ETF constituents for IWP

Below, a list of constituents for IWP (iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETF) is shown. In total, IWP consists of 336 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Apr 30, 2024 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
CRWD CROWDSTRIKE HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 317427947.05 2.25
APO APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT INC Financials Equity 255816896.24 1.81
CTAS CINTAS CORP Industrials Equity 233150038.64 1.65
DXCM DEXCOM INC Health Care Equity 211023574.4 1.5
CPRT COPART INC Industrials Equity 199475944.08 1.41
AMP AMERIPRISE FINANCE INC Financials Equity 188936001.9 1.34
IDXX IDEXX LABORATORIES INC Health Care Equity 184588326.0 1.31
GWW WW GRAINGER INC Industrials Equity 183132463.4 1.3
SPOT SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SA Communication Equity 182970622.17 1.3
TTD TRADE DESK INC CLASS A Communication Equity 177090505.35 1.26
ROST ROSS STORES INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 176655215.48 1.25
PAYX PAYCHEX INC Industrials Equity 175908166.84 1.25
APH AMPHENOL CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 173800470.8 1.23
PLTR PALANTIR TECHNOLOGIES INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 173293294.72 1.23
IQV IQVIA HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 166388161.73 1.18
LNG CHENIERE ENERGY INC Energy Equity 163553395.32 1.16
MCHP MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 161484953.7 1.15
COR CENCORA INC Health Care Equity 160547955.02 1.14
A AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 155361276.9 1.1
VRSK VERISK ANALYTICS INC Industrials Equity 154487393.25 1.1
MPWR MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 148961530.64 1.06
DDOG DATADOG INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 147746027.16 1.05
YUM YUM BRANDS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 146526303.57 1.04
IT GARTNER INC Information Technology Equity 146316907.17 1.04
FICO FAIR ISAAC CORP Information Technology Equity 142428960.9 1.01
MTD METTLER TOLEDO INC Health Care Equity 137564544.9 0.98
ODFL OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE INC Industrials Equity 136897418.7 0.97
RMD RESMED INC Health Care Equity 133436523.86 0.95
TSCO TRACTOR SUPPLY Consumer Discretionary Equity 132961110.96 0.94
ROK ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INC Industrials Equity 130786784.4 0.93
VEEV VEEVA SYSTEMS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 128677546.72 0.91
CDW CDW CORP Information Technology Equity 128062146.69 0.91
FAST FASTENAL Industrials Equity 122243042.6 0.87
HUBS HUBSPOT INC Information Technology Equity 119722118.46 0.85
DASH DOORDASH INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 116396099.12 0.83
TRGP TARGA RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 109295203.05 0.78
CPNG COUPANG INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 106413744.32 0.75
WST WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES INC Health Care Equity 105644970.9 0.75
ARES ARES MANAGEMENT CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 105061287.0 0.75
PINS PINTEREST INC CLASS A Communication Equity 104995461.9 0.74
MDB MONGODB INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 104408357.62 0.74
ANSS ANSYS INC Information Technology Equity 102083014.44 0.72
HES HESS CORP Energy Equity 101236122.0 0.72
CHD CHURCH AND DWIGHT INC Consumer Staples Equity 101171259.18 0.72
DECK DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 100550942.85 0.71
HLT HILTON WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 99164272.41 0.7
TT TRANE TECHNOLOGIES PLC Industrials Equity 97158041.12 0.69
NET CLOUDFLARE INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 93985574.22 0.67
LPLA LPL FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 89832616.79 0.64
EFX EQUIFAX INC Industrials Equity 86861272.96 0.62
