ETF constituents for SMMV

Below, a list of constituents for SMMV (iShares MSCI USA Small-Cap Min Vol Factor ETF) is shown. In total, SMMV consists of 315 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date Oct 31, 2023 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Ticker Name Sector Asset Class Market Value Weight (%)
RGLD ROYAL GOLD INC Materials Equity 13105680.0 1.61
ORI OLD REPUBLIC INTERNATIONAL CORP Financials Equity 12558338.46 1.54
MUSA MURPHY USA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 12300102.2 1.51
LSTR LANDSTAR SYSTEM INC Industrials Equity 12142647.15 1.49
CHE CHEMED CORP Health Care Equity 11881485.0 1.46
ADC AGREE REALTY REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 11595153.51 1.42
DLB DOLBY LABORATORIES INC CLASS A Information Technology Equity 10434563.37 1.28
SIGI SELECTIVE INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 10252385.8 1.26
IDA IDACORP INC Utilities Equity 9935736.5 1.22
RLI RLI CORP Financials Equity 9734995.2 1.19
EXEL EXELIXIS INC Health Care Equity 9565909.62 1.17
ATR APTARGROUP INC Materials Equity 9007540.43 1.1
AXS AXIS CAPITAL HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 8498269.26 1.04
FLO FLOWERS FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 8498304.56 1.04
ENSG ENSIGN GROUP INC Health Care Equity 8034532.8 0.99
WTM WHITE MOUNTAINS INSURANCE GROUP LT Financials Equity 7979771.28 0.98
NEU NEWMARKET CORP Materials Equity 7761361.3 0.95
ALKS ALKERMES Health Care Equity 7657932.2 0.94
RNR RENAISSANCERE HOLDING LTD Financials Equity 7649865.32 0.94
MDU MDU RESOURCES GROUP INC Industrials Equity 7531666.56 0.92
THG HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 7454519.6 0.91
LOPE GRAND CANYON EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 7349383.6 0.9
NSIT INSIGHT ENTERPRISES INC Information Technology Equity 7022405.34 0.86
PNM PNM RESOURCES INC Utilities Equity 6895465.32 0.85
MSM MSC INDUSTRIAL INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 6707951.52 0.82
FCN FTI CONSULTING INC Industrials Equity 6425527.16 0.79
BJ BJS WHOLESALE CLUB HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 6407563.02 0.79
ESGR ENSTAR GROUP LTD Financials Equity 6269481.92 0.77
NWE NORTHWESTERN ENERGY GROUP CORP Utilities Equity 6267569.49 0.77
EHC ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORP Health Care Equity 6262771.83 0.77
CVLT COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 6238701.04 0.76
POST POST HOLDINGS INC Consumer Staples Equity 6191453.82 0.76
AM ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORP Energy Equity 6122737.8 0.75
TGNA TEGNA INC Communication Equity 5970145.86 0.73
PBH PRESTIGE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 5779388.9 0.71
CCOI COGENT COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS INC Communication Equity 5715278.42 0.7
WEN WENDYS Consumer Discretionary Equity 5539162.5 0.68
CACI CACI INTERNATIONAL INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 5515846.7 0.68
SFM SPROUTS FARMERS MARKET INC Consumer Staples Equity 5512775.28 0.68
MSGS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN SPORTS CORP Communication Equity 5331515.28 0.65
PSN PARSONS CORP Industrials Equity 5316077.76 0.65
AVT AVNET INC Information Technology Equity 5249371.12 0.64
AVA AVISTA CORP Utilities Equity 5169532.55 0.63
JJSF J AND J SNACK FOODS CORP Consumer Staples Equity 5159300.7 0.63
BRC BRADY NONVOTING CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 5130923.68 0.63
MGRC MCGRATH RENT Industrials Equity 5064975.52 0.62
