ETF constituents for XITK

Below, a list of constituents for XITK (SPDR® FactSet Innovative Technology ETF) is shown. In total, XITK consists of 95 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date As of 11-Nov-2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Name Ticker Identifier Weight Sector Shares Held
Asana Inc. Class A ASAN 04342Y10 4.542285 Enterprise Management Software 113034.0 Holdings Inc. BILL 09004310 2.249449 Enterprise Management Software 22440.0
Teradata Corporation TDC 88076W10 2.057957 Enterprise Management Software 138627.0
Datadog Inc Class A DDOG 23804L10 1.876722 It Infrastructure Software 32498.0
Atlassian Corp. Plc Class A TEAM G0624210 1.855859 Design And Engineering Software 13852.0
Zscaler Inc. ZS 98980G10 1.842372 It Infrastructure Software 17672.0
Arista Networks Inc. ANET 04041310 1.826519 Wide Area Networking Equipment 11546.0
Rapid7 Inc. RPD 75342210 1.792652 It Infrastructure Software 44362.0
CyberArk Software Ltd. CYBR M2682V10 1.698374 It Infrastructure Software 29054.0
ZoomInfo Technologies Inc Class A ZI 98980F10 1.693424 Enterprise Management Software 76944.0
Sea Ltd. (Singapore) Sponsored ADR Class A SE 81141R10 1.680659 Department Stores 16620.0
Mimecast Limited MIME G1483810 1.622232 It Infrastructure Software 66995.0
Alphabet Inc. Class A GOOGL 02079K30 1.602726 Web-Based Data And Services 1812.0
Digital Turbine Inc. APPS 25400W10 1.567028 Telecommunications Industry Software 73774.0
CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. Class A CRWD 22788C10 1.554948 It Infrastructure Software 18244.0
Ziff Davis Inc. ZD 48123V10 1.474729 Web-Based Data And Services 36679.0
ACM Research Inc. Class A ACMR 00108J10 1.424671 Semiconductor Manufacturing Capital Equipment 44670.0
Tenable Holdings Inc. TENB 88025T10 1.419832 It Infrastructure Software 85946.0
Qualys Inc. QLYS 74758T30 1.415956 It Infrastructure Software 33858.0
Shopify Inc. Class A SHOP-CA BX865C 1.386384 Internet Hosting Services 3062.0
Varonis Systems Inc. VRNS 92228010 1.34489 It Infrastructure Software 71312.0
CarGurus Inc. Class A CARG 14178810 1.330373 Consumer Data And Services 113013.0
Mandiant Inc. MNDT 56266210 1.323087 It Infrastructure Software 232333.0
Workday Inc. Class A WDAY 98138H10 1.311652 Enterprise Management Software 14643.0
Pure Storage Inc. Class A PSTG 74624M10 1.28054 Data Storage Hardware 148667.0
Yelp Inc YELP 98581710 1.273988 Web-Based Data And Services 109722.0
Netflix Inc. NFLX 64110L10 1.273863 Web-Based Data And Services 6385.0
Elastic NV ESTC N1450610 1.207081 Enterprise Management Software 22767.0
Health Catalyst Inc. HCAT 42225T10 1.206711 Healthcare Administrative Support Services 80594.0
SolarEdge Technologies Inc. SEDG 83417M10 1.197139 Module And Subassembly Components 11014.0
Mitek Systems Inc. MITK 60671020 1.18362 Enterprise Management Software 225895.0
Meta Platforms Inc. Class A FB 30303M10 1.165089 Web-Based Data And Services 11717.0
Dropbox Inc. Class A DBX 26210C10 1.164229 Internet Hosting Services 142916.0
Veeva Systems Inc Class A VEEV 92247510 1.158108 Healthcare Administrative Support Services 12198.0
Yandex NV Class A YNDX N9728410 1.155449 Web-Based Data And Services 45746.0
Weibo Corp Sponsored ADR Class A WB 94859610 1.134397 Web-Based Data And Services 81088.0
Paycom Software Inc. PAYC 70432V10 1.123786 Enterprise Management Software 7590.0
DocuSign Inc. DOCU 25616310 1.097362 Enterprise Management Software 14209.0
Bilibili Inc. Sponsored ADR Class Z BILI 09004010 1.089176 Games Software 42319.0
SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. SSNC 78467J10 1.074246 Finance Software And Services 44950.0
Hello Group Inc. Sponsored ADR MOMO 42340310 1.060902 Home And Office Software 257491.0
Splunk Inc. SPLK 84863710 1.0299 Enterprise Management Software 20725.0
Square Inc. Class A SQ 85223410 1.019434 Consumer Finance Services 14834.0
Everbridge Inc. EVBG 29978A10 1.014738 Enterprise Management Software 24727.0
Snowflake Inc. Class A SNOW 83344510 1.013456 Enterprise Management Software 9049.0
Liberty Broadband Corp. Class C LBRDK 53030730 1.012873 Wireline Services 19919.0
Okta Inc. Class A OKTA 67929510 0.986924 It Infrastructure Software 12730.0