BR BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC Industrials Equity 85842692.73 0.61
WAT WATERS CORP Health Care Equity 85675671.31 0.61
AXON AXON ENTERPRISE INC Industrials Equity 85600782.72 0.61
BAH BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON HOLDING CORP C Industrials Equity 84835723.96 0.6
ALGN ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC Health Care Equity 83708929.35 0.59
MSCI MSCI INC Financials Equity 81802643.2 0.58
NU NU HOLDINGS LTD CLASS A Financials Equity 80484506.7 0.57
ULTA ULTA BEAUTY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 79239909.24 0.56
TER TERADYNE INC Information Technology Equity 78258097.5 0.56
CPAY CORPAY INC Financials Equity 76643124.2 0.54
DPZ DOMINOS PIZZA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 76226346.78 0.54
KKR KKR AND CO INC Financials Equity 73761332.4 0.52
DKNG DRAFTKINGS INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 73717541.8 0.52
FDS FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS INC Financials Equity 72747321.04 0.52
CLX CLOROX Consumer Staples Equity 70530300.9 0.5
ENPH ENPHASE ENERGY INC Information Technology Equity 67952012.5 0.48
TYL TYLER TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 67211140.5 0.48
ZS ZSCALER INC Information Technology Equity 66099223.09 0.47
ALNY ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 65348820.46 0.46
RBLX ROBLOX CORP CLASS A Communication Equity 65279606.94 0.46
CSGP COSTAR GROUP INC Real Estate Equity 64731168.59 0.46
MANH MANHATTAN ASSOCIATES INC Information Technology Equity 60332504.8 0.43
POOL POOL CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 60294248.41 0.43
EQH EQUITABLE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 59522339.76 0.42
SQ BLOCK INC CLASS A Financials Equity 59401723.0 0.42
NBIX NEUROCRINE BIOSCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 59012654.39 0.42
PSTG PURE STORAGE INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 58852707.15 0.42
CELH CELSIUS HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 57250331.04 0.41
HEIA HEICO CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 55205486.05 0.39
DT DYNATRACE INC Information Technology Equity 53285248.8 0.38
CAH CARDINAL HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 52735772.25 0.37
SWAV SHOCKWAVE MEDICAL INC Health Care Equity 52536556.8 0.37
BURL BURLINGTON STORES INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 52388541.52 0.37
LW LAMB WESTON HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 52318660.08 0.37
TDG TRANSDIGM GROUP INC Industrials Equity 51883442.08 0.37
PODD INSULET CORP Health Care Equity 51464663.07 0.37
TECH BIO TECHNE CORP Health Care Equity 51320637.17 0.36
GDDY GODADDY INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 51277453.44 0.36
WMS ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS INC Industrials Equity 50916287.0 0.36
NTRA NATERA INC Health Care Equity 50715154.75 0.36
FND FLOOR DECOR HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 50631756.26 0.36
DOCU DOCUSIGN INC Information Technology Equity 50411965.56 0.36
ROL ROLLINS INC Industrials Equity 50222590.56 0.36
SRPT SAREPTA THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 49437933.01 0.35
IRM IRON MOUNTAIN INC Real Estate Equity 49427829.52 0.35
TPL TEXAS PACIFIC LAND CORP Energy Equity 48831374.94 0.35
WING WINGSTOP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 48547065.6 0.34
TXRH TEXAS ROADHOUSE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 48216521.55 0.34
PTC PTC INC Information Technology Equity 47570039.0 0.34
EXPE EXPEDIA GROUP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 46757931.63 0.33
LECO LINCOLN ELECTRIC HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 46611558.51 0.33
MOH MOLINA HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 46481369.0 0.33
PWR QUANTA SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 45339266.3 0.32
RBA RB GLOBAL INC Industrials Equity 45248411.52 0.32
EPAM EPAM SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 45159151.8 0.32