PINC PREMIER INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 5012409.01 0.61
GNTX GENTEX CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 5003539.76 0.61
PNW PINNACLE WEST CORP Utilities Equity 4941843.36 0.61
WERN WERNER ENTERPRISES INC Industrials Equity 4901305.02 0.6
SON SONOCO PRODUCTS Materials Equity 4855900.28 0.6
BWXT BWX TECHNOLOGIES INC Industrials Equity 4836299.4 0.59
HQY HEALTHEQUITY INC Health Care Equity 4724574.9 0.58
TKO TKO GROUP HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Communication Equity 4610801.25 0.57
MMS MAXIMUS INC Industrials Equity 4592450.94 0.56
HESM HESS MIDSTREAM CLASS A Energy Equity 4524882.24 0.55
RYAN RYAN SPECIALTY HOLDINGS INC CLASS Financials Equity 4486819.92 0.55
IONS IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 4479706.38 0.55
GHC GRAHAM HOLDINGS COMPANY CLASS B Consumer Discretionary Equity 4465308.0 0.55
PDCO PATTERSON COMPANIES INC Health Care Equity 4447995.09 0.55
GO GROCERY OUTLET HOLDING CORP Consumer Staples Equity 4447503.97 0.55
POR PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Utilities Equity 4305921.14 0.53
PRGS PROGRESS SOFTWARE CORP Information Technology Equity 4203018.96 0.52
EQC EQUITY COMMONWEALTH REIT Real Estate Equity 4194209.85 0.51
CALM CAL MAINE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 4091697.12 0.5
INGR INGREDION INC Consumer Staples Equity 4086276.3 0.5
LANC LANCASTER COLONY CORP Consumer Staples Equity 4055093.7 0.5
HURN HURON CONSULTING GROUP INC Industrials Equity 4031274.83 0.49
CWST CASELLA WASTE SYSTEMS INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 3923488.8 0.48
OHI OMEGA HEALTHCARE INVESTORS REIT IN Real Estate Equity 3800379.75 0.47
PJT PJT PARTNERS INC CLASS A Financials Equity 3700745.52 0.45
IDCC INTERDIGITAL INC Information Technology Equity 3674657.92 0.45
LAUR LAUREATE EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 3569351.11 0.44
RGA REINSURANCE GROUP OF AMERICA INC Financials Equity 3535466.92 0.43
KBR KBR INC Industrials Equity 3514541.73 0.43
CASY CASEYS GENERAL STORES INC Consumer Staples Equity 3404770.2 0.42
VRRM VERRA MOBILITY CORP CLASS A Industrials Equity 3397837.2 0.42
REYN REYNOLDS CONSUMER PRODUCTS INC Consumer Staples Equity 3362944.64 0.41
MGEE MGE ENERGY INC Utilities Equity 3323101.25 0.41
SJW SJW GROUP Utilities Equity 3187150.2 0.39
INSW INTERNATIONAL SEAWAYS INC Energy Equity 3177274.24 0.39
XENE XENON PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 3173973.44 0.39
LLYVK LIBERTY MEDIA LIBERTY LIVE CORP SE Communication Equity 3170077.25 0.39
ROG ROGERS CORP Information Technology Equity 3167582.6 0.39
BATRK ATLANTA BRAVES HOLDINGS INC SERIES Communication Equity 3134336.7 0.38
FCFS FIRSTCASH HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 3043040.0 0.37
OPCH OPTION CARE HEALTH INC Health Care Equity 3002102.25 0.37
SCI SERVICE Consumer Discretionary Equity 3001310.95 0.37
HCC WARRIOR MET COAL INC Materials Equity 2954992.12 0.36
NTCT NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 2947041.2 0.36
CHCO CITY HOLDING Financials Equity 2938834.29 0.36
LRN STRIDE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2931526.78 0.36
UNF UNIFIRST CORP Industrials Equity 2920219.4 0.36
OGS ONE GAS INC Utilities Equity 2897866.92 0.36
ADUS ADDUS HOMECARE CORP Health Care Equity 2876204.8 0.35
TXRH TEXAS ROADHOUSE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2862625.92 0.35
HRB H&R BLOCK INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2844563.76 0.35
