCES INC Energy Equity 231055.36 0.04
LAC LITHIUM AMERICAS CORP Materials Equity 191537.22 0.03
LAAC WI LITHIUM AMERICAS WHEN ISSUED Materials Equity 157996.14 0.03
PTVE PACTIV EVERGREEN INC Materials Equity 110181.5 0.02
IXDZ3 E-MINI MATERIALS SELECT SECTOR DEC Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
IXPZ3 EMINI ENERGY SELECT SECTOR DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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