ETF constituents for SDG

Below, a list of constituents for SDG (iShares MSCI Global Sustainable Development Goals ETF) is shown. In total, SDG consists of 190 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
VWS VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS Industrials Equity 15970137.16 4.66
1925 DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY LTD Real Estate Equity 15402589.21 4.49
UMI UMICORE SA Materials Equity 14710428.86 4.29
288 WH GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 13879087.67 4.05
JMAT JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC Materials Equity 13759727.34 4.01
KMB KIMBERLY CLARK CORP Consumer Staples Equity 11802129.57 3.44
NOVO B NOVO NORDISK CLASS B Health Care Equity 10964078.08 3.2
AMGN AMGEN INC Health Care Equity 10265338.2 2.99
VNA VONOVIA SE Real Estate Equity 9113726.81 2.66
WY WEYERHAEUSER REIT Real Estate Equity 8554522.14 2.49
9020 EAST JAPAN RAILWAY Industrials Equity 8431198.96 2.46
ESSITY B ESSITY CLASS B Consumer Staples Equity 7844557.48 2.29
DLR DIGITAL REALTY TRUST REIT INC Real Estate Equity 7282002.0 2.12
006400 SAMSUNG SDI LTD Information Technology Equity 6645424.27 1.94
1211 BYD LTD H Consumer Discretionary Equity 6066634.59 1.77
1216 UNI-PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CORP Consumer Staples Equity 5668771.84 1.65
WFG WEST FRASER TIMBER LTD Materials Equity 5204466.72 1.52
9022 CENTRAL JAPAN RAILWAY Industrials Equity 4857223.5 1.42
VRTX VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 4816524.72 1.4
PSON PEARSON PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4726342.29 1.38
REGN REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 4592619.9 1.34
2015 LI AUTO CLASS A INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4486676.09 1.31
2319 CHINA MENGNIU DAIRY LTD Consumer Staples Equity 4006300.32 1.17
373220 LG ENERGY SOLUTION LTD Industrials Equity 3944850.16 1.15
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 3923630.77 1.14
CSL CSL LTD Health Care Equity 3879534.11 1.13
SAP SAPUTO INC Consumer Staples Equity 3851807.95 1.12
XYL XYLEM INC Industrials Equity 3826402.56 1.12
CMPC EMPRESAS CMPC SA Materials Equity 3762478.55 1.1
NIO NIO AMERICAN DEPOSITARY SHARES REP Consumer Discretionary Equity 3549291.6 1.04
DAR DARLING INGREDIENTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 3507862.9 1.02
ORSTED OERSTED Utilities Equity 3472832.69 1.01
HRL HORMEL FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 3162289.84 0.92
URW UNIBAIL RODAMCO WE STAPLED UNITS Real Estate Equity 2424619.6 0.71
MOWI MOWI Consumer Staples Equity 2354168.23 0.69
300750 CONTEMPORARY AMPEREX TECHNOLOGY LT Industrials Equity 2331507.01 0.68
4568 DAIICHI SANKYO LTD Health Care Equity 2271459.15 0.66
FSLR FIRST SOLAR INC Information Technology Equity 2215970.52 0.65
9868 XPENG CLASS A INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2193778.21 0.64
5332 TOTO LTD Industrials Equity 2187752.92 0.64
3288 OPEN HOUSE GROUP LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 2172408.95 0.63
EW EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP Health Care Equity 2117665.2 0.62
LEG LEG IMMOBILIEN N Real Estate Equity 2040352.71 0.6
257 CHINA EVERBRIGHT ENVIRONMENT GROUP Industrials Equity 2037637.7 0.59
ARE ALEXANDRIA REAL ESTATE EQUITIES RE Real Estate Equity 2027660.04 0.59
SUI SUN COMMUNITIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 2018080.75 0.59
GEBN GEBERIT AG Industrials Equity 1995852.13 0.58
ENPH ENPHASE ENERGY INC Information Technology Equity 1975536.64 0.58
BXP BOSTON PROPERTIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1954614.32 0.57
BKG BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS (THE) PLC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1932862.22 0.56
8113 UNICHARM CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1818384.67 0.53
SCA B SVENSKA CELLULOSA B Materials Equity 1814363.92 0.53
ROCK B ROCKWOOL INTERNATIONAL B Industrials Equity 1736950.2 0.51
2897 NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1734724.59 0.51
DXCM DEXCOM INC Health Care Equity 1697864.4 0.5
JAZZ JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Health Care Equity 1674751.35 0.49
916 CHINA LONGYUAN POWER GROUP CORP LT Utilities Equity 1523818.69 0.44
VER VERBUND AG Utilities Equity 1509653.27 0.44
GRUMAB GRUMA Consumer Staples Equity 1498814.28 0.44
LI KLEPIERRE REIT SA Real Estate Equity 1457296.82 0.42
JDEP JDE PEETS NV Consumer Staples Equity 1442098.28 0.42