IRWD IRONWOOD PHARMA INC CLASS A Health Care Equity 2828004.3 0.35
PCVX VAXCYTE INC Health Care Equity 2823121.64 0.35
OGE OGE ENERGY CORP Utilities Equity 2820193.1 0.35
STRA STRATEGIC EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2807626.29 0.34
LPG DORIAN LPG LTD Energy Equity 2784449.88 0.34
HMN HORACE MANN EDUCATORS CORP Financials Equity 2776611.18 0.34
VSH VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC Information Technology Equity 2760010.11 0.34
CWT CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE GROUP Utilities Equity 2755508.73 0.34
WABC WESTAMERICA BANCORPORATION Financials Equity 2748887.68 0.34
HLI HOULIHAN LOKEY INC CLASS A Financials Equity 2741904.88 0.34
PRGO PERRIGO PLC Health Care Equity 2725438.96 0.33
THS TREEHOUSE FOODS INC Consumer Staples Equity 2671390.2 0.33
WINA WINMARK CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2591610.0 0.32
VVV VALVOLINE INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 2565637.44 0.31
ASH ASHLAND INC Materials Equity 2451146.4 0.3
SNDR SCHNEIDER NATIONAL INC CLASS B Industrials Equity 2419693.01 0.3
MRTN MARTEN TRANSPORT LTD Industrials Equity 2338116.3 0.29
PRDO PERDOCEO EDUCATION CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2324942.88 0.29
SAFT SAFETY INSURANCE GROUP INC Financials Equity 2314823.7 0.28
ODP ODP CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 2311343.65 0.28
IMKTA INGLES MARKETS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 2286339.44 0.28
GTY GETTY REALTY REIT CORP Real Estate Equity 2236680.0 0.27
IDYA IDEAYA BIOSCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 2229207.45 0.27
SLGN SILGAN HOLDINGS INC Materials Equity 2195389.84 0.27
SHEN SHENANDOAH TELECOMMUNICATIONS Communication Equity 2163196.45 0.27
NHC NATIONAL HEALTHCARE CORP Health Care Equity 2147711.93 0.26
AWR AMERICAN STATES WATER Utilities Equity 2119826.9 0.26
DTM DT MIDSTREAM INC Energy Equity 2103746.09 0.26
AMED AMEDISYS INC Health Care Equity 2098625.08 0.26
MCY MERCURY GENERAL CORP Financials Equity 2097845.5 0.26
NTST NETSTREIT CORP Real Estate Equity 2095955.64 0.26
WMK WEIS MARKETS INC Consumer Staples Equity 2093420.8 0.26
NJR NEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORP Utilities Equity 2089490.8 0.26
XNCR XENCOR INC Health Care Equity 2035189.8 0.25
CSWI CSW INDUSTRIALS INC Industrials Equity 2031669.81 0.25
EIG EMPLOYERS HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 2020086.3 0.25
PEBO PEOPLES BANCORP INC Financials Equity 2011628.79 0.25
DRS LEONARDO DRS INC Industrials Equity 1964508.99 0.24
MIRM MIRUM PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1963229.19 0.24
UNM UNUM Financials Equity 1927174.0 0.24
VIRT VIRTU FINANCIAL INC CLASS A Financials Equity 1909673.78 0.23
COLD AMERICOLD REALTY INC TRUST Real Estate Equity 1899088.56 0.23
AMSF AMERISAFE INC Financials Equity 1879010.56 0.23
VIAV VIAVI SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology Equity 1866633.52 0.23
HWKN HAWKINS INC Materials Equity 1823907.84 0.22
SPNT SIRIUSPOINT LTD Financials Equity 1815578.64 0.22
COLL COLLEGIUM PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 1810913.28 0.22
OSW ONESPAWORLD HOLDINGS LTD Consumer Discretionary Equity 1790135.95 0.22
DVAX DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORP Health Care Equity 1730323.7 0.21
JBSS JOHN B SANFILIPPO AND SON INC Consumer Staples Equity 1680006.12 0.21
INVA INNOVIVA INC Health Care Equity 1650656.85 0.2
OSIS OSI SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 1636674.75 0.2