RCL ROYAL CARIBBEAN GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 44704142.64 0.32
SPG SIMON PROPERTY GROUP REIT INC Real Estate Equity 44378360.82 0.31
LSCC LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP Information Technology Equity 43711696.78 0.31
VST VISTRA CORP Utilities Equity 42860714.06 0.3
ALLE ALLEGION PLC Industrials Equity 42784014.48 0.3
HUBB HUBBELL INC Industrials Equity 42454244.14 0.3
CHDN CHURCHILL DOWNS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 41645643.8 0.3
BSY BENTLEY SYSTEMS INC CLASS B Information Technology Equity 41331674.4 0.29
TREX TREX INC Industrials Equity 41145469.2 0.29
NTAP NETAPP INC Information Technology Equity 40704525.28 0.29
TOST TOAST INC CLASS A Financials Equity 40499957.34 0.29
JBL JABIL INC Information Technology Equity 40325641.3 0.29
URI UNITED RENTALS INC Industrials Equity 40140220.77 0.28
MEDP MEDPACE HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 39558332.98 0.28
PAYC PAYCOM SOFTWARE INC Industrials Equity 39189341.52 0.28
HEI HEICO CORP Industrials Equity 38030646.52 0.27
TTC TORO Industrials Equity 37632623.55 0.27
ESTC ELASTIC NV Information Technology Equity 37067868.6 0.26
CROX CROCS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 36872689.56 0.26
KNSL KINSALE CAPITAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 36749463.24 0.26
AES AES CORP Utilities Equity 36380570.48 0.26
BRO BROWN & BROWN INC Financials Equity 35880052.39 0.25
DRI DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 35647929.54 0.25
MUSA MURPHY USA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 35514139.92 0.25
LAMR LAMAR ADVERTISING COMPANY CLAS Real Estate Equity 34476421.32 0.24
MKTX MARKETAXESS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 34436369.5 0.24
APA APA CORP Energy Equity 34406298.0 0.24
INCY INCYTE CORP Health Care Equity 34029818.1 0.24
PPG PPG INDUSTRIES INC Materials Equity 33615277.32 0.24
BRKR BRUKER CORP Health Care Equity 33301989.5 0.24
CHRW CH ROBINSON WORLDWIDE INC Industrials Equity 32837410.34 0.23
MORN MORNINGSTAR INC Financials Equity 32780664.3 0.23
VMC VULCAN MATERIALS Materials Equity 32629146.18 0.23
MTCH MATCH GROUP INC Communication Equity 31357669.64 0.22
DVA DAVITA INC Health Care Equity 30966205.25 0.22
FIVE FIVE BELOW INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 30872664.0 0.22
GLOB GLOBANT SA Information Technology Equity 30654755.04 0.22
PEN PENUMBRA INC Health Care Equity 30090691.31 0.21
PCTY PAYLOCITY HOLDING CORP Industrials Equity 29895058.44 0.21
BFB BROWN FORMAN CORP CLASS B Consumer Staples Equity 28990668.96 0.21
TKO TKO GROUP HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 28316114.6 0.2
HAL HALLIBURTON Energy Equity 28178348.66 0.2
KEYS KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 27834909.92 0.2
EME EMCOR GROUP INC Industrials Equity 27152130.3 0.19
AVY AVERY DENNISON CORP Materials Equity 26147272.13 0.19
CFLT CONFLUENT INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 25742493.0 0.18
CHE CHEMED CORP Health Care Equity 25240959.96 0.18
HPQ HP INC Information Technology Equity 24962622.8 0.18
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 24345117.26 0.17
GGG GRACO INC Industrials Equity 24160600.36 0.17
PATH UIPATH INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 24087865.76 0.17
OVV OVINTIV INC Energy Equity 23804791.96 0.17
PCOR PROCORE TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 23512378.36 0.17
LYFT LYFT INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 23364985.51 0.17
MASI MASIMO CORP Health Care Equity 23340350.75 0.17
EXP EAGLE MATERIALS INC Materials Equity 22920551.1 0.16
RYAN RYAN SPECIALTY HOLDINGS INC CLASS Financials Equity 22833165.04 0.16
DBX DROPBOX INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 22785725.55 0.16
SMAR SMARTSHEET INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 22588247.05 0.16
GTLB GITLAB INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 22455199.8 0.16