Twitter Inc. TWTR 90184L10 0.984546 Web-Based Data And Services 62429.0
Snap Inc. Class A SNAP 83304A10 0.973546 Home And Office Software 60214.0
BlackLine Inc. BL 09239B10 0.969698 Enterprise Management Software 25360.0
Trade Desk Inc. Class A TTD 88339J10 0.963082 Entertainment And Programming Providers 34673.0
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. CHKP M2246510 0.953597 It Infrastructure Software 26713.0
PagerDuty Inc. PD 69553P10 0.938503 Enterprise Management Software 74269.0
Cohu Inc. COHU 19257610 0.938434 Semiconductor Manufacturing Capital Equipment 86665.0
Smartsheet Inc. Class A SMAR 83200N10 0.928822 Enterprise Management Software 44718.0
GoodRx Holdings Inc. Class A GDRX 38246G10 0.909365 Consumer Data And Services 75346.0
Avalara Inc AVLR 05338G10 0.909364 Enterprise Management Software 19464.0
Infinera Corporation INFN 45667G10 0.902756 Wide Area Networking Equipment 341225.0
Angi Inc Class A ANGI 00183L10 0.885736 Consumer Data And Services 270063.0
Fiverr International Ltd. FVRR M4R82T10 0.883389 Consumer Data And Services 15984.0
Twilio Inc. Class A TWLO 90138F10 0.850332 Design And Engineering Software 9405.0
Zynga Inc. Class A ZNGA 98986T10 0.849488 Games Software 369869.0
Anaplan Inc. PLAN 03272L10 0.837025 Enterprise Management Software 45843.0
Roku Inc. Class A ROKU 77543R10 0.804404 Entertainment And Programming Providers 9755.0
Quotient Technology Incorporated QUOT 74911910 0.801964 Web-Based Data And Services 371246.0
Spotify Technology SA SPOT L8681T10 0.792348 Web-Based Data And Services 9440.0
AppFolio Inc Class A APPF 03783C10 0.752024 Other Real Estate Investment And Services 18982.0
Yext Inc. YEXT 98585N10 0.749331 Enterprise Management Software 212913.0
2U Inc. TWOU 90214J10 0.741542 Administrative Services 95176.0
51job Inc Sponsored ADR JOBS 31682710 0.740954 Consumer Data And Services 45067.0
Universal Display Corporation OLED 91347P10 0.708205 Module And Subassembly Components 13858.0 Ltd. WIX M9806810 0.69338 Internet Support Services 12083.0
Coupa Software Inc. COUP 22266L10 0.65622 Enterprise Management Software 10060.0
Sumo Logic Inc. SUMO 86646P10 0.620269 Enterprise Management Software 120259.0
Pinterest Inc. Class A PINS 72352L10 0.617837 Web-Based Data And Services 45243.0
Gravity Co. Ltd. Sponsored ADR GRVY 38911N20 0.60706 Games Software 17945.0
Zoom Video Communications Inc. Class A ZM 98980L10 0.60608 Home And Office Software 8068.0
Alteryx Inc. Class A AYX 02156B10 0.598199 Enterprise Management Software 27263.0
JOYY Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A YY 46591M10 0.59505 Web-Based Data And Services 37848.0
Appian Corporation Class A APPN 03782L10 0.568299 Design And Engineering Software 20999.0
Upland Software Inc. UPLD 91544A10 0.538095 Enterprise Management Software 73806.0
JFrog Ltd. FROG M6191J10 0.526888 Design And Engineering Software 46885.0
Agora Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A API 00851L10 0.517008 Design And Engineering Software 67675.0
LendingTree Inc. TREE 52603B10 0.513983 Consumer Data And Services 11640.0
Zillow Group Inc. Class C Z 98954M20 0.491608 Consumer Data And Services 25461.0
Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR KC 49639K10 0.47609 Internet Hosting Services 68285.0
HUYA Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A HUYA 44852D10 0.462995 Web-Based Data And Services 157485.0
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Sponsored ADR Class A TME 88034P10 0.447774 Web-Based Data And Services 169250.0
EverQuote Inc. Class A EVER 30041R10 0.433843 Consumer Data And Services 95013.0
iQIYI Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A IQ 46267X10 0.383344 Web-Based Data And Services 140545.0
Autohome Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A ATHM 05278C10 0.374005 Consumer Data And Services 32440.0
So-Young International Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A SY 83356Q10 0.360422 Consumer Data And Services 275626.0
DouYu International Holdings Ltd. Sponsored ADR DOYU 25985W10 0.308782 Web-Based Data And Services 270677.0
STATE STREET INSTITUTIONAL LIQ STATE STR 964WKM90 964WKM90 0.016527 Unassigned 54474.35
U.S. Dollar CASH_USD CASH_USD 0.0 Unassigned 0.01