ETF constituents for LU1834988864

Below, a list of constituents for LU1834988864 (Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Utilities UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, LU1834988864 consists of 35 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity NDA FH FI4000297767 NORDEA BANK 0.0952658739021688 Financials 10.956000328063965 EUR
Equity DEMANT DC DK0060738599 Demant A/S 0.0850977041840368 Health Care 323.20001220703125 DKK
Equity EVO SS SE0012673267 EVOLUTION GAMING GROUP 0.07967126405030925 Consumer Discretionary 1378.5999755859375 SEK
Equity ABI BB BE0974293251 ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV NV 0.05334373344487922 Consumer Staples 52.470001220703125 EUR
Equity VIE FP FR0000124141 VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT 0.04918002896669044 Utilities 29.68000030517578 EUR
Equity ASRNL NA NL0011872643 ASR NEDERLAND NV 0.03824462542546677 Financials 39.970001220703125 EUR
Equity AGS BB BE0974264930 Ageas 0.03580839470273682 Financials 41.83000183105469 EUR
Equity ORK NO NO0003733800 ORKLA ASA 0.03472293790299578 Consumer Staples 85.16000366210938 NOK
Equity ENGI FP FR0013215407 ENGIE PRIME FIDELITE 2018 0.03449718161797145 Utilities 12.859999656677246 EUR
Equity TTE FP FR0000120271 TOTAL SA 0.031967748622197846 Energy 43.915000915527344 EUR
Equity GETIB SS SE0000202624 GETINGE AB-B SHS 0.03012965387634634 Health Care 404.3999938964844 SEK
Equity ERF FP FR0014000MR3 EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC 0.02901451057879537 Health Care 101.13999938964844 EUR
Equity SEV FP FR0010613471 SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT CO 0.02783171246031263 Utilities 19.68000030517578 EUR
Equity EL FP FR0000121667 EssilorLuxottica SA 0.027687588910131327 Consumer Discretionary 182.3800048828125 EUR
Equity NOD NO NO0003055501 NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR ASA 0.025506013113995415 Information Technology 283.3999938964844 NOK
Equity GOOGL UW US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC-CL A 0.024075757191681812 Communication Services 2917.8701171875 USD
Equity ALFA SS SE0000695876 ALFA LAVAL AB 0.024014550843389215 Industrials 374.5 SEK
Equity VWS DC DK0061539921 VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS A/S 0.023357228566682438 Industrials 230.5 DKK
Equity AAPL UW US0378331005 Apple Inc 0.021324438114642134 Information Technology 147.9199981689453 USD
Equity SAN FP FR0000120578 Sanofi 0.02126624877034053 Health Care 89.81999969482422 EUR
Equity EDP PL PTEDP0AM0009 EDP-ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL SA 0.020753628800768774 Utilities 4.769000053405762 EUR
Equity EDF FP FR0014000R76 EDF PRIME FIDELITE 2023 0.020673879826462203 Utilities 12.904999732971191 EUR
Equity DG FP FR0000125486 Vinci SA 0.020553119387631973 Industrials 95.19999694824219 EUR
Equity FB UW US30303M1027 FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 0.018461284524564896 Communication Services 327.6400146484375 USD
Equity AD NA NL0011794037 KONIN AHOLD 0.016321578993593638 Consumer Staples 29.65999984741211 EUR
Equity BN FP FR0000120644 Danone 0.016257460190953296 Consumer Staples 57.939998626708984 EUR
Equity ORA FP FR0000133308 Orange 0.015187486073203178 Communication Services 9.82800006866455 EUR
Equity AALB NA NL0000852564 AALBERTS INDUSTRIES NV 0.014613397447751733 Industrials 53.2400016784668 EUR
Equity RNO FP FR0000131906 RENAULT SA 0.008884035924447958 Consumer Discretionary 34.29999923706055 EUR
Equity TSLA UW US88160R1014 Tesla Inc 0.008270217501081657 Consumer Discretionary 1067.949951171875 USD
Equity JMT PL PTJMT0AE0001 JERONIMO MARTINS 0.008133341481527242 Consumer Staples 20.920000076293945 EUR
Equity BOL SS SE0015811559 BOLIDEN AB 0.00713543147256517 Materials 296.20001220703125 SEK
Equity STLA IM NL00150001Q9 STELLANTIS NV 0.006038374329817902 Consumer Discretionary 17.881999969482422 EUR
Equity ADYEN NA NL0012969182 ADYEN 0.005806580769635225 Information Technology 2572.0 EUR
Equity TMO UN US8835561023 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 0.00579092586077662 Health Care 626.8599853515625 USD