ETF constituents for LU0959210278

Below, a list of constituents for LU0959210278 (Lyxor S&P Eurozone ESG Dividend Aristocrats (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist) is shown. In total, LU0959210278 consists of 36 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity SAN FP FR0000120578 Sanofi 0.05449263583386323 Health Care 89.81999969482422 EUR
Equity ALV GY DE0008404005 Allianz SE 0.05342438456899374 Financials 205.25 EUR
Equity FORTUM FH FI0009007132 FORTUM OYJ 0.04966280102106973 Utilities 25.950000762939453 EUR
Equity MUV2 GY DE0008430026 MUENCHENER RUECKVER AG-REG 0.04953189400387795 Financials 256.3500061035156 EUR
Equity ENG SQ ES0130960018 ENAGAS SA 0.04861097120136194 Utilities 20.149999618530273 EUR
Equity EN FP FR0000120503 BOUYGUES SA 0.04597608083239027 Industrials 33.02000045776367 EUR
Equity UPM FH FI0009005987 UPM-KYMMENE OYJ 0.04566886610980782 Materials 31.200000762939453 EUR
Equity ELISA FH FI0009007884 ELISA OYJ 0.04205786283295031 Communication Services 53.720001220703125 EUR
Equity KNEBV FH FI0009013403 KONE OYJ-B 0.03612617850870071 Industrials 59.099998474121094 EUR
Equity HNR1 GY DE0008402215 HANNOVER RUECKVERSICHERU-REG 0.035207839024604795 Financials 162.25 EUR
Equity CRH ID IE0001827041 CRH PLC 0.03482878236783054 Materials 44.060001373291016 EUR
Equity SU FP FR0000121972 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA 0.031913024102736415 Industrials 153.97999572753906 EUR
Equity VPK NA NL0009432491 VOPAK 0.030289797484177525 Energy 34.130001068115234 EUR
Equity AI FP FR0000120073 AIR LIQUIDE SA 0.030045249005579793 Materials 152.05999755859375 EUR
Equity DPW GY DE0005552004 DEUT POST 0.027082311188286953 Industrials 55.439998626708984 EUR
Equity WKL NA NL0000395903 WOLTERS KLUWER 0.025455555167588316 Industrials 94.87999725341797 EUR
Equity HER IM IT0001250932 HERA SPA 0.025303811647876505 Utilities 3.6070001125335693 EUR
Equity DSM NA NL0000009827 KONINKLIJKE DSM NV 0.025084658246847153 Materials 191.25 EUR
Equity LR FP FR0010307819 Legrand SA 0.024114448448158125 Industrials 94.9000015258789 EUR
Equity FRE GY DE0005785604 Fresenius SE and Co KGaA 0.021014139652451278 Health Care 38.08000183105469 EUR
Equity FME GY DE0005785802 Fresenius Medical Care AG and Co 0.020773515249640807 Health Care 58.97999954223633 EUR
Equity UCB BB BE0003739530 UCB SA 0.020649674590291156 Health Care 106.0999984741211 EUR
Equity IPN FP FR0010259150 IPSEN 0.01979317990024375 Health Care 86.36000061035156 EUR
Equity HEN GY DE0006048408 Henkel AG and Co KGaA 0.019756074912205303 Consumer Staples 72.0999984741211 EUR
Equity SAP GY DE0007164600 SAP AG 0.01969340677982992 Information Technology 127.68000030517578 EUR
Equity HUH1V FH FI0009000459 HUHTAMAKI OYJ 0.01899502703957431 Materials 38.04999923706055 EUR
Equity WDP BB BE0974349814 WAREHOUSES DE PAUW SCA 0.018176069779026024 Real Estate 39.91999816894531 EUR
Equity OR FP FR0000120321 LOREAL 0.017046005822749205 Consumer Staples 414.3500061035156 EUR
Equity GXI GY DE000A0LD6E6 GERRESHEIMER AG 0.013358505728728005 Health Care 78.9000015258789 EUR
Equity SOW GY DE000A2GS401 SOFTWARE AG 0.010778129421270606 Information Technology 35.599998474121094 EUR
Equity MRK GY DE0006599905 MERCK KGAA 0.010722237778771349 Health Care 206.5 EUR
Equity KYGA ID IE0004906560 KERRY GROUP PLC-A 0.010639068333217719 Consumer Staples 116.5 EUR
Equity CPR IM NL0015435975 DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO SPA 0.01052963231780706 Consumer Staples 12.8149995803833 EUR
Equity TEP FP FR0000051807 Teleperformance 0.010506518416153512 Industrials 357.3999938964844 EUR
Equity SY1 GY DE000SYM9999 SYMRISE AG 0.01031610348835247 Materials 124.6500015258789 EUR
Equity IP IM IT0001078911 INTERPUMP GROUP SPA 0.00947942840245578 Industrials 66.94999694824219 EUR