ETF constituents for IYG

Below, a list of constituents for IYG (iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF) is shown. In total, IYG consists of 108 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jan 31, 2024 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
BRKB BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC CLASS B Financials Equity 199533520.75 15.47
JPM JPMORGAN CHASE & CO Financials Equity 140156435.7 10.87
V VISA INC CLASS A Financials Equity 118232148.76 9.17
MA MASTERCARD INC CLASS A Financials Equity 101883852.25 7.9
BAC BANK OF AMERICA CORP Financials Equity 62201606.5 4.82
WFC WELLS FARGO Financials Equity 51278622.88 3.98
SPGI S&P GLOBAL INC Financials Equity 36821660.08 2.85
GS GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC Financials Equity 33961588.63 2.63
AXP AMERICAN EXPRESS Financials Equity 32529782.5 2.52
BLK BLACKROCK INC Financials Equity 30163297.05 2.34
MS MORGAN STANLEY Financials Equity 28933764.9 2.24
C CITIGROUP INC Financials Equity 28410571.75 2.2
SCHW CHARLES SCHWAB CORP Financials Equity 25557215.86 1.98
BX BLACKSTONE INC Financials Equity 24010171.3 1.86
ICE INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE INC Financials Equity 20999684.7 1.63
CME CME GROUP INC CLASS A Financials Equity 20769860.0 1.61
USB US BANCORP Financials Equity 17015327.16 1.32
KKR KKR AND CO INC Financials Equity 16692647.16 1.29
MCO MOODYS CORP Financials Equity 15859788.56 1.23
PNC PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC Financials Equity 15658073.1 1.21
COF CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 13813548.15 1.07
APO APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT INC Financials Equity 12820292.48 0.99
TFC TRUIST FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 12768459.2 0.99
MSCI MSCI INC Financials Equity 11762554.85 0.91
BK BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP Financials Equity 11395398.56 0.88
AMP AMERIPRISE FINANCE INC Financials Equity 10757350.24 0.83
DFS DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES Financials Equity 8088294.26 0.63
COIN COINBASE GLOBAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 7433180.88 0.58
TROW T ROWE PRICE GROUP INC Financials Equity 6540011.27 0.51
FITB FIFTH THIRD BANCORP Financials Equity 6138147.67 0.48
MTB M&T BANK CORP Financials Equity 6129401.12 0.48
ARES ARES MANAGEMENT CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 5992263.74 0.46
STT STATE STREET CORP Financials Equity 5981090.7 0.46
RJF RAYMOND JAMES INC Financials Equity 5878768.77 0.46
CBOE CBOE GLOBAL MARKETS INC Financials Equity 5410345.99 0.42
LPLA LPL FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 5189764.5 0.4
NDAQ NASDAQ INC Financials Equity 5109110.76 0.4
HBAN HUNTINGTON BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 4990780.08 0.39
FCNCA FIRST CITIZENS BANCSHARES INC CLAS Financials Equity 4878777.57 0.38
FDS FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS INC Financials Equity 4628250.15 0.36
RF REGIONS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 4555463.25 0.35
SYF SYNCHRONY FINANCIAL Financials Equity 4435376.1 0.34
NTRS NORTHERN TRUST CORP Financials Equity 4419434.91 0.34
CFG CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 3890422.27 0.3
KEY KEYCORP Financials Equity 3567067.7 0.28
TW TRADEWEB MARKETS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 3160118.1 0.24
IBKR INTERACTIVE BROKERS GROUP INC CLAS Financials Equity 3048526.02 0.24
EQH EQUITABLE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 2978157.6 0.23
EWBC EAST WEST BANCORP INC Financials Equity 2669974.23 0.21
ALLY ALLY FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 2659773.6 0.21
CG CARLYLE GROUP INC Financials Equity 2577434.0 0.2
MKTX MARKETAXESS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 2177950.0 0.17