4543 TERUMO CORP Health Care Equity 1439650.85 0.42
SEDG SOLAREDGE TECHNOLOGIES INC Information Technology Equity 1370928.64 0.4
INCY INCYTE CORP Health Care Equity 1266759.28 0.37
66 MTR CORPORATION CORP LTD Industrials Equity 1238388.99 0.36
322 TINGYI (CAYMAN ISLANDS) HOLDINGS C Consumer Staples Equity 1223058.42 0.36
RIVN RIVIAN AUTOMOTIVE INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 1168567.32 0.34
C38U CAPITALAND INTEGRATED COMMERCIAL T Real Estate Equity 1136829.72 0.33
4507 SHIONOGI LTD Health Care Equity 1136450.29 0.33
1044 HENGAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1130449.43 0.33
823 LINK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST Real Estate Equity 1121595.74 0.33
4519 CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL LTD Health Care Equity 1109575.6 0.32
SALM SALMAR Consumer Staples Equity 1089269.58 0.32
BMRN BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 1084207.86 0.32
002594 BYD LTD A Consumer Discretionary Equity 1082037.43 0.32
HINDUNILVR HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD Consumer Staples Equity 1034058.93 0.3
UTHR UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP Health Care Equity 1028759.63 0.3
968 XINYI SOLAR HOLDINGS LTD Information Technology Equity 1026334.33 0.3
ELI ELIA GROUP SA Utilities Equity 1020322.38 0.3
4523 EISAI LTD Health Care Equity 1009025.79 0.29
371 BEIJING ENTERPRISES WATER GROUP LT Utilities Equity 999762.62 0.29
4528 ONO PHARMACEUTICAL LTD Health Care Equity 985206.51 0.29
NPI NORTHLAND POWER INC Utilities Equity 967950.62 0.28
KIMBERA KIMBERLY-CLARK DE MEXICO CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 956768.15 0.28
1585 YADEA GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 943334.3 0.28
C09 CITY DEVELOPMENTS LTD Real Estate Equity 928312.11 0.27
1093 CSPC PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP LTD Health Care Equity 905638.08 0.26
12 HENDERSON LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD Real Estate Equity 887049.69 0.26
COV COVIVIO SA Real Estate Equity 872299.5 0.25
EDPR EDP RENOVAVEIS SA Utilities Equity 784982.02 0.23
GMAB GENMAB Health Care Equity 769837.77 0.22
6869 SYSMEX CORP Health Care Equity 720369.22 0.21
A17U CAPITALAND ASCENDAS REIT Real Estate Equity 714658.2 0.21
SOBI SWEDISH ORPHAN BIOVITRUM Health Care Equity 683758.29 0.2
VCX VICINITY CENTRES Real Estate Equity 661694.15 0.19
PODD INSULET CORP Health Care Equity 650870.85 0.19
SGEN SEAGEN INC Health Care Equity 649354.6 0.19
3331 VINDA INTERNATIONAL LTD Consumer Staples Equity 597355.4 0.17
586 CHINA CONCH VENTURE HOLDINGS LTD Industrials Equity 582958.33 0.17
8951 NIPPON BUILDING FUND REIT INC Real Estate Equity 549914.72 0.16
LAND LAND SECURITIES GROUP REIT PLC Real Estate Equity 504786.64 0.15
8953 JAPAN METROPOLITAN FUND INVESTMENT Real Estate Equity 477688.37 0.14
JPY JPY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 465304.62 0.14
2633 TAIWAN HIGH SPEED RAIL CORP Industrials Equity 457665.12 0.13
ICBP INDOFOOD CBP SUKSES MAKMUR Consumer Staples Equity 443054.13 0.13
GFC GECINA SA Real Estate Equity 427480.66 0.12
IPN IPSEN SA Health Care Equity 416480.33 0.12
3462 NOMURA REAL ESTATE MASTER FUND REI Real Estate Equity 406532.89 0.12
ALNY ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 402412.4 0.12
4151 KYOWA KIRIN LTD Health Care Equity 386821.85 0.11
8952 JAPAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST Real Estate Equity 376910.47 0.11
3283 NIPPON PROLOGIS REIT INC Real Estate Equity 374937.29 0.11
1530 3SBIO INC Health Care Equity 370964.62 0.11
000895 HENAN SHUANGHUI INVESTMENT & DEVEL Consumer Staples Equity 369137.34 0.11
NESTLEIND NESTLE INDIA LTD Consumer Staples Equity 365940.16 0.11
IEL IDP EDUCATION PTY LTDINARY Consumer Discretionary Equity 360793.47 0.11
2280 ALMARAI Consumer Staples Equity 358719.58 0.1
N2IU MAPLETREE PAN ASIA COMMERCIAL TRUS Real Estate Equity 340453.24 0.1
1972 SWIRE PROPERTIES LTD Real Estate Equity 335331.22 0.1
9633 NONGFU SPRING LTD H Consumer Staples Equity 332913.74 0.1
300274 SUNGROW POWER SUPPLY LTD A Industrials Equity 330657.2 0.1
3281 GLP J-REIT REIT Real Estate Equity 315800.14 0.09
1801 INNOVENT BIOLOGICS INC Health Care Equity 303146.95 0.09
8984 DAIWA HOUSE REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 302692.22 0.09
867 CHINA MEDICAL SYSTEM HOLDINGS LTD Health Care Equity 298632.79 0.09
6160 BEIGENE LTD Health Care Equity 276442.54 0.08
