ETF constituents for IWY

Below, a list of constituents for IWY (iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETF) is shown. In total, IWY consists of 119 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Feb 28, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
AAPL APPLE INC Information Technology Equity 881541212.64 15.45
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP Information Technology Equity 754375054.68 13.23
AMZN AMAZON COM INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 329301560.5 5.77
NVDA NVIDIA CORP Information Technology Equity 228320355.15 4.0
GOOGL ALPHABET INC CLASS A Communication Equity 202196263.24 3.54
TSLA TESLA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 188042615.82 3.3
GOOG ALPHABET INC CLASS C Communication Equity 177430070.16 3.11
UNH UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC Health Care Equity 150483504.2 2.64
V VISA INC CLASS A Financials Equity 132884128.4 2.33
MA MASTERCARD INC CLASS A Financials Equity 111102027.51 1.95
ABBV ABBVIE INC Health Care Equity 102029208.17 1.79
AVGO BROADCOM INC Information Technology Equity 92612103.75 1.62
LLY ELI LILLY Health Care Equity 83619882.36 1.47
COST COSTCO WHOLESALE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 80029656.55 1.4
PEP PEPSICO INC Consumer Staples Equity 76574917.72 1.34
KO COCA-COLA Consumer Staples Equity 65047338.72 1.14
ADBE ADOBE INC Information Technology Equity 63022390.2 1.1
HD HOME DEPOT INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 63012384.16 1.1
ACN ACCENTURE PLC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 60112020.32 1.05
NKE NIKE INC CLASS B Consumer Discretionary Equity 55660931.25 0.98
PG PROCTER & GAMBLE Consumer Staples Equity 53354120.72 0.94
QCOM QUALCOMM INC Information Technology Equity 51083594.0 0.9
UPS UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC CLASS B Industrials Equity 45102313.4 0.79
AMD ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 44960184.61 0.79
UNP UNION PACIFIC CORP Industrials Equity 42894228.78 0.75
INTU INTUIT INC Information Technology Equity 42827182.37 0.75
MRK MERCK & CO INC Health Care Equity 41194372.8 0.72
TXN TEXAS INSTRUMENT INC Information Technology Equity 40840368.33 0.72
DE DEERE Industrials Equity 40262623.31 0.71
LMT LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP Industrials Equity 39827141.64 0.7
AMGN AMGEN INC Health Care Equity 38476817.4 0.67
LOW LOWES COMPANIES INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 37850391.81 0.66
CAT CATERPILLAR INC Industrials Equity 37539822.76 0.66
AMAT APPLIED MATERIAL INC Information Technology Equity 37320749.2 0.65
BKNG BOOKING HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 36721020.92 0.64
META META PLATFORMS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 35289251.76 0.62
ORCL ORACLE CORP Information Technology Equity 33867799.06 0.59
NOW SERVICENOW INC Information Technology Equity 33253143.54 0.58
TJX TJX INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 32635729.48 0.57
ADP AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING INC Industrials Equity 30785251.2 0.54
ISRG INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC Health Care Equity 29471352.96 0.52
ZTS ZOETIS INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 28822192.48 0.51
IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO Information Technology Equity 28018041.48 0.49
VRTX VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 26901934.1 0.47
PGR PROGRESSIVE CORP Financials Equity 26226515.75 0.46
MMC MARSH & MCLENNAN INC Financials Equity 26127284.56 0.46
AMT AMERICAN TOWER REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 25972204.93 0.46
LRCX LAM RESEARCH CORP Information Technology Equity 25188394.56 0.44
ITW ILLINOIS TOOL INC Industrials Equity 23789491.08 0.42
BX BLACKSTONE INC Financials Equity 22690884.0 0.4
NFLX NETFLIX INC Communication Equity 22234296.69 0.39
WM WASTE MANAGEMENT INC Industrials Equity 21866718.73 0.38
AON AON PLC CLASS A Financials Equity 21669755.04 0.38
PANW PALO ALTO NETWORKS INC Information Technology Equity 21286347.03 0.37
CCI CROWN CASTLE INC Real Estate Equity 20579198.25 0.36
EL ESTEE LAUDER INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 20151103.5 0.35
