ETF constituents for IRBO

Below, a list of constituents for IRBO (iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Multisector ETF) is shown. In total, IRBO consists of 131 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jul 31, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
2388 VIA TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 3423376.67 1.3
MSTR MICROSTRATEGY INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 3348060.54 1.27
6324 HARMONIC DRIVE SYSTEMS INC Industrials Equity 3237465.73 1.23
IRBT IROBOT CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 3173682.96 1.2
MP1 MEGAPORT LTD Information Technology Equity 3170786.29 1.2
DM DESKTOP METAL INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 2988592.08 1.13
SNOW SNOWFLAKE CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2951230.1 1.12
2498 HTC CORP Information Technology Equity 2841720.0 1.08
ESTC ELASTIC NV Information Technology Equity 2781147.6 1.05
LSCC LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP Information Technology Equity 2770548.65 1.05
PINS PINTEREST INC CLASS A Communication Equity 2761600.8 1.05
NFLX NETFLIX INC Communication Equity 2753991.38 1.04
BMBL BUMBLE INC CLASS A Communication Equity 2747465.6 1.04
INFA INFORMATICA INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2733414.72 1.04
BSY BENTLEY SYSTEMS INC CLASS B Information Technology Equity 2710090.46 1.03
AAPL APPLE INC Information Technology Equity 2698585.96 1.02
FARO FARO TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 2680428.52 1.02
AMZN AMAZON COM INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2669353.61 1.01
ATA ATS AUTOMATION TOOLING SYSTEMS INC Industrials Equity 2623119.76 0.99
AYX ALTERYX INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2616220.62 0.99
GDDY GODADDY INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2595178.65 0.98
FUBO FUBOTV INC Communication Equity 2584857.38 0.98
6594 NIDEC CORP Industrials Equity 2566086.7 0.97
ANSS ANSYS INC Information Technology Equity 2565844.47 0.97
ISRG INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC Health Care Equity 2547241.44 0.97
TWTR TWITTER INC Communication Equity 2541532.2 0.96
NNDM NANO DIMENSION SPONSORED ADR REPR Information Technology Equity 2539740.33 0.96
SPLK SPLUNK INC Information Technology Equity 2526702.0 0.96
4716 ORACLE JAPAN CORP Information Technology Equity 2517732.49 0.95
DBX DROPBOX INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2513389.4 0.95
DDD 3D SYSTEMS CORP Information Technology Equity 2502174.68 0.95
ADSK AUTODESK INC Information Technology Equity 2492249.5 0.95
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP Information Technology Equity 2488192.2 0.94
SUMO SUMO LOGIC INC Information Technology Equity 2481102.3 0.94
6954 FANUC CORP Industrials Equity 2476969.25 0.94
9618 JD.COM CLASS A INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2468037.81 0.94
SPOT SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SA Communication Equity 2463276.96 0.93
TXN TEXAS INSTRUMENT INC Information Technology Equity 2450620.9 0.93
HUBS HUBSPOT INC Information Technology Equity 2447204.1 0.93
ADI ANALOG DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 2443105.8 0.93
DSY DASSAULT SYSTEMES Information Technology Equity 2442925.65 0.93
GOOGL ALPHABET INC CLASS A Communication Equity 2434417.99 0.92
AME AMETEK INC Industrials Equity 2434005.48 0.92
ALTR ALTAIR ENGINEERING INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2420008.44 0.92
AIMC ALTRA INDUSTRIAL MOTION CORP Industrials Equity 2409032.85 0.91
PTC PTC INC Information Technology Equity 2407909.68 0.91
QCOM QUALCOMM INC Information Technology Equity 2402576.09 0.91
AMBA AMBARELLA INC Information Technology Equity 2400038.08 0.91
TME TENCENT MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP Communication Equity 2398471.3 0.91
STLA STELLANTIS NV Consumer Discretionary Equity 2377081.85 0.9
AVV AVEVA GROUP PLC Information Technology Equity 2375690.98 0.9
ADBE ADOBE INC Information Technology Equity 2374715.19 0.9
DIS WALT DISNEY Communication Equity 2358531.56 0.89
NEM NEMETSCHEK Information Technology Equity 2358230.48 0.89
DOMO DOMO INC CLASS B Information Technology Equity 2341297.8 0.89
1810 XIAOMI CORP Information Technology Equity 2337048.88 0.89
CRM SALESFORCE INC Information Technology Equity 2336499.04 0.89
6506 YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORP Industrials Equity 2335261.21 0.89
FRSH FRESHWORKS INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2328126.05 0.88
763 ZTE CORP H Information Technology Equity 2323798.26 0.88
3443 GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP Information Technology Equity 2322666.67 0.88
9988 ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 2318215.52 0.88
