ETF constituents for SMMV

Below, a list of constituents for SMMV (iShares MSCI USA Small-Cap Min Vol Factor ETF) is shown. In total, SMMV consists of 302 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Jun 30, 2022 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
MUSA MURPHY USA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 11862930.48 1.54
UTHR UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP Health Care Equity 11574065.23 1.5
CHNG CHANGE HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 11272953.87 1.46
FLO FLOWERS FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 10721024.88 1.39
RGLD ROYAL GOLD INC Materials Equity 10564168.64 1.37
LSTR LANDSTAR SYSTEM INC Industrials Equity 10448270.24 1.36
AGNC AGNC INVESTMENT REIT CORP Financials Equity 10167064.7 1.32
IDA IDACORP INC Utilities Equity 9990114.12 1.3
ATR APTARGROUP INC Materials Equity 9943661.76 1.29
FCN FTI CONSULTING INC Industrials Equity 9833063.64 1.28
SCI SERVICE Consumer Discretionary Equity 8949049.56 1.16
EXEL EXELIXIS INC Health Care Equity 8860059.32 1.15
THG HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 8635412.19 1.12
PINC PREMIER INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 8580002.94 1.11
CUBE CUBESMART REIT Real Estate Equity 8424071.37 1.09
POR PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Utilities Equity 8044207.9 1.04
WSO WATSCO INC Industrials Equity 7714979.9 1.0
SLGN SILGAN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 7357674.5 0.96
MMS MAXIMUS INC Information Technology Equity 7185639.65 0.93
CHE CHEMED CORP Health Care Equity 7129272.71 0.93
WTM WHITE MOUNTAINS INSURANCE GROUP LT Financials Equity 6996582.35 0.91
DLB DOLBY LABORATORIES INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 6877222.2 0.89
LSI LIFE STORAGE INC Real Estate Equity 6731841.86 0.87
BNL BROADSTONE NET LEASE INC Real Estate Equity 6328307.83 0.82
SWCH SWITCH INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 6075487.95 0.79
EBC EASTERN BANKSHARES INC Financials Equity 6067510.8 0.79
EQC EQUITY COMMONWEALTH REIT Real Estate Equity 5965533.75 0.77
BCPC BALCHEM CORP Materials Equity 5774551.6 0.75
AWR AMERICAN STATES WATER Utilities Equity 5760019.26 0.75
PBH PRESTIGE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 5685182.46 0.74
ALKS ALKERMES Health Care Equity 5638016.0 0.73
VRNT VERINT SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 5589459.96 0.73
GGG GRACO INC Industrials Equity 5580794.52 0.72
TMX TERMINIX GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 5540654.4 0.72
SFM SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET INC Consumer Staples Equity 5519127.56 0.72
PNM PNM RESOURCES INC Utilities Equity 5501524.98 0.71
HALO HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 5312642.7 0.69
BJ BJS WHOLESALE CLUB HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 5269226.4 0.68
COLD AMERICOLD REALTY INC TRUST Real Estate Equity 4925469.0 0.64
WERN WERNER ENTERPRISES INC Industrials Equity 4854283.0 0.63
CCOI COGENT COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS INC Communication Equity 4853835.27 0.63
LANC LANCASTER COLONY CORP Consumer Staples Equity 4782889.4 0.62
AVA AVISTA CORP Utilities Equity 4778042.38 0.62
CWT CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE GROUP Utilities Equity 4706667.2 0.61
ICUI ICU MEDICAL INC Health Care Equity 4615455.67 0.6
AXS AXIS CAPITAL HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 4585451.31 0.6
SXT SENSIENT TECHNOLOGIES CORP Materials Equity 4573706.1 0.59
NEU NEWMARKET CORP Materials Equity 4509708.0 0.59
NWE NORTHWESTERN CORP Utilities Equity 4506088.8 0.59
VIAV VIAVI SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology Equity 4476126.8 0.58
TTC TORO Industrials Equity 4452734.18 0.58
SON SONOCO PRODUCTS Materials Equity 4395031.76 0.57
EVA ENVIVA INC Energy Equity 4300000.65 0.56
ESGR ENSTAR GROUP LTD Financials Equity 4275269.92 0.56
CSL CARLISLE COMPANIES INC Industrials Equity 4250515.5 0.55
MSGS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN SPORTS CORP Communication Equity 4247249.82 0.55
DORM DORMAN PRODUCTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 4136299.53 0.54
CBSH COMMERCE BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 4074129.21 0.53