WBS WEBSTER FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 2165693.8 0.17
FHN FIRST HORIZON CORP Financials Equity 2097510.45 0.16
SF STIFEL FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 2084852.52 0.16
SOFI SOFI TECHNOLOGIES INC Financials Equity 2079744.62 0.16
BEN FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC Financials Equity 2075989.08 0.16
VOYA VOYA FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1964766.21 0.15
MORN MORNINGSTAR INC Financials Equity 1926938.71 0.15
OWL BLUE OWL CAPITAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 1922874.46 0.15
IVZ INVESCO LTD Financials Equity 1903299.54 0.15
JEF JEFFERIES FINANCIAL GROUP INC Financials Equity 1883865.75 0.15
HOOD ROBINHOOD MARKETS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 1870459.65 0.15
CFR CULLEN FROST BANKERS INC Financials Equity 1837719.12 0.14
HLI HOULIHAN LOKEY INC CLASS A Financials Equity 1798708.12 0.14
SEIC SEI INVESTMENTS Financials Equity 1767162.72 0.14
CMA COMERICA INC Financials Equity 1752172.29 0.14
SSB SOUTHSTATE CORP Financials Equity 1723153.32 0.13
PNFP PINNACLE FINANCIAL PARTNERS INC Financials Equity 1719999.2 0.13
WAL WESTERN ALLIANCE Financials Equity 1704637.44 0.13
CBSH COMMERCE BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 1655067.81 0.13
BPOP POPULAR INC Financials Equity 1652927.3 0.13
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1620141.88 0.13
PB PROSPERITY BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 1614198.67 0.13
WTFC WINTRUST FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1609390.72 0.12
ZION ZIONS BANCORPORATION Financials Equity 1563170.4 0.12
ESNT ESSENT GROUP LTD Financials Equity 1545924.6 0.12
OMF ONEMAIN HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 1515222.65 0.12
MTG MGIC INVESTMENT CORP Financials Equity 1462615.0 0.11
AMG AFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP INC Financials Equity 1444097.68 0.11
SNV SYNOVUS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1441967.2 0.11
FNB FNB CORP Financials Equity 1317671.02 0.1
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1289650.4 0.1
UBSI UNITED BANKSHARES INC Financials Equity 1242122.86 0.1
SLM SLM CORP Financials Equity 1235921.55 0.1
HOMB HOME BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 1213001.16 0.09
OZK BANK OZK Financials Equity 1207416.0 0.09
FCFS FIRSTCASH HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 1188147.7 0.09
LAZ LAZARD INC Financials Equity 1178893.1 0.09
RDN RADIAN GROUP INC Financials Equity 1171146.03 0.09
JHG JANUS HENDERSON GROUP PLC Financials Equity 1127772.55 0.09
GBCI GLACIER BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1082360.4 0.08
FFIN FIRST FINANCIAL BANKSHARES INC Financials Equity 1077008.82 0.08
CACC CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORP Financials Equity 958806.01 0.07
VLY VALLEY NATIONAL Financials Equity 940334.76 0.07
UMBF UMB FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 940164.04 0.07
NYCB NEW YORK COMMUNITY BANCORP INC Financials Equity 873171.0 0.07
FHI FEDERATED HERMES INC CLASS B Financials Equity 804432.42 0.06
TPG TPG INC CLASS A Financials Equity 712704.0 0.06
BOKF BOK FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 631441.1 0.05
VIRT VIRTU FINANCIAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 430827.72 0.03
RKT ROCKET COMPANIES INC CLASS A Financials Equity 405746.0 0.03
NATL NCR ATLEOS CORP Financials Equity 403553.28 0.03
TFSL TFS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 209298.92 0.02
UWMC UWM HOLDINGS CORP CLASS A Financials Equity 204142.02 0.02
WFFUT CASH COLLATERAL USD WFFUT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 134000.0 0.01
IXAH4 EMINI FINANCIAL SELECT SECTOR MAR Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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