9888 BAIDU CLASS A INC Communication Equity 2311373.39 0.88
1024 KUAISHOU TECHNOLOGY Communication Equity 2299655.41 0.87
6971 KYOCERA CORP Information Technology Equity 2298403.85 0.87
CGNX COGNEX CORP Information Technology Equity 2282897.61 0.87
MCHP MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 2270996.0 0.86
SLAB SILICON LABORATORIES INC Information Technology Equity 2269743.74 0.86
7012 KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD Industrials Equity 2261997.78 0.86
6501 HITACHI LTD Industrials Equity 2231510.93 0.85
LUMN LUMEN TECHNOLOGIES INC Communication Equity 2229045.68 0.85
6479 MINEBEA MITSUMI INC Industrials Equity 2224043.72 0.84
SSYS STRATASYS LTD Information Technology Equity 2219973.16 0.84
PRLB PROTO LABS INC Industrials Equity 2184849.41 0.83
IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO Information Technology Equity 2181957.91 0.83
STM STMICROELECTRONICS NV Information Technology Equity 2177966.36 0.83
NVDA NVIDIA CORP Information Technology Equity 2175560.38 0.82
7752 RICOH LTD Information Technology Equity 2163321.97 0.82
6753 SHARP CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2159413.12 0.82
IQ IQIYI ADS REPRESENTING INC Communication Equity 2158415.08 0.82
TDC TERADATA CORP Information Technology Equity 2155817.34 0.82
6758 SONY GROUP CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2152271.21 0.82
AMD ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 2136943.18 0.81
SUS SURGICAL SCIENCE SWEDEN Health Care Equity 2128416.86 0.81
CEVA CEVA INC Information Technology Equity 2106205.44 0.8
META META PLATFORMS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 2105613.82 0.8
DUE DUERR AG Industrials Equity 2096501.76 0.79
CLVT CLARIVATE PLC Industrials Equity 2088801.0 0.79
066570 LG ELECTRONICS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2072866.89 0.79
MTTR MATTERPORT INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 2047931.22 0.78
018260 SAMSUNG SDS LTD Information Technology Equity 2039572.27 0.77
005930 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LTD Information Technology Equity 2030125.33 0.77
MTRN MAYTRONICS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 2002313.69 0.76
WB WEIBO ADR REPRESENTING CORP Communication Equity 1990220.64 0.75
VMEO VIMEO INC Communication Equity 1967649.62 0.75
700 TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD Communication Equity 1966445.43 0.75
2049 HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Industrials Equity 1957633.33 0.74
CNXC CONCENTRIX CORP Information Technology Equity 1952992.4 0.74
SO SOMFY SA Industrials Equity 1949300.17 0.74
INTC INTEL CORPORATION CORP Information Technology Equity 1896908.52 0.72
3228 RDC SEMICONDUCTOR LTD Information Technology Equity 1888583.33 0.72
VIV VIVENDI Communication Equity 1867014.29 0.71
067160 AFREECATV LTD Communication Equity 1808131.39 0.69
PEGA PEGASYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 1767752.7 0.67
MOMO HELLO GROUP ADR INC Communication Equity 1745203.5 0.66
YY JOYY ADR INC Communication Equity 1744116.99 0.66
6202 HOLTEK SEMICONDUCTOR INC Information Technology Equity 1702000.0 0.65
3661 ALCHIP TECHNOLOGIES LTD Information Technology Equity 1696000.0 0.64
SNAP SNAP INC CLASS A Communication Equity 1672275.04 0.63
KC KINGSOFT CLOUD HOLDINGS ADR REPRES Information Technology Equity 1633070.4 0.62
3035 FARADAY TECHNOLOGY CORP Information Technology Equity 1601650.0 0.61
4919 NUVOTON TECHNOLOGY CORP Information Technology Equity 1536033.33 0.58
ATO ATOS Information Technology Equity 985154.07 0.37
TWD TWD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 301897.4 0.11
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 220000.0 0.08
JPY JPY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 183347.45 0.07
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 110578.73 0.04
KRW KRW CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 79882.83 0.03
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 45995.42 0.02
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL USD HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 41000.0 0.02
nan HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Industrials Equity 13707.27 0.01
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1722.18 0.0
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1615.48 0.0
CAD CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 829.95 0.0
SEK SEK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 602.21 0.0
YNDX YANDEX NV CLASS A Communication Equity 505.41 0.0
AUD AUD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 418.65 0.0
ILS ILS CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 214.46 0.0
IXTU2 EMINI TECHNOLOGY SELECT SECTOR SEP Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -9025.26 0.0
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