THS TREEHOUSE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 4064589.62 0.53
WWE WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT INC Communication Equity 4052486.39 0.53
HELE HELEN OF TROY LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 4045809.6 0.53
CSGS CSG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC Information Technology Equity 4008960.0 0.52
CACI CACI INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 3944279.92 0.51
WDFC WD-40 Consumer Staples Equity 3928568.13 0.51
IONS IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 3903347.88 0.51
CBZ CBIZ INC Industrials Equity 3826195.02 0.5
LOPE GRAND CANYON EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3809559.78 0.49
HAIN HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC Consumer Staples Equity 3684362.5 0.48
PRGO PERRIGO PLC Health Care Equity 3650519.69 0.47
OGS ONE GAS INC Utilities Equity 3611563.86 0.47
CALM CAL MAINE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 3592930.78 0.47
MDU MDU RESOURCES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 3583563.67 0.47
VIRT VIRTU FINANCIAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 3577678.83 0.46
HE HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES INC Utilities Equity 3534080.4 0.46
RNR RENAISSANCERE HOLDING LTD Financials Equity 3519688.89 0.46
PRK PARK NATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 3508873.48 0.46
FYBR FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS PARENT INC Communication Equity 3481993.08 0.45
CWST CASELLA WASTE SYSTEMS INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 3465388.55 0.45
RS RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM Materials Equity 3462930.5 0.45
REYN REYNOLDS CONSUMER PRODUCTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 3445208.3 0.45
HLI HOULIHAN LOKEY INC CLASS A Financials Equity 3410727.6 0.44
CORT CORCEPT THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 3402515.2 0.44
MSM MSC INDUSTRIAL INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 3367155.1 0.44
NYT NEW YORK TIMES CLASS A Communication Equity 3302000.55 0.43
HRB H&R BLOCK INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3198278.52 0.42
CSWI CSW INDUSTRIALS INC Industrials Equity 3118764.35 0.4
TWNK HOSTESS BRANDS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 3098623.32 0.4
IRWD IRONWOOD PHARMA INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 3064329.15 0.4
GNTX GENTEX CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 3049368.54 0.4
OSIS OSI SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 3022484.22 0.39
MGEE MGE ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 3004630.98 0.39
XNCR XENCOR INC Health Care Equity 2970906.88 0.39
SIGI SELECTIVE INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 2903866.56 0.38
PZZA PAPA JOHNS INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2853782.29 0.37
GCP GCP APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES INC Materials Equity 2820069.0 0.37
EVTC EVERTEC INC Information Technology Equity 2769420.71 0.36
FTDR FRONTDOOR INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2711319.14 0.35
SNDR SCHNEIDER NATIONAL INC CLASS B Industrials Equity 2682978.93 0.35
SR SPIRE INC Utilities Equity 2679296.4 0.35
AMPH AMPHASTAR PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 2677198.78 0.35
MRTN MARTEN TRANSPORT LTD Industrials Equity 2672081.72 0.35
WABC WESTAMERICA BANCORPORATION Financials Equity 2589071.44 0.34
SCHL SCHOLASTIC CORP Communication Equity 2588944.14 0.34
CRVL CORVEL CORP Health Care Equity 2567007.52 0.33
NWBI NORTHWEST BANCSHARES INC Financials Equity 2554448.82 0.33
BWXT BWX TECHNOLOGIES INC Industrials Equity 2519539.36 0.33
QDEL QUIDELORTHO CORP Health Care Equity 2508959.52 0.33
ZD ZIFF DAVIS INC Communication Equity 2477418.17 0.32
IMKTA INGLES MARKETS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 2447880.78 0.32
ADC AGREE REALTY REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 2413248.39 0.31
HESM HESS MIDSTREAM CLASS A Energy Equity 2405522.34 0.31
PTCT PTC THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 2385756.1 0.31
ROG ROGERS CORP Information Technology Equity 2376131.25 0.31
SCL STEPAN Materials Equity 2358317.57 0.31