ACGL ARCH CAPITAL GROUP LTD Financials Equity 22298920.31 0.16
LSTR LANDSTAR SYSTEM INC Industrials Equity 22111349.54 0.16
PRI PRIMERICA INC Financials Equity 22099847.02 0.16
PFGC PERFORMANCE FOOD GROUP Consumer Staples Equity 21960033.9 0.16
ILMN ILLUMINA INC Health Care Equity 21626001.8 0.15
HRB H&R BLOCK INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 21195435.45 0.15
IONS IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 20196734.0 0.14
EXEL EXELIXIS INC Health Care Equity 20051722.86 0.14
INSP INSPIRE MEDICAL SYSTEMS INC Health Care Equity 19564293.76 0.14
GPK GRAPHIC PACKAGING HOLDING Materials Equity 19403628.0 0.14
TW TRADEWEB MARKETS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 19117491.28 0.14
NTNX NUTANIX INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 18287698.95 0.13
ETSY ETSY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 17990846.08 0.13
APP APPLOVIN CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 17750990.34 0.13
XYL XYLEM INC Industrials Equity 17670230.28 0.13
WSO WATSCO INC Industrials Equity 17411925.65 0.12
APLS APELLIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 17382577.92 0.12
RGEN REPLIGEN CORP Health Care Equity 16882759.84 0.12
ICLR ICON PLC Health Care Equity 16877760.0 0.12
JKHY JACK HENRY AND ASSOCIATES INC Financials Equity 16826940.12 0.12
BJ BJS WHOLESALE CLUB HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 16669036.8 0.12
ROIV ROIVANT SCIENCES LTD Health Care Equity 16326330.88 0.12
SCI SERVICE Consumer Discretionary Equity 16133893.92 0.11
DCI DONALDSON INC Industrials Equity 16130820.64 0.11
OLED UNIVERSAL DISPLAY CORP Information Technology Equity 16049838.0 0.11
WEX WEX INC Financials Equity 16010724.42 0.11
FIVN FIVE9 INC Information Technology Equity 15820338.12 0.11
ELS EQUITY LIFESTYLE PROPERTIES REIT I Real Estate Equity 15694553.7 0.11
FOUR SHIFT4 PAYMENTS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 14948208.82 0.11
CHH CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 14717351.04 0.1
IRDM IRIDIUM COMMUNICATIONS INC Communication Equity 14591185.96 0.1
EXAS EXACT SCIENCES CORP Health Care Equity 14588080.0 0.1
AAL AMERICAN AIRLINES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 14452900.72 0.1
LYV LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT INC Communication Equity 14395078.68 0.1
YETI YETI HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 14263543.0 0.1
JAZZ JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 14246120.34 0.1
WTW WILLIS TOWERS WATSON PLC Financials Equity 14138990.0 0.1
KBR KBR INC Industrials Equity 13931739.65 0.1
SUI SUN COMMUNITIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 13800641.4 0.1
TDC TERADATA CORP Information Technology Equity 13760507.16 0.1
RARE ULTRAGENYX PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 13591376.4 0.1
RNR RENAISSANCERE HOLDING LTD Financials Equity 13521655.92 0.1
SEE SEALED AIR CORP Materials Equity 13207099.4 0.09
AJG ARTHUR J GALLAGHER Financials Equity 13103374.48 0.09
WEN WENDYS Consumer Discretionary Equity 12990583.62 0.09
ZBRA ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 12937123.32 0.09
CAVA CAVA GROUP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 12567552.8 0.09
RNG RINGCENTRAL INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 12540610.5 0.09
CZR CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 11877288.54 0.08
SMG SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO Materials Equity 11804207.85 0.08
RPM RPM INTERNATIONAL INC Materials Equity 11791403.28 0.08
DV DOUBLEVERIFY HOLDINGS INC Information Technology Equity 11371110.15 0.08
OKE ONEOK INC Energy Equity 11206311.93 0.08
PLNT PLANET FITNESS INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 11205894.03 0.08
JBHT JB HUNT TRANSPORT SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 11168746.96 0.08
PEGA PEGASYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 11107913.92 0.08
VRT VERTIV HOLDINGS CLASS A Industrials Equity 10961659.76 0.08
