ETF constituents for XLC

Below, a list of constituents for XLC (The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR® Fund) is shown. In total, XLC consists of 29 securities.

Note: The data shown here is as of date As of 11-Nov-2021 (the latest that can be sourced directly from the fund provider).

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Name Ticker Identifier Weight Sector Shares Held
Meta Platforms Inc. Class A FB 30303M10 20.961131 Interactive Media & Services 9655837.0
Alphabet Inc. Class A GOOGL 02079K30 12.901363 Interactive Media & Services 668117.0
Alphabet Inc. Class C GOOG 02079K10 12.153049 Interactive Media & Services 625155.0
Netflix Inc. NFLX 64110L10 5.206326 Entertainment 1195329.0
Verizon Communications Inc. VZ 92343V10 4.585046 Diversified Telecommunication Services 13197840.0
AT&T Inc. T 00206R10 4.346581 Diversified Telecommunication Services 26333248.0
T-Mobile US Inc. TMUS 87259010 4.293646 Wireless Telecommunication Services 5471703.0
Comcast Corporation Class A CMCSA 20030N10 4.290027 Media 12070188.0
Charter Communications Inc. Class A CHTR 16119P10 4.181629 Media 909409.0
Walt Disney Company DIS 25468710 4.174047 Entertainment 3887337.0
Activision Blizzard Inc. ATVI 00507V10 3.62673 Entertainment 8111778.0
Twitter Inc. TWTR 90184L10 2.859191 Interactive Media & Services 8304462.0
Match Group Inc. MTCH 57667L10 2.857403 Interactive Media & Services 2880775.0
Electronic Arts Inc. EA 28551210 2.833648 Entertainment 2961645.0
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. TTWO 87405410 1.491536 Entertainment 1212560.0
ViacomCBS Inc. Class B VIAC 92556H20 1.486672 Media 6304779.0
Live Nation Entertainment Inc. LYV 53803410 1.037728 Entertainment 1371178.0
Omnicom Group Inc OMC 68191910 1.028676 Media 2231382.0
Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. IPG 46069010 1.00366 Media 4096445.0
Lumen Technologies Inc. LUMN 55024110 0.978464 Diversified Telecommunication Services 10352035.0
Fox Corporation Class A FOXA 35137L10 0.917352 Media 3365663.0
News Corporation Class A NWSA 65249B10 0.636428 Media 4071381.0
DISH Network Corporation Class A DISH 25470M10 0.622708 Media 2590610.0
Discovery Inc. Class C DISCK 25470F30 0.570957 Media 3160989.0
Fox Corporation Class B FOX 35137L20 0.390761 Media 1543566.0
Discovery Inc. Class A DISCA 25470F10 0.329035 Media 1759688.0
News Corporation Class B NWS 65249B20 0.19786 Media 1267367.0
STATE STREET INSTITUTIONAL LIQ STATE STR 964WKM90 964WKM90 0.03836 Unassigned 5791413.39
U.S. Dollar CASH_USD CASH_USD -1.3e-05 Unassigned -2014.86