ETF constituents for LU0533032008

Below, a list of constituents for LU0533032008 (Lyxor MSCI World Consumer Discretionary TR UCITS ETF - Acc (EUR)) is shown. In total, LU0533032008 consists of 34 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity FB UW US30303M1027 FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 0.09545147625619566 Communication Services 327.6400146484375 USD
Equity GOOGL UW US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC-CL A 0.09517122368612521 Communication Services 2917.8701171875 USD
Equity AMZN UW US0231351067 AMAZON.COM INC 0.09338363988168731 Consumer Discretionary 3482.050048828125 USD
Equity TSLA UW US88160R1014 Tesla Inc 0.08619859640352395 Consumer Discretionary 1067.949951171875 USD
Equity FTV UN US34959J1088 FORTIVE CORP 0.04599583073615336 Industrials 78.58999633789062 USD
Equity AAPL UW US0378331005 Apple Inc 0.04599206313691848 Information Technology 147.9199981689453 USD
Equity SNPS UW US8716071076 SYNOPSYS INC 0.045917484855635265 Information Technology 337.6600036621094 USD
Equity STT UN US8574771031 STATE STREET CORP 0.04557033497295984 Financials 97.55000305175781 USD
Equity BRK/B UN US0846707026 BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B 0.04519876671151314 Financials 285.32000732421875 USD
Equity HAL UN US4062161017 HALLIBURTON CO 0.04149982898253448 Energy 23.829999923706055 USD
Equity CRL UN US1598641074 CHARLES RIVER LABORATORIES 0.039002131213973154 Health Care 387.6000061035156 USD
Equity C UN US1729674242 CITIGROUP INC 0.038696484726043825 Financials 68.20999908447266 USD
Equity ILMN UW US4523271090 ILLUMINA INC 0.03596843638878589 Health Care 385.6499938964844 USD
Equity IDXX UW US45168D1046 IDEXX LABORATORIES INC 0.035201744895279205 Health Care 622.4299926757812 USD
Equity CS FP FR0000120628 AXA SA 0.030861672412375175 Financials 25.670000076293945 EUR
Equity JPM UN US46625H1005 JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 0.02700887049063531 Financials 167.6199951171875 USD
Equity EOG UN US26875P1012 EOG RESOURCES INC 0.0166329246239723 Energy 94.29000091552734 USD
Equity BIIB UW US09062X1037 BIOGEN INC 0.015292972162657232 Health Care 266.92999267578125 USD
Equity MRNA UW US60770K1079 MODERNA INC 0.015181181363534304 Health Care 228.9600067138672 USD
Equity 7974 JT JP3756600007 NINTENDO CO LTD 0.011702776205940537 Communication Services 49740.0 JPY
Equity KEYS UN US49338L1035 KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES IN 0.010788179344156976 Information Technology 183.61000061035156 USD
Equity WDAY UW US98138H1014 WORKDAY INC-CLASS A 0.008032790682987026 Information Technology 291.010009765625 USD
Equity SGEN UW US81181C1045 SEATTLE GENETICS INC 0.007037485715768265 Health Care 180.5 USD
Equity NDAQ UW US6311031081 NASDAQ INC 0.007004131436331533 Financials 207.3800048828125 USD
Equity SPLK UW US8486371045 SPLUNK INC 0.006904091024207258 Information Technology 164.41000366210938 USD
Equity CMG UN US1696561059 CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC 0.006726746147573637 Consumer Discretionary 1812.010009765625 USD
Equity TRMB UW US8962391004 TRIMBLE INC 0.006623907134331194 Information Technology 85.45999908447266 USD
Equity SQ UN US8522341036 SQUARE INC - A 0.005899972565921199 Information Technology 227.2100067138672 USD
Equity GE UN US3696043013 GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 0.0055107025683868265 Industrials 108.95999908447266 USD
Equity WAT UN US9418481035 WATERS CORP 0.004835980863345781 Health Care 351.489990234375 USD
Equity MCD UN US5801351017 MCDONALD'S CORP 0.004674268439936331 Consumer Discretionary 253.1300048828125 USD
Equity QCOM UW US7475251036 QUALCOMM INC 0.004360527500525823 Information Technology 159.8000030517578 USD
Equity VRTX UW US92532F1003 VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC 0.0037414047489010872 Health Care 187.91000366210938 USD
Equity GM UN US37045V1008 GENERAL MOTORS CO 0.0032403198908151423 Consumer Discretionary 59.27000045776367 USD