ETF constituents for LU1900068161

Below, a list of constituents for LU1900068161 (Lyxor MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, LU1900068161 consists of 47 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity AAPL UW US0378331005 Apple Inc 0.0924622226740972 Information Technology 147.9199981689453 USD
Equity GOOGL UW US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC-CL A 0.09149656614116523 Communication Services 2917.8701171875 USD
Equity AMZN UW US0231351067 AMAZON.COM INC 0.09127412231127563 Consumer Discretionary 3482.050048828125 USD
Equity BNP FP FR0000131104 BNP PARIBAS 0.05289711423507808 Financials 59.20000076293945 EUR
Equity TSLA UW US88160R1014 Tesla Inc 0.04949837795564085 Consumer Discretionary 1067.949951171875 USD
Equity ECL UN US2788651006 ECOLAB INC 0.0479509166818425 Materials 233.3800048828125 USD
Equity BRK/B UN US0846707026 BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B 0.04705463597199489 Financials 285.32000732421875 USD
Equity CRM UN US79466L3024 SALESFORCE.COM INC 0.04609450189264177 Information Technology 299.6700134277344 USD
Equity URI UN US9113631090 UNITED RENTALS INC 0.045705780437026326 Industrials 379.9800109863281 USD
Equity FB UW US30303M1027 FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 0.044636022652799465 Communication Services 327.6400146484375 USD
Equity PKI UN US7140461093 PERKINELMER INC 0.04427507853841897 Health Care 175.8800048828125 USD
Equity JPM UN US46625H1005 JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 0.04115845259819071 Financials 167.6199951171875 USD
Equity GILD UW US3755581036 GILEAD SCIENCES INC 0.03836609822904585 Health Care 67.31999969482422 USD
Equity COP UN US20825C1045 CONOCOPHILLIPS 0.026629068567231035 Energy 73.0 USD
Equity DHR UN US2358511028 DANAHER CORP 0.02521404676015413 Health Care 302.0299987792969 USD
Equity TRMB UW US8962391004 TRIMBLE INC 0.018954960901882385 Information Technology 85.45999908447266 USD
Equity CS FP FR0000120628 AXA SA 0.018430235896053717 Financials 25.670000076293945 EUR
Equity HD UN US4370761029 HOME DEPOT INC 0.01793422802400178 Consumer Discretionary 368.5799865722656 USD
Equity NKE UN US6541061031 NIKE INC -CL B 0.017536046740465765 Consumer Discretionary 168.25999450683594 USD
Equity AKAM UW US00971T1016 AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.011167497561077407 Information Technology 109.79000091552734 USD
Equity LH UN US50540R4092 LABORATORY CRP OF AMER HLDGS 0.011066621805342586 Health Care 283.8399963378906 USD
Equity HAL UN US4062161017 HALLIBURTON CO 0.010544807155059975 Energy 23.829999923706055 USD
Equity ENGI FP FR0014000R50 ENGIE PRIME FIDELITE 2023 0.01028369020553435 N.A. 12.859999656677246 EUR
Equity OXY UN US6745991058 OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP 0.010038056385030419 Energy 31.81999969482422 USD
Equity MNST UW US61174X1090 MONSTER BEVERAGE CORP 0.009115402395260286 Consumer Staples 91.9800033569336 USD
Equity 2413 JT JP3435750009 M3 Inc 0.009051389579914351 Health Care 6348.0 JPY
Equity SGEN UW US81181C1045 SEATTLE GENETICS INC 0.008018006081471312 Health Care 180.5 USD
Equity VIV FP FR0000127771 Vivendi SA 0.007298425596771258 Communication Services 11.210000038146973 EUR
Equity TMUS UW US8725901040 T-Mobile US Inc 0.007025436497551144 Communication Services 119.55000305175781 USD
Equity T UN US00206R1023 AT&T Inc 0.006883562995618612 Communication Services 24.950000762939453 USD
Equity ENPH UQ US29355A1079 ENPHASE ENERGY INC 0.005548113104162715 Information Technology 231.47999572753906 USD
Equity EXPE UW US30212P3038 Expedia Group Inc 0.005359844145375828 Consumer Discretionary 185.6699981689453 USD
Equity ON UW US6821891057 ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 0.00501729820514663 Information Technology 56.81999969482422 USD
Equity WAT UN US9418481035 WATERS CORP 0.004514101201525071 Health Care 351.489990234375 USD
Equity ILMN UW US4523271090 ILLUMINA INC 0.003981348566589503 Health Care 385.6499938964844 USD
Equity SNPS UW US8716071076 SYNOPSYS INC 0.0033762192440611504 Information Technology 337.6600036621094 USD
Equity ANSS UW US03662Q1058 ANSYS INC 0.001571508403044536 Information Technology 392.6600036621094 USD
Equity UBER UN US90353T1007 UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.0015364375870061612 Industrials 43.380001068115234 USD
Equity GOOG UW US02079K1079 ALPHABET INC-CL C 0.0013509154345393102 Communication Services 2932.52001953125 USD
Equity DOCU UW US2561631068 DOCUSIGN INC 0.0013104926312838257 Information Technology 255.66000366210938 USD
Equity WDAY UW US98138H1014 WORKDAY INC-CLASS A 0.001271620673305623 Information Technology 291.010009765625 USD
Equity SQ UN US8522341036 SQUARE INC - A 0.001042446587595974 Information Technology 227.2100067138672 USD
Equity ZM UW US98980L1017 ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS-A 0.0010163006352356385 Information Technology 251.25999450683594 USD
Equity TWLO UN US90138F1021 TWILIO INC - A 0.0009332985237329603 Information Technology 297.2799987792969 USD
Equity NVR UN US62944T1051 NVR INC 0.0009125512785657699 Consumer Discretionary 5114.9501953125 USD
Equity QRVO UW US74736K1016 QORVO INC 0.0008980506759158815 Information Technology 154.27999877929688 USD
Equity PODD UW US45784P1012 INSULET CORP 0.0006267607300525598 Health Care 307.67999267578125 USD