EEFT EURONET WORLDWIDE INC Financials Equity 10838816.69 0.08
OTIS OTIS WORLDWIDE CORP Industrials Equity 10343373.7 0.07
UHALB U HAUL NON VOTING SERIES N Industrials Equity 10291217.75 0.07
WSM WILLIAMS SONOMA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 10138872.8 0.07
NVCR NOVOCURE LTD Health Care Equity 10089117.44 0.07
SAM BOSTON BEER INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 10027543.76 0.07
FERG FERGUSON PLC Industrials Equity 9968670.94 0.07
EXPD EXPEDITORS INTERNATIONAL OF WASHIN Industrials Equity 9945838.77 0.07
U UNITY SOFTWARE INC Information Technology Equity 9748020.8 0.07
ALGM ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 9721176.3 0.07
EG EVEREST GROUP LTD Financials Equity 9674040.74 0.07
HCP HASHICORP INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 9645738.21 0.07
GMED GLOBUS MEDICAL INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 9577934.86 0.07
SITE SITEONE LANDSCAPE SUPPLY INC Industrials Equity 9529652.5 0.07
GEN GEN DIGITAL INC Information Technology Equity 9261167.34 0.07
TXG 10X GENOMICS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 9184062.15 0.07
VNT VONTIER CORP Information Technology Equity 9093160.0 0.06
TTEK TETRA TECH INC Industrials Equity 9027332.4 0.06
SBAC SBA COMMUNICATIONS REIT CORP CLASS Real Estate Equity 8934297.96 0.06
ZI ZOOMINFO TECHNOLOGIES INC Communication Equity 8682614.22 0.06
NVR NVR INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 8367902.48 0.06
WSC WILLSCOT MOBILE MINI HOLDINGS CORP Industrials Equity 8068568.82 0.06
BBY BEST BUY CO INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 8017894.5 0.06
W WAYFAIR INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 7913289.74 0.06
CASY CASEYS GENERAL STORES INC Consumer Staples Equity 7902823.92 0.06
BFA BROWN FORMAN CORP CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 7888747.14 0.06
SLM SLM CORP Financials Equity 7659146.95 0.05
NXST NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP INC Communication Equity 7638276.91 0.05
EBAY EBAY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7451174.14 0.05
DAL DELTA AIR LINES INC Industrials Equity 7353651.2 0.05
TPX TEMPUR SEALY INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7298034.64 0.05
BMRN BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 7232966.4 0.05
TWLO TWILIO INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 7156459.2 0.05
AM ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 7129678.93 0.05
NFE NEW FORTRESS ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 7040129.25 0.05
NCLH NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 6865949.61 0.05
FRPT FRESHPET INC Consumer Staples Equity 6655483.59 0.05
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 6649223.32 0.05
OLLI OLLIES BARGAIN OUTLET HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 6483372.84 0.05
G GENPACT LTD Industrials Equity 6435379.41 0.05
AWI ARMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 6411053.95 0.05
AGL AGILON HEALTH Health Care Equity 6408896.7 0.05
TNL TRAVEL LEISURE Consumer Discretionary Equity 6002568.0 0.04
BWXT BWX TECHNOLOGIES INC Industrials Equity 5985738.24 0.04
VVV VALVOLINE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 5969559.47 0.04
FCN FTI CONSULTING INC Industrials Equity 5908628.83 0.04
DOCS DOXIMITY INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 5792308.61 0.04
IEX IDEX CORP Industrials Equity 5791344.26 0.04
RLI RLI CORP Financials Equity 5669442.9 0.04
OWL BLUE OWL CAPITAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 5585203.96 0.04
LBRDK LIBERTY BROADBAND CORP SERIES C Communication Equity 5256250.41 0.04
LOPE GRAND CANYON EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 5251125.6 0.04
MSA MSA SAFETY INC Industrials Equity 5082759.22 0.04
SAIA SAIA INC Industrials Equity 4856553.0 0.03
FMC FMC CORP Materials Equity 4793551.3 0.03
AOS A O SMITH CORP Industrials Equity 4760547.82 0.03
