ETF constituents for PSCE

Below, a list of constituents for PSCE (Invesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF) is shown. In total, PSCE consists of 32 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 01/31/2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Holding Ticker Security Identifier Name CouponRate MaturityDate rating Shares/Par Value MarketValue
RRC 75281A109 Range Resources Corp nan nan NR/NR 605754 13720328.1
MTDR 576485205 Matador Resources Co nan nan NR/NR 267477 11699443.98
SWN 845467109 Southwestern Energy Co nan nan NR/NR 2461231 11346274.91
HP 423452101 Helmerich & Payne Inc nan nan NR/NR 243419 8178878.4
CIVI 17888H103 Civitas Resources Inc nan nan NR/NR 174762 8009342.46
PTEN 703481101 Patterson-UTI Energy Inc nan nan NR/NR 559908 7508366.28
SM 78454L100 SM Energy Co nan nan NR/NR 184800 6347880.0
CPE 13123X508 Callon Petroleum Co nan nan NR/NR 116167 6175437.72
REGI 75972A301 Renewable Energy Group Inc nan nan NR/NR 130877 5380353.47
INT 981475106 World Fuel Services Corp nan nan NR/NR 164460 4547319.0
PBF 69318G106 PBF Energy Inc nan nan NR/NR 247244 4292155.84
GPRE 393222104 Green Plains Inc nan nan NR/NR 139486 3830285.56
OII 675232102 Oceaneering International Inc nan nan NR/NR 259762 3800318.06
CLB N22717107 Core Laboratories NV nan nan NR/NR 120471 3100923.54
AROC 03957W106 Archrock Inc nan nan NR/NR 348937 2941538.91
LPI 516806205 Laredo Petroleum Inc nan nan NR/NR 37338 2752930.74
NBR G6359F137 Nabors Industries Ltd nan nan NR/NR 20160 2446617.6
CEIX 20854L108 CONSOL Energy Inc nan nan NR/NR 82571 2397861.84
PUMP 74347M108 ProPetro Holding Corp nan nan NR/NR 220672 2381050.88
DRQ 262037104 Dril-Quip Inc nan nan NR/NR 92127 2325285.48
SLCA 90346E103 US Silica Holdings Inc nan nan NR/NR 194148 2285121.96
VTOL 11040G103 Bristow Group Inc nan nan NR/NR 60300 1895832.0
PARR 69888T207 Par Pacific Holdings Inc nan nan NR/NR 119038 1751048.98
ROCC 70788V102 Ranger Oil Corp nan nan NR/NR 54715 1678109.05
BOOM 23291C103 DMC Global Inc nan nan NR/NR 48742 1644067.66
RES 749660106 RPC Inc nan nan NR/NR 184740 1477920.0
HLX 42330P107 Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc nan nan NR/NR 368070 1446515.1
TALO 87484T108 Talos Energy Inc nan nan NR/NR 106254 1368551.52
REX 761624105 REX American Resources Corp nan nan NR/NR 13657 1147734.28
LPG Y2106R110 Dorian LPG Ltd nan nan NR/NR 71866 929227.38
OIS 678026105 Oil States International Inc nan nan NR/NR 159276 804343.8
-CASH- CASHUSD00 Cash/Receivables/Payables 0.0 nan NR/NR -8996 -8995.86