ETF constituents for LU2023679090

Below, a list of constituents for LU2023679090 (Lyxor MSCI Future Mobility ESG Filtered (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc) is shown. In total, LU2023679090 consists of 56 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 2021-11-10 00:00:00 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Instrument Type Ticker Bloomberg ISIN Instrument Name % weight Sector Spot underlying Underlying Currency
Equity NVDA UW US67066G1040 NVIDIA CORP 0.09447678383685139 Information Technology 294.5899963378906 USD
Equity AMD UW US0079031078 ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES 0.08010520494079153 Information Technology 139.8699951171875 USD
Equity TSLA UW US88160R1014 Tesla Inc 0.03903876366610404 Consumer Discretionary 1067.949951171875 USD
Equity WSA AT AU000000WSA9 Western Areas Ltd 0.032112353668307364 Materials 2.950000047683716 AUD
Equity ALB UN US0126531013 ALBEMARLE CORP 0.03170639138931957 Materials 265.75 USD
Equity VNT UN US9288811014 VONTIER CORP-W/I 0.03029399069935432 Information Technology 33.58000183105469 USD
Equity JBHT UW US4456581077 HUNT (JB) TRANS 0.028404950769800597 Industrials 193.47999572753906 USD
Equity JMAT LN GB00BZ4BQC70 JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC 0.02788467635322999 Materials 27.6299991607666 GBP
Equity CAR UW US0537741052 Avis Budget Group Inc 0.02782487944107809 Industrials 253.8800048828125 USD
Equity 6976 JT JP3452000007 TAIYO YUDEN CO LTD 0.027413030399909853 Information Technology 6090.0 JPY
Equity ON UW US6821891057 ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP 0.02451625142988635 Information Technology 56.81999969482422 USD
Equity LTHM UN US53814L1089 LIVENT CORP 0.024265478753945736 Materials 30.540000915527344 USD
Equity NKLA UW US6541101050 Nikola Corp 0.022516356398240987 Industrials 13.84000015258789 USD
Equity 603659 C1 CNE100002TX3 SHANGHAI PUTAILAI NEW ENER-A 0.020985129066875382 Materials 190.99000549316406 CNH
Equity ITT UN US45073V1089 ITT CORP 0.02018342481775103 Industrials 103.88999938964844 USD
Equity 300750 C2 CNE100003662 CONTEMPORARY AMPEREX TECHN-A 0.019380139078562827 Industrials 648.0 CNH
Equity FR FP FR0013176526 VALEO SA 0.017370789035999395 Consumer Discretionary 27.600000381469727 EUR
Equity 002405 C2 CNE100000P69 NAVINFO CO LTD-A 0.017152511362693672 Consumer Discretionary 12.930000305175781 CNH
Equity 601877 C1 CNE100000KD8 ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS-A 0.01612729864774014 Industrials 54.0 CNH
Equity ENR UN US29272W1099 ENERGIZER HOLDINGS INC 0.015988576145047877 Consumer Staples 39.31999969482422 USD
Equity VC UW US92839U2069 VISTEON CORP 0.015775620685324124 Consumer Discretionary 119.2300033569336 USD
Equity 002074 C2 CNE000001NY7 GUOXUAN HIGH-TECH CO LTD-A 0.015514147975596346 Industrials 58.880001068115234 CNH
Equity VSH UN US9282981086 VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC 0.015380598773834034 Information Technology 20.690000534057617 USD
Equity R UN US7835491082 RYDER SYSTEM INC 0.015044660313245344 Industrials 85.88999938964844 USD
Equity 2327 TT TW0002327004 YAGEO CORPORATION 0.015028098964376494 Information Technology 430.0 TWD
Equity VNE UN US92336X1090 VEONEER INC 0.014067523765250617 Consumer Discretionary 35.29999923706055 USD