CTRE CARETRUST REIT INC Real Estate Equity 1626770.72 0.2
CCCS CCC INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS Information Technology Equity 1619256.8 0.2
ITCI INTRA CELLULAR THERAPIES INC Health Care Equity 1617651.83 0.2
CWAN CLEARWATER ANALYTICS HOLDINGS INC Information Technology Equity 1616129.09 0.2
ARW ARROW ELECTRONICS INC Information Technology Equity 1610400.48 0.2
RGR STURM RUGER INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1584845.92 0.19
ARCH ARCH RESOURCES INC CLASS A Materials Equity 1584088.2 0.19
NYT NEW YORK TIMES CLASS A Communication Equity 1571721.52 0.19
SPTN SPARTANNASH Consumer Staples Equity 1561144.89 0.19
VREX VAREX IMAGING CORP Health Care Equity 1549130.7 0.19
GPK GRAPHIC PACKAGING HOLDING Materials Equity 1530905.1 0.19
CRVL CORVEL CORP Health Care Equity 1517576.76 0.19
BBSI BARRETT BUSINESS SERVICES INC Industrials Equity 1505215.5 0.18
CORT CORCEPT THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 1481004.09 0.18
PARR PAR PACIFIC HOLDINGS INC Energy Equity 1474672.37 0.18
BFC BANK FIRST CORP Financials Equity 1456506.6 0.18
KFRC KFORCE INC Industrials Equity 1450108.5 0.18
AMPH AMPHASTAR PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1448099.84 0.18
XTSLA BLK CSH FND TREASURY SL AGENCY Cash and/or Derivatives Money Market 1440647.9 0.18
CNXN PC CONNECTION INC Information Technology Equity 1433207.05 0.18
KRTX KARUNA THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 1431971.69 0.18
CSGS CSG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 1407916.18 0.17
REX REX AMERICAN RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 1395354.3 0.17
LLYVA LIBERTY MEDIA LIBERTY LIVE CORP SE Communication Equity 1370456.4 0.17
CRAI CRA INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 1349809.11 0.17
IRDM IRIDIUM COMMUNICATIONS INC Communication Equity 1324965.6 0.16
SUPN SUPERNUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1322360.75 0.16
SMP STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1320386.76 0.16
CTBI COMMUNITY TRUST BANCORP INC Financials Equity 1305112.0 0.16
HTLD HEARTLAND EXPRESS INC Industrials Equity 1294426.1 0.16
HSTM HEALTHSTREAM INC Health Care Equity 1248450.0 0.15
NRC NATIONAL RESEARCH CORP Health Care Equity 1242319.98 0.15
ACHC ACADIA HEALTHCARE COMPANY INC Health Care Equity 1241340.93 0.15
RARE ULTRAGENYX PHARMACEUTICAL INC Health Care Equity 1239353.85 0.15
QDEL QUIDELORTHO CORP Health Care Equity 1218170.52 0.15
CRNX CRINETICS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 1211739.43 0.15
CPK CHESAPEAKE UTILITIES CORP Utilities Equity 1206185.2 0.15
AGX ARGAN INC Industrials Equity 1200420.32 0.15
PRA PROASSURANCE CORP Financials Equity 1196339.81 0.15
EME EMCOR GROUP INC Industrials Equity 1177360.8 0.14
KNTK KINETIK HOLDINGS INC CLASS A Energy Equity 1153266.48 0.14
SRPT SAREPTA THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 1141252.48 0.14
EBF ENNIS INC Industrials Equity 1117441.05 0.14
BLKB BLACKBAUD INC Information Technology Equity 1116260.64 0.14
HCKT HACKETT GROUP INC Information Technology Equity 1111662.68 0.14
FPI FARMLAND PARTNERS INC Real Estate Equity 1108728.04 0.14
YORW YORK WATER Utilities Equity 1108508.8 0.14
PNT POINT BIOPHARMA GLOBAL INC Health Care Equity 1103708.0 0.14
PECO PHILLIPS EDISON AND COMPANY INC Real Estate Equity 1097091.68 0.13
HUBG HUB GROUP INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 1083689.2 0.13
OLLI OLLIES BARGAIN OUTLET HOLDINGS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1074651.09 0.13
