ETF constituents for USFR

Below, a list of constituents for USFR (WisdomTree Floating Rate Treasury Fund) is shown. In total, USFR consists of 4 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date 11/12/2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Cusip IdentifierName AssetGroup SharesContracts NotionalValue MarketValueBase CountryCode MoodysRating SPRating MaturityDate Coupon
91282CBK6 US Treasury Note 0.114010682% 1/31/2023 Bond 518924000.0 0.0 519155050.91 US Aaa 01/31/2023
91282CBY6 US Treasury Frn 4/30/2023 Bond 518839000.0 0.0 518962224.26 US Aaa 04/30/2023
91282CCQ2 US Treasury Frn 7/31/2023 Bond 518722000.0 0.0 518765105.8 US Aaa 07/31/2023
91282CDE8 US Treasury Frn 10/31/2023 Bond 181572000.0 0.0 181584808.09 US Aaa 10/31/2023