ETF constituents for LU1829218582

Below, a list of constituents for LU1829218582 (Lyxor Commodities Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB EX-Energy TR UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, LU1829218582 consists of 32 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity AMZN UW US0231351067 AMAZON.COM INC 0.09099984872980887 Consumer Discretionary 3482.050048828125 USD
Equity AAPL UW US0378331005 Apple Inc 0.09043749250648628 Information Technology 147.9199981689453 USD
Equity GOOGL UW US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC-CL A 0.08984431454073859 Communication Services 2917.8701171875 USD
Equity TSLA UW US88160R1014 Tesla Inc 0.08411437943436073 Consumer Discretionary 1067.949951171875 USD
Equity FB UW US30303M1027 FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 0.045661069371183645 Communication Services 327.6400146484375 USD
Equity BRK/B UN US0846707026 BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B 0.045616141302226604 Financials 285.32000732421875 USD
Equity PNC UN US6934751057 PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP 0.0450601953415587 Financials 205.41000366210938 USD
Equity CI UN US1255231003 Cigna Holding Co 0.044032776436983674 Health Care 217.83999633789062 USD
Equity BKR UN US05722G1004 Baker Hughes Co 0.04152967008499817 Energy 24.079999923706055 USD
Equity EBAY UW US2786421030 EBAY INC 0.040954800729078276 Consumer Discretionary 73.2300033569336 USD
Equity A UN US00846U1016 AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.040573791211126205 Health Care 159.27999877929688 USD
Equity CRM UN US79466L3024 SALESFORCE.COM INC 0.03883198789494716 Information Technology 299.6700134277344 USD
Equity CMCSA UW US20030N1019 COMCAST CORP-CLASS A 0.03789003915910142 Communication Services 54.16999816894531 USD
Equity 7733 JT JP3201200007 OLYMPUS CORP 0.029790381771292503 Health Care 2570.0 JPY
Equity ORLY UW US67103H1077 O'REILLY AUTOMOT 0.028556565529656887 Consumer Discretionary 647.969970703125 USD
Equity FDX UN US31428X1063 FEDEX CORP 0.028439432037235847 Industrials 248.52000427246094 USD
Equity HAL UN US4062161017 HALLIBURTON CO 0.02155397023917092 Energy 23.829999923706055 USD
Equity DISH UW US25470M1099 DISH Network Corp 0.02121944262284862 Communication Services 36.47999954223633 USD
Equity LUV UN US8447411088 SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO 0.016326153630619577 Industrials 49.689998626708984 USD
Equity OMC UN US6819191064 OMNICOM GROUP 0.01595821580031483 Communication Services 69.19000244140625 USD
Equity NDAQ UW US6311031081 NASDAQ INC 0.014033283275904264 Financials 207.3800048828125 USD
Equity AMS SQ ES0109067019 AMADEUS IT HOLDING SA-A SHS 0.014004534559940014 Information Technology 63.84000015258789 EUR
Equity 4704 JT JP3637300009 TREND MICRO INC 0.013866941645879403 Information Technology 6510.0 JPY
Equity CSCO UW US17275R1023 CISCO SYSTEMS INC 0.009435149392007887 Information Technology 57.77000045776367 USD
Equity MTD UN US5926881054 METTLER-TOLEDO INTERNATIONAL 0.008992402671915348 Health Care 1544.72998046875 USD
Equity 6098 JT JP3970300004 RECRUIT HOLDINGS CO LTD 0.00628827273229353 Industrials 7809.0 JPY
Equity ILMN UW US4523271090 ILLUMINA INC 0.0062062307420424415 Health Care 385.6499938964844 USD
Equity BIIB UW US09062X1037 BIOGEN INC 0.006130375967295199 Health Care 266.92999267578125 USD
Equity SNPS UW US8716071076 SYNOPSYS INC 0.00568537347202578 Information Technology 337.6600036621094 USD
Equity DVA UN US23918K1088 DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc 0.005003546447062725 Health Care 106.4000015258789 USD
Equity TMUS UW US8725901040 T-Mobile US Inc 0.0041735294254414005 Communication Services 119.55000305175781 USD
Equity GOOG UW US02079K1079 ALPHABET INC-CL C 0.003743532942690549 Communication Services 2932.52001953125 USD