ICFI ICF INTERNATIONAL INC Industrials Equity 1072716.75 0.13
CLW CLEARWATER PAPER CORP Materials Equity 1053572.94 0.13
PBF PBF ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 1028481.6 0.13
CIEN CIENA CORP Information Technology Equity 1027131.7 0.13
ATGE ADTALEM GLOBAL EDUCATION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1011046.59 0.12
CBZ CBIZ INC Industrials Equity 1005954.53 0.12
GSBC GREAT SOUTHERN BANCORP INC Financials Equity 988356.12 0.12
VVX V2X INC Industrials Equity 985164.0 0.12
USLM UNITED STATES LIME AND MINERALS IN Materials Equity 982242.33 0.12
SMPL THE SIMPLY GOOD FOODS COMPANY Consumer Staples Equity 971909.12 0.12
AMN AMN HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 962827.8 0.12
DHIL DIAMOND HILL INVESTMENT GROUP INC Financials Equity 961934.1 0.12
IMXI INTERNATIONAL MONEY EXPRESS INC Financials Equity 961330.95 0.12
LTC LTC PROPERTIES REIT INC Real Estate Equity 946665.02 0.12
ACLX ARCELLX INC Health Care Equity 939236.4 0.12
FMNB FARMERS NATIONAL BANC CORP Financials Equity 938735.98 0.12
DX DYNEX CAPITAL REIT INC Financials Equity 935036.96 0.11
UVE UNIVERSAL INSURANCE HOLDINGS INC Financials Equity 933987.2 0.11
ATEX ANTERIX INC Communication Equity 929955.3 0.11
USPH US PHYSICAL THERAPY INC Health Care Equity 904294.05 0.11
CASS CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC Financials Equity 900809.75 0.11
TBPH THERAVANCE BIOPHARMA INC Health Care Equity 900714.08 0.11
IRON DISC MEDICINE INC Health Care Equity 898771.84 0.11
CNX CNX RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 876328.6 0.11
ARKO ARKO Consumer Discretionary Equity 869467.72 0.11
SOVO SOVOS BRANDS INC Consumer Staples Equity 865006.8 0.11
FRPH FRP HOLDINGS INC Real Estate Equity 860395.15 0.11
KN KNOWLES CORP Information Technology Equity 841014.78 0.1
HONE HARBORONE BANCORP INC Financials Equity 836989.49 0.1
TIPT TIPTREE INC Financials Equity 836078.56 0.1
IDT IDT CORP CLASS B Communication Equity 824558.9 0.1
DJCO DAILY JOURNAL CORP Communication Equity 820787.18 0.1
USM UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORP Communication Equity 815014.2 0.1
HALO HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 813203.82 0.1
NPK NATIONAL PRESTO INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 807050.72 0.1
SCHL SCHOLASTIC CORP Communication Equity 800297.34 0.1
RXO RXO INC Industrials Equity 799204.8 0.1
FTRE FORTREA HOLDINGS INC Health Care Equity 797441.28 0.1
CHH CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 775709.52 0.1
GTX GARRETT MOTION INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 759321.4 0.09
BMEA BIOMEA FUSION INC Health Care Equity 750079.11 0.09
CW CURTISS WRIGHT CORP Industrials Equity 744372.0 0.09
PLXS PLEXUS CORP Information Technology Equity 740536.52 0.09
CCBG CAPITAL CITY BANK INC Financials Equity 739414.48 0.09
INSM INSMED INC Health Care Equity 738290.16 0.09
KNF KNIFE RIVER CORP Materials Equity 736570.56 0.09
CRC CALIFORNIA RESOURCES CORP Energy Equity 733224.78 0.09
CEIX CONSOL ENERGY INC Energy Equity 722582.58 0.09
PX P10 INC CLASS A Financials Equity 717274.2 0.09
VRDN VIRIDIAN THERAPEUTICS ORS INC Health Care Equity 714731.04 0.09
JRVR JAMES RIVER GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Financials Equity 708979.98 0.09
TR TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES INC Consumer Staples Equity 702368.34 0.09
SPFI SOUTH PLAINS FINANCIAL INC Financials Equity 690274.0 0.08
ATNI ATN INTERNATIONAL INC Communication Equity 676255.04 0.08
WT WISDOMTREE INC Financials Equity 668023.65 0.08