PDCO PATTERSON COMPANIES INC Health Care Equity 2358044.14 0.31
WMK WEIS MARKETS INC Consumer Staples Equity 2330671.28 0.3
MCY MERCURY GENERAL CORP Financials Equity 2257427.34 0.29
MAT MATTEL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2207433.6 0.29
DNB DUN BRADST HLDG INC Industrials Equity 2203594.72 0.29
SEB SEABOARD CORP Consumer Staples Equity 2172442.4 0.28
RGR STURM RUGER INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2162715.52 0.28
WLY JOHN WILEY AND SONS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 2147234.18 0.28
MORN MORNINGSTAR INC Financials Equity 2109957.05 0.27
CIEN CIENA CORP Information Technology Equity 2106621.6 0.27
MLAB MESA LABORATORIES INC Health Care Equity 2068098.5 0.27
CHCO CITY HOLDING Financials Equity 2067424.59 0.27
SAFT SAFETY INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 2054350.8 0.27
CASY CASEYS GENERAL STORES INC Consumer Staples Equity 2042104.05 0.27
UNF UNIFIRST CORP Industrials Equity 2031966.97 0.26
SPTN SPARTANNASH Consumer Staples Equity 2026391.24 0.26
BATRK LIBERTY MEDIA LIBERTY BRAVES CORP Communication Equity 2026191.09 0.26
ENTA ENANTA PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1998966.9 0.26
SHEN SHENANDOAH TELECOMMUNICATIONS Communication Equity 1988557.9 0.26
NHC NATIONAL HEALTHCARE CORP Health Care Equity 1962843.02 0.25
TRNO TERRENO REALTY REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 1950294.5 0.25
POST POST HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 1948325.4 0.25
BRC BRADY NONVOTING CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 1944863.25 0.25
MANT MANTECH INTERNATIONAL CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 1885737.6 0.24
BRMK BROADMARK REALTY CAPITAL INC Financials Equity 1840962.09 0.24
COLM COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR Consumer Discretionary Equity 1813022.97 0.24
NTCT NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 1801130.76 0.23
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1800000.0 0.23
ASH ASHLAND GLOBAL INC Materials Equity 1796001.72 0.23
ROIV ROIVANT SCIENCES LTD Health Care Equity 1777479.94 0.23
IDCC INTERDIGITAL INC Information Technology Equity 1773495.71 0.23
EIG EMPLOYERS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 1773091.21 0.23
HTLD HEARTLAND EXPRESS INC Industrials Equity 1753215.52 0.23
HCC WARRIOR MET COAL INC Materials Equity 1711448.0 0.22
ATRI ATRION CORP Health Care Equity 1708675.2 0.22
GABC GERMAN AMERICAN BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1708551.68 0.22
VNT VONTIER CORP Information Technology Equity 1702671.0 0.22
OBNK ORIGIN BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1701437.28 0.22
NTST NETSTREIT CORP Real Estate Equity 1692049.5 0.22
INVA INNOVIVA INC Health Care Equity 1667311.8 0.22
FRHC FREEDOM HOLDING CORP Financials Equity 1662641.8 0.22
VIVO MERIDIAN BIOSCIENCE INC Health Care Equity 1642489.14 0.21
SUPN SUPERNUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1632394.5 0.21
BERY BERRY GLOBAL GROUP INC Materials Equity 1624577.0 0.21
AJRD AEROJET ROCKETDYNE HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 1617272.73 0.21
AMSF AMERISAFE INC Financials Equity 1606308.92 0.21
GHC GRAHAM HOLDINGS COMPANY CLASS B Consumer Discretionary Equity 1602150.55 0.21
TFSL TFS FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1578522.85 0.2
EFC ELLINGTON FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1578148.35 0.2
NYMT NEW YORK MORTGAGE TRUST REIT INC Financials Equity 1566743.82 0.2
TDS TELEPHONE AND DATA SYSTEMS INC Communication Equity 1555166.46 0.2
KRNY KEARNY FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1517229.57 0.2
CLBK COLUMBIA FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1482053.76 0.19
HUBG HUB GROUP INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 1477576.0 0.19
EQRX EQRX INC Health Care Equity 1472159.45 0.19
GO GROCERY OUTLET HOLDING CORP Consumer Staples Equity 1440133.92 0.19
SIGA SIGA TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 1433353.77 0.19
NIC NICOLET BANKSHARES INC Financials Equity 1422044.4 0.18
PCRX PACIRA BIOSCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 1420843.76 0.18
LAND GLADSTONE LAND REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 1407171.66 0.18