QL QL RESOURCES Consumer Staples Equity 269996.8 0.08
300999 YIHAI KERRY ARAWANA HOLDINGS LTD A Consumer Staples Equity 252739.78 0.07
BTS.R BTS GROUP HOLDINGS NON-VOTING DR P Industrials Equity 223436.24 0.07
LCID LUCID GROUP INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 207323.28 0.06
600905 CHINA THREE GORGES RENEWABLES(GROU Utilities Equity 194069.55 0.06
PPB PPB GROUP Consumer Staples Equity 190363.97 0.06
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 190000.0 0.06
MARICO MARICO LTD Consumer Staples Equity 183895.72 0.05
601615 MING YANG SMART ENERGY GROUP LTD A Industrials Equity 182044.42 0.05
7747 ASAHI INTECC LTD Health Care Equity 173522.62 0.05
UNVR UNILEVER INDONESIA Consumer Staples Equity 161747.25 0.05
3692 HANSOH PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP LTD Health Care Equity 159307.09 0.05
COLPAL COLGATE PALMOLIVE INDIA LTD Consumer Staples Equity 149352.23 0.04
ADANIGREEN ADANI GREEN ENERGY LTD Utilities Equity 133949.16 0.04
2082 ACWA POWER CO Utilities Equity 116562.54 0.03
688009 CHINA RAILWAY SIGNAL & COMMUNICATI Information Technology Equity 105199.3 0.03
300073 BEIJING EASPRING MATERIAL TECHNOLO Industrials Equity 98940.54 0.03
CLP CLP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 98239.67 0.03
1797 EAST BUY HOLDING LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 87040.07 0.03
600481 SHUANGLIANG ECO-ENERGY SYSTEMS LTD Industrials Equity 84848.07 0.02
9688 ZAI LAB LTD Health Care Equity 83690.69 0.02
002056 HENGDIAN GROUP DMEGC MAGNETICS LTD Information Technology Equity 81111.45 0.02
688567 FARASIS ENERGY (GAN ZHOU) LTD A Industrials Equity 76361.56 0.02
000591 CECEP SOLAR ENERGY LTD A Utilities Equity 76364.16 0.02
603345 ANJOY FOODS GROUP LTD A Consumer Staples Equity 70656.08 0.02
002531 TITAN WIND ENERGY (SUZHOU) LTD A Industrials Equity 61853.07 0.02
601865 FLAT GLASS GROUP LTD A Information Technology Equity 61075.11 0.02
HKD HKD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 57165.32 0.02
300763 GINLONG TECHNOLOGIES LTD A Industrials Equity 52184.05 0.02
AVGO BROADCOM INC Information Technology Equity 48943.5 0.01
EUR EUR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 45048.2 0.01
688390 JIANGSU GOODWE POWER SUPPLY TECHNO Industrials Equity 40558.41 0.01
HBCFT CASH COLLATERAL USD HBCFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 40000.0 0.01
688063 PYLON TECHNOLOGIES LTD A Industrials Equity 39799.24 0.01
601016 CECEP WIND-POWER CORP A Utilities Equity 38605.93 0.01
6865 FLAT GLASS GROUP LTD H Information Technology Equity 33546.98 0.01
002603 SHIJIAZHUANG YILING PHARMACEUTICAL Health Care Equity 32305.51 0.01
DKK DKK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 31759.94 0.01
603156 HEBEI YANGYUAN ZHIHUI BEVERAGE LTD Consumer Staples Equity 24442.46 0.01
GBP GBP CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 24356.91 0.01
603218 RIYUE HEAVY INDUSTRY LTD A Industrials Equity 24123.36 0.01
CAD CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 20895.42 0.01
KRW KRW CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 19053.42 0.01
SEK SEK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 16338.78 0.0
NOK NOK CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 15599.85 0.0
MYR MYR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 14592.87 0.0
SGD SGD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 6725.41 0.0
AUD AUD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 6735.68 0.0
CNH CNH CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 6292.98 0.0
MXN MXN CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 5052.24 0.0
CHF CHF CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2397.62 0.0
TWD TWD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 2222.55 0.0
INR INR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 1444.76 0.0
BRL BRL CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 54.8 0.0
THB THB CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 26.5 0.0
ZAR ZAR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 48.23 0.0
CNY CNY CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 0.0 0.0
IDR IDR CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 0.0 0.0
ESZ3 S&P500 EMINI DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
MESZ3 MSCI EMER MKT INDEX (ICE) DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
MFSZ3 MSCI EAFE INDEX DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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