MCS THE MARCUS CORP Communication Equity 655703.49 0.08
LYTS LSI INDUSTRIES INC Industrials Equity 653441.73 0.08
GPOR GULFPORT ENERGY CORP Energy Equity 649706.64 0.08
EGLE EAGLE BULK SHIPPING INC Industrials Equity 643253.85 0.08
KRYS KRYSTAL BIOTECH INC Health Care Equity 643099.1 0.08
UFPT UFP TECHNOLOGIES INC Health Care Equity 639705.78 0.08
SEB SEABOARD CORP Consumer Staples Equity 636213.19 0.08
BATRA ATLANTA BRAVES HOLDINGS INC SERIES Communication Equity 586850.4 0.07
SR SPIRE INC Utilities Equity 586184.08 0.07
BRBR BELLRING BRANDS INC Consumer Staples Equity 581582.6 0.07
SENEA SENECA FOODS CORP CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 554136.93 0.07
IRBT IROBOT CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 531286.43 0.07
PCRX PACIRA BIOSCIENCES INC Health Care Equity 528031.68 0.06
ZYME ZYMEWORKS INC Health Care Equity 527543.25 0.06
RMR RMR GROUP INC CLASS A Real Estate Equity 520375.71 0.06
STEL STELLAR BANCORP INC Financials Equity 512178.76 0.06
DORM DORMAN PRODUCTS INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 505360.6 0.06
DK DELEK US HOLDINGS INC Energy Equity 505156.82 0.06
MODN MODEL N INC Information Technology Equity 499277.25 0.06
DGICA DONEGAL GROUP INC CLASS A Financials Equity 497594.64 0.06
DCPH DECIPHERA PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 486380.31 0.06
VNOM VIPER ENERGY INC CLASS A Energy Equity 473364.38 0.06
ITOS ITEOS THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 465809.76 0.06
CCRN CROSS COUNTRY HEALTHCARE INC Health Care Equity 437973.89 0.05
NTGR NETGEAR INC Information Technology Equity 430123.76 0.05
MX MAGNACHIP SEMICONDUCTOR CORP Information Technology Equity 429351.68 0.05
UFCS UNITED FIRE GROUP INC Financials Equity 421643.76 0.05
UTZ UTZ BRANDS INC CLASS A Consumer Staples Equity 413988.19 0.05
ADMA ADMA BIOLOGICS INC Health Care Equity 413430.6 0.05
DCI DONALDSON INC Industrials Equity 409635.72 0.05
MITK MITEK SYSTEMS INC Information Technology Equity 407422.23 0.05
MRTX MIRATI THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 406670.5 0.05
MYE MYERS INDUSTRIES INC Materials Equity 406052.9 0.05
CRUS CIRRUS LOGIC INC Information Technology Equity 401867.54 0.05
KELYA KELLY SERVICES INC CLASS A Industrials Equity 401621.22 0.05
SWX SOUTHWEST GAS HOLDINGS INC Utilities Equity 400824.91 0.05
ASLE AERSALE CORP Industrials Equity 400309.2 0.05
NBTB NBT BANCORP INC Financials Equity 397189.87 0.05
ACEL ACCEL ENTERTAINMENT INC CLASS A Consumer Discretionary Equity 394395.3 0.05
BHE BENCHMARK ELECTRONICS INC Information Technology Equity 393087.25 0.05
FOLD AMICUS THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 386173.86 0.05
TH TARGET HOSPITALITY CORP Consumer Discretionary Equity 385133.91 0.05
TARS TARSUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC Health Care Equity 382454.61 0.05
ADEA ADEIA INC Information Technology Equity 375485.02 0.05
CTS CTS CORP Information Technology Equity 363630.0 0.04
USD USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Cash 215630.98 0.03
SGAFT CASH COLLATERAL USD SGAFT Cash and/or Derivatives Cash Collateral and Margins 150000.0 0.02
MPB MID PENN BANCORP INC Financials Equity 49897.6 0.01
ADRO CHINOOK THERAPEUTICS INC Health Care Equity 31175.86 0.0
MURA MURAL ONCOLOGY PLC Health Care Equity 28519.0 0.0
DJEZ3 DOW JONES US REAL ESTATE DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
FAZ3 S&P MID 400 EMINI DEC 23 Cash and/or Derivatives Futures 0.0 0.0
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