UBER UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC Industrials Equity 20115084.7 0.35
KLAC KLA CORP Information Technology Equity 19639215.18 0.34
SHW SHERWIN WILLIAMS Materials Equity 19396838.4 0.34
SYK STRYKER CORP Health Care Equity 19218648.24 0.34
EW EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP Health Care Equity 18607714.29 0.33
SCHW CHARLES SCHWAB CORP Financials Equity 18476972.18 0.32
MCD MCDONALDS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 17886821.16 0.31
EQIX EQUINIX REIT INC Real Estate Equity 17635341.9 0.31
DG DOLLAR GENERAL CORP Consumer Staples Equity 17446924.05 0.31
EOG EOG RESOURCES INC Energy Equity 17121553.36 0.3
ABNB AIRBNB INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 17050913.88 0.3
ADSK AUTODESK INC Information Technology Equity 16566614.1 0.29
MCO MOODYS CORP Financials Equity 16464727.8 0.29
HUM HUMANA INC Health Care Equity 16442560.36 0.29
MAR MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 16367672.16 0.29
TGT TARGET CORP Consumer Staples Equity 15288882.44 0.27
SBUX STARBUCKS CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 15282582.7 0.27
SNOW SNOWFLAKE CLASS A Information Technology Equity 15107581.3 0.26
OXY OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP Energy Equity 14539044.48 0.25
CRM SALESFORCE INC Information Technology Equity 14297793.04 0.25
SYY SYSCO CORP Consumer Staples Equity 14055782.4 0.25
WDAY WORKDAY INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 14015496.5 0.25
HON HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 13947033.6 0.24
CHTR CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 13644191.7 0.24
CL COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Consumer Staples Equity 13568789.08 0.24
PSA PUBLIC STORAGE REIT Real Estate Equity 13380585.6 0.23
LIN LINDE PLC Materials Equity 13039025.2 0.23
BA BOEING Industrials Equity 12986782.1 0.23
MNST MONSTER BEVERAGE CORP Consumer Staples Equity 12937631.08 0.23
ECL ECOLAB INC Materials Equity 12720398.64 0.22
ELV ELEVANCE HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 12633051.2 0.22
PYPL PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 9920586.48 0.17
TMO THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC Health Care Equity 9810724.1 0.17
KMB KIMBERLY CLARK CORP Consumer Staples Equity 9417279.22 0.17
PXD PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCE Energy Equity 9369873.78 0.16
TEAM ATLASSIAN CORP CLASS A Information Technology Equity 8257827.4 0.14
ABT ABBOTT LABORATORIES Health Care Equity 8188529.08 0.14
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 7066071.13 0.12
ADI ANALOG DEVICES INC Information Technology Equity 7051812.0 0.12
CSX CSX CORP Industrials Equity 5723909.04 0.1
EMR EMERSON ELECTRIC Industrials Equity 5606416.49 0.1
CI CIGNA Health Care Equity 4748182.3 0.08
VMW VMWARE CLASS A INC Information Technology Equity 4538266.75 0.08
MU MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 4436004.43 0.08
DIS WALT DISNEY Communication Equity 4332039.42 0.08
REGN REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 4234902.24 0.07
DHR DANAHER CORP Health Care Equity 4016304.6 0.07
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3941588.33 0.07
MCK MCKESSON CORP Health Care Equity 3436825.77 0.06
NOC NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP Industrials Equity 2820924.62 0.05
AXP AMERICAN EXPRESS Financials Equity 2320954.24 0.04
FISV FISERV INC Financials Equity 2217731.76 0.04
GE GENERAL ELECTRIC Industrials Equity 2112765.6 0.04
SCCO SOUTHERN COPPER CORP Materials Equity 1453256.8 0.03
HCA HCA HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 1245851.04 0.02
MRNA MODERNA INC Health Care Equity 1141966.8 0.02
BAX BAXTER INTERNATIONAL INC Health Care Equity 1130509.01 0.02
JPFFT CASH COLLATERAL USD JPFFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 668000.0 0.01
GEHC GE HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES Health Care Equity 569614.88 0.01
MARGIN_AUD FUTURES AUD MARGIN BALANCE Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins -0.08 0.0
IXTM3 EMINI TECHNOLOGY SELECT SECTOR JUN Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
NQM3 NASDAQ 100 E-MINI JUN 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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