Equity MG CT CA5592224011 MAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC 0.01398825888006008 Consumer Discretionary 104.23999786376953 CAD
Equity 300274 C2 CNE1000018M7 SUNGROW POWER SUPPLY CO LT-A 0.01335424629935653 Industrials 158.89999389648438 CNH
Equity 6902 JT JP3551500006 DENSO CORP 0.013148538550354463 Consumer Discretionary 8241.0 JPY
Equity EO FP FR0000121147 FAURECIA 0.013118670253802974 Consumer Discretionary 46.5099983215332 EUR
Equity 7272 JT JP3942800008 YAMAHA MOTOR CO LTD 0.012945777009898038 Consumer Discretionary 3145.0 JPY
Equity EFN CT CA2861812014 ELEMENT FINANCIAL CORP 0.01291353270831022 Financials 13.729999542236328 CAD
Equity SIX2 GY DE0007231326 Sixt SE 0.012659347293679981 Industrials 163.1999969482422 EUR
Equity 6996 JT JP3661800007 NICHICON CORP 0.01179523639105284 Information Technology 1134.0 JPY
Equity DAN UN US2358252052 DANA HOLDING CORP 0.010675308632019228 Consumer Discretionary 22.530000686645508 USD
Equity AXL UN US0240611030 AMERICAN AXLE & MFG HOLDINGS 0.010397369764421674 Consumer Discretionary 9.489999771118164 USD
Equity 7267 JT JP3854600008 HONDA MOTOR CO LTD 0.010393744024090552 Consumer Discretionary 3260.0 JPY
Equity 1585 HK KYG9830F1063 YADEA GROUP HOLDINGS LTD 0.010316181267061702 Consumer Discretionary 13.5600004196167 HKD
Equity XPEV UN US98422D1054 XPENG INC - ADR 0.010204959538250851 Consumer Discretionary 44.33000183105469 USD
Equity 300014 C2 CNE100000GS4 EVE ENERGY CO LTD-A 0.010170063083480872 Industrials 133.47999572753906 CNH
Equity PLS AT AU000000PLS0 PILBARA MINERALS LTD 0.010015522852694712 Materials 2.299999952316284 AUD
Equity 6674 JT JP3385820000 GS YUASA 0.009787079534675839 Industrials 2167.0 JPY
Equity 1316 HK KYG6501M1050 NEXTEER AUTOMOTIVE GROUP LTD 0.008953105536864906 Consumer Discretionary 9.149999618530273 HKD
Equity 6753 JT JP3359600008 SHARP CORP 0.008559088314533376 Consumer Discretionary 1316.0 JPY
Equity 004490 KP KR7004490009 Sebang Global Battery Co Ltd 0.007495221927801802 Consumer Discretionary 78700.0 KRW
Equity 175 HK KYG3777B1032 GEELY AUTOMOBILE HOLDINGS LT 0.00748848363029794 Consumer Discretionary 25.600000381469727 HKD
Equity UBER UN US90353T1007 UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.007245254605412773 Industrials 43.380001068115234 USD
Equity 819 HK KYG8655K1094 TIANNENG POWER INTL LTD 0.007159159059174717 Consumer Discretionary 8.329999923706055 HKD
Equity 1772 HK CNE1000031W9 GANFENG LITHIUM CO LTD-H 0.006889524899382643 Materials 143.6999969482422 HKD
Equity 002460 C2 CNE100000SF6 JIANGXI GANFENG LITHIUM CO-A 0.00674928216816059 Materials 162.8000030517578 CNH
Equity 600549 C1 CNE000001D15 XIAMEN TUNGSTEN CO LTD-A 0.006201348640205157 Materials 22.010000228881836 CNH
Equity RENT3 BS BRRENTACNOR4 LOCALIZA RENT A CAR 0.006019432043575979 Industrials 50.5 BRL
Equity 204320 KP KR7204320006 MANDO CORP 0.0059808264385400435 Consumer Discretionary 62600.0 KRW
Equity 002151 C2 CNE100000643 BEIJING BDSTAR NAVIGATION -A 0.005255927659635066 Information Technology 41.369998931884766 CNH
Equity 5347 TT TW0005347009 VANGUARD INTERNATIONAL SEMI 0.0050097689196941944 Information Technology 154.0 TWD
Equity 2633 TT TW0002633005 TAIWAN HIGH SPEED RAIL CORP 0.004998223947979593 Industrials 29.25 TWD