PTON PELOTON INTERACTIVE CLASS A INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4679630.46 0.03
ENTG ENTEGRIS INC Information Technology Equity 4323213.05 0.03
SHC SOTERA HEALTH COMPANY Health Care Equity 4178278.86 0.03
OKTA OKTA INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 4147573.7 0.03
TPG TPG INC CLASS A Financials Equity 3820017.09 0.03
ROKU ROKU INC CLASS A Communication Equity 3815867.6 0.03
BLD TOPBUILD CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 3602838.96 0.03
AXTA AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS LTD Materials Equity 3599116.27 0.03
VRSN VERISIGN INC Information Technology Equity 3569516.0 0.03
BFAM BRIGHT HORIZONS FAMILY SOLUTIONS I Consumer Discretionary Equity 3398437.0 0.02
DAY DAYFORCE INC Industrials Equity 3349411.2 0.02
DKS DICKS SPORTING INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3342939.0 0.02
ACI ALBERTSONS COMPANY INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 3191500.8 0.02
MTN VAIL RESORTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3156446.67 0.02
UDR UDR REIT INC Real Estate Equity 3133946.31 0.02
CERT CERTARA INC Health Care Equity 3119508.54 0.02
S SENTINELONE INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 3032915.64 0.02
CAR AVIS BUDGET GROUP INC Industrials Equity 3017634.48 0.02
VSCO VICTORIA S SECRET Consumer Discretionary Equity 2998817.1 0.02
WU WESTERN UNION Financials Equity 2894786.28 0.02
ALSN ALLISON TRANSMISSION HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 2766236.08 0.02
SKX SKECHERS USA INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 2752473.0 0.02
RH RH Consumer Discretionary Equity 2703680.0 0.02
KMX CARMAX INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2675380.09 0.02
CHPT CHARGEPOINT HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 2632683.6 0.02
WYNN WYNN RESORTS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 2627369.16 0.02
TPR TAPESTRY INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2614779.2 0.02
RKT ROCKET COMPANIES INC CLASS A Financials Equity 2552312.0 0.02
EHC ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORP Health Care Equity 2531765.2 0.02
AMBP ARDAGH METAL PACKAGING SA Materials Equity 2324434.23 0.02
HLI HOULIHAN LOKEY INC CLASS A Financials Equity 2217012.8 0.02
LNC LINCOLN NATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 2206068.3 0.02
CART MAPLEBEAR INC Consumer Staples Equity 2133539.6 0.02
XP XP CLASS A INC Financials Equity 2133100.3 0.02
UI UBIQUITI INC Information Technology Equity 2127916.16 0.02
BC BRUNSWICK CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 1884801.6 0.01
MSFUT CASH COLLATERAL MSFUT USD Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 1877990.0 0.01
TNDM TANDEM DIABETES CARE INC Health Care Equity 1811134.08 0.01
PII POLARIS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1767204.93 0.01
WH WYNDHAM HOTELS RESORTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1730546.13 0.01
PYCR PAYCOR HCM INC Industrials Equity 1672444.88 0.01
SPR SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 1537248.48 0.01
VMI VALMONT INDS INC Industrials Equity 1463214.65 0.01
BIRK BIRKENSTOCK HOLDING PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1437073.05 0.01
BHF BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1231406.55 0.01
UWMC UWM HOLDINGS CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 1114307.4 0.01
NCNO NCINO INC Information Technology Equity 803819.58 0.01
UHAL U HAUL HOLDING Industrials Equity 800217.0 0.01
LBRDA LIBERTY BROADBAND CORP SERIES A Communication Equity 723402.36 0.01
PLTK PLAYTIKA HOLDING CORP Communication Equity 711852.99 0.01
CABO CABLE ONE INC Communication Equity 558038.0 0.0
INFA INFORMATICA INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 421047.52 0.0
NQM4 NASDAQ 100 E-MINI JUN 24 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
RTYM4 RUSSELL 2000 EMINI CME JUN 24 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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