CFFN CAPITOL FEDERAL FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 1404666.48 0.18
ARR ARMOUR RESIDENTIAL REIT INC Financials Equity 1382263.19 0.18
HONE HARBORONE BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1345672.5 0.17
CPK CHESAPEAKE UTILITIES CORP Utilities Equity 1333452.12 0.17
JBSS JOHN B SANFILIPPO AND SON INC Consumer Staples Equity 1310300.6 0.17
PRGS PROGRESS SOFTWARE CORP Information Technology Equity 1309620.48 0.17
JBGS JBG SMITH PROPERTIES Real Estate Equity 1302349.92 0.17
PRA PROASSURANCE CORP Financials Equity 1299849.81 0.17
SPSC SPS COMMERCE INC Information Technology Equity 1284785.28 0.17
AAON AAON INC Industrials Equity 1282042.19 0.17
SJW SJW GROUP Utilities Equity 1280763.96 0.17
WINA WINMARK CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 1256258.25 0.16
EXPO EXPONENT INC Industrials Equity 1251904.42 0.16
CVLT COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 1213507.15 0.16
FBRT FRANKLIN BSP REALTY TRUST INC Financials Equity 1213049.1 0.16
NFBK NORTHFIELD BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1174552.96 0.15
SRPT SAREPTA THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 1153695.4 0.15
REXR REXFORD INDUSTRIAL REALTY REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1145917.79 0.15
DX DYNEX CAPITAL REIT INC Financials Equity 1140014.4 0.15
AROW ARROW FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 1106411.9 0.14
AGX ARGAN INC Industrials Equity 1103354.72 0.14
EBF ENNIS INC Industrials Equity 1082492.7 0.14
ALX ALEXANDERS REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1081671.42 0.14
BFC BANK FIRST CORP Financials Equity 1080110.64 0.14
ATEX ANTERIX INC Communication Equity 1067760.0 0.14
HSTM HEALTHSTREAM INC Health Care Equity 1066194.84 0.14
COLL COLLEGIUM PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 1044051.84 0.14
VNDA VANDA PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1041358.78 0.14
TR TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES INC Consumer Staples Equity 1039587.12 0.13
QLYS QUALYS INC Information Technology Equity 1039475.36 0.13
AN AUTONATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1035650.28 0.13
DHIL DIAMOND HILL INVESTMENT GROUP INC Financials Equity 1028112.26 0.13
NEOG NEOGEN CORP Health Care Equity 1013464.08 0.13
ATSG AIR TRANSPORT SERVICES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 1008803.26 0.13
NTGR NETGEAR INC Information Technology Equity 1007456.62 0.13
PFSI PENNYMAC FINANCIAL SERVICES INC Financials Equity 985233.78 0.13
USNA USANA HEALTH SCIENCES INC Consumer Staples Equity 981711.62 0.13
BGS B AND G FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 975773.19 0.13
BOX BOX INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 965936.16 0.13
CHRS COHERUS BIOSCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 965105.68 0.13
ATNI ATN INTERNATIONAL INC Communication Equity 958414.68 0.12
CBTX CBTX INC Financials Equity 955983.6 0.12
HCKT HACKETT GROUP INC Information Technology Equity 945788.94 0.12
SMP STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 943433.24 0.12
IMXI INTERNATIONAL MONEY EXPRESS INC Information Technology Equity 936093.56 0.12
SRCL STERICYCLE INC Industrials Equity 935665.81 0.12
CCBG CAPITAL CITY BANK INC Financials Equity 931827.91 0.12
EXLS EXLSERVICE HOLDINGS INC Information Technology Equity 925024.78 0.12
JJSF J AND J SNACK FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 916996.17 0.12
USM UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORP Communication Equity 899495.9 0.12
CPSI COMPUTER PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS INC Health Care Equity 879549.28 0.11
EGRX EAGLE PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 869628.5 0.11
VIR VIR BIOTECHNOLOGY INC Health Care Equity 864390.42 0.11
CVBF CVB FINANCIAL CORP Financials Equity 858240.6 0.11
FR FIRST INDUSTRIAL REALTY TRUST INC Real Estate Equity 830940.25 0.11
HIFS HINGHAM INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS Financials Equity 810867.96 0.11
GERN GERON CORP Health Care Equity 798687.8 0.1
ARKO ARKO Consumer Discretionary Equity 797350.29 0.1
NATI NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS CORP Information Technology Equity 796024.0 0.1
ITOS ITEOS THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 768410.9 0.1
AGIO AGIOS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 765519.3 0.1
WSBF WATERSTONE FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 761610.05 0.1
TBPH THERAVANCE BIOPHARMA INC Health Care Equity 741647.46 0.1
CSR CENTERSPACE Real Estate Equity 735733.74 0.1
ENV ENVESTNET INC Information Technology Equity 732337.36 0.1
CBL CBL ASSOCIATES PROPERTIES INC Real Estate Equity 725073.71 0.09
TCX TUCOWS INC Information Technology Equity 720794.06 0.09
ARQT ARCUTIS BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 709653.52 0.09
NPK NATIONAL PRESTO INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 705805.6 0.09
FRPH FRP HOLDINGS INC Real Estate Equity 687291.0 0.09
SNDX SYNDAX PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 672576.66 0.09
TRC TEJON RANCH Real Estate Equity 671934.48 0.09
ALBO ALBIREO PHARMA INC Health Care Equity 665924.49 0.09
TGNA TEGNA INC Communication Equity 647988.3 0.08
ANAB ANAPTYSBIO INC Health Care Equity 639570.42 0.08
SGU STAR GROUP UNITS Utilities Equity 621927.36 0.08
SATS ECHOSTAR CORP CLASS A Communication Equity 599202.24 0.08
PSN PARSONS CORP Industrials Equity 565880.7 0.07
AAWW ATLAS AIR WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS INC Industrials Equity 563206.69 0.07
MGRC MCGRATH RENT Industrials Equity 554920.08 0.07
MRTX MIRATI THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 550362.4 0.07
NXGN NEXTGEN HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 511545.6 0.07
MNRO MONRO INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 507217.1 0.07
EGP EASTGROUP PROPERTIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 504457.32 0.07
FWRD FORWARD AIR CORP Industrials Equity 501250.61 0.07
PRDO PERDOCEO EDUCATION CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 500228.1 0.06
CNNE CANNAE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 490047.54 0.06
MSGE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN ENTERTAINMEN Communication Equity 486861.03 0.06
OGN ORGANON Health Care Equity 473769.92 0.06
LITE LUMENTUM HOLDINGS INC Information Technology Equity 472382.12 0.06
WOW WIDEOPENWEST INC Communication Equity 469259.78 0.06
INDT INDUS REALTY TRUST INC Real Estate Equity 464757.72 0.06
TSVT 2SEVENTY BIO INC Health Care Equity 462753.62 0.06
CASS CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 460745.02 0.06
DGICA DONEGAL GROUP INC CLASS A Financials Equity 459548.64 0.06
PNT POINT BIOPHARMA GLOBAL INC Health Care Equity 453509.24 0.06
JOUT JOHNSON OUTDOORS INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 435764.94 0.06
BPMC BLUEPRINT MEDICINES CORP Health Care Equity 431048.52 0.06
FPH FIVE POINT HOLDINGS CLASS A Real Estate Equity 429477.84 0.06
AZPN ASPEN TECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 422262.21 0.05
PAHC PHIBRO ANIMAL HEALTH CORP CLASS A Health Care Equity 418132.62 0.05
SPWH SPORTSMANS WAREHOUSE HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 416545.56 0.05
MDGL MADRIGAL PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 408518.46 0.05
OMCL OMNICELL INC Health Care Equity 402048.12 0.05
MIRM MIRUM PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 395751.7 0.05
RADI RADIUS GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE INC C Communication Equity 392848.8 0.05
CARA CARA THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 391149.96 0.05
TCDA TRICIDA INC Health Care Equity 349170.04 0.05
TNDM TANDEM DIABETES CARE INC Health Care Equity 344159.58 0.04
CBU COMMUNITY BANK SYSTEM INC Financials Equity 335101.41 0.04
MUX MCEWEN MINING INC Materials Equity 280017.76 0.04
OSUR ORASURE TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 265271.4 0.03
CELU CELULARITY INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 148275.61 0.02
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL USD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 99000.0 0.01
ZGNX ZOGENIX INC CVR Health Care Equity 29842.48 0.0
DJEU2 DOW JONES US REAL ESTATE SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
FAU2 S&P MID 400 EMINI SEP 22 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash -284411.52 -0.04
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